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This page is dedicated to offering free counseling  to believers and unbelievers in all matters. You may contact me through this form.


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For inspiration you might like to read some of my latest free counseling sessions, or previous ones here, for the later stuff.

If you are feeling hunky dory and don't need help but would like to help out in some way, read the joy of giving and helping others and volunteer.
You can also check out the Christian Forums through the link on the bottom left and subscribe to the thread to help others, or offer to be a penpal to those who need a compassionate ear.

You may also view the notes (207 Kb) that I refer to and that I have compiled for myself. Or some selected Christian reading.

I pray that all may one day see the love and beauty that may be found in Christ and God, who is love itself. I pray that love may spread through the entire universe and that I may be useful in bringing others to the beauty and love of God. I pray that everyone is happy and that God's day of "no tear shall be shed" shall come as soon as possible.


This following text is to help with web rankings. This page is here to help those in need of free counseling in matters concerning life, with the problems it may bring. For free counseling you may email me through the form above, although you may have to fight past my spam guard to get free counseling, meaning you will first get an automatic email with a weblink, which you have to follow to get on my whitelist. Or you can contact me for free counseling through my company's email webform here.
You can check out free counseling I have given in the past by going to the free counseling webpages. Those pages are part of my Christ loves webpages. I made those pages as part of my desire to help others, because of all that God and Jesus have done for me. In my daily life, helping me with various things, and above all because of the spirit of love I received through the living spirit of Jesus Christ. Through the wisdom I feel I have gained through my regular reading of the bible, and the clear mind one gets when God has opened their eyes, to see the light, so to speak, I feel it has given me the tools to offer free counseling.
As you can imagine, I'd want to use the phrase free counseling frequently on this website, so that you would be able to find me when doing a search on a search engine and using the keywords free counseling. That is actually one of the things I am interested in, is web ranking optimisation, the primary means how I get new customers for my business.
So, if you would be interested in receiving free counseling in matters of life, feel free to write me an email and ask for some free counseling. I feel indebted to God because how great he is and how he has been there for me throughout my life, so I feel I can partially pay back that debt by offering free counseling for troubled souls, because it makes God glad when his lost sheep are guided back to him. It can be a tough world out there, and I can imagine it would seem cold and empty without the loving spirit of Jesus in you. There was a period when I used to fancy I was an atheist, and I certainly remember feeling how cold the world seemed. The only motivation I could think of back then was how good I looked to others, try to make lots of money, drink lots of beer and party with people. Looking back now though, it really did seem empty and pointless. Like these goals and motivations of mine would try to fill up the emptiness in me and make me satisfied in some way. By entertainment, a feeling of pride in myself. But really quite sad and empty when you are fortunate enough to compare it against the fullness and satisfaction of being filled with a spirit of love. Which you can feel and is unquestionable in its existence. In fact, the bible compares it to fresh water. By offering free counseling, I can give freely to others what Jesus gives to me - his spirit - and by spreading the good word of this free gift, the spirit flows to others and it is like a river of love going through your soul. So I enjoy helping others, with free counseling and other ways, if it glorifies God and pleases him. I can consider the free counseling a means of expressing my appreciation of the joy and full satisfaction I feel in my life because the knowledge the bible gave me lead me to ask for Jesus's spirit to come into my life. And the feeling was so noticeable, well, I think it would be difficult for a nonbeliever to imagine. I guess you can imagine like in the movie Lord of the Rings, where Frodo was given that flask of shining water, to save him in the darkest moments. Imagine drinking it and feeling how the living water pours down into your body and you feel a life giving energy. So I want to live my life according to God's prescribed way so that I can continue to enjoy and benefit from this life giving spirit, as it is a matter of the soul and spirit, and certain things, as I have learned, work against the good of the spirit. I don't like that feeling of emptiness, which has returned to me when I was not living my life the right way. God is loving, but if we turn our backs on him, live selfish lives, fill our bodies with senses and pleasures of life, we can fall away from the life giving spirit. Comparing the two options, I can say that nothing in this world can compensate for the life giving spirit and the feeling of happiness and contentment I feel when Jesus's spirit of love is living in me. So I try my best to avoid the temptations of the world and live a holy life, so that I can create the soil and conditions for this spirit to live healthily within me. So my free counseling would be aimed at helping you move towards this same direction, because I believe that is the best solution for everyone. I've tried seeking satisfaction in every other means that this world and life can offer, so I can compare the two, and the choice between the first, and being poor with no material positions but filled with the spirit is unquestionable. But God does not expect us to be poor and without material possessions. I've just been fortunate to experience the two extremes, and can say that the second one is by far better. So I hope you will give me the opportunity to offer you my free counseling and encouragement to give Jesus a chance in your time of need. And to gain wisdom so that you are aware how you should live your life to nurture a healthy relationship with him, and to maintain healthy conditions for his spirit to live strong within you. And pray to God to solve any problems you have.

Help me God

I made these pages as part of my desire to help others, because of all that God and Jesus have done for me. It is in our greatest time of need that we often turn to God for help, and cry out, "Help me God!" So by putting the words Help me God a lot on these pages, I hope you will be able to find me if you used the words Help me God during your keyword search on a search engine. I want to be here to help you because I feel eternally indebted to God and Jesus
for all the things they have done for me in my life, primarily concerning the spirit of living love that I receive from them. Perhaps your difficult situation was a means of God to bring you to me, so that I can help you ask for God's help. God wants the best for his children, but if they live selfish lives, not good lives, turn their back on God, pursue all the pleasures of life, then they are heading a direction to their own detriment. God loves us and wants the best for us, to help us. So it can also be possible that he helped bring about the problems you are presently experiencing as a means of bringing you around to him, so that you can seek him in your desperation and do what it takes to turn your life around. When people are in hard times of need, whether they are believers or not, the first thing they often cry out is "help me God". But when the situation is resolved, they'll often immediately forget their saviour and go back to living their lives as if nothing happened. On the other hand, the bible also says "Chance and misfortune happen to them all". So it could have really been chance that this happened to you. I certainly do not know. But by asking help me God I'd guess you are experiencing some misfortune and I'd like the opportunity to help you during your cry for help me God. If you believe in God and put your faith in him, he always comes through for you. But he might come through for you in ways you cannot imagine. We are like little ants who run around busily in their lives and we just cannot see the big picture like God, to whom we turn when we cry out help me God. In our limited scope on life, we may imagine a solution to be a certain way, but this is not necessarily the best solution for us. It may be, but not necessarily. This leap of faith can definitely be difficult for a nonbeliever, and such leaps of faith can be difficult for even the most faithful believer. Trust me, I ask help me God occasionally and when you see the Red Sea before you with the Egyptian army at your back, things really do look hopeless and the human mind just cannot consider that God would actually part the sea so that you could walk across. But I've experienced his miracles over and over again, and after crying out help me God, I can only testify that it is absolutely awesome watching God perform his magic. And he even says in the bible how he likes to test our faith occasionally. Bring us to the edge occasionally. Otherwise, we are naturally just selfish creatures, and without his disciplining hand in our lives, we have a natural tendency to forget about our great saviour and pursue our selfish interests, forgetting about God. Imagine saving someone's butt from some catastrophe, pulling them out of the water, saving them from death, and they just got up and walked away without even thanking you. God must experience this all the time. He definitely has feelings too, but he loves us more than our human minds can comprehend. Anyway, when you cry out "help me God" and if you write me an email and ask for my help, I would like to encourage you to turn to God for help. And when he pulls through for you, to thank him and to remember him. It was in my worst times, when I had nothing and everything looked desperate, that my soul opened up to God, I felt flooded by his spirit of love, that I realised my concerns were irrelevant and that what truly mattered and what was important was the spirit of joy that I was feeling. All material matter and gain became meaningless to me. Of course, the miracle would happen and everything would turn around for me, but it was at desperate times like this that I felt closest to God and realised what was so important, and the folly of my previous concerns. When you cry out "help me God", I hope that it is not just some desperate and temporary solution for you but that you will use the experience to seek a closer and more meaningful relationship with our creator. To step up above the level of the selfish ant, to let God open your eyes, so that you can see the bigger picture, and use your present experience to make changes in your life for the better. We live a limited life on this planet, so don't waste the limited time you have by chasing useless material and other gain. Use this time of suffering to deepen your soul and find out what is really important in life. Then, when things have returned back to you, or you are saved in God's magic way, remember what you have learned and apply it to your life and work to something much better than your previous motivations. Life is a struggle and, in times when I've cried out "help me God", I found that there were things I was doing in my life which were harming the living spirit of Jesus within me. I've experienced two extremes in my life: material possession and everything that I could possibly want, but an unsatisfied soul;
and the other extreme of losing everything, being at desperate ends, but being full with the spirit. In such desperate circumstances, when we often cry out "help me God", our soul, like the hard clay the bible refers it to, becomes soft and receptive to the living spirit of Jesus, and when I was filled with this spirit at times like this, I realised what utter folly my previous concerns were. How absolutely meaningless and useless were those things I was worried about. It brings you down to the most basic and simple level, when your eyes can be opened and you realise what really matters in this world. Perhaps it is an ironic explanation, but the only way I can describe the feeling
I felt after such despair and my soft clay soul open and flooded with the living and loving spirit of Jesus, was feeling like a million bucks!
Like you just won a sixty million dollar lottery ticket, staring at the TV in disbelief as you correctly confirm, over and over again that the ticket number is the right one. You don't have the money in your possession yet, you are still the same person, but you are filled with a feeling of utter exhilaration and excitement. This is how I would describe that feeling I felt after those times of crying "help me God".
So I hope you will use your present situation to your advantage and, in your time of crying out "help me God", open your soul to him and let him show you a better path to take in your life. And once you are fortunate to see God's magic at work, once he has pulled you out of drowning water, do not forget him. We are selfish creatures and it's easy to forget our saviour, quickly becoming comfortable with some basic existence. Snuggling comfortably with simple pleasures and assurances, when we no longer need to think about "help me God". But you'd be losing out on much more. So I hope you can step above the ant and see the bigger picture. Because you have only one life, a fleeting blade of grass, as the bible refers to it, so use this experience to your advantage and learn how to make the most of your life. It really does fly by.