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Beautiful Czech Girls 0143Was born in Czech and grew up in Canada, where I always felt a bit displaced, and where I couldn't quite connect with the girls. Maybe it's a genetic thing. I remember once telling some folks that I'm attracted to mousy chins. In any case, when I moved back to the Czech Republic after the fall of communism, I found myself in mousy chin heaven and everything seemed to click into place, finally. The art, the way of thinking, the delicious beer, and by gaaaaaawleee, the beautiful Czech girls!
Under communism everything was drab and the same. The repression people must have felt back then was certainly suffocating, and looking at my nice western clothes, the girls appeared to perceive me as their golden escape ticket, to where "the streets are paved with gold", as they all thought.
I remember once sitting on a metro with five girls ravenously looking me up and down, trying to figure out how to talk to me, in order to cash in on their golden ticket. I remember getting second or triple looks from girls I only dreamed of meeting back in Canada.
The nicest thing about the Czech girls when I first arrived to the Czech Republic is that they did not even consider themselves beautiful. Under communism, everyone was essentially living in the same shit hole, and they were all the same. The Czechs would go to their cottage on the weekends, sing around the fire, and there would be joyous live music in every second pub, as I explained in my life in Prague page. I remember once crossing Charles Bridge and noticed how two gorgeous Czech girls were decked up like the cutest dolls, arm in arm, and after they confirmed to each other "ready?", they pranced and skipped their way from one end of the bridge to the other. They gave me the impression they were husband hunting. Some friends of mine told stories how they took some beauties back to their hotel but found themselves waking up the next morning with their wallets cleaned empty. Obviously some potion other than love was dropped into their drinks.
Beautiful Czech Girls 2It was all part of the magic spell, so I hurried back to Canada, earned as much as I could over the summer while tree planting, and then made it back to Czech in the fall. But by then things seemed to have changed dramatically. I felt like I missed the entrepreneurial jet, because the super wild capitalist days were over and things were now settling down to just the "wild east" days. And there were half as many beauties from the first time I was around. Could it be that so many had already skipped their way across Charles Bridge into the arms of a rich American, and finally escaped the gloom and doom?
I remember once listening to a radio talk show, the subject then on Czech girls who became pregnant by foreigners and then found themselves quickly on their own. As one sobbed on the air, the police inspector who was a special guest on the show only scolded her, pointing out it's obvious to everyone how they were cunningly masterminding a rosy future for themselves. I must admit I found myself caught in the same snare. As one friend wisely put it: "You know, when I first came to Prague, all I needed was a car, a little bit of money, and boy did I have so much pussy. Now?"
By the time I got back, not only were many of the super beauties married off to the west, traveling around the world as models, or possibly hiding in the house of a budding Czech millionaire, but they were all getting wiser. Good for them, for having a baby in order to escape to the west is both nave and stupid. But the Czech girls were also growing wise to their beauty. When I first came it was inspiring to see a stunning Czech girl drinking beer with the guys in a stinky Czech pub, everyone singing along to campfire songs, she as genuine and real as the rest of us. I had to shed a tear and it was truly refreshing.
Beautiful Czech Girls 3But over time they grew to learn how unreliable and useless drifters those from the west can be, that America is hardly the ideal as everyone dreamed while repressed under communism, and that the beautiful Czech girls can cash in their lovely asset chips. Now they knew they were beautiful and expected something for it. Their sweet genuine innocence faded away. Czechs are possibly the most atheistic nation in the world, and where one does not believe in God, what other aspiration can there be then to hoard more money? Czechs are generally a very envious lot and they were practically frothing at the mouth wanting to catch up to the west - to the glory they should have had if the commies did not take it away from them.
Now, to find a beautiful Czech girl who is innocent and genuine and not conniving to get as much financial gain from her looks as she can, one would have to go to the farthest undiscovered village and break into the compounds of a militant monastery. But I guess that's the case everywhere in the world.
But people are generally more genuine in the villages, as I guess is everywhere. Prague has become much like Paris - overly cosmopolitan, pretentious, uncaring. For any guy who has dreams of finding a beautiful Czech girl for a bride, I would suggest a warning. Being fundamentally atheistic as a nation, I would not count on them being the most faithful. Czechs are generally rather smart and they think logically, often in a brutal way with much room for ethics or a conscience. Then again, if you're so nave as to think you'll find a faithful beauty in some distant village, who will serve you hand over foot without complaints, perhaps you deserve what you have coming. Czechs are generally also conservative, and after opening their doors to the west and embracing this so-called "freedom", most of them have come back "home", happy to settle with a Czech counterpart, so they could live the rest of their lives in the proximity of their parents, family, and those they grew up with. For my further insights into the Beautiful Czech Girls 4Czech character, you can read my reflections of the Czech Republic. In any case, after offering Czech translation services into English for almost 15 years, I'd say my favourite is when some male from the west asks me to translate into Czech (I have to find someone else to do that) a poem they wrote to a Czech girl they fell in love with over the internet. Supposedly heart melting lines like "your fluttering eyes", always mentioning the word "moon" and the sort. After growing up in Canada, perhaps I well understand their desperation. In Canada: where it's a crime to open the car door for a woman, or where it's a crime for a woman to look outright sexy. I've heard stories of Czech girls moving to the west, dressed to the hilt as they like to, and after being scolded by overweight women who claim she is hindering their all-important feminist cause, she tells them to go to hell. One thing I like about Czech girls is they say what's on their mind without the slightest hesitation. As one Czech girl pointed out to me, who now lives in London England, she complained that people constantly ask "How are you?" but when you answer them truthfully, they'll quickly rebut: "You can talk to my hand".
Maybe one day I'll find the perfect girl on some distant island. If I do, I certainly won't put up a website with its gps coordinates. Heaven knows I tried hard enough to find a Czech travel companion. But what beautiful, genuine jewel in her right mind would move into a old Mercedes truck caravan with a lunatic like me?

And why did I put this page together at all? Well, I noticed in my website stats that I was actually getting hits for the keyword search "beautiful Czech girl", just because of my pictures of beautiful Czech girls page, so I thought I'd put this page together as part of my general search engine optimization endeavours, capitalizing so to speak on men's desperation to find the perfect and compliant female…

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