[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

We’re back!

We’re back! Okay, in a sense, we never really left, as we get translation projects regularly, but we did neglect updating the webpage for a few years. Life has been hectic. Fun, but hectic. But now we got some extra help to take care of the mundane stuff, so we’ll some time updating things. Technology has moved forward, and we need to keep up. Used to be that PHP was state of the art and backward-compatibility means making sure the page size is no wider than 1024 pixels, but now we have javascript and html5, and the ubiquity of smartphones mean we’ll need to consider how the webpage will look on a smartphone. But we have top men working on that. Top. Men.

That means we can continue to focus on what we do best. Translating. We probably need to expand on that. What we do isn’t merely translating from one language to another. Many people think that all that’s needed is to hand over the manuscript to a bilingual person, wait a while, and out come the same manuscript, but in another language. That works if you already know a very good translator and if the manuscript is short enough that it can be done quickly, or else if the timetable is long enough that the translator can take as long as he feels necessary.

But often things don’t work out that way. Maybe you need to translate this technical manual from Chinese to English, and that guy on that freelancing site sure is cheap, but on the other hand you have seen pictures of badly translated technical manuals floating on image sites, and you really don’t want your product to get that sort exposure. Or maybe you have a software that needs to be translated from English to German and sure you still have 6 months to go, but you really want to get some results ASAP so the developer team can start programming the translated text in, because the sooner they can start, the more time you get to debug. Or maybe the language pair is just unusual enough that finding a translator is hard.

We can help. Those types of cases are where we are most useful, actually. We have a large database of translators from all over the world. We also vet every translator before we give them a project. That way we can be sure of their translation quality. We also excel in organizing. We have done translation projects with multiple documents totaling roughly a million words. Splitting the work and recombining them into a single whole within a tight deadline isn’t easy. Even a good translator sometimes have unforeseen events like a hard disk crash or power outage, and so we have to plan for that. We also make sure the translation is consistent across the project. We do many things behind the scenes to take care of the hassle and save you the headache. That’s what we do.


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    Good to see you’re back, and looking forward to lots of juicy work!

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