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You made me smile. "If I find a nice island somewhere with genuine caring people, I'll invite you and hopefully cleanse off some of that poopy Prague jadedness." Ah you people who believe, that through your Gods, you are better than everyone else. You cannot find the real meaning to happiness if you need your god to believe in. You have to have rules laid down for you in order to be happy. When you consider yourself "happy", you can then compare your "feelings/emotions" with predefined levels that have been laid down for you and then you are able to tell others how good you feel.

Well, that's so out of the ballpark it aint even funny. I used to consider myself an atheist. In hindsight though I'd say I was just protesting and that deep down I still believed in God, and would like to think everyone else is the same. I came back to God because I forced myself to read the bible, after losing in some debates against a believer. As an atheist I always told myself that one day I should probably read the bible, just to hear the other point, considering I was so strongly against the concept. But after reading it for a while it seemed like I was looking through a window of light and it seemed to transform something within me. Like the light was entering my body through my eyes. Eventually, after a certain amount of reading, I saw pure logic written across thousands of years (part of my deciphering the bible, as I learned the bible is written in code) and concluded that it was impossible for man to have invented this. So based on that logic alone I deduced that there must be a God and he masterminded the bible. Several years later I was feeling rather depressed, and based on my extensive reading, finally decided to try this spiritual baptism thing, so, reluctantly, and I felt rather embarrassed, I prayed that the Spirit of Jesus would come inside me. Didn't notice any immediate change but the next day I felt like a million bucks. I was so filled with the Spirit I felt like I was floating. Its a long story but this feeling is unmistakeable. There are also countless experiences of miracles and "God action", as I like to call it, in my life. I actually wrote those down recently. And they certainly are not coincidences. Calculus was my best subject in school and I know what probability is. The God action would happen at precise times based on my prayers, thoughts, and circumstances in my life at the time. And based on my readings and these experiences (God says in the bible "I gave you the Spirit as a deposit so that you would know these things WILL come true) I have made an effort to follow God's commandments, in order that my relationship with him is or remains healthy, and that I can benefit from the sweet spirit, which brings joy to my life, and obviously because now I know I will be judged for my life. God is no fabrication of my mind, as scoffing nonbelievers would like to think. As an atheist, I used to say, "Man created God on the seventh day because he was so screwed up and needed something to believe in." Now I say that this notion is absurd, because if man would make up a religion, he would certainly invent something different than a doctrine which preaches personal sacrifice and an abstinence of pretty well ever gratification of the flesh. As the bible says, the Spirit and the flesh are at war with one another. Any man made religion, in order to be successful, would certainly preach gratification of the flesh and give some profit to the believer. The "profit" of the bible is the Spirit, and the fact that God has always been there for me in my time of need. And I am sure that most of the other believers, who are a majority in this world I believe (for Muslims and Islamists believe in the same God, as they themselves admit), believe for the same reasons. Of course, many might out of habit, or upbringing, or they don't really try to follow the commandments, or are lukewarm, but many that I have met tasted the Spirit and believed for the same reason. But your potshot attempt is understandable. I believe that many unbelievers like to make up such excuses, or look at the sinning of some believers, or the horrid acts of some preachers, and relish in the excuse, because it gives them justification to do whatever they want, and satisfy their senses, because they can convince themselves that there is no God, no judgement day, and all that. But I believe that, deep down, perhaps everyone believes. What is guilt and conscience, after all? I used to argue that this was instilled in us by society. Conditioning. Man, a social creature which needs to survive as a group and therefore such a conscience is programmed within us genetically, in that any act against the group will be detremental to our own survival, and hence we have this instinct. Sorry, nice try, but if you look inside yourself (at least that's how I perceive it), it does not feel like some physical instinct but rather some mind conscience inside me telling me its wrong.

There is some thing wrong with religious people. With their holier than thou attitude. I am smiling as I write this, I just find religious people ?????? Lacking.

I made the invitation to the island not because I felt i was holier or better than you but because I thought it might benefit you, since by your emails you seemed jaded and cynical. It was an invitation as to a friend. I don't remember ever treating you as if I thought I was better than you. If I did, it would be because of my own arrogant tendencies, which I admit I have and which I often struggle against, but nothing to do with God and my personal relationship with him. His clear aim is always to humble me, for my own good, and I always try to accept his disciplining, no matter how painful it may be.

As for your attitude towards Prague. Well that is you. I agree that the people here in Prague are becoming more and more shallow by the day. Hey. That is their problem. I can't help a couple of million people. So basically, frack em. Prague is becoming a dump. It is still a wonderful place (for me) to live. If I could think of anywhere else I would rather be, I would move there. As for the West. It is doomed. I wonder if doomed is the right word? It does not express the state the west is in. Doomed gives the image that it is yet to happen. I mean the word doomed as a state it is already in. The people in the West love to kid themselves. When they really do not understand the world of pain they are really in. Again frack em. "It is the natural human and animal instinct for self preservation which is creating all the greed and destruction of the planet, against God's prescribed way."  "It is the natural human and animal instinct for self preservation" There is a difference between gluttony and self preservation. Somehow you are confusing the two.

By trying to survive one is actually thinking of themselves before anything else. This "selfish" impulse can then continue and lead to gluttony. It is the momentum of "me, me, me", so I believe the two can be related.

"which is creating all the greed and destruction of the planet" No dear. THAT is advertising.

My statement is some advertisement, or advertising fuels greed? Sure, advertising can fuel greed, but it also feeds on it. If we were not fundamentally creatures of want, advertising would not necessarily invoke that within us.

"against God's prescribed way" Which god? Against the great god "common sense"

There are gods, as the bible says, but only one God. LIke the unifying theory in physics they are trying to find and which believe exists. If there is a unifying theory in physics, then it would make sense that the same would apply to the spiritual world and conscience.

I do not wish to write in a "public" email, what i believe. I tell you now. That I can go to prison for my views. (As a minimum) Jail would be a good thing. The Establishment does not deal lightly with individuals such as myself. And I intend to try not to attract too much attention as I potter around this rock. It looks as if I have decided to die happy, to leave the "humans" to wallow in their own filth. The plan is to leave them alone in their ignorance and not breed. Genetic suicide.

Well, you seem content with your philosophy of life. When I first started this discussion it was not my intention to bang you on the head with a bible, preach to you, pass judgement on you, or anything like that. I thought you might enjoy the article, since you are well read and I thought it might be some interesting food for your thoughts. And generally I enjoy the discussions. Don't forget that I'm by myself in this truck and emails like these are quite often my only conversation. Or if I do get into some local conversation, as was sometimes the case in Prague, it would be about piddly little nothings. I brought up God because it was in relation to a certain topic we were discussing. But also because I no longer want to hide my thoughts. It has been nice in the muslim world because one can mention God like they're talking about air. A simple part of life. In the west everyone seems to get instantly freaked out, like they're being threatened. Everyone seems to accept homosexuality like its modern to be open minded or something, but as soon as you mention God or Christ you could find yourself under instant attack.

Anyway, I'm not taking any of this personally, enjoy the discussion, and on a side note (not the big intent behind this discussion), yes, I admit, I'd like to save your soul. Not as something which would win me cookies in heaven, but I compare it to standing on a river bank and watching a group of people in a canoe, and holler out to them that there is a massive waterfall further down the river. It is also part of God's command, but I feel I've never been in people's face about it. But I would like to speak openly about it from now on. After all, God is a major part of my life and always has been. He's a major part of my conscience, I think about him constantly, he acts in my life, and so many things in my life are intertwined with him, so it would make sense that, with any discussion, seeing this is the case, his name should naturally come up. Not as some contrived plan to thump people on the head with a bible, but simply because of his influence in my life etc. It's like living in Prague and never mentioning the word beer. It would have to take a constant conscious act to not say it.

Anyway, not trying to thump you or anything. Just speaking my thoughts. laterdude


Yea, I drink seldom now. Had a beer a few weeks ago. I've come to believe that alcohol is the way many people are numbed into accepting their "lot in life."

I try to keep it down to only two beers a day, but recently have been surprised that even that makes me aggressive. Jimbo was visiting for a months and would notice that, after about four beers, he would consistently get unpleasant, cynical and aggressive. Almost broke out in a fight his last day here, when he had more to drink than any other day. He got into a fight with someone else. I didn't use to feel this way and i wonder if the body stores up some alcoholic chemical over the years, or something happens to the brain. been thinking of trying to switch to non-alco beer, since I love the flavour so much. I realise my tolerance has dropped significantly since on the road, but still, the consistency of the angry thoughts and aggression disquiets me.

It's nice to get your e mails. I'm glad that you are not trying to sell me something like the other mail I get. Of course you know nothing. I could have told you that a long time ago. OK, maybe you do a pretty good BBQ, but like, why are we here man? Do we really know the answers to the big questions?

I think it's rather conceded of you to say something like that. Everyone knows something. I used to dabble in philosophy for about a decade when I believed I was an atheist. A lot of nonsense. Nietzche lost his mind exploring the human psychie. The bible refers to it as mining into endless depths, although it says that it is good to seek greater wisdom and understanding. Recently I've been downloading reading to help me understand the bible and God more. Enter knew levels of understanding that I would never come up by myself, and see that it can also be never ending (understanding of the bible and all that relates to it). But at least I find it has meaning and purpose, because to study and delve into the human mind while excluding God is senseless. Perhaps useful to serve one's ego, but what purpose does that serve? For myself I've found some answers to your last two questions above. But they certainly are not simple to explain, nor do I assume I'm an expert. I'm seeking greater understanding all the time. I've tried regular literature but find it a total waste of my time. Without God it's just paultry human ego that leads to nothing. Although it can give me greater insight, but the amount I have to read to gain some insight is a lot less than some of the targetted reading I've found. I'm not going to live forever and I want whatever time I invest into such matters to be as effective as possible. I find idle reading a time killer for those who havent found a better purpose for themselves.

Maybe idle curiosity is the proper disposition. To be open and aware. It's important to keep learning. Most of what we think is our original thought has been thought before. Then again, if we learn enough of what other people have to say then we have a better chance of being aware of our original thought. Of course, there is no correlation between originality and relevance. Old ideas, like old streets, are often the best places to walk. Everybody needs to say something new. Why? The operative word here is "need." Why do we need to say anything "new?" Why can't we simply "exist?" For example, it is not original to say that I am concerned with how dependant our free market is on conflict. And yet, it may still be so relevant that no one wants to talk about it. Most people want to talk about things that are irrelevant. Like who created the universe. They will kill each other over this and the whole time not see that this conflict is the basis of their economy.

I think it is good to be concerned, because it means we care. Then again, there is caring about one's own survival and caring about others. I feel lonely if I only cared about myself. I don't care about others because I'm trying not to feel lonely, it is just my disposition. Then the bible talks about brimming over with the Spirit, that by allowing the love of Christ to flow through us to others, it remains fresh within us, while if we don't do this and keep it to ourselves, the water becomes stale and stagnant. I don't feel particularly brimming over with love but I'm trying to move in that direction, and understand things better. These seem more useful things to learn than the dark recesses of human psychology. Love is life and happiness, and purpose, and everything, where human intellect is just a dark corner of a room, and lonesome ego. All these thoughts already exist, so it doesn't really serve me any purpose to immerse myself in the study, unless it brings me closer to God and enlightment in some way. If the sole purpose is to satisfy my ego, I find the study rather meaningless. Especially if we consider that during our lifetime we will only manage a finite dent into the infinite knowledge base. What purpose does it have at all if we do not put it to good use?


"We could become slaves to our own frustrations. The more I learn the more I think I'm better off assuming I know nothing." Yah, a figure of speech. It's just the way you wrote it it seemed insulting, but that's the problem with emails is that one cannot read people's faces etc. That's why I often try to read over my emails when the subject gets sensitive etc. No probs dude. Isn't this just a difference in semantics? I meant it as a compliment and I do believe it to be a healthy disposition. Maybe we should distinguish between faith and knowledge?

Yah, I'd say they are quite different, although one can say that faith is based on one's knowledge or awareness of their experience, but more accurately just on experience.

What about this? An eye for an eye, etc. Ex.21:23-25; Lev.24:20; Deut.19:21. (old Test) Turn the other cheek. Mt.5:38-40; Lk.6:27-29. (New Test.)

Well, my understanding is that Jesus was the sacrificial lamb who paid for our sins. "Through him we are reconciled to God". Before this sacrifice the Jews would have special holy people who slaughtered lambs instead. It's also symbolic, in a way, for how can shedding blood actually save me or cleanse me of my sins? It certainly happened, but it's just part of God's symbolism etc.

As Paul explained, before Christ, we were bound to the law, but now we are set free from that, sort of. The line that comes to my mind is:

starting from 7:2. These are not easy concepts to understand and I regularly seek greater wisdom through reading I try to find through the internet.

Are they both correct all the time? Which Parable explains this contradiction?

Not everything is a parable. Like when God once said he will send a big storm and devastate an entire city etc., he then said, "And do you think I am talking in parables?"

What should I tell my children if they ask me these questions? That Jesus explained it in Parables that only a few people are qualified to "decipher," historically the clergy? Please send me the link because I really don't know anything about Parables.

It should explain how I see things so far.
Oh yes, and an explanation of why God speaks in parables.

Those who seek him and read the bible and are interested in the real truth, and justice and love will understand the parables in their heart because they will be given the Holy Spirit, which will open their eyes etc. It is certainly not only for the clergy. As God says, "the bible is written to appear as foolishness to those who are perishing", "perishing" referring to spiritual death. It's all super interconnected and why I started believing it must have been written by God.

You said: "God hides on purpose from those who choose to serve themselves."

This is extrapolated from many lines. I think you might find something like that through one of my pages above.

Is this from the Old or New Testament?

Extrapolated from both.

And who said "God helps those who help themselves?"

I looked this up once, because it is a popular saying, and there is nothing like this in the bible. People like to make up all sorts of stuff about the bible and God. Can be very damaging to those whose faith is weak, or gives a great excuse to those who don't want to believe. LIke the line: "Because you relish in your wickedness so, I have sent a great Deception against you" (Satan, and the thought that 'this is reality'). I often think we are practically living the Matrix. Especially considering some of the many bizarre happenings in my life.

Also, please wiki the History of Unitarianism which you may find interesting. It began with the Apostles about 2000 years ago. There is an old and established Unitarian group in Prague with a Church right on Mosteska by the Charles Bridge.

okay, will do. Need to finish this translation first - due today.

Anyway, doesn't being a Christian involve a direct repudiation of certain aspects of the Old Testament? If so, how can you believe 100 percent of both the Old and New testament without contradiction? St. Paul (in the New Testament) said that not the least law of the Old Testament will be ignored under the "new order". I wrote a lot about this on my web if you'd like me to send you the link (about seventh on google under search "Deciphering the Bible"). Jesus spoke in parables on purpose and it's a rather long explanation. It's the primary reason why I first started believing that God exists, because after reading the bible for a longer period of time I saw the logic and interconnections of symbols, and it just didn't make sense that any human would mastermind this over thousands of years. If any person would invent a religion, they would certainly be more transparent, and make rules which would satisfy the senses, as opposed to the opposite. God hides on purpose from those who choose to serve themselves. It's a rather complicated scheme to explain but I believe I have a slight handle on it. Didn't know you were a believer, so that's cool.


just read wiki's Unitarian thing and say I generally agree with them, except I'm more committed to God. I also believe that God lives in nature, and a great unifying spirit as the Native Americans called him, and that we cannot put God into a little box like many narrow minded Christians do. I believe if we lived a thousand years and spent all of it actively studying to understand the essence of God and all that he encompasses, in the many dimensions he consumes, his perception of time and everything, we might just scratch the surface of understanding him. One of the reasons God speaks in parables is because people are laymen idiots, brute creatures with not much intelligence greater than a baboon (as I read in a recent scientific study, that the difference between a genius and a baboon and a genius and your average human is not much), and the meaning behind these stories can sink into their skulls in God's magic way.


I think that's generally cool, as I also feel that God is not confined to the little boxes of our petty imaginations, the only danger is that, if doctrines get too loose, people can just pick and choose what they like and, soon enough, practically anything goes. You become an uncommitted fence sitter who just picks off the nice cherries from the tree. Which can become detrimental because God does actually have a vision for us, and there is a science behind the obedience aspect etc. Like he says: "I'd rather you were ice cold than lukewarm", referring to those who aren't very committed and just pick and choose. Or: "You cannot serve two masters at the same time. You cannot serve God and the world at the same time." Anyway, I admit I'm a bit of a fence sitter myself and just trying to become more committed. If there is a judgement day and all that, the commitment will definitely pay off. If there isn't, then, as the bible suggests: "live for today, for tomorrow you die." I think I'm more committed than others because the conviction God has given me, my entire life. It burns inside me generally. I aspire to one day accomplish full dedication.

You do sound very Unitarian to me. One of the main ideas of Unitarians, as I interpret it, is to Unify all faiths to recognize our mutual dependence on God, without having to define exactly what God is to each person. Well, I'm not an expert, anyway, but I like the feeling at a typical Unitarian Church where you get religious refugees from all faiths that just want to acknowledge the oneness of God unhindered by tradition, sacrament, or formalized ritual. All faiths are recognized by Unitarianism. This means that I can appreciate Buddhism, or whatever, and still be a Unitarian. It also means that I can ignore the aspects of Buddhism that I may find foolish.


Like I say. Name me something good humans have done. (for non humans)

The reason I never bothered to answer that is because it is retarded, and to a certain degree insulting, because I can certainly mention myself and some of my own caring friends. And I wont even begin to list the organizations I know of on the internet, for your insinuation is simply too retarded to respond to.

It is as simple as that. Seriously. Humans cannot abide themselves, so they have created a "god" to take care of the dirty work. Whether that is hope, faith or the biggy, for humans, death. Humans cannot face life without outside help. The main reason for that is a lack of education. Nothing else.

Well, I think this discussion is perhaps pointless, because you are essentially totally ignoring the reasons why I explained I believe in God. Or you are blatantly calling me a liar, or an idiot. I can respect your choice not to believe. After all, that is your problem and not mine. If ever I might attempt to convince you otherwise, it is solely because I care for you and your soul, and nothing to do with my own self-justification or a belief that this will win me cookies in heaven. But if you get defensive, almost hostile, and demand that I never make such attempts, it's not a big deal for me to respect that. In return though, I think it would be fair to ask that you at least respect my reasons and not make up your folly, which supposedly explains away why I believe in God. My relationship with God is deep and spiritual, and interactive. You boasted that, if anything, it will be you who converts me. But you might as well try to convince me I myself do not exist because events have happened in my life where I had to question my own existence before God. I was doing things I wasn't even thinking about and was wondering who was issuing the instructions for my actions. I find your arguments can be flawed, although understandable, but hardly consider them convincing enough to sway me from a deep personal conviction I have felt most of my life - not based on some desperation but on experience, feelings, and many other things.

Humans struggle with very basic concepts. Good, bad. Right, wrong. (Note that) And that is for very basic things. Let alone for more difficult things like life and death. Humans can realize their own mortality. This is difficult for them, as they recognize their own mortality and at the same time recognize the fact they cannot stop their own death. This scares them. Humans are afraid. When animals are afraid. First, they assume a defensive posture. Then, they make a noise and try to look bigger than they really are. If this fails. They attack. Modern religion in a nutshell. Humans are afraid. Humans as you may gather do not inspire me. They are illogical, dangerous and selfish, maybe very selfish. Religion. Is a human invention. God is a human invention. Is there a religion that goes out of it's way to defend the planet? Or the other creatures on it?

If believers followed the commands and the Spirit as they are supposed to, this respect would automatically follow. From my understanding of Buddhism, or the Native American's reverence in the Great Spirit, there is a definite required respect for nature. So again you just seem to grasp at straws, speculate desperately, and just speak a lot of rubbish.

I do not hear anything from any religion defending life. Life in ALL it's forms. Religion talks about man. How man is important, how man is made in the likeness of God. How man will go to "heaven".  Humans are too stupid to realize that this little rock we are on IS "heaven". AND that we are shitting all over it.

Yes, most humans are conceited, repulsively selfish, and shitting all over the planet. In their vanity and ignorance they distort the Truth and preachings of God for their own perverse ends. God calls humans a "vile creature". "Even the animals listen to me," he says about their stubborn arrogance.

Oh yes, and I'd like to add that I consider myself a very honest person and have always been. This is a deep conviction I have carried with me since childhood. I have always liked reflecting on things, analyzing them, looking into myself, and this has been substantially more intense during my last two years traveling, mostly because I've been by myself with no TV or endless Prague distractions and have had lots of time for such reflection. Part of honesty is to be honest with one's self, and I've even pursued this further by searching for reading which would at times be painful and force me to look into myself further. So your general assertions that I'm just deluded etc. are simply too retarded to even find insulting.


sounds cool. I too pay attention to numbers, although perhaps not as much. There is a whole book on numbers in the bible, and the characters of the alphabet of the original Hebrew are apparently each numbers, and they've punched certain verses through the computer and gotten rather interesting results. I think it's quite possible that, in the future, the "secrets that will be revealed" as said in the bible will include a decryption of the code the bible is written in, from a numerical standpoint as well. I've seen a lot of code but there is much which is left to unencrypt. I imagine the Catholic church is probably securing in its vault a lot of ancient text it does not want to reveal to the public.

If you'd like to check out my crazy God experiences over my lifetime, I wrote them down recently.

I can do a 5 Euro purchase using moneybookers or paypal if it does not require a lengthy procedure. My markup on your translation was 3 Euro, which is practically nothing for all the email correspondence, issuing invoices, punching everything into the accounting, etc.

I thank you. Maybe you remember how I once wrote you my story from Australia. I also heard the voice of God (twice in my life), but it is very difficult to deal both with my stories and people around me, who are faithless. What I have been experiencing is "Disappearance Object Phenomenon" and this is how I started to believe in God. I didn't have a unilateral education for developing my faith. So be sure that if you have faith, it is not meaningless (these things still continue and I am unlocking them): May I ask for a 5 Euro purchase on the Internet? If you reject, it's OK. Take care, J My paranormal experiences continued and here are few other examples: In my case, it took me some time to realize that there is some logic behind this. In 1986 (September 13), I lived alone in a one-room apartment here in former Czechoslovakia. I'm absolutely sure that my senses were always telling me the truth and I don't happen to be in the absence of mind. I had one thousand-crown bill in a book of poems written by Edith S?dergran. One day I suddenly found out that "Someone" added two hundred-crown (1+1) bills in the book! I knew that this money had not been there before and only I had a key to my apartment! In January 1987, I had other five one-hundred bills in a book (1+1+1+1+1), which all disappeared and "moved" to a different place, where I had kept four thousand crowns (Czecho slovak currency) and the transferred money "changed" to a ONE five hundred-crown bill. My mother died on April 5th 1987 (4 thousand [as month], 5 hundred [as day]), and my father died nine months later, on January 2nd 1988 (1 thousand in a book [as month] + 2 hundred [as day]) - that is, two good years in advance "Someone" had given me the exact dates of my parents' natural death. In the book on the place where I found those two hundred crowns was a weird poem with a flabbergasting message of love referring to the number TWO. In the year 2001 I met two Susanes and one was born on the date (not the year, but the exact day) I had the above-mentioned paranormal experience - 13.9.1986. Both Susanes were born in the same year (1965) and both were veterinary nurses. I had a similar "experience" with money in 1998 on the date the second Susane had a birthday (not the year again, but the exact day - 3 years before I met her). With these two Susanes I received the message of two Z's (in Slovak Susane is Zuzana). If you put one Z on the other one, you receive swastika, but the one that points to the left, as pictured here on a svastika the origin of which goes back to some 2000 years BC:


I do believe that the fruits of anything will tell if it is good or bad for us.......and I do believe in self is fascinating.. the vineyards....the aging.....the art of it.. the history.....perhaps beer as well......I personally just do not desire it nor does it do anything for speak of liking the buzz.. I laugh as ...for me that is something I really dislike as it takes ME away from ME......I prefer to be drunk with love and life and my natural and "just me" state of being:)

Hi A, yah, this is something I've been struggling with. I guess beer for me is like popcorn at the movies - it's just a ritual habit and so part of my life that without it the movie experience would just seem so paltry and lacking of spice and munch. I'd love to be filled with the spirit, but dont think that simply denying myself of my beloved and cherished two beers a day would be the secret key to that door. But struggle on I will and hopefully I'll get there some day.

On that note, thought you might enjoy my latest article <God's first commandment> , which touches on this theme.


May God help you with your fast! I heard the stricter the fast is, the more praying you should do to benefit from the fast. So, pray a lot!

this is a direction I've been trying to move towards but really don't know how. If you have any weblinks regarding that, would be cool to read. Otherwise I'm thinking about God and praying all the time.

Also, maybe you would like to let us republish your article about fasting? We can place it here:

Maybe do the three links to my pages thing again?

I am ashamed to say I am myself not a good faster - but plan to make some progress with it. I am just afraid fasting will not let me run the business well as I need a lot of energy.

It's an interesting science. The body uses up around 60% of its energy breaking down food. When you fast this energy becomes free to heal the body. When you water-only fast (the lemon juice fast would not hinder your work at all, and you can go bike riding and everything - I've done it) your body runs out of glucose, meaning "instant energy". It relies on getting its energy from fat and other things that shouldn't be there. But you don't require instant energy when working on the computer or using your brain. Energy production is slow, but you have plenty of it. If you're not running constantly around in your office, you can definitely fast. In fact, I often find myself much MORE productive. Not having to eat I just keep working, cause there's really nothing else to do. And my body not having to break down steaks means I don't need afternoon naps, and often find I can only sleep 4 to 6 hours at night.

No problem with the articles - take your time and get back to me.

Okay, will do. Take care, Karel


in the nearish future I'm actually hoping to send 200 Euro to a super poor village in Africa. Some charity through a friend of an acquaintance and they both assured me that 100% of any donations go to where it is intended (not some bloated global charity which requires 50 or something percent of funds to cover administration and marketing costs). I can send you her weblink if you like.

Concerning wheels of fortune, although I've been amazed at how astrology and the Chinese calendar seem to be uncannily accurate concerning my personality (which I cannot fathom how it could be influenced by the position of distance stars), nevertheless I would suggest hesitation to place too much concern into weegee boards, card readings and predictions about one's own life. I think that such things could be potentially tampered with by demons and we shouldn't dwell too much on numbers and predictions but just focus on the positive etc. Like Christ said, if you try to hold onto your life you will lose it, but if you lose your life you will gain it. It might not be healthy to focus too much on numbers and interpreting them. Life is elsewhere. But such interpretations can certainly be interesting and I dabble in it myself.