[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

German Proofreading Confirm Words Download

thank you for your prompt reply.

I hereby confirm that I’ll get started with above files asap and I’ll finish no later than Monday.

If I get done before Monday I’ll let you know ahead of time so you can send some more files.


Please, take these files:
05_part_252 (1,650)
05_part_253 (3,389)
05_part_259 (1,810)

Total words:6849

Download files from here:

Please confirm


Please, upload files one by one as you complete translating them and update me.



Please take care of the files:

05_part_273 3,205
05_part_274 3,591
05_part_275 2,763

Total word count is 9559.

You can download them from here:



thank you – and confirmed.

as 05_part_260 is already included in the file, I can offer to take it, too — that makes it roughly 8000 words total, which I can handle.


Great! Then 05_part_260 is also yours.
Please, upload files one by one as you complete translation.


I don’t know how I can change it! But just to let you know I’m not available at the moment! Will leave a message when I’m available again!


Not related to the translation work, I found some BOI files in the JD.repair upload site.

(See folder name 001_JD.repair)

Looking at the file number, it seems to be an incomplete proofreading work for file 182 and file 183.

So… an uploading mistake? What’s going on?


I downloaded the files and the glossary & will get back to you in case I have any problems.

Since I do not really know if the redone 179 had arrived (see above), I repost it again on the regular uploading-site, which is obviously back.

Uli” The redone 179 was received several days ago when you sent it the first time. There was no need to resend it, but thanks for playing it safe.

“Is this all correct: the glossary is called “Glossary_DEU_21Jun.PXF” when I download it, “10002_Names_Places_Skills_G” when I “receive” it as a project file, & “Video.German_MAIN2″ when I set it as default dictionary in the current project I’m working on – ?
Just to make sure.





It should be Video.German_MAIN, not MAIN2. Unless you manually changed the dictionary name yourself.

But otherwise, yes, that’s correct.

” The proofreading was from segement 182 to 186. The file ’02_182+183_DEU_tobe_proofed_Mayo.PXF.TXF’ was complete on June 18th. According to Karel’s instructions we were not supposed to wait but send updated versions of our proofread files. All segments were completed on June 19th. Just in case there was an uploading mistake, here are the proofread file and a file with comments again. “The last one was “Video.German_MAIN”, so I think Transit changed the name to distinguish.
Uli” I see. You may want to delete the old one though. I mean, it doesn’t affect anything as long as you’re careful to always use the latest dictionary, but that’s like an extra MB of stuff that Transit has to store in memory and may slow it down.

I’m sorry, I don’t see any plus marks in part 3_209 in 244 row.

best regards.

I’m finally ready for new proofreading files. I will probably have about 8-10 hours to work on proofreading until Friday.



Excel rows are not the same as Transit segments.
If you are in Transit and need to look up Excel rows, turn on tags view and look for tr where xxx is the Excel row ID.

In this case Excel row 244 corresponds to Transit segment 498.

Valeria is wondering about Giganten+++


here the corrected version!




We need your advice very much
Please help us ASAP so solve “+” issues.
Please have a look:
Behemoth Soul Shard
(file 209);

Nile River to ??, Rally Point
Nil zu ??+, Sammelpunkt

Nordic Lands to ??, Rally Point
Nordl?nder zu ??+, Sammelpunkt

Initial Strength – ?max
Anfangsst?rke – ?max+

(214 file)

Requisite Item (63518,1|60048,1)
Erforderlicher Gegenstand (63518,1|60048,1)+

(216 file)

Looking forward to hear form you ASAP.



No problem! Will send them back tomorrow.


We really need these files today. Please, if you can take a look at them now. I don’t think those issues will take much time.

Confirm please, if you can do it today.


Have just checked the 2 files. The plusses just indicated the translators confusion over the asian signs that had not been translated.


Many parts of the file required much more time than I thought. After working day and night, I have finished the file now and have reproofed most parts of it.

I’ll send it within the next couple of hours.


I forgot to say that I can do about 2000 words/day this week.


Please, translate these files:

05_part_257 (4,365)
05_part_258 (4,263)
05_part_261 (3,661)

Total words :12,289

Download files from here:

Please confirm and let me know when you suppose you can complete them.


This might be a question for the lead translator. I take it I’m always to translate the 2nd person as “Ihr”, “Euch” etc., so everything keeps that particular “ancient” flair. There are instructions in the text on how to “click Johnny” etc. that are obviously for the player sitting at the pc – not the character. I translate instances like this with the plural form all the same – like “klickt auf Johnny”! Just to have it confirmed that’s the way it’s meant to be – ?


Ok. I think I will have finished them by the end of this week. If I finish earlier, I’ll let you know.


Please, upload your files one by one as you complete them and update me.


through CS please write to  the lead for this.


Jan, are you really done with file 248-251?
I mean, it’s uploaded, but it seems quite fast given that it was assigned only a few hours ago.


, please proofread 01_alpha_reps.


You should already have the 21 June glossary. If not, download it from the Glossary folder (I’ve linked to it many times).

This should be given priority over your translation assignment. You can go back to translating those files after the reps file got proofread.

There’s approx. 3100 segments with about 15000 words. Please confirm and estimate the time you need after you look at the file.


I’ll proofread the files,tomorrow I’ll tell you how long it will take me to do that.

” Yup. ”

Unfortunately I won’t be available before next Monday. But I will be happy to take on files from then on.



The proofreading will probably be 10 hours or so.


I just realized that I must have made a mistake with a few passages in the first two batches I worked on in this project: I (very probably) substituted quotation marks with .hhh. – instead of doing so with hyphens, as requested.


I´ve completed proofing file 02_193_DEU_Valeria.PXF and uploaded it.

” P.S.: It took me 2,5 hours. ”

here are the corrected versions.
Sophie” You’ll have to upload a text file together with the translated file. I don’t think there’s any scratchpad or note feature in Transit XV.

I just uploaded file 05_273. (I did that twice because the first time I forgot to add my name in the file name.)

I attached some little remarks regarding the glossary etc. below. Does this have to go through CS? I don’t know how to use the CS to contact the lead translator…


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