Reflections of a Madman


Me, as in Karel Kosman, the Czech to English translator, but who has all sorts of other skills as shown on his online CV of Karel Kosman.

Who operates a Translation Agency, which provides a translation service.

Who is part of the clan of Kosman monkeys

Who likes to be healthy, so some general health pages.

How likes to play music and wrote up an introductory lesson for the viola and violin.

Who gets ideas so I'd rather spill them out where someone might use them than just let them rot away in my noodle.

Who believes in God, and hence the Christ pages

Who has followed his dream of moving into a truck to travel Europe.

This was following 14 years of life in Prague, where I certainly had my share of party in Prague.

After I spent six years putting half a million trees into the ground while treeplanting.

Who loves nature and occasionally organises great events there, like in Bohemian Paradise.

I also organised a krkonose ski trip for hashers.

But before moving into a truck to travel Europe, I did a pilot test of the concept in the US and Mexico.

And if you can give a good bl0w job, hey, do I got a job for you!

Well, that didn't seem to attract anyone, but am in the process of writing a book about my travels.