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was getting too cold and was on my way to Sicily but decided I didn't have enough cash to get there reliably. Was going to stay in this village cause I knew some people and how to get good free internet, was talking about my predicament and inadvertently ended up in this pension for 10 lev a day. Said I'd be here for about a month, after which I hope to save up enough for the trip south, or I could hang at your place over the winter according to a previous plan I proposed. So I'll just chill here and I can go either direction. I'm flex and will leave it up to you. Hope yer traveling is goin good.




So I calculated that I don't have enough cash to make it reliably to Sicily, so I thought it would be a better idea to hang around this village next to the projects, cause I know some people there and know where I can get free internet without feeling obliged to order food or drinks all day. Found a nice parking spot by the river, the cafe opens at 6:30 in the morning, so my plan was to sit out the cold mostly in the cafe and read books with my head buried in the sleeping bag during the cold nights. Not the greatest prospect, but after getting to the town and talking to the local English speaking alcoholic who I often hang out with, somehow the conversation got to his aunt who owns a sort of pension. Basically just the top floor of where she lives and which she rents out to tourists during the summer, as do many people here. Anyway, now I feel like a king for 5 Euro a day, with my own room, wooden fire stove, and I get to use the next big room for cooking and inviting guests if I like. Smack in the centre of town and about 5 minutes from the internet cafe. This is better cause the cafe often gets filled up with kids, who turn up the music tv station and its often hard to concentrate. I can translate now in peace and go to the internet when needed.

I may stay here for about a month, after which the options are as follows: (1) I've saved up enough gas cash and barrel down to the warmth in southern Italy; (2) I work out a deal with a friend in eatern Bulgaria, using his address I get high speed and cheap internet through my mobile, stay in his house over the winter once he leaves after Christmas, perhaps help him with a bit of reconstruction in exchange for some exercise, food and a bit of cash, and then during the summer I have the option to take my highspeed internet and cruise up the Black Sea coast. Of course, based on how things have been fluctuating recently, an intriguing (3) is certainly also possible!

Happy living like a king, and keeping it crisp, heh heh.




not sure if I wrote to you yet? He doesn't necessarily pay much. YOu got any previous construction skills?


I met Charles Dow Thomson (Charlie) in the apartment I am staying in. My name is John Ovesen, 28 years old, Swedish and Norwegian (father) and Polish (Mother) but I am a born American (Boston, Massachusetts) He told me your looking for some construction workers in Bulgaria building some homes. I have a ticket to Eastern Europe come next summer and I'd love to help you out. I am finishing up my english contract (til June 30th) since I am teaching english here. Please tell me the details and how to arrive in the location where I can meet you in your blue van Mr. Kosman. I probably will be arriving from the north (from Romania). Doing some hard labor sounds pretty nice after teaching for so long. I have attached my picture and looking forward to hearing from you. I've been to over 55 countries worldwide and I can handle myself well.




so you're building camper vans in Mexico now? That's totally cool. Moved away from LA? How about Laura?

Yah, Misha was in Prague and we partied as usual. We keep in touch regularly.

Roger will be back in about a week and then we'll talk, but I already wrote him that I don't hold anything against him. I understand his situation, but he should reprimand or scold him in some way, cause as a foreman he has to accept more responsibility and cant get stupid aggressive drunk like that with his coworkers.

Sends some pics of your vans! k


Hey Karel - damn, I was wondering if you drove off the face of the earth there, your website was getting patchy - good to see you are still rolling! I subscribed to the updated latest generation online newsletter so I can see where you are and what's been going on. You and Birds Eye still on talking terms after the issue with the foreman? Cool villages and scenery for sure. Looking forward to the update chock full of pictures. Is your Czech friend, her name I forget sorry, still living in LA? I remember all of us drinking a few beers on Hermosa Pier and then she was going to sell your van for you or something. Sounded like you hooked up over the summer so it can't have been too bad visiting Praha.  Anyway, usual shit here, Mexico is a mess but I am still working there and building my small camper vans. Mexican government make the Greeks look organized and competent, believe me.




So here's a twist of events. Know Nicholas? The other drunken dude that would hang with Ken a lot? Now I'm staying at his aunt's pension for 10 lev a day. Calculated that I don't have enough gas cash yet to make it to Sicily, things are cheaper, and why be miserable? Fortunately have been getting steady translation work, so just need to make it over the hump until the end of the month and then hopefully things will be smooth. Also have a friend I could drive to in east Bulgaria, so will hang here for about a month, in the centre of Shiroka Laka, with my own wood stove etc., and then we'll see. Will try to forward your email to bigman. latergator


Lazer is cool guy...He has many horses,,ask him to show u them,,,he knows George...George did not give me his email...his phone is...0359 887,,,he is waiting for my email address,,u can call him and just say that I asked u to give it to him,,,and them mention u would like 2 meet him,,,or not if u dont feel comfotrtable...also why not go up to Music school and offer english speaking chat,,,many there have <english but need practise,,,lotsa bnice students I go Italy near Pisa for nice woman then Prague,,




Yah, checked out Sicily on the web and its supposed to be cheaper than the rest of Sicily, so perhaps not bad. In any case, staying here in a pension for 5 Euro a day could end up cheaper than living in Sicily, considering the food and beer costs here. Furthermore, I'm having problems with my caravan battery again, especially in the cold, so here in the pension I can work in peace with tons of electricity. After about a month I think a friend of mine will come back from China, so I could drive to his house in the eastern part of the country and stay there over the winter for free, helping him work on it. Get fast internet through my mobile and then spend the summer driving up the Black Sea coast. Seems a lot cheaper option than Sicily, so that might have to wait until next year or something. Work is picking up slowly. Nice to roast by the wood stove here. If it's one thing they have a LOT of here, its trees and wood. Dirt cheap.

Roger should be back in about a week. Enjoying my stay here for the time being. k


as Iif I knew what you two are talking about., but thank you for including me in your correspondence . Karel!!! did you check up economy at Sicily??????? You may not be able to afford even ONE beer a WEEK. so you are still in Bulgaria so I can call you. Good luck with your translation business whatever it is at the present. I still think you should talk to Roger and find out what he thinks. Winter is coming everywhere and you had your fill of canned sardines for past three years. Goold luck and keep writing. xxxxooomamamama---- Original




Good luck Kajinku, youseem to be in good spirit, I hope all will be well and you happy. That is all I care about. If they want you back you can reconsider and maybe put little brakes on your pride and go half way. Up to you. I am sure they all will miss you a lot. So have a safe trip take care of yourself and your car/home (we call it now "byteckove auticko") and we all wish you al the best. xxxxxoooomamamamma


heh heh, that's a cute name.

Not sure if I'd be willing to go half way. As a foreman he has to learn some degree of responsibility, and as a "subordinate" I should not have to tolerate certain behaviour. He was totally out of line and has to realise he has an alcohol problem. Roger should tell him as well. it is not a laughing matter.

Anyway, things are nice now and we'll see what Roger says when he gets back. He's a good broker type. k




figured as much. you gonna get roger involved? i think you should if you want to stay. then maybe you two meatheads can shake hands and buy each other a beer. whatever you decide, good luck with your shit. get back to you on this other thing when i get settled in in france. cau!!


A day after I sent it I realised I forgot the super synopsis - human greed will always create these bubbles, and governments will never be able to regulate enough and keep up with the multitudes who are always looking for a better life. Or the governments are bribed and in on it. Will have to write that up later when I get the time.

Wrote Roger a long email with my point of view, and in about a week he is supposed to get back and wants to sit down with me and talk about it. We'll see how that goes, but for now I've moved into a pension with toasty wooden fireplace for 5 Euro a day and I'm fairly happy. Picked up a bunch of work so things should hopefully pan out by the end of the month. latergator




> yeh,,where punch???they are all aregent english, good riddens


ken told me later that he came back to their place, after the incident and after he trashed the truck in a horrible way. He rang their door and Ken said he looked like he just got in a mad scruffle with ten crazed and drugged up mob, with blood all over his face. Wish I would have scene it. My fat lip wasn't very visible but hung around for about a week and irritated me. When I saw him later looked like he had a decent scar under his eye. Makes me giggle, hee hee. Roger back in about a week and wants to buy me steak dinner and talk about it. Right now in this toasty pension and not complaining too much. Have a good speech prepared for Roger and something like this should not be tolerated. We'll see.




Well, the toncilitis thing I caught in Prague was because I was drinking fairly heavily every day, the air in Prague is revolting, my immunity was therefore down, and the area is somewhat notorious for the crazy viruses that develop as a result of all the antibiotics the people there readily use. Horrible viruses all through the air. Otherwise I'd say I'm pretty resilient against the cold.

But it is sure nice to live in comfort. At least I'm maintaining my promise to myself to stay in warmth. It's a two minute walk from the pension so I'm avoiding the cold outside (still nice though), but I don't think I'll mind endulging in a bit of fluffy snow, if there's a warm stove to go to. Part of the adventure and I like the variety. k


soooooo glad yu are out of cold and maybe close to Roger when he comes back, who knows. Your own bed, that is something and warm on top of it. I was very worried about your nights in the cold, you remember your nasty cold and laringites or what it was in Praha??? you ended up at the emergency and yuo were in such pain and very sad. So glad you are sleeping in the room. How simple things make one happy. So good luck and keep writing.




Cool truck modification action. Guess not as extensive and gumby as my home made job. Need any SEO help?

search engine optimization

I stayed near San Diego in Orange County and pretty chill place. I can see how LA could be too hectic. Keep on truckin!


Yeah, right next to the kayaks we build we build the fiberglass camper parts but we assemble them in my shop in San Diego. It's a small operation, anyway the website for the company is or as a traveler check out I built a camper for this couple and they drove all the way to Chile/Argentina. Lara got a new job in San Diego about 2 years ago and since I am working in San Diego/Mexico also we moved down here, pretty chill and lot more easy to get around than LA but same weather. Lara is marketing granola bars for they are a division of Kelloggs but managed from San Diego.




Sure I'd be interested in reading the history. You can write in Czech without Czech characters and I'll translate it into English, or write it in Czechglish or how you want. Not sure if I'd be able to decipher your handwriting.

Really glad to get that first tree planting accounting software customer. Keta says I should raise my price to 2500cdn each. If I make it compatible with the industry standard, people may practically have to buy it from me against their will, cause the industry standard software charge 1500$ a year. Mine would be just a one-time charge, and it is much better for accounting purposes. What I will be offering will be very unique and useful in the industry, and it would be cool if I could sell at least ten of them. If so I would try to do the same for other industries. Much more intelligent and interesting work than translating - blah.

From Karel Gott I presume I need an official approval. Anyway, I doubt his organisation would ever stumble on my website, and if it did I could just remove it. Have done it before. Would be funny to incorporate it somewhere.

Getting colder but still lovely and sunny. Got the girl to give me two deliveries of wood a day. Nice and toasty in there. :0) Think going to my friend in eastern Bulgaria will be a good idea for the winter. Would like to save up more cash for the Sicily gig first. k


I do not mind to be on your web but Karel Gott may sue you. you can not pictures of famous people on diusplay without asking. Be careful. I alse found your family history. You have things wrong there. What "mala" Jana told you is right but you have dates and sometimes people mixed up and sometimes wrong. If you are really interested in what was going on I will one day when I calm down from all this mess we are in, write the bund of stories, our very interesting runnig away from Czech Republic and others. People keep asking me all the time, telling others "ask Vlasta about this and that" and all want me to write it. Because I previously had no time and now I am our of sorts and scared about the future I do not have piece I need for that, So just in case yuo care to know how it went. And I do not mean how it went in relationship wiht your father. that is nobody's business, but the trip out and stay in Bern and trip to Canada and starting here IS very interesting. I just did not decide if to write in czech or english. . Czech would have to be long hand since the keybord would drive me nuts. Anyway it is just and idea. You have quite a long list of sites under Karel Kosman. Glad you sleep in warm room, good luck and keep working when you are so comfortable now. xxxxxooooooomamamama


heh heh, cool pics. I suppose you would object if on my website somewhere I put the picture with you guys and Karel Gott, to show what famous parents I have? k


Ahoj just trying if I can do this. Your mama with Jana, Simona, Karel Gott, Ivo working and so on. let me know how you like it. Good luck and keep well. mamammamamamammamxxxooooo You have been sent 7 pictures.




I tried this before but no Google Earth seems to be working. I would suggest downloading that, and also the Google Chrome browser. Really speeds up the internet and simplifies thing. LOVE google man. Really good decisions they make and too bad they didn't hire me, as I applied to them in California.

Or you can go to Google Maps online and run a search for Shiroka Laka Bulgaria. That is exactly where I'm located now. Lovely little village.


Vrbovo, where we were working on two of the projects, is located a bit north west of Shiroka Laka. I took a guess where the little village is at:

Latitutde: 4141'36.20"N

Longitude: 2434'15.51"E

I gather you could punch these figures somewhere into google earth, maybe maps.

I just found a feature which said "view in google maps", and got the following web address:,24.570974&z=14&t=h&hl=en 


Just experimenting with different ways to let you know where I am. I also have a GPS in my caravan truck, and now on my fancy mobile, so perhaps I could sms you those coordinates? Just experimenting.


I'm sitting in the pub now next to a full open window, the sun is shining and I'm toasty warm. I like to use Yahoo Weather. The closes large town to us is Plovdiv, so use

to see my temperature and weather any time you want.


It's healthy to catch a cold once a year - your body builds up antibodies for the new viruses coming out. It's absolutely normal, although I seem to get only weak ones once a year. No big deal. Also when you move far away there are totally different viruses, so your body usually gets sick. No biggie. While here in Europe I generally don't get them.


Yah, that was funny at the bus stop and I can imagine what a typical freak I looked like! heh heh


So how cold does it get? What is the closest big city so I can watch it on internet. As for the snow.....are you equipped???? You were so flamboyant at Whistler in your shorts and sandals and took on your ears. Very funny also, I loved that site when we picked you up in the snowstorm at Whistler (on the wrong stop) and there was this figure under the bus sherlter in shorts, heavy socks up to knees, sandals, 3 sweaters and thin thin windbraker, holding one computer in front, another on the side, knapsack on the back and a violin. And a big happy smile on that handsome face. However even with your devouted mother's care you managed to come down with cold and sore throat. And it was extremely clen enviroment. So watch yourself.




well, moved into this palace, with my toasty wooden stove, and thought it would be nice to warm the place up a bit. Even made my own plug-in the wall, low energy consuming lightbulb cord thing, which I could use in my caravan truck later - parts bought from the local hardware shop.

So I pulled out some candles from my caravan truck and stumbled on the fancy cinammon one you bought when you were in Cyprus. Been saving it all this time for special occasions only, but eventually concluded that THIS LIFE might be a special enough occasion. But its all deformed now from those hot 50C summers while the caravan truck waited patiently in the baking sun for my return.

So before I put on a movie now, just had to pass that sentimental snot on over to you and look forward to another tour. This time at least I wont be so miserably poor as to be forced to charge you for food and beers.





> good luck with roger. what are you anticipating? where's your

> pension?


In the neighbouring town where we were working. I was there almost every day picking up food etc. The foreman saw me today on the street, I waved, and he just stared at me. WHat a doorknob. Guess he's shocked that I'm still here, and I think it would be beautiful justice if I ended up making more than before, and stayed in a fancy comfortable place. In any case, not sure I'd want to go back and work with such a moron. ALthough generally we got along, the poison that I had to absorb during his alcoholic rants kinda depresses me and I'd rather avoid it.


One potential option is to stay with a friend's on the east part of Bulgaria, once he gets back from China. He'll go home for Christmas and I can stay there over the winter, and cruise up the Black Sea coast during the summer. Otherwise 5 Euro a day for this pension is not bankrupting me and I already spent a bunch of money on food, which should hold out half a month or more. Think I'm getting my shit back together, and I got a steady flow of jobs coming so far, plus one customer who wants the tree planting software (need to make it Plant Wizard compatible, and he already sent me the files, so now we're figuring out how to reproduce them).


forgot to ask. was albania anything like czecho-slovakia way back in the good old days when they had two tier pricing and you always had to be careful about getting ripped off?


I only stopped one place and the waiter seemed upset too, as if the high prices were not his fault but the owners. Anyway, it seemed ridiculous, like 2 Euro per half litre of beer and relatively same prices for food. Wasn't impressed, and the bigger cities were HORRIBLE. But the drive in between, through the mountains, was cool.


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