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Forward note: referring to my study below of Deciphering the Bible, most of my studies are based on my theory that the bible is written in code (explained in Why God speaks in parables). Certain words have certain symbolic meaning. So when I prepared these studies, the more I wrote, the more I had to make weblinks explaining each particular term. As I add to this site it is getting increasingly complicated and time consuming, so you will notice a lot of notes in < > brackets referring to issues which I have to complete later.
My views on the meaning of the bible can be radically different to much of the believing community, who prefer to believe in the simple literal meaning of the bible. Many non-believers do not believe in the bible because they find many inconsistencies within it. Many believers choose to ignore these inconsistencies, or gloss over them by bending logic, because they believe in God due to his Spirit that lives within them and due to their life experiences with God. They believe in God first, because of their experience with him, and choose to believe whatever the bible says, because of that.
But with my approach to the bible I find there are no inconsistencies. When I came back to God (here you can read my testimony) I did not start to believe in God because of experiences first but because of the perfect and consistent logic I found in the bible while reading it. I forced myself to read it after many years of believing I was a devout atheist - when I would read much literature to support these beliefs. But while reading all these theories of existential philosophy and so forth, I always felt I should read the bible one day, to listen to the flip side of the coin, so to speak. One should carefully read both sides of the argument, especially in such an important life matter as this, before making a final decision. Eventually I was compelled to force myself to read the bible (after losing repeated arguments with a believer), and the amazing and perfect logic I found within it forced me to believe that God must exist (more details here < ). My bible studies come from this perspective. The logic is so perfect, masterful and intertwined it requires the interlinking that websites make possible. I'll often take a word in the bible, do a search on it (I have the bible in digital format on my computer), copy many passages with that word in it, explain the passage, and in so doing link to other words explained in the same process. It is rather complex logic and I will need a whole section for each word. But I hope that, once I have many of these words explained and if you read much of this section, you too will develop an overview of the amazing and masterful logic of the bible.

Why God speaks in parables - why the bible is basically written in code and not easily understandable (to the non-believers)
Deciphering the bible - basically a continuation of the above subject, "Why God speaks in parables"
Creation and the theory of evolution - now popularly termed as "divine creation"
Time - time in the eyes of God.
Other gods - the possibility of other gods.

For further study you can try some good Christian reading that I downloaded and found.