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So, how was your lent? How many days did you do the water-only fasting? How have you recovered from the lent? I haven’t received your e-mail regarding the republishing of your fasting article. Can it be placed here without links back: http://www.truechristianity.info/en/fasting.php And here with 6 links back? http://www.translationdirectory.com/articles/article1595.php May God bless, P.S. This Friday I am planning to take my first water-only fast – for one day only.


Pictures of my travels, Koh Phangan, Thailand

I believe I already answered this question but you did not respond back.

I asked from what pages will your six links out to me come from.

I can update the fasting page to include the latest information, as I always tweak and research information every year while fasting.

For your fast, I would suggest you try the lemon juice fast mentioned on my site. You can go 40 days of that without a problem. Then occasionally do a water only day, or a few days, sprinkling it like spice, if you like. It takes your body a while to get into fast mode and I don’t think one day of water only would really make a big difference, but it’s a nice start!

My fasting this year was relatively painless and managed about 6 days water only. I could have kept going but just didn’t feel like it. Maybe next year I’ll try to push that up higher.


Everything was fine except that I became rather weak… Especially sometimes when I abruptly stood up after sitting I had strong dizziness.

okay, will try to update my fasting page soon and then I’ll send you all the links.

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0024Concerning dizziness, it is normal, because your body is switching to other resources for fuel, since it does not have glucose anymore. Glucose is quick energy, fat and other stuff which shouldn’t be there takes longer to process. You can work on the computer no problem, but physical stuff requires quicker energy. I learn to stand up slower and stuff, but my body has gotten used to it over the years. Another possibility is that your body is releasing toxins, and you get a flood of that. Each year you fast I find it gets easier, because I believe the body has gotten rid of lots of toxins, or perhaps it is becoming programmed and knows what to expect. It’s amazing, but what works well is to start your fast exactly the same time every year. I find my body expects it and is already making preparations!



heh heh, yah I do that once in a while – my hair treatment program. Used to do it every year during fasting, but I like longer hair and try to get it blonde. Rub pig fat and herbs into my scalp, heh heh. Was starting to fall out too much recently, so needed the treatment.

Pig fat & herbs!?!! Are you trying to grow hair or make a roast?? Hahahahahaha, I am funnnnnnny.

yer lucky I burst out laughing, otherwise I’d be forever upset that you teased about my o-so-sensitive hair!

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0030I had to start using this Japanese syrum to stimulate the whatcha-ma-call-it in your scalp which produces hair pigment. Too much grey! Its ginger & chili . . . Pepper? Can’t remember, makes your scalp warm for about half an hour. Its expensive but you get a lot, in the end its less per year than dying it all the time. It says to use it twice a day, which I did at first but now I’m down to about once a week.

Yah I remember you mentioned something about that and wanted to ask you about it, but I thought it was some natural shit you could make in the kitchen?

Think my eyebrows are showing some grey and I definitely wanna nip my hair before it starts to do that. k

I’m a marvel of cell regeneration! (I think I caught it just in time, almost no grey at all now . . . Total improvement)


Time to time i have a problem with my kidney. Sometimes when i catch a cold and my immune system gets weaker this bacteria which lives in your body attacks the kidney and causes the pain. I finished the antibiotics, but i am eating probiotics (some 4millions of living organisms! in one capsule) and vitamin B. And for next 3 months I shouldnt be eating chocolate, sugar, yeast and cheese which means that i cant drink martini i love so much nor wine. I cant eat bread i love, although we didnt find a GOOD bread here yet. I dont think i can do that. Enough, i dont like talking about my health issues!

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0089You should definitely read what I’ve compiled. Did I send you the links? For example, I read that antibiotics weakens your body in a horrible way. It’s all on the internet. If you read and understand it I am sure you will stop immediately and go the natural route. You need to strengthen your body. Your kidneys could be filled with garbage and you need to flush the shit out. You do the kidneys and liver at the same time. You can do a juice diet. Its supposed to be done twice a year. I do it once. Every spring I shit out a coffee cup full of cholesterol balls. They’re kinda rubbery and you can cut them with a knife. They are solid cholesterol. They make your liver less efficient, so when you eat the garbage in today’s society, the chemicals and all the crap just start to store in different parts of your body, and lead to all sorts of sicknesses. The liver is the front line filter. It’s like if I drove my truck half a million miles without bothering to change the gas filter, oil filter and oil. It would simply get clogged up with gewey gunk and the engine wouldn’t even be able to run anymore. People shine their cars and look after it well, but treat their bodies like expendable garbage. Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0106Of course the government and pharmaceutical industry certainly do not mind that you they typical “managed sick person“, paying all sorts of bills to stay alive. Lots of info about this on the net, and keeping your body clean like your truck/car in order is an ancient science. The government should be served a class action suit because it is not educating people about this, but glad that they just go to work, keep spending money, and get kickbacks from the medical industry. You may think its some conspiracy, but just think about it. I’ve read tons of stuff about it. So I hope you heed my advice and let me save your body. I’m calling myself Dr. Karel now. With the help of witchdoctor Jana I help solve a problem the foreman had where a nerve in the side of his face would pulsate with pain. Probably because all the drugs and acid he took in his youth. More than half his teeth have already fallen out because of his body’s acid imbalance. But now that I helped him heal himself, which the doctors could not, he can drink alcohol again, and I actually helped turn him into a monster (although before he would overcome his migraine by drinking 8 straight shots of hard liquor, to numb his pain, so that he could start drinking beer).

Yesterday i had a very good onion soup! Which almost made my stomach to explode. And i had fish and chips. The cod was very good too, too bad it was fried but it was at least fried fish;o)

Onion might create gas in your stomach. I would suggest you do a search on google for “kidney cleanse” and read like a madwoman for an afternoon, and learn what types of foods you should be eating etc.

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0108I am so spoiled from Brussels and Prague. I am facing a problem in the food shops as i dont know what to buy and what to cook. Stuff i would like to cook is impossible to find ingredients for. Cranberry juice is impossible to get here. So at least i got a swiss made bio cranberry concentrate or sirup or whatever you call it so i mix it with water. that is good for kidneys. i will check you page about the fasting. It sounds good. i tried once but only for 1 day. i was drinking just water and i felt terrible, week and hungry and grumpy :oD I am sureit is good for the body though.

You gotta do it properly. You just shocked your body, and it was probably releasing a lot of toxins, but because you’ve never done it before you’re realising a lot, of all the crap from car exhaust etc. that’s been piling up in your cells, suddenly released into your stomach. It’s like if you drank half a cupfull of battery acid. It’s better to go into it slow and easy, eating fruits and yoghurt for example. It doesn’t have to be painful at all. I go into 8 days of water-only only after I’ve spent perhaps 25 days preparing my body by cleaning it easy. Now pain at all if you do it properly – its just the temptation of satisfying your tongue. But even that I figured out how to get rid of. It’s a cool science.

Concerning local foods, I find there is always around it. For example, in one really cool place, all that I could find was cans of sardines, tomatoes, hot green peppers, good bread, and beer. On the weekends I would make some spaghetti or something. Or have the occasional quality salami stick. But when you think about it, it was giving me pretty ok in terms of what my body needs to survive. It’s amazing, but I even read that perhaps a third of your energy is drawn from the air you breath. Your body takes the nitrogen, oxygen and carbon and creates the proteins itself. Apparently one dude inAsiawas sitting under a tree for 6 months just surviving off the air. CNN and all started coming out so he had abandon his dream to accomplish 2 years there. Perhaps he found another dream. Guess he had to go to McDonalds for a snack and energy in order to get to the next tree, eh? heh heh


Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0112i m reading your fasting article. it is fascinating and i want to do it. as you say spring is probably best for it. but what do you think of that sea salt drink now. i just finished the antibiotics two days ago. i am eating probiotics and vit B. living with Juan will not help as he LOVES meat esp. beef, yes i know it is terrible. what do i eat here in Bucuresti? I wil try to find rice and the pita bread? still waiting there? i will figure the pics out. but later.

either find links out from my site, or do a search on google for “healthy eating” or “healthy balanced eating” etc., study it and find stuff that are available around you. Don’t just eat at the hotdog stand cause it’s outside your house. Sometimes you may have to go on a trip and stock up certain things for a year. I buy certain things as I travel, and stock up. Know what your body needs etc.

If your body is screwed up, than you have to change the balance to compensate. Total science banana!

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0123I eat meat too, but try to only have good quality lean stuff. Perhaps meat is okay now. Study the kidney thing. You can learn everything on the internet – I love it!

If you cut out meat, replace it with protein. Beans are good for that. Look up “vegetarian diets”. There’s a billion sites out there. Almost running outa internet time and soon switch to drinking time, before driving time, heh heh heh.


thanks and forwarded your info on how to stop your hair from turning grey/gray. He said he was going to try and get the stuff made here or something. If he’s successful I can see about getting it sent to you. Would definitely be cheaper than from Japan!

I just picked up a bottle of the refill, C$90! But it lasts a long time. It’s still cheaper than getting your hair dyed like four times a year. I’ve been using it for less than a year and it really works, I had like 12 grey hairs last year now I have like three and they are not as bright. I mean they have a little bit of colour in them. I swear by this stuff. The guy told me it’s Japanese but the company is Joico. It’s called re:nu Age DefyRe:nual Serum Oh, here’s the Japanese, “formulated by Shiseido” It comes with a dropper thing, you separate your hair and drop droplets on your scalp. Just enough to soak in, not like so its running down your head or anything. It gets kind of warm for about 20 minutes (there’s ginseng and some hot peppers in it). It’s not for your hair, it’s for your scalp. What it does is stimulate the cells in your scalp that are responsible for putting colour in your hair (melatonin? something like that, similar to the melanin that puts colour in your skin.) as we age these cells start to get useless, so this stuff kind of restarts them so they work again. The earlier you start using it the better it works. I was just barely starting to go grey so the cells were still working. If someone is already grey, they may find that 50 per cent of the cells can restart. I don’t think you can find this stuff in a drug store, I think you would have to go to a posh salon. It super duper good I think. I wouldn’t spend $90 on a refill if I didn’t totally see results in a year.


Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0136i know and thank you again for all this. i am a very lazy person when it comes to looking up things plus reading looong articals. i finished yours and it is amazing. another good friend of mine is telling me the same stuff. she is recommending me to use bio hemp or sunflower or pumpkin seed oil instead of listerine…i believe her but carrying mouth full of oil for 15minuts as it is recommended it is abit much for me….

Sounds gruesome, but perhaps better than the long term effects of a weak kidney or liver. I always experiment and ask around, research on the internet, and eventually find some natural way to heal myself etc. Perhaps take one thing out of my diet and replace it with another. I’ll always have McD’s bigmac, but just try to limit the junk and keep up the healthy. Eventually you’ll find good stuff that works for you. Definitely try to avoid antibiotics. I never use the stuff, and almost never get sick (occasionally only small cold). Look up “bowel cleanse” on the internet and I think you’ll stumble on some articles which talk about the horrible things which antibiotics do to your body.

i cant eat beans as it make my stomach upset, same with onions…

Just research “vegetarian sources of protein” and you should find stuff which works well for your body. The meat here inBulgariais crap. They milk from the cows until they are old and almost dead, then they use it for meat. Blah..

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