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Meant to be a b-movie horror almost comedy of a Godzilla mosquito, inspired by my stay in Turkey where the mosquitoes seemed to have mutated from when I grew up in Canada, and were almost impossible to kill.

A team of biologists etc. go on a mission into some remote jungle to look for new plant species they could exploit for human medicinal purposes. At first the mosquitoes seem normal, the humans able to kill them in the usual manner by slapping the back of their neck when they bite you etc. But as they approach deeper into uncharted jungle, not only do the number of mosquitoes increase, but the crew starts to notice a different breed of mosquitoes. One that seems more evasive, intelligent, one that cannot even be heard as well, and generally difficult to catch. And when they actually get a bite, the crew is horrified to see that the sac of blood is so much larger than on a normal mosquito. At least in this case they are easier to kill, because they have to fly so slow, carrying so much blood, but the crew is horrified nevertheless.

As the movie progresses, some of the weaker and thinner crew start to get increasingly tired and weak, and eventually the crew discovers that they are being depleted of blood. And they seem to be losing a grip on things, almost entering into a trance. Eventually, one by one, people start disappearing. At one point one of the persons are caught late at night entering deep into the jungle during a trance. They are tackled and stopped, and the crew slowly clues in that not only are these mosquitoes sucking massive amounts of blood and carrying it off but, under laboratory analysis, the usual saliva they inject to stop the blood from clotting also has some sort of a drug which puts the brain into a trance and programs the body to walk a certain direction into the jungle.

They decide to go investigate into the jungle, to see if they can find their lost peers, protecting themselves with appropriate clothing so these evasive mosquitoes cannot get to them. But as they approach the epicentre of trouble, they discover yet a third kind of mosquito. A very high pitched irritating sounding and aggressive one. Turns out these are the warrior male mosquitoes who hang around close to the queen mosquito, Gozquito herself. The smaller evasive mosquitoes bring in blood from surrounding wildlife, injecting them with the mind drug as well until the victim comes voluntarily and in an already weak state. When they get close enough, the male mosquitoes attack, but with a lethal paralysing drug. Lethal that even a small dose has the necessary effect, and these more aggressive mosquitoes are stronger, with stronger snouts, and better able to wrestle their way through the protective clothing of the crew. And once paralysed, the victim is close enough to Gozquito, such that the paralysed weak prey looks up horrified to find the largest mfkr mosquito they�ve ever seen in their life: larger than human, with a big snout like an elephant and little sharp things on the end which attach to the victim, bore in, and you guessed it, suck out all their blood!!!

The crew find dried, shrivelled up and skeletal remains of their ex-peers, and now on a vengeance, they move towards the climax of the movie, one by one dying off, until the last person kills such a horrid creature with some appropriate means like a rocket launcher, exploding the gruesome sack and spewing blood all over the jungle for a good hundred yard radius.


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