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Swedish into English Translation Project

March 13, 2009


This Job is Completed and No Longer Active


Please send your quote by supplying the following information.


Details of project (correspondence with customer):


We have been asked to provide a competitive quotation for the translation of around 160,000 words from Swedish into English - the client indicated:

We have a 1,000 page banking customer manual that needs to be translated from Swedish to English. The approximate word count is 160,000 in Word format and I would need it by the end of July, giving you the document by mid June at the latest. The text will be pretty straightforward for an internal document.

Of course, this translation will require a team of high-quality mother tongue (UK English) translators, proofreaders and high-quality translation management to ensure high-quality translations and translation consistency (terminology, phrasing - completion of a standard glossary to be used throughout the text etc) - I know that the proposed completion schedule is very tight!

Karel - if you are interested in this assignment - I would welcome your thoughts (on whether) and how you could participate in this assignment - should the assignment be placed with us (translator, proofreader coordinator etc) - we will certainly need additional first-rate translators to join the "Team"

I will need to pass a competitive quotation to the client ASAP - obviously a project such as this will require substantial forward-planning to ensure a satisfactory conclusion!


What we will need to ensure is absolute accuracy and fluency in English (UK
English) - the manuals, being for a bank - will be printed and distributed
to their clients - if there were and "Awkward" translations (even if they
read fairly well) - the client could reject the entire translation [we will quality control to avoid this, otherwise you will be paid regardless].

I will certainly request a sample of the text (Although I asked for a sample
at the outset - and the client said that a sample is not currently available
-I think that the manual may currently be - being written!

I would need to view sections of text as they are produced (Should the
translation be placed with us)


I think that we would need about 4 professional translators - each taking on about 40,000 words each - and separate proofreaders / checkers (perhaps 2) to check on translation accuracy and consistency.

Correspondence with translators


Hi Karel and thank you for your request. I can offer 9 to 11 cents per English word, or what do you think would be competitive here? I have lived in the US for 25 years and so consider myself a native speaker. I can start working on this June 6, maybe even before. Also I can do much more than 40 K in 5 weeks. Please contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.








I have read your post in ProZ, and I would be very happy to collaborate with you. My rate is 0.08 USD per word My native language is English; However, Swedish is almost my second native language because my husband is Swedish and because I have studied and lived in Sweden for more than 5 years. Please email me back to send you my CV I am looking forward to working with you.




We are interested in partnering with you on this Swedish to English (job # 326159) project posted on Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Glossa Group has established a strong presence through its representative offices worldwide. Glossa Group is certified by ISO9001:2000 and we’re working according to DIN EN 15038. Our company is a sponsor member of LISA and the official representative of LISA (Localization Industry Standardization Association) in Asia Pacific. We work in accordance to the official high standards of LISA. We coordinate majority of the European languages in Germany. In our offices in Europe are working over 200 professional translators. For Swedish and English, we each have a professional translation team composed of more than 15 native speakers. We only use native speakers of the target languages for translation projects. All of our translators are certified professionals with proven education qualifications in language translation and professional working experience in legal, IT, business, telecommunication, engineering, etc, with customers such as Cisco, Siemens, Raytheon, Airbus, Toyota and Bombardier. All translators are highly experienced with the popular TMs in the translation market (e.g. Trados, Transit, etc.) We are comfortable with all types of source formats including Pagemaker, Framemaker, etc. Our best rate is 0.12EUR/source word for the Swedish/English language pair. We accept all kinds of payment methods including bank transferring, paypal, etc. I am contacting you from our Asia headquarter in Beijing. I have direct connection with the project manager in Germany who will be handling the project. Please feel free to reach me if any other question. Let me know if the quotation is satisfactory for you. We are more than happy to provide translators’ CVs under the confidentiality agreement. Look forward to working with you.




I am a certified translator from and native English speaker who has been working as an independent translator for some 20 years, with the exception of 2 years as English editor for a Nordic regional policy institution in Stockholm and 5 years working in-house at an Icelandic bank. The latter is now history after the infamous collapse of the Icelandic banking system. So I am once more building up my own translation business - in what remains of the shattered economy here. A fairly challenging task :-) . I do almost exclusively financial and legal translation into English from Swedish, Danish and Icelandic. As far as rates go, that depends upon the text, naturally, but they generally range from EUR 0.10-0.12 per word. I should mention that all our translations are revised by a second person in house, then given a final going over by the translator. We use Trados (and Wordfast, actually, since some customers require this) and maintain a large, multilingual database in legal, financial and fisheries terminology. You can almost certainly find someone willing to work for less, but since much of my work must stand up in court or under legal scrutiny, I make it appoint to ensure very high quality. A discount is conceivable for a large amount of work, however. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information. Or send a sample of the text for a fixed quote on price.




Hi, I\'m interested in working on this. I\'m a native Londoner, now living in Stockholm. My background is in journalism, with a focus on corporate and business matters, and I\'ve recently been working at the Swedish state radio reporting on similar matters. So it follows that I\'m confident both in my ability to express myself in UK English and in my understanding of business Swedish! My per-word rate is 1 SEK or 0.1 euro.




I have seen your job advertisement for a Swedish to English translation and I would be interested in completing this assignment for you. The rate that I could offer is EUR 70/ 80$ per thousand words of target text. Please see below my current CV. Could you let me know if this offer might be of interest to you.




I am writing regarding the translation from Swedish to English project in the field of Banking. I am an American currently residing in Sweden, and I study a variety of Languages at Lund University. I am going to take the translation certification exam here in Sweden this fall from Swedish to English and I would love to gain some experience in the mean time. I understand that an assignment of this magnitude requires a commitment of time and effort, and I believe that I can meet that commitment now during the time period until the end of July which you have set. I read economic news daily, and have a familiarity and interest in the banking sector. I am prepared to take on the assignment for the low rate of 0.07 GBP per word since I do not have a lot of experience under my belt, but if you see fit to do so, give me a test and let me prove my worth.




I've waited to respond to see if I might receive a sample of part of this manual first.... I might be able to participate in this project and take on part of it. So when you know more about it, let's talk.




I am interested in doing the job. I live in Sweden but have an American father and use English everyday, both in business and with family and friends. I have a master&#180;s degree in international business. My rate is 0.10 Euro / word.




I haven't. I suspect that you are looking for something in the range of 7 cents (I think that is what the project I did for you some time ago was). What I ordinarily charge is 1.1 kr = which is about 14 cents, which is I suspect about double for what you expect to pay that for this. However with these previous files what we were working on was generally rough drafts. And this project requires much more precise translating, the type of work I ordinarily do, working with legal and financial documents (often at 1.4 kr). Having said that, are you expecting to receive a sample of part of this manual first before submitting your tender? That would give me a little better idea of what is involved, in particular how well-written (or not) this document is.

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