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My SEO Link Work is not Getting to the Top Google Pages


Discussions Concerning Search Engine Optimization

just read your email on my fancy new mobile system: 18 Euro a month for 5 gigs of transfer a month through my mobile. Required a contract and some paperwork, but its for a year and now I’m committed to Bulgaria – yippee! Like the twists and stuff.


Pictures of my travels – Myra, Turkey

Still gotta hook it up to the computer, and can go to internet occasionally to do high power transfers etc.

Feels good to get back in the game and I have a backlog of aLOTof internet stuff i need to do.

Speaking of which, will be fun to start managing these forums. I figure a good forum system would allow me to do the following:
– remove a user with the option of all his posts and be able to block his ip address
– move a submission to another thread etc
– have some sort of protection against automated spam submissions

Otherwise, LET them argue, heheh. Would like to manage it for the traffic and push up the main entry page to the top of google in its category. If some people wanna peruse the various forums, their surfing will only help my overall ratings. Understand that gotta at least put in some effort so that it doesn’t turn to total garbage. Will be fun experimenting with it.

Concerning your google analytics, sounded like you had some good ideas and will study them in greater detail later. If you have any contacts or suggestions I’ll try them. I already researched it a bit and realise that they mostly take around 40%, which doesn’t bother me. The buzzword said that it doesn’t really make sense to get into it until the monthly hits get to around a hundred thousand. At more than a thousand unique visitors a day I’m about a third of that, but once I reach that they were talking about between one and three hundred bucks a month. Better than a kick in the arse and potentially half my monthly costs. So I’m starting to play around with things a bit, while I work on pushing up the traffic, and with that ranking etc.


Olive orchard in Croatia.

I find the pages I add some functionality to can generate more traffic. One particular experiment which interests me is to go a bit full throttle with my translation payments site, which will have a forum, then a free database where people can make comments about translation agencies (already exists but I have to manually moderate new submissions – so will require some conversion to save me time), and combine that with my Translation Charges page, which almost at the very top of google. Gets quite a few hits and a useful starting point for translators. If a lot of traffic goes through it could support my Translations etc. keywords a lot, and get a lot of traffic. I started a discussion on another forum and the translators went berserk about the prices I posted as average. Would be funny to get such arguments on mine. All translation related, so only helps my keywords. It’s a hot topic because the Indian are obviously driving the prices down. All part of globalization. the Europeans can be such immense whiners. Power to them that they earn such great prices, while dogs like less charge prices they cringe at and rather not here. Interesting topic and am curious to see how it will go. k


Anyway, a few days ago I was helping a friend find work on the internet and, while on google, I switched the search preferences to find German language websites only. On a browser which I usually use to guage my rankings.


Salamis, Turkish Cyprus

Anyway, now I see everything is okay, AFTER I asked for “reconsideration” and told them the only possible blackhat techniques I use that could affect anything. Hopefully I do not wake up the google god monster against me!


oh yes, and just thought I’d mention, concerning your comment that I should not have more than ten outlinks from my main entry page, first of all most links are to my sitemaps and only a few to key targeted third party sites.

I would just like to mention that I read somewhere that the main entry page should be more like a table of contents or sitemap because apparently every page should be accessible within two clicks from the entry page. Hence I am hooking up to all my various “sitemaps” at the bottom. Just thought I’d mention it and I am not saying I am right. SEO can be a big guessing game depending on intuition. Glad I resolved the previous problem, heh heh.


Otherwise, I’m trying to get motivated for new projects and I am really feeling the lack of motivation.


Trados Monastery in Greek Cyprus

heydo, good to hear from you too and will write more once offline. Gotta squeeze da shit in while I have the chance.

The Stargate dude has a style which sort of goes all over the place, and seems like the style you showed me a few times when you said you liked someone. Twists and turns and all that. Of course depends on the scene.

Concerning “something to do”, one thing that occurred to me is that there is a difference between a producer and a marketer. It is difficult to be both, and I consider myself more the producer, although I’ve been forcing myself to become more the marketer. Cheaper than hiring someone.

Anyway, if you are looking for a project, I would suggest you promote the stuff you’ve already written rather than just keep writing more. Or at least combine it. As they say, you can have the best product in the world, but if consumers don’t know about it, it just becomes a very costly factory in the middle of a desert. I can help you with SEO as much as I can. k


this is so goofy I had to share it with someone. I use Opera to check my web rankings, cause I’m logged into my google account for gmail in my google chrome browser. By the way, if you do a lot of surfing it is good to be logged into google because you can remove websites from your searches and it affects all future searches. Like you are voting and I think it will be the way of the future. Anyway, google remembers your own preferences and good to get annoying spammers permanently out of the way.


Yalikavak, Turkey

So I was using Opera to check my rankings and all of a sudden all my pages were totally gone!!! Scared the crap out of me. Read all sorts of articles concerning getting banned by google, looked like it my take several months to get “back online”, and noticed that EVERY one of the domains I manage through my google webmasters account was totally gone. Like they absolutely removed everything associated with me. I would do a search for and even that did not find my site within the only 60 search results. I was DOOOMED. So I wrote to google and asked to have my site “reincluded”, explaining why it might have been removed. Just some very mild nasty tricks.

Shortly after I sent that off I remembered that a few days ago I was helping a girl here find work and that I set the google preferences in Opera to find German language websites only. Fixed that and everything back to normal. PHEEEWWWW!


heydo, it just occurred to me, it was nice that you put a link to me from your online database thing, which could send me some work in the future, but it doesn’t really help my rankings because it’s behind the login and google cant get to it (unless you instruct google of the login info as I once mentioned, and then you could place google ads there too).


Myra, Turkey

Anyway, no pressure, but just curious if you’d be into putting a link to my site in exchange for all the SEO tips I’ve given you in the past and expect to in the future. Such as the very modest little link at the bottom right of


which is at the top of google for the keywords “global warming response”.

I’m primarily interested in supporting my SEO page, as shown at the bottom right of that page. That’s another intelligent and interesting job that could substitute for these boring translations. Once we finish babyfication and then my demo pages, from there I will certainly link to your database/site and will be tweaking that page to get it to the top of google for lumber database etc., so in effect this would be a sort of link exchange. But no pressure!


I’m kinda scrounging around and scraping the bottom of the barrels, seeing the scavenger that I am, and was wondering if you’d like to help support my seo efforts. Been looking around for more intelligent and interesting things to do than translate, and SEO consultation is one of them. In exchange for all the SEO tips I’ve given you in the past (although I’m not sure you’ve used any of them), thought it would be nice if you could link to my SEO pages, like on one friend’s I’m helping him with at


Olive grove in Croatia.

It’s at the bottom right, not big, but the link is more important than anything else.
No pressure though!
How’sBerlinand dohnuts?

I’m still in Bulgaria, in a fire roasting pension for 5 Euro a day, but things are so cheap here I think I’m living for cheaper than in Cyprus and can practically have all the beer I want! (2.5 litre beer bottle going for 1.3 Euro in the grocery store – gotta love it!)


not sure if I mentioned this already, but recently implemented a little comment box at the bottom of one of my pages. One strip for the person’s email address, and one strip for the comment. Keep things minimal work for the user. It’s a simple php script within an iframe, so that you can embed it within any html etc. page. Basically like a contact form. So if someone reads one of your articles etc. and wants to comment on it, they don’t have to look for contact link etc. This way its easy for the user and encourages them to add something. If they say something moderately useful, you can then add it to the bottom of the page, keeping it fresh and sexy for the search engines. Very important. Go up to a limit of maximum 40,000 characters for the page. If it goes over that you can start a second page and point the first, pointing to the second from the first. Mutually supportive within the samish keywords. adio


hey dude, not sure if I asked you this before, but wondering if you could do me a little favour. You in Francenow? I just got my first French to English translation and decided I’d like to launch a website to help me get direct customers, who could obviously pay more. For my Czech to English translation page


Salamis in Turkish Cyprus


I employed a little trick of setting up local google businesses and linking to the page. You will see I have three offices on that page. They’re bogus but it helps put my page to the top of google. The problems is that, even though I’ve been near the top of googe for Czech to English translator and similar keywords for about a year, there just doesn’t seem to be that much demand for that language combination and I don’t get approached with work very often. I’m hoping this will be different for French. So, if you’d be interested in helping me with this, all you would need to do is offer some postal address as a bogus office for me. I doubt anyone’s gonna go banging on your door begging for my services but its just a gimmick I use to get to the top of google. I’ve done this with several pages and no one ever goes to the postal address but they always email me. What happens is that google sends you a postcard to your address, on the back of the postcard is a four digit pin number, you email me the number, I punch it into my account with google, hence verifying that I can use that address. That’s it. The more such addresses I have pointing to my website the higher it pushes me up in the rankings. If you feel uncomfortable about that no probs. latero


Then perhaps the best thing to do is to rename the Test folder to something SEO keyword interesting, or just a single letter. Or maybe WP, for example. Based on these results I imagine it WILL stay in all the path names even after moving the files etc. And if you erase the Test folder I imagine it will not work. Then, when you want to go live, simply erase the root index.html file and the lone index.php file should work, since it is a simple redirect. Or I could redirect it correctly, and you won’t have to move or copy all the other files.


Coast of southern Turkey.

The only problem with that approach is that the default index page, which I assume will be “Home”, will be different than when you actually press Home.

as opposed to

But I guess that is just the way WP is set up. This is bad because, in SEO, it’s called cardinal url or something like that. If you have two pages of the same content but with different url addresses, its a smack on the wrist by the search engines. And because its the main index page it could have greater effect. k

Help with Search Engine Optimization.

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