[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Please Check Accounting Hours for Reduction

Actually Karel sent a mass mail with the latest accounting file a couple of days ago. I attach it for the case you didn’t get it.
The link to GS:
That’s nice you underlined that discount was concerned only translation part…was going to apply the reduction both to your translation and proofreading. Below is your responce to Karel related to reduction request which made me think you were talking about both items.
Last time, I offered you what I thought was a reasonable discount.
By then, I had little or no knowledge about the real estimates.
I took time to throw a glance on our details, and I think I can offer you
a 23% discount on our overall invoice and still meet my most urgent
commitments. So, you may cancel the first offer and take into
consideration this latest one when time comes. Truly, you deserve more
than that and I think you sweated more than most translators on JD.
Please, accept just that little from me now and by God’s grace we may do
better later on. Have a nice day, and I wish you all the courage for your
endless tasks.


The second file I attach is the acconting which is in updating process now. To apply your discount I will simply substract 23% of your total words count.

I should say that accounting is a bit messy, so please, check everything carefully and confirm, whether it is right.
Plus, let me know if you have any extra hours not reklated to proofreading.


I’ve uploaded the batch to the upload folder. I checked the glossary and have no changes, except these additions, maybe:

Admiration Bewunderung
Explorer Entdecker
Wraith Tome Minion Schreckgespenst-Buch-Lakai
Team Großgruppe

Anything else you need?


the extra hours report might be a problem, because that is on my Laptop at home and I am on holiday for 3 weeks as I told you earlier. Shall I nevertheless submit a new ticket!

Sorry, but I didn’t get a Mail from Karel on July 30. If so, I would have answered it!


Will add those to the glossary.

And if you think the files are okay, I’ll zip them all and tell Karel to send it.


Well, I trust Gerald and all the others and you. So they should be ok. A little bit of hope that the client will be pleased and not over-pedantic is of course included. Hope we didn’t miss anything grave, but should be okay.

Good night, then


One more thing: I jotted this down while doing the final checks. Maybe we could forward this to the client. On the other hand, Karel may want me to prepare a more detailed report for them? Anyway:

Steamed Wheel: could this be Steamed Eel? If so, Dampfrad needs to be replaced by Gedämpfter Aal

We have painfully altered team to Großgruppe to distinguish it from party (Gruppe) because of a sentence like this:

Do you want to turn your party into a team?

In other instances, though, team and party seem to be used synonymously. There is no way to tell what is correct by the source.” Email that to Karel, as I don’t have direct access to Derick et al.

Really sorry to bother you on vacations. Hope you have fun!

Herewith I attach the latest accounting file and some extra hours report I digged out from FS. Please, make it more clear if it is possible now. Also check and confirm if everything is right about accounting file. For any case here is a link to JD GS:

And yes, you should submit a new ticket inReports category for further communication.



We need your e-mail associated with your PayPal account.



Need your approval of the latest accounting for JD. It is attached for the case if Karel didn’t send you it.
Also I need you to confirm that your offer about discount for 17q, 17r and Extracts file for proper names was applied right. It is reflected in the second file I attach. It is confusingto count different files with different rates so to apply the discount I will simply substract the amount of words to cover the reduction. For example:
17 q: original words count is 875 words.Your usual rate:0,045. Discount rate:0,03.
875*0,03=26,25 USD. I substract 291 words (875-291=584) and count the rest with 0,045: 584*0,045= 26,28. Hope, you understand what I mean. I’ll dothe same thing with 2 other files. Below is an excerpt from your respond to Karel on his reduction request. Please, let me know if I understood anything wrong.
I try to understand, but it is very hard.
Do you really mean that for example someone spent *one full hour (60minutes!) reviewing 16 word*s (JD_100201_Localize_15t) and that I am responsible for that?! Or that someone took *over 2 hours to review under 500 words*(JD_100201_Localize_17o) and that I should also be hold accountable for it?!
I’m happy to give you a discount for JD_100201_Localize_17q and JD_100201_Localize_17r, as I wrote you weeks ago by lowering my rate from 0.045 to 0.03 = *USD 36.20* to deduct from my overall remaining payment. I am also willing to give you another discount of *USD 20.00* for the very earlier files, during the preparation of the Names_files, as I share some responsibilities with the way it has been done.
The accounting for JD was a bit messy, so check the accounting carefully please.
Here is a link to JD Goggle sheet…for any case:
Plus, provide me yourextrahours report for JD if there is any.

Please, submit a new tiket in Reports andaccounting category for further communication.



I am finalising accounting for JD. Need your help.

1)I attach the latest accounting file for JD accounting(for the case Karel hasn’t sent you it yet). Please, check it carefully and let me know if anything needs to be corrected.

2)I need your Extra hours report for JD, if there is any.

3) Below is an excerpt from your respond to Karel’s reduction request. Based on this I figured out that the discount you offer equals 421,7 USD. To apply this reduction, I substracted 7028 words from your total words count(7028*0,06=421,68). Please, confirm that I understood your offer in a right way. The reduction itself is reflected in the second file I attach.
According to the accounting file, you owe me 1743.70 USD (maybe I’m wrong, in that case please tell me the real total). You already paid me 522 USD, so you still owe me 1221.70 USD. What do you think if we say 800 USD instead of 1221.70 USD? I hope it’s enough for you, cause I still want to earn some money for the work I did too.


Please, submit a new ticket in Reports and accounting category to continue this conversation.


For your information, I have translated the following repetition file:

16 12933

-Ange extracts 3557 3,557

Let me know if you have any question.




I need you to check the attached accounting file and confirm that everything is rigth there.
Plus, let me know if you haveany extra hours for JD.

“And one more thing.
I see your files 11j and 11k in the reduction request file. Karel didn’t send me your responce concerned this. Did you accept the reduction of your rate to 0,03USD/word for these files?



I attach theamended file. Please, confirm there is nothing you want to correct there.
Also send me your extra hours(which are not reflected in GS) for BOI, if there are any.
For any case here is a link to BOI GS:



Please, send me your full extra hours report for BOI.
And back to JD… are those 400 USD Doris received through you included in total amount of what has been paid to you? Shortly, if I just change Doris’s name to yours, like I did for Fabian’s files, will it be right?


Hi, Grerald.

Pleae, provide me your full extra hours report for BOI.

” Sorry for a typo, Gerald;)

Here’s my final hour report for BOI.

As for Doris’ hours: yes, Karel paid these 400 Dollars through me, so her hours can just be added to mine.


Never mind the typo 😉

S&R_checkhyphens.xls: 5 hours
Script-Check (61-75_sc_sr1.xls): 3 hours
Script-Check (286-300_sr1.xls): 1,25 hours
Script-Check (256-270_sr1.xls): 1,75 hours
Script-Check (211-225_sr1.xls): 1 hour
Script-Check (31-45_sc_sr1.xls): 2,5 hours
Script-Check (001-165): 4 hours

Best Gerald


For JD all looks correct. Also for BOI it is all correct but one file (02_part_178_DEU_Vetted_Ales.xls) was wrongly accounted as proofread not as issues solved. But that is ok.

I have done some extra hours on BOI too. Please find my report attached.

I hope all accounting will be done by this and I will get the rest of my money soon (USD 465,45).


Please, send me your full extra hours report for BOI.
Plus I attach final accouniting for JD. Check it please and confirm whether everthing’s fine there.



I have added your extra hours to accounting. Karel will send it for approval later, but let’s clear out if everything is fine about your accounting now. I attach the file which will be used for final counting. Check if there is anything to correct.


alright, I thought so.

It is: [email protected]



Everything is looking fine, but 25.393,90 words have already been paid the last time.

Best Gerald


Yeah, that will be taken into account. This is accounting for the whole project.


Here is an accounting file which will be used for final counting of BOI. Extra hours are added. Check the rest please.


Ok, added.
Attached is the file which will be the ground for final BOI accounting.


I have checked both JD and BOI accounting files and they look ok for me.

” Great!

Great! Thank you for confirmation.

As far as I understand you didn’t receive the latest accounting file on July,30. It is attached. Please, check it carefully and let me know the files, which are missing there.
Plus, let me know if you have any extra hours not related to proofreading.

” By the way, I’d like to apologize one more time for being all stressed out last night over a trivial matter. Anyway, wish us luck. I think we did a good job, but very often people will have unreasonable expectations.

I, of all people, should understand that you’re stressed out. I have been stressed out myself a few times during the last weeks. I think we can both learn from this, but I also think we did a really good job.

Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed.

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