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I don't know him well but he lives in my dorm over here and is well liked by all. Ask him for his Facebook address to see photos and stuff. You guys came up in the conversation because he mentioned that he would be in Bulgaria this Summer so I told him to check you out. I think he's American? His girlfriend is here and he is planning to finish his studies back in Taiwan next fall. That's about all I know. How's things otherwise?


Well, punched my foreman in the face, cause he totally deserved (he took a cowardly potshot into my mouth first, on top of his totally unacceptable, drunken and aggressive behaviour), so I got fired and moved into a pension in the hood. Now I got a toasty wooden fireplace and managed to pick up a lot of internet work from previous customers. So I might be considered better off, as usually happens to me in these situations. Might be driving to the eastern part of Bulgaria within a month once a friend gets back from China - then my costs will be a lot less, although the pension is only 5 Euro a day.

How are things with you? k


hey dude, concerning your hardworking friend who wants to go to Bulgaria, what nationality is he? Perhaps he might consider tree planting. Can make a lot more money than here, and he will certainly have his share of hard work, for the rest of his life...




Heydo, a funny little story happened during my travels that I just had to tell someone. I'll hide this story up on my site somewhere so don't post it. Think you'll enjoy it.


So I ended up in this Bulgarian village and my first day some older English gentleman us talking English, so he pulled up and joined us. He kept repeating that he had just spent the entire day in the forest watching the loggers cut down trees. Several times I asked him if they were cutting all the trees down in an area (clear cut logging), or only some trees, in order to keep a forest (selective logging). He kept responding: "I don't know, you're the Canadian".

He was obviously very drunk, kept repeating himself and getting on my nerves, and one thing he kept repeating was that, if I was being bothered by his constant drunken chattering, simply to let him know and he will leave. I didn't know how I would word that, but thought that the way I was staring at him was clear that he was getting on my nerves.

In any case, eventually he befriended me and turned into a regular drinking partner whenever I was in the village.

He was a Brit and out of money and kept saying to his Bulgarian girlfriend, "I love you. Will you buy me a drink?" They would each twist each other's nose with their thumb and index finger, and say, "Oh, you stupid head". It was rather endearing. But whenever he got too drunk, which was pretty well every day, he would start to get aggressive. She didn't have money either, but would still get him drinks. When the taps (always hard alcohol) weren't flowing, he'd start to raise his voice and say stuff like: "I don't have time for this. Get me a drink or I'll leave you. There's plenty of fish in the sea," and so on, and so on. It was always rather entertaining.

When I was homeless and in the cold, after losing my job because I punched the foreman in the face, they let me crash at their place a couple of times. The second time on their living room couch next to their bedroom. They had 600 channels on their satellite TV and whenever I used to hang at their house, he would secretly switch the channel to 60 – the porno channel. It was full on throttle. But he wasn't too good at changing channels, and whenever he heard her walk to the living room when cooking in the kitchen, he would quickly switch the channel up one, to 61. A very boring Turkish channel and it was quite evident what he was up to, and she knew it very well. This struggle would continue all the time, and it was funny every time.

Anyway, it was time to go to sleep, I crashed on the couch next to the toasty wood fire oven, and they left the door to their room wide open. Immediately he started demanding for sex and she would whisper loudly that "not now", obviously because I was in clear ear shot of them. The next day they pensively asked me if I heard anything but I played ignorant.

I tried to will myself to sleep quickly, but while dosing off, I heard them struggle in bed on the other side of the wall, and the last thing I remember is him turning on his very deep voice. I imagined his face was right above hers, as he looked sternly into her eyes. "I am going to leave you. I will find someone else and forget about you. You will not even be a distant memory. I don't have all day."

I chuckled myself to sleep and hoped to be soon unconscious, but some point later I found myself waking up and giggling like a whispering hyena. I was still dozy and not quite aware of what was going on, or why I was giggling, fairly loudly I thought, but amongst some struggle it sounded like someone was repetitively slapping a small fish. I imagined him standing with her sitting on the bed, because that was the frequent position on the famous porno channel. And then a spraying sound, and I imagined it all over her face, as always with that channel.

The next time I woke up they were struggling again but this time she said, "C'mon, I just played your 21 year old. Give it a break finally."

They were a sweet elderly couple, but next time I insisted I'd rather sleep in my caravan truck, in the cold.


That's it!




Gossip update


So get this, last night the woman called me practically sobbing that she is very sad and needs someone to talk to. I came over and learned that the guy went to the UK cause he needs to pay bills and is in a totally screwed up financial situation, but as soon as he got off the plane he called her a million times, then he went to a bank machine, pulled out a hundred pounds, bought a cheap bottle of whiskey for 10 pounds and gave 90 and his credit card to some girl. Proceeded to get wasted drunk apparently with the intention of killing himself, and now he's in the hospital for a week detoxifying. This happened at a bar where everyone knows him so fortunately some guy grabbed the 90 pounds and his credit card and returned it to his house. Now his girlfriend says his cousin will pay for her plane ticket to come and save him and she asked me to house/dog sit for them for as much as three weeks. Yippee, guess I'll save 21 nights of paying 5 Euros/night at this lovely pension I'm staying at. After that I got back to the pension and the owner's nephew – the village's other major alcoholic – was there, grabbed my hand and dragged me to the pub. While there some other dude I know said he could give me a thousand Euro a week working in the Bulgarian forests. Curious how that will turn out.

Isn't life neat when its full of juiciness like this?






To try and make a long story short, there's this funny elderly couple in town – a Bulgarian woman and her older British boyfriend. They're hilarious and I already told them they could make a tv show around them. Anyway, he's having financial problems, had to go back to the UK to sort things out, but is lost without her and apparently drunk himself so stupid in order to kill himself. Now he's in the hospital detoxifying for a week. His cousin said he'd send her money to fly there and save him, in which case she asked me to house/dog sit for as much as three weeks. Now I don't have to pay any rent! hee hee. After I got back from her place the pension owner was with her nephew – the town's OTHER alcoholic, who grabbed my hand and dragged me to the pub. Where this other guy was who I know and who knows my predicament, and who repeated his offer for me to work with him in the Bulgarian forests. I didn't respond last time cause I assumed it would be for some horrible "nigger" wages, but last night he said I could make a thousand Euro a week!!!!!!! Just sent him an sms asking him to confirm that. Love my life when there are so many interesting twists and turns!




I got a thick foam mattress in my caravan that I can easy take out, and I don't mind it lying on the floor, so no worries about a bed. At Roger's I was sleeping in the attic in my tent so the bugs couldn't get to me.

One thing I'd like to confirm is the possibility of using your address to get high speed internet on my mobile phone. Most countries require a contract, and only a few offer prepaid packages. I talked to Mtel and they said it costs 30 lev a month for a one year contract. I spend more than that a month for my crappy internet, so it would definitely be worthwhile for me. I could get a router and extend my connection through wifi through the rest of the house, if you like. But to drive 20 minutes each day to internet could be a logistical problem for me.

Lookin forward!


mate u r welcome... when u come in jan or so il buy a bed 4 u..... there r loads of internal jobs.... speak soon, im there in jan in bulg for 8 months....


okay bro, thanks for the heads up and I'll write you an email shortly before then. Hopefully I'll still be here. Guess it wouldn't be bad spending a winter for a change in the snow with a toasty wooden fire.


arrival in bulgaria confirmed january ... il b livin in bulgaria for several months.... im startin internal jobs initially and need help if ur not 2 far leavin china in 4 weeks , going to uk for xmas then fly on jan 5th to sofia and will drive down from there to south east bulg....




I think he's one of those endearing entertaining types and she hates to be alone. She feels good around him, except when he gets too drunk. She was defending him, saying he's under a lot of stress due to finances. I think you'd get a kick out of him, to a certain degree. Anyway, it's her choice and not my place to intrude. This village is pretty small and one can get easily bored and lonely. Fortunately I have my computer, but trying to make new contacts - think I may be here till past new year's. Will be interesting to experience fluffy snow for a winter. Thankfully it's only a short walk from the pension to the internet cafe or pub. A king in da centre of town.

This Brit not poisonous to me, but rather supportive. It's the other Brits I was with that I taste a stronge after resin of poison.

Did you know that Lily found some rich hard cock and plans to move to LA?

More choices is better than none, eh Misha? I remember you complaining occasionally in the past that you had no choices. Lots of little Bulgarian girls around here and I druel when in the cafe and the students come down from the local music school - apparently the largest in Bulgaria. But I'm not pursuing anything. Starting to feel like an old pig, even though I still look good, with my cold mountain water splashes and touch of olive oil in the face. Works good. So I just smile and be nice, and maybe ask for a driver's licence, since 17 is illegal in this country…

Missin some perfect weather and beach, but it's also interesting spice to be in the super duper clean air and water, surrounded by endless forest, warm fireplace and fluffy snow. Right now though still fairly decent.

Have a good one!


This british weirdo seems to be a real pain in the arse. I am rather disgusted by him and do not understand why is this girlfriend of his still with him. I guess supr dupr low self-esteem. This guy has some serious issues and is abusive. Do not let this negative energy into your life, please. I know you are a good man, Kajo, and this environment seems rather poisonous. Everything is disco on my end. So far(t) got straight As here at my new University. Still with the same boyfriend and totally in love. We will see where this goes. It is going to be one year in December! Meanwhile my old U.S. lover seems to be hitting on me. Since we have always been just 'friends with benefits', I am guessing he maybe ready to make the move??? He is 46 y/o, very good looking enterpreneur who just bought a big fat house in the Hills and is finally ready to settle down??? Hmmmm. Decisions decisions. The weather in LA is so nice. Considering the fact that it is almost the end of October, it is sunny and warm every day. Yum yum. Im glad all seems to be working your way!!!




my caravan sucks a lot of gas and it would probably be more expensive for me to drive to you and back to the coast, and you take a bus back, then for you to take a bus to and from the coast. But if you pay for my gas I can consider going for a trip up there. I like discovering new areas. Logistically though I'm assuming it will be cheaper for you to just bus down to the coast and back. Furthermore I have to pay some 70 Euro to get across the ferry into Romania, so I may not even want to leave Bulgaria, where by then I think I'll have highspeed internet through my mobile phone. So I would not want to give that up. But things can be flexible and depend on a lot of factors.

I have three tents and would say room can be found inside as well. Either way I can arrange free accomodation for you.


Right now I'm in the southern part of Bulgaria, in the beautiful Rudopee mountains:

construction chicks


Thanks for the offer - its very nice of you. I live in Lviv - it's in the west of Ukraine, not far from Polish and Slovakian border. I just talked to my wife - she doesn't mind if you take us to the seaside. You can come to Lviv and then drive us south to Odessa and then to Illichivsk - we used to have vacations there. But we will have to take along our two kids (5 and 3 years old) - will it be OK with you? Or do you have other ideas/plans? P.S. Where are you now?


seems like I may be heading towards the Black Sea coast during the summer. You said you live in the interior of Ukraine? Ever make it to the coast? Could contemplate a road trip! Karel




Having Keta here was fun! I actually never spent this much time with her in my life. Basically spent all of Saturday and Sunday showing her around various parts of the city.


That's cool. I remember how I practically had to twist her arm to get her to go to Colorado that first time, so glad you guys are getting in touch more.


I started a new job on Monday, just in the nick of time to replenish my finances. I got laid off the week after I came back here from Jens' wedding. I did get one month's severance and unemployment, but with all the expenses of living here, this support didn't cover all my costs and I was close to running out of money.


I'm in a sort of similar situation I guess, full explanation below. It started snowing here yesterday but doesn't bother me if I'm in this toasty and cheap pension, and think a winter in the fluffy snow will be a nice twist to my travels.


But I'm happy to say that so far, I really like my new job and company. Both weekdays that Keta was here, she came home earlier than me, and by the time I got home there was a home-cooked meal waiting for me and my roommates, so that was nice. I guess all Kosmans like to cook, and cook quite well. :)


When she visited me in Cyprus I was super duper poor and close to starvation mode at the time, so the deal was she stays in my truck for free but has to buy food and some beers. She said okay but will want to crash on a beach every night and make a fire. I accommodated her and it was cool. When I was in Vancouver I did the same for her at her place. Maybe it is a nice tradition, but generally I try to do the same when I am visiting people. Jens loved my cooking but refused to let me pay for the food. Keta showed me some really nifty cooking tricks on the campfire and since then I've bought a pressure cooker and a propane stove which can adjust the flames (my previous one was a monter which you could not regulate so well). The pressure cooker is fantastic, saves a lot of cooking time, and the food tastes like its been simmering for four hours, although its been cooking for less than one. Saves gas too.


ANyway, we had a good time here and I really enjoyed getting to know her better. Time and money permitting I might make it out to Vancouver next June to visit her and see some eagles. Not sure yet when I'll visit Prague again - the earliest I'd go would be in August 2010, but I also want to visit one of my college friends who has moved to Nepal for a year...


At that time I might be cruising up the Black Sea with high speed internet, so if you can squeeze it in your schedule, sure would be cool to see ya!


BTW, as for yoga, with my returning salary, I have started taking hot yoga (bikram yoga) once a week. I'm very inflexible, and the running I do makes it worse. Doing yoga in that heated room helps the muscles stretch and relax more.


Yah, important to stretch well before and after jogging, or to make sure your well clothed to keep your muscles warm. Jogging is very shocking to the body and you should be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you might have knee/joint problems in the future. Swimming is supposed to be super good for the body, but I realise it can be a pain to arrange it. When I'm on the coast I like to jog barefoot on the sandy beach, and when I start to sweat and get hot and uncomfortable, I LUNGE into the sea and swim for a while, then jog again when I feel like it. I keep my mask in pocket so that I can stare at the sea floor while swimming. Motivates me in a way, since I have something to stare at while working out.


Good luck with the new job and pasting below my latest blob snippet update.





is the 3G mobile internet prepaid or do I need a postal address in the Ukraine and a one year contract? Many countries require that and only one so far, Turkey, offered a prepaid package. I think it's dumb that so many countries require this. In fact, overall, the GPRS internet rates are ludicrous almost everywhere. I am very sparing with my use and I am sure the number of bytes is paltry compared to the data transfer of a regular voice conversation. I'm glad the EU is getting on the case of these mobile companies and hope they continue. So if I cannot get some sort of a broadband package, I restrict my internet to checking email only, and then have to go to a cafe every day for larger transfers. But that's been working fine over the past few years. Obviously my preference is to find a secluded quite beach and have broadband there, and then jog every day to some grocery store to cook food, with a pub nearby to hangout at. Managed that in Turkish Cyprus and it was a nice treat.

You think I need a visa to get into the Ukraine if I have an EU citizenship? Will check it out. Anyway, guess we can continue the discussion next summerish, depending on both our states.


We'll see, maybe we'll come to the seaside by train, as usual. Maybe we won't be able to come at all - hard to plan yet. Do you plan to park somewhere by the sea and live there? For how long? We have Utel mobile provider which offers 3G internet at just 1 eurocent per megabyte. But 3G is available only in big cities (probably works in Odessa) - in towns and villages it works as EDGE/GPRS - much slower, but I work on it when outside the city. Btw, you probably need visa to enter Ukraine. Or I may be wrong...


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