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Text Drawn from Database to Produce Important Keywords for Google


Discussions Concerning Search Engine Optimization


Because of my present share a caravan ride project I’ve gotten around to setting up a sitemap of my sqlite server to properly index the pages throughout google etc., and was wondering if you wanted me to include your files. It occurred to me that you could throw a few pages of text there and link back to yourmadisons and blog etc, to help pump it up a bit. It’s always good to link back to yourself from other domains, especially if you have content related text you are linking from. Just an idea.


okay, adding my notes file I’ve worked on so far.

You asked to know what changes I plan to incorporate. The most important is the following:

1) each of your pages looks like this in the “header” (the part the search engines see and what people often see in the “search results”):

<TITLE>STEP – Global Warming Response</TITLE>

This is the same for many pages, and in some it is “untitled document” or something, whereas on mine I have the standard:

<title>Translation Service</title>
<meta name=”description”
content=”Provides a translation service in more than 210 languages, as well as DTP, webdesign, transcription, programming and other online services.”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”translation,service,translations”>


Pictures of my travels – London.

It is crucial that the title head text is carefully selected and different for each page, and that it matches its keyword content. In the attached Word file you will see important keywords for some of the files, based on its word content (I have a program which spits out a report of the frequency and ranking of keywords for each of your pages).

The description head will often end up on the search results page (in google etc.), but not necessarily, and it helps with the overall results.

The keywords head does too.

Then it is important that the “heading text” at the top of each page (the title of each page that the viewer sees) is proper <H1> format, which it is not on your pages, and that the words for that match the title and keywords of the page, if possible.

You’ll understand it more as I slowly make changes and explain it further, and I can send you a Word file showing the exact changes before I upload if you want.


Myra Turkey.

2) Before I can upload, I need FTP access to your site so I can download all the files and upload when I make changes, or I can forward you my changes and you upload the files for me if you want.

3) Need to think of important keywords to add and pepper to your various pages. The more text the better, and you can always add them way at the bottom of the pages out of regular sight (the viewer would have to purposely scroll down after a big empty space, for example).

So if you can ponder and suggest some important keywords, that would help, otherwise I’ll surf the net and try to come up with some myself.

4) I’d like to see your stats from your webhost provider. Know how to gain access to that? Without that I’m a bit blind, and I’d like to see the affect of my changes.

5) You should have a “mission statement” page where you explain what you wanna do (sell your concepts and that you have additional info already available for each concept), and link out from that from your “About” page etc. So if you can write up some text about that, it’s important so people know what you intend with the site. I’ll add it based on the design of your other pages.


Olive grove in Croatia.

6) The more text the better, so if you have some related emails that you wrote in the past (like from your Hotmail “Sent” folder, for example), it would be good if you could send them to me so that I can add some pages. They would not be easily visible to the viewers, unless you want them to be.

The text should be “original content” (not already posted somewhere on the web), and the more the merrier.

7) Other things I would do is create the proper sitemaps (important for indexing on google etc.) and submit them to the various search engines to make sure all your pages are properly indexed by the search engines.

One thing I do is, for 50 bucks, you can submit your main index page (the one that appears when you punch in your domain into a browser) to 500 directories. That always helps a lot. I would suggest that. Other important ones I can submit to myself for free. [This no longer applies since Panda and Penguin and it is better to add links slowly so that it looks natural and organic. Every day a little bit.]

Then I’d link to your page from some of my pages to help get traffic to them.

Well, that’s the preliminary first suggestion of changes.

Over to you! p


a few days ago my back gave in as I did a slight lift, probably aggravated after a week’s worth of heavy lifting, which my body is simply not accustomed to. Laying in bed for five days now, but at least I could crawl my way to the shithouse. Will get a belt and try to do daily exercises to strengthen my back. Seem to have recurring problems like this, in different places close to my spine after I do some intensive and repetitive sports etc.


Pictures of beautiful Czech girls.

Anyway, at least its given me an opportunity to do a lot of stuff on the computer. One of them is your database demo, which I’m looking forward to putting up once I get yours done.

A thought just occurred to me though: perhaps I could do some timber lumber SEO to my demo page and at the very top write something like:

“This is only a demo presentation. To view the actual lumber database, you must subscribe to the service throughMadison’s Lumber Information Resources <link out to your main page, SEO tweak keywords as usual>.”

By this I assume both of our pages should get to the top of google.

Waddayatink? This way I’m technically taking care of your SEO as well, for free.

If interested it would be good if you could give me your important keywords (or that you are shooting for) – this would focus on the database part only (I want to promote my database services, and shoot to get my demo page to the top in lumber database etc.).

For this it would be best to delve into the mind of the average gumby and think what kind of keywords they might think of when searching for such a database.

My first guesses would be something like:

lumber database
timber database
timber products database
timber products database information resources

etc etc and including all the areas you want to get into the future. Or we could delay those keywords until you’ve actually expanded into them.


Salamis in Turkish Cyprus.

We have different domain themes but we could carefully organize things and I think both our pages should get to the top.

It might be a good idea to start with the keywords of future timber areas now, since it takes time for pages to climb up google, and you could put a little blurb somewhere on the page which explains about the database that you are currently working on expansion into such and such other timber related areas. If you get some responses for it, like “Oh oh I just can’t wait until you expand into that area! Please please put me on your email list notifying once the expansion is complete!”, it will give you an idea of demand and perhaps give you the impetus and motivation to expand faster, which can only be cool.

Well, those are my thoughts for today!


okay, getting back into the groove – didn’t have so much time while traveling.

So I believe we agreed that I would submit your global warming response site to 500 directories for 50 bucks and notch that towards the debt. But before I do that I need your help with some keywords.


Trodos Monastery in Greek Cyprus.

For example, it is not good for all links to to always be the same, such as the keywords “global warming response”. So when submitting to 500 directories the company usually suggests as much as 5 keyword phrases.

Obviously one of them would be “global warming response”, I’ve started using “GEO Engineering” from one of my sites cause I noticed you were at the top of google for “global warming response” anyway (no need to support those keywords if you are already at the top of google in them), so can you suggest another three phrases you want to get to the top of? It should be those keyword phrases which you think the people would use who are precisely those you are trying to target (people interested in the field and who might like to buy your idea and sell it). p


okay, downloaded a bunch of ebay selling tips, read them, and it seems so far that the way to go is to set up an ebay store, which should go for 16 bucks a month. I’ll squeeze that out of my meagrish earnings and slap that towards debt repayment. The advantage of such a store, if I understand things correctly, is that it just hangs around. I may have to pay something extra for automatic resubmission but not sure. In any case, the most important I believe is that having a store does great things for SEO. Meaning I link from the store to your pages and both are pushed higher on google. I’m trying for GEO Engineering etc. So it has a dual effect.


Yalikavak, Turkey.

Still trying to figure out the bid and reserve price thing etc., but my hunch is that anyone who has a million bucks probably wouldn’t be surfing ebay for ideas, so with the store and its spill over effects to google, it could help. Otherwise I’ve found some sites where the guy said for decaded he’s been trying to sell ideas and no go – you basically have to have confidence in your own idea and jump through the hoops etc yourself. But I’ll still try, cause this is an interesting field for me. So far I think the best angle is to approach GEO Engineering organisations and such and see what they say. Put the ideas out there in targetted forums etc., not just a passive webpage high up on google and ebay etc. You need to find the people youself (my job) and not be passive about it. Just giving ya my take on things from what I’ve researched so far. p


Glad ya liked it. I was just looking into the Google Adsense thing, y’know, ads on my website and pay per click. I wanna know how you do it, cuz they say payments are made by mailing paper checks to a home address when you have enough clicks. How do you receive/cash paper checks while living in a van? Also, there are questions about home residence and telephone info. Would like to know how to get around all these formalities and start the adsense thing. Does it actually pay anything worthwhile (or do you have to click on yer own ads 10,000 x, heh)?

Hey dude, I get about a thousand unique visitors (much less than hits) a day and I only managed to make at most a buck a day. Started clicking on my own ads out of frustration but their algorithm caught me and they took my 60 bucks. They send you money once it reaches a hundred. If you get 100,000 unique visitors a month you can try different systems and maybe make 300 bucks a month. I have an account at Bank of America, who can accept cheques on my behalf. Big mission of mine when I was in theUS. Good luck!


Noticed my tree planting site has dropped a lot in rankings, and don’t really have other material at the moment to add to it, so am going over the existing pages and polishing them up a bit. Occasional change is good because it keeps the pages sexy and “up to date”, which the search engines like. Keeping this in mind is one of the reasons I let myself be a bit sloppy during my first live draft, so I can go back to it a few times in the future. Now I find myself struggling a bit, and remembered how you were joking about my run on sentences. I occasionally get complaints like that. In any case, I hold so much in my head that I spew it out as fast as possible, according to some general logical path, and then go back in the future and restructure it better. So it improves over time.


Myra, Turkey.

Anyway, you might consider this for your old articles.

To beef up my site with more text today I’ve also set up my first forum. Rather excited about it. Supposed to be the most popular and broadly used, and open source and free of course. I will slap it into my treeplanting domain and encourage people to use it. Just more free text for me, hee hee. Similar to the WordPress thing I set up and through which others can add content to my site for me. Why not, let others work for me for free, hee hee. In fact, I let in a certain amount of “spammy” comments to the submitted articles, just to keep the pages fresh and sexy. Been finding that my recently put in WordPress Free Article Submission thing is getting near to my most busy pages, and fairly high on google for Free Submit Article. Therefore I am focusing on it more.

Anyway, just wanted to blab and suggest I could throw up a forum for you on my site for free. Perhaps dudes could discuss things about the industry. Let them blab all they want. You could buy a domain for 10 bucks a year and build it around where your database is on my server now. Let the forum grow within that domain, and choose keywords which would support your own domain. Point between the two. I’ve got about five domains now and I point them between one another. Throwing a forum into some of those domains could turn out to be quite good, generating traffic etc. for each, and each supporting the other ones. latero

Check out my Search Engine Optimization services.

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The Time it Takes to Post Text and Context Articles to Google – Does it Pay?


Discussions Concerning Search Engine Optimization


How have you been? I imagine you stay pretty busy with everything you have going on. I had sent you a DUI Foundation article on the prevention of drunk driving. I had forgotten I sent it until earlier today when I was looking through some files. Any chance you posted that? Thanks for checking!



Actually I’m researching the web right now for a script to help me automate the process of submitting webpages like yours. Not sure how long it will take me but I can contact you once I’m done if you like. I plan to make sure each webpage is a unique url, seo friendly, can be moderated to prevent spammers and so on. I want to make it quality. Feel free to post your article elsewhere if you like.

Wow, you are busy! Your plans for a new addition to your site sound interesting. It’s totally find with me that you haven’t posted it. After all, it is your site and you are doing me a favor by doing so. Therefore, I’m in no position to second guess the material you do and do not post. If you want to wait to post it, and the article script is something you definitely plan on doing, then that’s fine if you wait to post it. However, if the article script isn’t something you will definitely do, or if it’s going to be a few months before it’s up and running, then I would like to have the opportunity to submit the article somewhere else and then write you a new one when you do in fact have the script up.



Basically, I try to keep the articles relatively shorter. I understand you put a lot of time and effort into your webpages and that creating a webpage for a short article may not be worth your time. Most websites don’t create pages as unique as yours so it is worth it for me to keep the articles simple and shorter in nature. It is also more beneficial for organizations like the DUI Foundation (and for the prevention of DUI incidents) if I write a hundred short articles and get them posted on 100 different sites than it is for me to write a few longer articles for only a few websites. The main objective for the DUI Foundation is to get the word out to as many people as possible that they are there to educate and help you. Once someone realizes they exist, they can always visit the website for more information if the article does not include it. Therefore, the article doesn’t have to be a masterpiece by any means.



It’s totally fine if you decide it’s not worth it for you to post it. It happens every once in awhile so I’m used to it. I wouldn’t want to put you in a position where adding content I send you will ultimately hurt your website instead of help it. In most cases, adding article content helps a website. In your case, I can see where a short article might not fit in as well and could possibly work to the disadvantage of the site as far as design is concerned. There is no doubt in my mind that the information is valuable, however. It just might be better suited on a different website, and that’s totally understandable. I should also mention that while I do put time and effort into the articles, I do write a bunch of articles each week, so I tend to only take a few hours on each one. So, if it doesn’t get posted right away, it isn’t a huge deal. In this case, I know you have a good site and that it is put together well so when you said I could submit it, I jumped on the opportunity. That doesn’t mean you have to post it. I just hope it’s okay that you allow me to submit it someplace else if it’s going to be awhile before you post it. Naturally, it only helps prevent DUI’s if it’s posted somewhere for someone to read. I can always write you another one should you want to post one for the DUI Foundation in the future. Let me know what you feel is best for you and your website. Either decision is cool with me and totally understandable. You’ve already posted two of my articles. I am very thankful for that. Thanks again for your help.



yes, quite busy. Recently I’ve started learning php and making dynamic webpages, and have a new project to put a database online, which I find quite enthrawling. I save many of my outgoing emails, because I type fast, and aLOT, and eventually put them up on the web as original content. Organise it by categories and usually about 20,000 characters per page. I have much content to put up and not gotten around to it, and find that the work involved in putting up your little webpages, with the little content it has, is not benefitting me so well, considering the relative investment of time for the small amount of text. But it did make me think I’d like to find a script whereby people can submit their own articles, and add their own pictures etc. How much time did you spend on your last article? Would it bother you to wait until I have the article script up and running?




unfortunately, you’ll have to submit it yourself. I just don’t have the time to manually make pages for submitted articles. I will continue to study and promote this site, and try to make things as simple as possible, and write some instructions if necessary. I think that the most recent submissions get broadcast on the front page, no matter what category they are placed in. I am still learning it myself. The advantage of the categories, as I understand it, is that the names of the categories end up in the permalink, which should help with keywords. The title you choose will also become part of the address of the page you submit. Still learning and I will try to make everything clear in an instructions file, as I tweak it etc.

The blog looks like it’ll work great.



The only suggestion I can think of (which you probably already thought about) is to create an archive list that organizes the articles by month once they start flowing in. That might be easier than separating the articles by category each time one gets posted. Although, I suppose you could create separate categories and an archive list under each category, but you might wind up with 500 categories. As far as adding the article, do I upload/add it myself? Or do you post it? If you post it, do you need me to resend the article?


heydo, had an idea concerning the submission of articles to my site, as one person wanted to submit some and I just didn’t have time to deal with it, after uploading two of his articles. So I started hunting around the web for fancy script, seeing I’m becoming such a php guru, actually paid 10 bucks for one, but before I got that up and running I also installed WordPress, cause I thought I could use that for submitting articles. The dude already submitted his own article, and now I’m learning about wp plugins and themes and all that, and quite amazing. Once I’m done learning with all that I could give you my tweaks if you like. You could use it for the same purpose. The advantage of this is that others actually put up their original content on your site and do basically work for you for free, hee hee. Extra content helps your traffic, and of course you can moderate everything. I’m gonna set it up so that every submitted page will have links to my important pages. Can show it to you once its done. Just downloaded a shitload of plugins, so need to study and install them.



yes WordPress is the darling of web publishing. when I first looked at it last year there was too much I didn’t understand (php etc.) but I could see its value. people I know run their entire website as a blog, using WordPress. when they update their blog, the post appears on their home page in what looks like normal .html. its another very useful thing to learn, for sure. its largely agreed upon to be ‘the way of the future’ (not like other tools, that are already falling behind).

well, not sure the “way of the future” at all. I think it’s good for people who have poor or no html skills and who just want to copy in some text and press “upload picture”, but for real developers, who are behind most of the top streaming websites, something like wordpress is a bit ridiculous because you simply have too little control. The reason why I started using it is because I don’t have the time to upload people’s submitted web content for them, and I want to automate this process and step away from it, like I did with my link exchange site. Yes, I still have to moderate it, but that takes a lot less time than to have to moderate it AND create the webpages etc. For my own travel blog, I still prefer to make the webpages myself, because I can do it quickly, and control things a lot more. But it’s certainly cool learning this wordpress thing and I’m putting together a might nice automated article submission site. As I write this now



I just finished writing up my Article Submission page, written to attract all those dudes out there wanting to submit their various articles to other domains so that they can link back to their own. Big industry in itself. Anyway, hats off to wordpress. Really cool shit. Just another open source thing, and the plugins and billions of geeks spending their free time developing it make it really robust. With free google docs, ubuntu and all that, I can see Microsoft eventually having a problem, because everything will be for free! They already admitted they totally fell asleep on the search engine thing. Google make 26 billion a year from advertising, which is catching up to Micro’s 42 billion, which is from software sales. Will be interesting to see how things develop over the next five years, but pirate me is certainly into free and open source!




oh ya, and one thing just occurred to me. Once you put in that php code which forced the form page to be logged into and not openly available to the public, it will also block the google ads. You should still get money for it, but google wont be able to see the page, so it is possible that the ads will not relate properly to the content. Or if they do relate to the contents, it doesn’t have much useful contents to relate to, such as the postal address of some company. I would suggest you surf your site and look at the google ads and see if it is something interesting which the users might want to click onto. If it is not, then you wont make much money from it, with you? In this case I would suggest you do what I did for one of my pages. At an empty table at the bottom of your first page, with the first row set at a certain large height. This will push the following text well below and out of probably perusing by the user. Then you add a bunch of text pertinent to how you want to affect the google ads theme and to what you think the users will want to click on. Make the text long enough to overcome the dbase results data on the page, and don’t use any spam techniques on it, such as really really small text, or text which is the same colour of the background (hiding it). Google recognises these tactics and will probably penalise your pages in some way. For the first line or two of this text I usually explain to the user, if they happen to scroll down that far, what I am doing and that they can just ignore the text. Once you’re done with that and happy with the results, then go to you account (either its in your google ad section, or your google webmaster tools account) and go through the laborious and slightly painful procedure of telling google what your (some) login and password details are, hence giving it access so that it can read this text. Have fun!




responding to your later email I havent downloaded yet, I’m going to try and make a major addition to my travel blob, concerning Cyprus after treeplanting. Want me to add you to the blob notification thing? Otherwise, for SEO, for a long time I’ve been saving my outgoing emails (since I write so many letters) and organising them into categories, so another option is to read my outgoing travel emails, some of which can be pretty interesting as I tell little tidbit stories here and there, but I’d say overall it won’t be as interesting as the travel blob itself cause you have to filter through less interesting stuff and I usually write it without proofreading. For SEO the more text the better and this has been turning out to be a good strategy. Considering the little amount of time I have to work on my pages they are doing half decently, and should take off once I’m making enough to hire someone fulltime, which I hope to do after I pay off enough debts and if the work keeps coming in as it is. The page I once showed you is pretty high up on google for “cheap travel europe” and “cheap Europe tour guide” and stuff like that, but only got one bite so far. Need to figure out a way how to hook up with travellers occasionally to make my own experience more interesting and to make a bit of cash on the side. Any ideas? I also want to make another php database site for caravanning share-a-ride Europe, which doesn’t seem to exist. Dynamic pages are good because other people add the content and the pages constantly get updated, which is great for seo. Recently been trying to move that direction and keep adding dynamic stuff, but too busy with translations. At least I’m making cash and I work on my projects in between. Recently decided that this will be a good new focus – an interesting strategy whereby I will not even have to deal with customers anymore, and apply my creativity to create webcontent which brings in its own revenues in different ways. Kinda like google or facebook etc. Want to get away from translating and apply my noodle more. Getting too old to still be doing grunt work. laterbro

The above concerns general correspondence on search engine optimization. If you’d like help with your own pages please feel free to contact me.


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