Projects 05

Correspondence relating to translation projects, 05.

[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

so in the meantime I re-checked my Paypal history to be sure and found the missing $500 from my calculations above, so indeed everything has been paid back according to Karel’s figures, namely $3445.15. There is a slight discrepancy with my own results, $3490, of $45, not a big deal, but not sure where this […]

I don’t need your mailing with Karel and I applied the common rate just to simplify counting of hours this time. The point is we’ve got the amount you are supposed to be paid. Hope, you don’t mind. ———————- Hi just letting you know that I checked the finalized BOI file uploaded by Karel, and […]

I cannot remember exactly, but it took me a whole afternoon. So let’s say “4”, then, okies? (-; So, any idea when the next payment will be issued? Karel said he expected his next payment on August 2nd. Cheers ———————- Ok, 4 hours added. In relation to the next payment- I don’t know exactly, I […]

from what I understand you only took into account the hours spent on proofreading but there was still some translation that hadn’t been paid please see this email from Karel a few months ago: Total amount earned so far: 558.804 How much have paid before: Total balance due: 558.804 Based on how much I have […]

Actually Karel sent a mass mail with the latest accounting file a couple of days ago. I attach it for the case you didn’t get it. The link to GS: That’s nice you underlined that discount was concerned only translation part…was going to apply the reduction both to your translation and proofreading. Below is […]

Regarding the translation: The problem here is not a stylistic difference. The original version is full of mistakes, sounds awkward, and contains wrong translations. ———————- Christina Please, submit a new ticket in Reports and accounting category and attach to it your extra hours reports for BOI and JD. ———————- please, submit a new ticket in […]

Whoops, first come first served. File’s assigned to someone else since she replied first. Are you available tomorrow? There’s probably nothing to do, but just in case something happens, I would like to know who I can call on. ———————- do you need the file back tonight? Fabian” If possible, yes. Selfish of me, but […]

Thank you for taking the time to make the necessary corrections. Everything seems fine now. Good luck with the rest of the accounting. Have a nice weekend ———————- Hi This time, the spellchecking went faster as there were a lot of repetitions in this file which were mostly following directly to each other… in the […]

Also a strange one: 4297: The value of your good is. A typo in English…? If so, I would delete the period in the German row… ———————- Without looking at the text, I can’t figure out whether deleting is right. Remember that’s there’s going to be some number inserted by the game. It’s possible that […]

please, let me know what rate I should apply to 13n and 18 s. Also I want you to check the accounting file Karel sent you and check if everything right there. Plus, I need your Proofreading report. I asked you about it in CS twice, but I guess you didn’t get a notification. Also […]