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Water and Chakra Apparently Creates Healing Energy


just heard today a girl saying that she knows a diver who has been living here for 7 years and that every time he goes swimming with a skin wound it turns into a catastrophe. That our western bodies are simply not used to the bacteria in the warm water here in the tropics. I had a small bike accident, with the slightest scratches, went swimming a few times in the shallow water here and now my flesh is rotting away in those spots. I had to take a picture. Infection eating me from the inside out. I scratched off a .2 mm pimple and it has grown larger and keeps developing scabs with the puss brewing underneath. I feel like the bacteria is eating away at my flesh. But I haven’t been swimming for a few days and the “tides are turning”. Maybe cause its the westest and warmest now. Thorns in   paradise, they say. For a hundred euro a month I have a bungalow right on the beach, but it’s low tide season and, during the day, I have to walk a km before I can swim in very shallow water. Other side of the island, facing the ocean, is deeper. Will rather not take a chance swimming before these deep, festering   wounds are fully healed. Disgusting!

Much more due to the fact that sewage treatment is rudimentary especially away from the most popular beaches and raw sewage is often pouring into the sea.Unsurprisingly this gets into wounds softened by water immersion.Of course the locals whose sewage it is, harbour different intestinal bugs than you,those who are sensitive to them die in childhood so only the people with more resistance make it to adulthood.Harsh but true. If the infection starts to track up your limbs in red streaks you MUST get antibiotics because your immune system is being overwhelmed. I had a similar experience after sailing off the coast in Mombassa,Kenya, both myself and my friend got badly infected mosquito bites.

Yah, it was starting to crawl up my legs. My foot was only slightly swollen but it hurt and I could barely walk. So I was hydroporoxiding it the entire evening and putting aloe vera on the skin. Managed to go down by morning and had a long walk the next day, but was very ready to go to the hospital. Or just start taking penicilin, which I have a store of just in case. So far have been battling this with raw veggines, vitamins, zinc, coconut juice and limit my beer intake. Thorns in paradise!

Update: figured it out and put all my ideas here:


Bentonite and Psyllum Husks shake

Heydo, read about this a year or two ago as I usually research a bit on different stuff while I’m fasting and thought it would be a good idea to incorporate this, which I am now. The combination of these two loosens up and removes the hard shit stuck in the bulbous walls of your intestines. Apparently that stuff can be stuck caked in there for decades, and over time you build up a thick layer of mucous, especially if you eat a lot of meats and drink dairy products. Once it gets caked it will slowly seep toxins back into your bloodstream and prevent nutrients from passing through your intestinal walls as your crap slides down. I tried two glasses yesterday and added a squeeze of lime, so it didn’t taste bad, and this morning had the greatest crap. Will try to get up to 5 glasses a day, as they recommend, so that I can completely clean out my bowels (including a salt water flush) before I do the liver cleanse at the end of the fast. Boy am I gonna be a clean little baby now! While I’m fasting a woman on the island here is also crystal healing me every night, in exchange that I make a website for her. Been trading a lot like this with people around me and cooler than constantly dealing with cash. Doing the same for a diver in exchange for diving instructions and a swim, which I have never done before, so shall be fun. If you wanna do this cleanse I can send ya more info. Adio! [more details through my fasting page]

Wow, your English is perfect and so long, and sent from your phone! I got a new phone cause the other one got wet while I danced drunk in the ocean, but probably not as good for typing. But it does have a 12mpix hdd video camera, my main reason for getting it, and scratchless screen.

Last time I tried bentonite I figured no big deal without the psyllium, but then was shitting pebbles for about a week. Never been so constipated. Was after a fast so it took about three days to start having real shits so it could push out that cement. Will be alternating with salt water flush, so assume that should take care of the constipation. Ever tried that? Like totally pissing out your ass, haha

Kajo! I’m very much aware of these two items. I love them! Psyllium husk is basically a fiber. I suggest you mix it with juice or water and let sit for a while before drinking it. This way you prevent from getting constipated! This stuff can constipate very easily so increase your amounts of it gradually and drink TONS of water in between. The constipation/dehydration it causes is not pleasant and can cause headache and nausea! I have a major experience with it so take my words seriously! Bentonite is basically a clay and is supposed to bind toxins and those are later crapped out of your system. Again, with this type of cleanse, plenty of water is key. Your shits are gonna be IT, man! Easy to release, fluffy, not so smelly, kind of big, hahaha! I would suggest you take some minerals or vitamins along the way. Minerals from a high quality sea salt and minerals… Hmm it’s up to you. Not sure if you can drink coconut water from fresh coconuts while doing your cleanse. It’s a miracle, full of great stuff and electrolytes to hydrate. Apparently it’s the only substance that is the closest to blood plasma and can be injected intravenously in case of an emergency without any issues! Research it. I love fresh coconut water and when blended with the remaining coconut flesh and banana and strawberries or whatever, makes an excellent vegan smoothie 🙂 Keep me posted 🙂 —————–

Chakra is a big thing I started learning when I moved to that stinky little village in Bulgaria, where I stayed at Justin’s house. The few people I got to know there knew all about that, and meditation, organic eating and all sorts of stuff. Connected to many ancient sciences. Apparently we have 7 energy points running up along our spine, the last one above our head. We are 85+% composed of water and electricity (nerves), so it makes sense we have energy flowing through our bodies (chi and chai in yinyang). Advanced meditators and martial arts people who can perform amazing feats, to monks who can levitate etc. are very well aware of this power within us. A well balanced chakra energy is associated with health and happiness, and a power that can be tapped into. Apparently most of humanity has no clue what power we can possess with this. The 1% wants to keep us dumb and weak so they can control us. After learning a lot I came to the conclusion that the witchburning by the church a few hundred years ago was about stamping out people who were dabbling about this power we have. Keep humanity in the dark ages so they can keep controlling us. A very broad and deep subject and think you’d enjoy reading up on it if you had time.

> I would like to read about.

I may have saved some files on my computer but they are probably more specific, but I suggest you just look up
on the net and skim through some stuff. It is like a gateway into an entire dimension of the human body I was not aware of. It can lead to many specific areas. For example, accupuncture puts needles into the meridians of your body’s electrical flow to help bring it back to balance and I’m certain this all takes into consideration the chakra energy points. Meditation is also about balancing the chakra points, so there is an immense to explore if you’re interested in it.

So I’m sure acupressure, hand healing and all that stuff is directly related to this. Had another healing session and was asleep for a full hour after she was done. Those bowls with their vibrations on my chakra points really feels like it is doing something. Anyway, today is day 5 of 10 and apparently very important, as today we will be opening up the chakras, which is supposed to be very important. Strict instructions of NO beer all day. It was so soothing last night I couldn’t help but think you would love it and come out like a baby. This is what I’ve done for her so far:

10 hours healing for 10 hours of webwork, 5 to go.

To me enoigh, market died. We finally got summer on Saturday, went to Whistler for two days, swam in “our” Alta lake and Lost lake. Heaven for me. Stayed in the townhouse of friend whe stayed in our place in Praha. Tell me more about you. What bike?? Mama ooo

Bought the motorbike I was renting cause in 7 months of renting it pays for itself, then I can try to sell it once I leave. Was not sure how long I wanted to stay here on this island but it’s evident I’m not leaving soon.

Good luck with all your work. I was actually laughing a bit a few days ago, thinking about my business costs. Because when i was poor on the road once I leftpragueI started looking for ways to save costs, since my income had dropped so dramatically. Close certain bank accounts etc. Anyway, one of my big business costs is my webspace for $8 a month (they just doubled it, but yah, I know, pretty negligible for a company’s operating costs). But since they doubled it I decided to ask everyone I’ve been making webpages for to pitch in to cover my costs a bit. Totally fair I’d say. If they wanted to purchase their own webspace they’d pay at least $5 a month, but I charge between 1 and 3, depending on who they are. Have three such “clients”, and a few more I will have negative operating costs! It’s another strategy to apply instead of stressing out that need a higher income. Much less stressful and I actually enjoy not contributing to the overconsumption destruction of the planet while empowering the 1%, because it is they who profit from this consumption and “keep the economy going”, while learning to enjoy the simple things in life. I’m wondering what this woman will heal in me. Last night she asked me if I had ever taken hard drugs because for the first time she felt something jammed in my mind. Would be cool if she could open up some bottlenecks in my personality. The funny thing is that she only does three things: hangs a crystal rock over my chakras and spins them a bit to read my body, then the vibrating bowl on three chakra points (once while I am on my stomach), and the rest just resting her hands on key places, closing her eyes and holding them there for a while. I actually do feel some energy going through me, and sometimes I get real fidgety like I want to jump up and scream, as if there is some energy unravelling struggle or something. Cool stuff.


YES. I totally want to know about this! I have seen the Psyllum Husks thing but don’t know what the Bentonite thing is. I don’t expect there to be too much build up in my guts, I have never eaten a lot of red meat or anything gooey like that, and I eat so much fibre/salad/cabbage that I think I’m scraped clean pretty regularly. But you never know, and that’s what I want to find out.

Attaching a couple of files, and you wanna read the first one if you wanna try this. Basically a tablespoon each in a big glass of water, first squeeze in one or two limes for flavour, then powder, then a bit of water and squish with back of spoon to mush, then add more and more water, always mixing, until full. Drink and add water and mix as it starts to gel. I have 2-3 a day and have fantastic shit. Looks like it’s always digging something out that shouldn’t be there. Apparently can dig stuff out ten years old and you can keep taking this stuff. One guy shit out a penny. You ate a alot of meat when you were younger, as did I, and a lot of remnants of that can still be there, and apparently it can be attached to emotions back then, as some have reported to break out crying once they released certain old shits.


holy gross me out, people seem to get all weird about that pee thing. I mean peeing on themselves. It must be the ammonia, I know it cures jellyfish stings and such.

Actually, in the beginning I did actually pee on myself, on big gaping and painful wounds around my ankles, but ended with just peeing in a bowel (fresh pee is the best) and then little dabbles with folded toilet paper roll, so very little runoff, which can be quickly washed afterwards. The skin around the wounds does end up having a slightly pungent aroma, but almost sweet smelling, but it’s moist and a little greasy and really looks kind of healthy and strong. But I’ve also been adding oils. Last night bought colloidal silver for the first time. I’m just a regular green pharmacy.

I’m glad your found something though, especially something so available (haha! no trucking to the drug store for refills, haha too funny. need more?? just drink more beer!! hilarious). Because these things have a way of manifesting into something more serious if they are not cleared up quickly. So now you can keep your skin disinfected, that is great.

Yah, on the website I made a joke about it how you don’t even have to get off your seat to get this “free and readily available” stuff.

As for the web page, well you had so much success with your hemmeroid page, who knows, maybe this one will also be so popular! Maybe take photos, if you have photos of your infected skin then after, that would be really something people would click on.

Yah, pictures already up on the page. Added yet another page yesterday as i was learning about ph balance. Seems the 3+ beers every day with yeast could have been contributing to it, as bacteria apparently likes high acidity, so have started an alkaline war by eating watermelons, switch from iodized to natural salt, and put baking soda in my drinking water (and stop drinking those big jugs, which have lots of bacteria apparently). Been taking pictures of my ankle every morning and amazing how fast it has been healing now. About half healed every 24 hours. Before it was slowly growing.