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So that people may see what kind of counselling I offer and to encourage those seeking help to do so, I have provided some examples. If you choose to correspond with me, I of course will not put my correspondence with you on this site without your previous permission. More examples may then be found on the Christian counseling topics page, since I found Wordpress a more efficient tool to upload them than to make all these webpages manually.

Frustrated at God because of daily problems - This time someone is counseling me!

If there is a god why is there so much suffering? - A common question and why many choose not to believe, but with an easy answer.

Carrie - relationship/depression problems - Carrie was having problems with a boyfriend of hers and felt he was misusing her and was getting depressed about it.

Jealous and troubled, feelings of low confidence, anger against God, wants to end it all.

Stressed out from worrying about her parents, who she feels are using her children against her. She also feels they do not respect her as an adult and is considering moving elsewhere.

Sharon - questions about religion in general - Sharon was confused about all the different kinds of religion and wanted some clarification

Not eating meat - a vegan friend of hers cast judgement on her and she is having problems deciding whether she should follow or not.

Financial problems from owing too much money.

Suffering from anxiety. Also, as above, from the worries of life. Not aware of God though.

Internet sex - this person is suffering from his uncontrollable desire to surf the world of internet sex.

Feels heartsick for exwife after partially renewing relationship with her.

Aggression against Christianity - this is an email correspondence with a personal friend of mine and . Like so many of my friends, she was brought up under Catholic teachings but has been turned away from God and Christianity in general. She was saying most atrocities in all of history have been done in the name of Christianity. This was my response to her, which I sent to her by email.

Wants to take his life and asks if God will forgive him.

Jason - girl heartache problems - Jason met the love of his life and was freshly shot down by her. He was experiencing extreme heartache and was seeking some way to alleviate it. In response to his pain and heartache for this girl, he wrote a long story. I personally would not peg him as a model Christian and his story may seem somewhat drawn out on the philosophical side, but those parts in which he speaks about this girl are quite touching and nice to read. I would say it was generally pleasant to read his “book”. It is about 160 pages and you may download the compressed ZIP version here. The file is 131 KB and unzips into RTF, which most programs should be able to open. You can see my response here.

Later counseling sessions continue at Christian counseling topics.

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I hope I can continue to serve God in bringing people, believers and nonbelievers, closer to him. Let God’s will be mine.



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