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First Love Misha


Misha and Kaya grew up together out in the country. There was not too many people or other kids to visit, but Misha and Kaya were like perfect together, spending time discovering nature, the various ponds that littered their surroundings. Kaya was very ingenuitive, resourceful and inventive and would spend hours captivating Misha with his various theories and knowledge of the environment and universe around them.

One day, late at night, as they lay on the grass looking up at the stars, Misha was sitting staring up at the moonlight, her face shining and her broad smile radiating as she described the life they would live together, the picket fence of their garden and everything else beautiful once they got married. They had never spoken about this together, and at most occasionally held hands, and Kaya was rather taken aback by this, but then it at once seemed like it was always the way it was meant to be. Like he knew it but wasn’t really aware of it.

Eventually they went to the local school together, joking in class, until it was time to apply for the state university.

They applied to the same university and both got accepted.

As the time came to make the move to the university, Misha, a very open, innocent and sociable person, would pull out magazines and discuss with Kaya what she should wear for her first day of school. Kaya thought her concern was cute, but he himself was not remotely interested in things like what clothes he wears and how he should behave in front of other people.

The first day of school came and they showed up together on campus, holding hands. Misha was excited, wished Kaya luck and they both separated, each separately for their own classes.

As agreed, Kaya, with his shirt hanging out of his pants and his usual attire, showed up to meet with Misha coming out of her class at the end of the day. Out of her class she came, but already there was a small group of new friends and admirers around her. Kaya felt intimidated, but joined the gang for milkshakes etc. at the local diner.

Over time, Misha became more and more popular, while Kaya felt more and more displaced from the crowd; an intellectual, introvert, social cripple. Misha would invite Kaya to many events, but he would show up, watch how Misha was so popular, constantly surrounded by people and adored. He felt intimidated and out of place, while sensing that so many of her friends felt he was cramping her style. That he didn’t really belong there, and what’s more made themselves look bad. They didn’t want him there and felt Misha should do better.

Over time Kaya would see Misha less and less, feeling lesser than her perhaps, intimidated by her popularity and all the people she knew, and rather turned away her invitations, to study instead. Burying his head in his books and feeling shy in the presence of Misha, even when she came to visit him on his own, Misha started to feel an alienation from Kaya, and it saddened her. But sociable she was and continued to be, while her friends were glad to see they were not seeing each other much anymore, and made plans to hook her up with someone "better suited and ideal" for her.

Occasionally, when Kaya felt heartsick and wanted to see Misha, her friends might arrange for her to receive a kiss from their chosen mate for her, or think up other means to dishearten Kaya and keep him away.

There would be moments when Misha would look down in sadness at her lost relationship with Kaya, even while sitting among her friends, while Kaya became more and more in despair at his heartsick loss of her.

Eventually the pain burned so hard inside him that he had to put his studies down, lie on the bed and close his eyes. And this is when that moment long ago came back to him: the image of Misha staring up into the moon talking about their beautiful future together. His eyes opened with the realisation of what he is throwing away and the sudden conclusion that he cannot let this happen. So he set out to win Misha back.

But her friends did all in their means to prevent this from happening. So from the first time when they saw him at the first social events until now, there could be many incidences when he tried to reach out to her, but was hindered by his own intimidation and the efforts of her friends.

But this time was now the climax of all of these. It was also at the end of the first school year, and Misha was set to be crowned queen of the school, with the boy chosen out for her, who was set to be the king. This was to take place at the school prom, some big party/dance at the end of the year, and Kaya made heroic efforts, using his ingenuity and inventiveness, to make it past large football players and others sent by Misha’s female friends to keep Kaya away. Eventually he makes it into Misha’s presence, perhaps swinging on a rope like Tarzan, but makes a total fool of himself by landing in a big icing/wedding cake. So there he is, lying splattered and smeared in the cake, everyone staring at him in shock, when he pours his heart out to Misha and asks her back to him. Of course, in Hollywood style, this could all happen just before the fatal kiss of pretend marriage and the crowning of Misha.

Misha takes him by the hand, they go outside to talk and spill each others beans to each other, of their feelings for each other and how they felt during that first year of university.

Misha finally says, "Ach Kaya, I’ve so missed our times together. Let’s just get out of here and be together tonight." So they walk away holding each other’s hands (they have never had a physical relationship together, nor perhaps even kissed – this is a thought about first love and innocence).

The next day is the ceremonial day, celebrating what the students have accomplished that year. Before Kaya burst out the door to get his Misha back (the day before), his parents showed up, handing him a package of fancy clothes, I guess like in the type of package you get back from the dry cleaners, and said they were very proud of him, their eyes twinkling and all. Kaya said thanks but said he had to do something very important now (get back Misha) and that he will see them tomorrow.

So tomorrow it is and Kaya and Misha show up together for the ceremonies, holding hands (a look of aghast by some of Misha’s friends), but Kaya dressed and made up and looking very fancy (the look of aghast is also accompanied by shock and surprise…). They walk down the centre isle and take their seats with their parents, others seated staring at them in wonder.

The awards are handed out, until the very end, when the speaker mentions a special announcement: slowly unfolding how one of their students won some amazing award in some other state for his invention or scientific project or whatever. Of course, at the end, announcing the hard working and industrious Kaya. People are absolutely shocked at the turn of events.

Then, in Hollywood fashion, one of the student body members makes another special announcement: something she mentions is very unusual and has never happened, but that the committee made some last minute voting changes and decided to crown a different couple (guess who). So Misha and Kaya are crowned on the stage in front of the whole student body, they kiss and continue holding hands, and the usual tear jerking happy ending (scenes of absolute horror and dismay or shock by those who had different expectations of the turn of events).

The final scene, as or just before the captions go up, could be a scene when Misha and Kaya are young again, perhaps around 8 years old, and skipping, running or walking joyfully, holding hands while going through a field of yellow flowers, up to above their knees. Misha may have long and curly blonde hair. Their innocence shines from their smiling expressions, the frame freezes and the captions start rising.


This script idea unravelled in my mind as I was finishing my 8,500 mile drive trip in my van through the US and Baja Mexico, while making my way back to LA where my ex-girlfriend, Misha, was staying – and from where I was to leave my van (for her to sell) and fly back to Prague, Czech Republic.

I don’t know why this script unravelled like it did, but your mind tends to wander in all sorts of directions as you stare for so many months on the road and at the beautiful and passing scenery.

So what I will explain now wasn’t intended in the beginning, but a meaning I would like to attach to this idea and which came to my mind at the unravelling conclusion of this script.

Which is basically the entire concept of first love.

In the bible, we can read: You have forsaken your first love. [5] Remember the height from which you have fallen! [Rev 2.4]. This refers to when we first discovered Jesus and fell "in" love with him, basking in his grace, which cleans us like the purest of water. But then we start to drift away, like from the Word of God which is lost among the rocks, the path, or eaten by the birds [Matthew 13:3]. We become choked with concern over the worries of this life. Or we become ashamed of our new found love and our pride draws us away.

And this is how I feel many people may lose their first love (with a person of the opposite gender). They may have found their first love in university, but the pressure by their peers or by listening to their own pride may lead them to seek "more". To "bang" another chick. To prove they are "men". To look cool before their peers, and destroy that first love, often irreparably. There could be many reasons why we could lose our first love, which is usually the strongest and which has the best chance of lasting forever, as God intended it and as is natural in our spiritual hearts.

So I thought it would be nice to have a movie which supports this notion, rather than all the usual crap which just sends the message that heroes are those who have many women, etc. etc.

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