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How the Irresponsible Consumption of the Rich West is Killing the Planet

The way the capitalist system seems to be set up I've compared to my analogy of the beast in my 666 study <link, and add links> . It is a soulless monster serving only profit and greed. The consumer wants, so it gets it because the producer is given free reign to manufacture. The producer advertises, hiring the best charmers to entice the consumer to want that product even more. Perhaps the consumer owns some shares in the company and wants the most dividends possible so that they can have more money to go buy more goods. Under pressure by the shareholder to increase profits, the company seeks whatever means it has at its disposal to do so. If it does not, it risks becoming extinct under the fierce competition, or its general manager gets fired by the board of trustees for producing poorer than hoped for results, or the board of trustees gets replaced by a vote of the shareholders because they did not fire the general manager. And the company, under its pressure to maximise profits, lobbies and basically bribes the government to allow certain things, which are not necessarily to the betterment of society as a whole but to that of the companies paying the bribe/funding the lobby. And the consumer is left with only party A and party B to choose from on election day, which only happens once every four years and where both parties are funded by corporations.

So you see that it is a mindless cycle which is not designed to improve the welfare of society as a whole but to furnish our very greed, without us knowing the consequences. Did you know that there is not enough iron left on the planet to produce a car for every Chinese person? Think about it. We are at a point in our history when we can no longer blindly produce but must definitely start thinking how much we really need and want to consume. Our excessive consumption is killing the planet and we must start to act responsibly!

Here are some links explaining this (I will continue to develop these pages as I research further):

Unhealthy consumption by