[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

German Translation Sentence Proofreading Hours

please, let me know what rate I should apply to 13n and 18 s.
Also I want you to check the accounting file Karel sent you and check if everything right there.
Plus, I need your Proofreading report. I asked you about it in CS twice, but I guess you didn’t get a notification.
Also provide me your extra hours if there are any.


please, provide me your extra hours you’ve spent so far for polishing BOI. Do not include the hours which are reflected in Accounting GS.


I’m done with 181-195. I can take more.

Here’s what I wrote to the other proofers:

it has just come to my attention that “team” is different in meaning from “party”. At one time, I used Mannschaft for Team and Gruppe for party in the glossary but reverted it because I didn’t find a difference. If Mannschaft is in your file, please change it to Großgruppe. If it’s not in your file, please check for instances of Gruppe and see if the source uses “team”. If so, please use Großgruppe.

Is the bug resolved yet?


We have not figured out the cause of the bug yet. Very few files seem to be affected though. Best guess right now is Open Office – Excel incompatibility from one of the vettors, but that’s not verifiable either.

We have all the necessary data and can simply replace the corrupt data with the right one.


There’s a funny square bracket appearing in the English text and accordingly in the German one in row 1124 etc:

The party leader has led the team and successfully protected the World Tree. They spent
sec.], and got an AAA rank.

May I delete this in German or is it a programmer sign?

And “Level” or just “LV” is sometimes translated as “Stufe”, sometimes as as “Level”, or
just “LV” like in English. Would you like me to change them all to “LV” in German to save space? Or not part of spellchecking?



I have just uploaded 31-45_sc_sr1.xls (2,5 hours).

Best Gerald


After checking with the other files, the extra square bracket is probably a typo. You can delete it.

Leave level/Stufe/LV alone. Not part of spellchecking.



this time, I pasted together a spreadsheet from my own (more complex) accounting file. I hope it has all the information you need? It contains everything extra during BOI up to today’s file I submitted earlier.



I’m assigning two files. You’ve looked at them before, but that was before the current S&R list.


They have 111 & 89 flagged cells respectively. Since they went to several checks already, the file should generally be good.


did you spellcheck 181-195? If so, thanks. But 121-135_sc_sr1 and 136-150_sc_sr1 are already spellchecked, so you don’t have to do that on those two files.

If you didn’t spellcheck 181-195, that’s fine, just let me know.

” , no, didn’t do a spellcheck on those, sorry. Will do for the next files if they aren’t yet. “Christina, if you’re available tonight or tomorrow, please do 46-60.


Either way, please tell us whether you can or can not do this one.


I’ve come across some untranslated text in my file, me and  think it might be script that should stay untranslated.
It’s in cell 16599, 16600, 16603, 16604 and 16610, as far as I noticed.
I’ll give an example:

Causing effect categories (Ineffective NULL, cannot move 1, silence cannot cast skill 2, stealth 3 (…)

Does this need to be translated?

Fabian” Okay, will start it right away and finish it tomorrow (if I can’t do it tonight). “‘s guess is correct.

Back during the translation phase, we couldn’t make heads or tails of the context, turned around and asked the client, and days later they told us not to translate those.

So yeah, don’t translate that.


I just uploaded my file. (241-255_sr1_FA (3).xlsx)

It took me eight and a half hours to finish.
I did not stick to the §§§-flagged terms blindly, whenever I came upon something that in my eyes should not stay that way I checked with  and took the liberty to change it.
If there’s still work to do, I can take another file.



I have finished the first file. Where do I have to upload it?

It took me 4.5 hours to spellcheck the file.

I could open the second file too and will start it now.


I think I should let you know that the translation of the beginning of the second file is not very good, even outrightous wrong at times. Please tell me whether I should just proceed with spellchecking, thus ignoring translation errors and difficult sentence structure, or whether I should do a complete proofreading, including checking the translation and improving sentence structure.

Of course, a complete proofread will take up considerably more time.

Please let me know how to proceed so that I can continue with this file.


Sorry, we can’t afford you. The whole point of an automated search and replace list and flagging terms is to cut short the time needed for proofing. The average time so far for something with about 1000 flagged cells are 2 hours.

You would have been great during the translation phase or in a regular proofreading phase, where this sort of comprehensive attention was needed. We regret that you chose not to involve yourself earlier.

The files you were working on was translated by people we trust and checked earlier by , and Sophie, also very good people. That’s why we don’t want you to do a thorough proofing, because we believe it’s not needed. What we want you to do is to focus only on cells that are changed by a dumb script.

Thank you for your work.


You can upload the first file to the BOI_Spellchecked folder in http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/cgi-bin/up_1001_PR.cgi

As for the 2nd file, stop work and don’t do anything to it yet. We’ll need to examine the file first and determine how bad things are and what to do with it.

PS: Can you copy & paste some examples so I’ll know what to look for?” By the way, the way we set things up, you should not need to spellcheck the S&R-ed files. Other people will do it.

Also, regarding the first file taking 4 hours, that’s a long time. What software do you use to spellcheck? Karel wants to know whether you’ve been copying the German text to Word and spellcheck it there.

“Christina, one of the spellcheckers say that the early parts of 301-314 is, “the translation of the beginning of the second file is not very good, even outrightous wrong at times.”
(The second file she’s referring to is 301-314.)

Can you take a look at your copy and give me your opinion and a few examples?


um, I read through the beginning (up until cell 75) and honestly I don’t know what the spellchecker meant. I think it sounds pretty good (don’t know if it was translated by a native speaker or not) and I haven’t found any horrible mistakes yet. Would be helpful if he/she could tell me which part she/he is referring to exactly.

Just to clarify something: Was I supposed to proofread the whole file? Because I didn’t. I only checked for the §§§ parts and did what  asked me to do in his e-mail (change certain terms like “Meister” to “Streiter” etc) and I changed things that I found to be wrong while going through the file (but I might have missed some things).

If I misunderstood the instruction then of course I will proofread all files as a whole again.


A question, two rows seem to form one sentence

2370: The hero
2371: Led the party to kill Shadow of the Queen,…etc etc

In the game, the result of row 2371 starting with a higher case letter would of course be a spelling mistake and the sentence in row 2371 does not seem to make sense on its own…

May I change the German second row’s first letters to lower case in these situations…?




2473:The hero
2474:Donating a Key to Maze of Mystery,…

In that case, the result of two rows forming one sentence would be a spelling AND a grammar mistake, in German and in English… I’m inclined to also insert the missing auxiliary verb in German here, what do you think?


And in the 2800-region, we have many rows containing a funny period, in GErman and in English:

2008: Scale is dipped into dragon blood,it upgrades to .
2009: level.

IS the period to be deleted in German?


I see your point.

If you still need proofreading, I’ll stick strictly to the plan from now on and focus only on the terms flagged with §§§.

We can talk about the payment for the last file, too, that should not be the problem now. I can reduce the eight hours to something you’re okay with.



Yes, yes, and yes.

You are right that the two lines form a sentence.
However, I suspect that there’s variable inserted inbetween the two lines.

Example: The Hero Kristof led the party to kill the Shadow Queen etc.

Scale is dipped into dragon blood, it upgrades to 54th level.

I don’t think that changes anything though.

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