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I'm in Prague for about three weeks if you'd like to hook up (my number while here: 77 433 59).

If you'd like to see what I've been up to most recently you can check out:

construction chicks

As you can imagine I'll be "VERY" busy with the recruitment process while here, so wish me luck, heh heh.

Otherwise, you can also hook up with me on the 30th to check out the world famous band Fatty Lumpkin (fatty lumpkin) at Parukarka:



Weather permitting they'd like to start at 7pm and then move down to their nuclear bunker bar to continue. I'm going to try and cart up some extra beers and feed that outa my caravan truck so there wouldn't be a limited supply.


Hope to hook up! poop/Charlie/Karel




> Cau Kajo!


Ahoj! In a few hours will meet Misha in the RSady beergarden. Where are you now? Been in Prague almost a week and you can imagine it has been nonstop drinking and smoking. Even had the pleasure of passing out and cracking my skull. Had to fight off the doctors from stitching up my scalp. It's so fun here!


> I love your latest webpage! I wish i would be one of the chicks

> helping there!

> it sounds very adventures and FUN!!!


Well we would all certainly love to have your sunshine company too!


Sorry again i t took me time to get back to you. I was in Belgium. Now at my parents, working in the garden. The house you are reconstructing looks very nice. I have been some time planning to build a little house here in the countryside and i really like the technologies you are describing there... I think that the eco business times are coming.


I'm hoping to learn enough and one day have enough to start something similar. Wouldn't necessarily want to live their all the time, but nice to have some security. Preferably somewhere in total nature.


Ufortunately people dont hear until its is crises. Well at least thats my opinion. Maybe we could invest in Romania or Bulgaria as well;o) I would like that. Anyway, i hope to see you in the Czech Republic and in Bucharest eventually too!!! We will have a guest room i hope so you can say there. So as for Prague, we have a guest room so you are welcome! Just let me know the dates.


Been here almost a week. Did ya get my email blast about the party on the 30th? Would be great to see you. Been staying in my truck cause it's not mine and I'd rather sleep in it to defend it from burglars.


Water your garden for me, hello to R if you speak to him and kisses and hugs to you...mwaah :o)


yummy, slurped up that one with a smile. Lookin forward to hookup!




> I did not hear from you for a long time. I worry. Where are you?>


Well, I like to respond to people, not just write a monologue about myself, so if you want more frequent emails, it helps if you write me too.

Picked up a female friend in Bratislava and then we drove through the vsyoky Tatry, then Krakow, and through the north east hills of the Czech Republic and that last part was the nicest. Tatry were a great disappointment, but perhaps the clouds blocking the view had something to do with it. Otherwise Czechs would say that my pictures of BC looked just like the Tatry. Now it seems such total BS I can only laugh. They seemed like molehills to me.

In Prague for about a week now and slowly settling down. Have lots of things I want to accomplish here and not sure if I'll even have time to accept any work, if it comes. Think I have enough to survive and looking forward to the drive back through Romania etc.

It's fun partying and hanging out with tons of people, but reminds me of one of the reasons why I left - all this partying and talking is technically a waste of time and my life. I'm accomplishing nothing and essentially talking about nothing, no matter how interesting it may seem.

Good luck with the house!


on the way to Praha? or what. If you are near computer please write to me. If we are lucky the bank will come with the promissed money next week and we can resume construction and finish. Withou that we can not sell. But we are having fantastic summer. About time. and 6 minutes walk to a very nice little beach. Use it a lot. Please wirte. xxxxxxoooooomamamamamama




got so drunk, stoned and sick of cigarettes I passed out, cracked my skull, doctors in hospital said I should get stitches, I told them to blow me, they asked me to sign a liability waiver, paid 90Kc for the ambulance and then I was back on the streets of Prague, without a clue why I'm here in the first place. After the amnesia faded after half an hour, stumbled my way to my parked home. Glad to be back!!




just rolled into Amsterdaam and already set up well, heh heh. Back in Beroun to deliver to furniture and stuff from here on the 20th, then party with close friends next two nights and off to Croatia morning of the 23rd. Now on UK roaming number which is too expensive to receive calls. Either in Prague or once back in bg. Goin good so far!


where are you now and when can I call you again. You said you will be back in Praha. Tried yesterday you you were probably gone. How is it going? xxxxxxxooooooomamammama




To muzes s tim zacit taborak a nestarat se. Jenom potrebuju ten google pin kdyz to prijde na pohled.

Just rolled into Amsterdaam with Steve, will stay for about three days on his girlfriend's balcony, then he said he'll pay me 500 Euro to deliver some goods to Prague. Some important stuff in a bag with all his ID, so I think the blame should fall in him if anything happens. Then it's off to Croatia to cook for Natasa and 16 other Czechs, and cruise on a yacht with them for almost a week. The invation burst into the air when I cooked hem a dinner using my Cyprus spices, and me and Steve gat to have free food, hee hee.

Was fun partying with ya!




I am very sorry i screwed up and wasnt able to meet you. At the moment i am in Bucharest, since last Friday. I feel better, need to call my doctor to ask about the results and i really do not want to do this as i am worried that i may learn something bad...ha! hopefully not, as i said i feel better.


That's poopy about the health and hope things get better!

Bucharest practically makes you neighbours, as I will be in southern Bulgaria until around November, and then Thassos in Greece over the summer.

Mid September 12/13 I'm organising an interhash in the Bulgarian mountains. Boohoo if you won't be able to make that. Perhaps next summer shoot for a little road trip somewhere? Gotta work for Roger a bit more before I started taking vacations. But perhaps weekends shouldn't ever be a problem.

Check out some pics here:

Rather sad what depths I am prepared to sink to find a woman, eh? heh heh

Pretty sure I wont be able to make Cyprus but lets keep experimenting. Sure we'll be able to figure out something!

Was originally gonna drive through Romania on my way back to Bulgaria, but somehow things have spirally expanded, such that now I'm on a shipping run through Amsterdaam and then off to Croatia for about a week to cook for 20 Czechs. There's a yacht too, so life is good at the moment, hee hee.

I'm quite happy with the Bulgarians myself. Up in the mountains everything is so chill and laid back, and people are just simply nice. Very rarely some meanness, but that can't be helped anywhere.

Great chatting with ya baby, get well, and lookin forward to some hookup!! p


Anyway, i am planning to go to Cyprus in mid September for few days. Is there any chance to meet you there? I know you are busy and travel a lot too but if you happen to be there it would be great to see you. If you are still traveling around and get a chance and interested, of course, why dont you stop in here?! That would be fun. We have a quite nice place with a guest room! I am excited about hiking here, next weekend we are planning to go to Brasov and arond to do some hiking/climbing. I love that. Of course, eventually i 'd like to make it to the seaside but i think i will have to wait for Cyprus. We dont have a car here, yet. And honestly i dont know when we will get one...the roads here are really bad, but they try to reconstruct hat they can so it is changing slowly. Yet a lot of people have super lux cars only to ride on dust roads...does it make sense? People here i find very nice and that is important. Well anyway, we have to get around with train for the time being. Ok, enough for now. hope to hear from you soon. kisses.k




hereya go:


first the good news:

- got all the papers done, good probably that Tomas didn't buy it because the police apparently wanted to check it out. My papers dude said it was in fairly bad shape and should have been fixed up more, but pulled it off anyway. If the police looked at it they'd probably be suspicious and may start sticking their noses here and there, and maybe my guy would get in trouble and that would be the end of that contact

- my paper dude said that he could do the papers next time by email, meaning neither of us even has to drive to Czech. As soon as I get some cash I'll try it out, before this contact gets nailed etc., as they are getting stricter and stricter in Cz.


Bad news:

- here's an explanation of what happened to Larry. I'm driving through Germany and apparently you don't have to drive with your lights on during the day there. But for some reason I thought I'd try anyway. Perhaps we were in a tunnel. Or perhaps I was signaling left or right or something – either way I noticed that the speedometer and tachometer dropped down to zero at the moment I did that, but rebounded after a few seconds. That would occasionally happen, but it got worse and worse, until eventually it started doing it when I simply signaled left or right. Eventually the speedometer and tachometer stayed down at zero and didn't rebound, but the break lights and front lights still worked (although the highbeams didn't switched), so it was good enough to drive, although the left/right signals didn't, so I had to use my hand.

We got to Krivoklat outside of Prague, I switched gears and the truck just stopped working. The gas showed about 1/4 and both of us expected that we still had gas (based on when we tanked up last). The truck basically started but then just petered out. It turns out that it indeed was outa nafta, so I guess the gas gauge wasn't working properly considering the problems with the electronics. My hunch was that there was something wrong with the circuit board in the steering wheel shaft, because that is where all the problems started. But the mechanic said that there was something definitely wrong with the starter and fixed it (didn't replace it).

Anyway, the guy I was with suggested trying to kick start it, since we were on a downward slope. He's been selling cars for years and I just listened to him, but the mechanic later said that diesel engines shouldn't be kick started and said that something else in the engine was broken because of it, costing another 4000 Kc or something.

Anyway, I can agree to pay this amount, but don't feel I should have to pay for the electronics and starter. I was driving max around 95 km/hr along the fast highways and feel I was quite careful the entire way. I certainly didn't slam into any curves and knock out the alignment, which sometimes seems aligned and other times just slightly off. My papers dude said that something needs to be replaced concerning the steering wheel, but I'm not exactly sure what. Perhaps its not an alignment issue.

Anyway, considering I drove further than the agreed bg-cz-bg, I can pay an additional 1000 Kc (out of the 2800 for the starter and electronics) for the extra distance and wear and tear than you had agreed. Or worst case scenario I can just pay for everything considering you totally saved my arse with that accidental loan, and now this job, and I want to make sure everything will end up hunky dorey and to your satisfaction. But I'd just like to say that my third serious consideration for going to Czech was taking the plane for 50 Euro as you suggested. You blamed me of BS when I suggested I could have taken my caravan truck, but many people have offered me a couch or bed to crash while in Prague but I refused because I don't trust Czechs and rather slept in the truck for fear that it might get broken into and stolen overnight, so I've been waking up early every day etc because of all the commotion. But that's okay and I consider it my responsibility. I enjoyed the drive with my female friend through the Tatras etc., but if I knew you expected me to pay for the papers it could have leaned me to the plane alternative, which would have been much cheaper and the length of my stay in Prague would have depended on how various people would have responded by email concerning how long I could crash at their place.

Anyway, sorry for all the problems and just wanted to give a heads up. Plan to get back around the 3rd of September. I made a bit of cash while here and am trying to collect payment. If that succeeds I'll have enough to pay for all the repairs and gas back to bg. If not I'm probably screwed and will have to ask for another transfer, which we can sort out later re above. latero




Just got back when I wrote this letter. Was a fun long trip, driving through Serbia, Slovak Tatras, Krakow and northeast Czech, then Amsterdam, few days in Croatia, then across Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. Not many hashers have signed up but should still be fun, and considering the small numbers, may be able to offer free accommodation. If you cant hook up in the middle of the month than we could try something else another time. Should be here till about the end of November, after which we'll be moving to Thassos Greece till its warm enough here in the spring. latero


Gosh, if I knew you were in Bulgaria now...anyway, I have copied this information to our Hasher that sends the email. We are having a Hash event leaving this Sat for the 7 lakes in the Rila Mountains. Which Hash chapters will be attending your event?


hey dude, I'm organising an interhash here in the Bulgarian mountains around Siroka Laka the weekend of the 12th/13th if you'd like to join. Invite as many as you like. latero




Hi! Since starting FB I have enjoyed of the social media like a camel in a supermarket. And you can imagine what a camel could do in a supermarket? How are you? The world is rolling on behind the wind screen?


Now I'm in Bulgaria and its a crazy and fun project!


I try to live here in the north and count on my days. So soon this life will be over. I take every second like an exiting picnic. And because the most of the people donīt do it like that this causes some ridiculous moments on the streets and shops and everywhere. Perhaps I should travel again abroad?


Sounds like you definitely do, so come down for a visit to the rehabilitation construction farm!


Now to the dentist. Have everything you need and interesting days to there!


Good to hear from ya!




Yeah, definitely don't let it pass by without without speaking your mind. I've got a situation like that now, but I don't think it's worth it in the long term. But my feeling now is that the greater the vision you have, the more trivial certain things will be.


Hey dude, turned out well so far and my demand for respect etc. was heeded with positive results. One of the most important points was my right, as originally agreed, to do my computer stuff every day. This construction stuff can be fun, educational, a good workout and a nice backup for income, but that's definitely not all I want to do with my life.


I'm traveling back to Cyprus and sort of missing the fact that you're not around somewhere on the island. Where exactly are you now, in Bulgaria? Send some more exact details and I'll search for it on- line. Now here's an interesting idea - during the semester break a visit to Istanbul and your set-up in Bulgaria. How far away from the Turkish border are you?


Yah, missin our juicy games. I'm about half way through Bulgaria along the southern border, near Shiroka Laka and Devin. A visit would certainly be righteous.


Well, I got a good number of things taken care of this summer. I'm applying for a position at Roosevelt University in Chicago and preparing to finalize an article for an on-line journal. And then there's Prague. Well, I don't know what happens to me, but so often I come away thinking of the Czechs as thieves, bigots, racists, whores, rats, etc. At the same time there are all kinds of people around that seem just fine. Maybe we should talk about this again. What does this to me?


I left Prague because I was tired of the mentality, although I do admit that it seems to have improved since I was there last a year and a half ago. But often I'm pretty sheltered hanging around only my friends, which I've carefully fostered and filtered of doorknobs a long time ago. I guess constant movement can have its advantages. I was getting rather sick of Cyprus mentality (especially the Greek side, even though I was there for only a short time) and am pretty glad I've left. HEre in Bulgaria I notice I get looked at like I'm a total freak, but generally just ignore it. There are envious morons all over the world, but so far I've found the Bulgarians rather nice.


> I'm flying out on Tuesday morning. Keep me posted about your

> adventures.


Have a good one dude, k




Driving through Albania was a little like driving through outerspace. Dirt poor, dirty, jumbly anarchy in what I guess they call cities (more like a large dump with strange roads carved through it), but driving east to Macedonia through the mountains was interesting because they basically just laid pavement on top of the soil and mountain ranges without any tunnels or anything fancy like that. That drive was quite cool. Stopped at a restaurant at the very top of it, in the middle of bumshit nowhere, was charged western prices (no menu available either), got pissed off at the waiter, think it wasn't his fault maybe, and that was the extent of that blast (was trying to get back asap cause Roger was apparently quite horned up for my return, but he was happy with my legalisation of his truck - my super contact dude can even get the papers and "technical inspection" arranged by email now!).

Eat some stinky cheese and drink some shit French beer for me will ya?


hey dude i didn't get the albanian story!! will be back in france on the 20th. hopefully for permanent. leaving a lot of shit laying around here but got someone else managing it. low expectations.


okay, just downloaded it and will check it out! Don't get internet very often. dude - hope all is well in the big bg. more us sabre rattling. thought this may interest you. cau!! back in the bg and the grind. I think the cut was around 80 or somethin, on my old street Luzicka. You in France still? Had an interesting drive through Albania from Croatia. hey dude - long time no hear. how was prague? how much did you pay for your haircut? where are you these days? Gonna be best man at my brother's wedding in few days and gonna pay to cut my hair first time in 30 years maybe. Guess I'll look like a regular office cunt. all facial hair is gone. head hair is going soon. wow man, you look like a total bum!  bonjour!! greetings from beautiful tregastel in brittany, france.  arrived safely with no problems. was swimmming in the " le manche


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