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Christ Sermons
How to change one's ways
Body and spirit
An ugly, Old Testament God
The living word
Suffering and compassion
Saved by Jesus
The thinking of an atheist
God Accounting
Career choice and university studies
Jesus's Love is the Drug for Me
Islam and Muslims vs versus Christianity
Logic of alcohol, alcoholism and alcoholics
Joy Of Giving and Helping Others
How to be saved
Example of suffering (Dana translation)
The Exacting Standards of God
Relationships, Sex, Love And Marriage
Free Counseling 7 pages

Free counseling
If there is a god why is there so much suffering?
What Is Sexual Immorality
Suffering from Pain of Betrayal from Husband
Discussion with an Agnostic about God and What he Means to Me
frustrated at God because of daily problems
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Bible Studies
Time in the eyes of God
Deciphering the bible
Other gods
Creation and the theory of evolution
What is God
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Christ Charity
irresponsible consumption
fair trade vs free trade
give to charity
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