[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

German Translation Check Good English

Also a strange one:

4297: The value of your good is.

A typo in English…? If so, I would delete the period in the German row…


Without looking at the text, I can’t figure out whether deleting is right. Remember that’s there’s going to be some number inserted by the game. It’s possible that while we can’t see the code, the game will add the value $700 into the sentence, resulting in a grammatically correct:
The value of your good is $700.

When in doubt, follow the English formatting. But really there’s no strict guideline because the client doesn’t have any either. Oh, there’s a couple rules: gender signs ♂ and ♀ becomes M & W respectively. And there’s no space before punctuation signs either. (“double colon:”, “semi colon;” “exclamation mark!” and NOT “double colon :”, “semi colon ;”, and “exclamation mark !”)


I will then

– change the German second row’s first letters to lower case in the 2370-sentences

– change higher case to lower case and insert the missing auxiliary verb in German in the 2470-sentences

– not sure abaout the 2008-sentences… if a value is inserted, the period would be necessary in German: 54. Level

I would then follow the English formatting here, like in the case of the 4297-sentences.

The Hero Kristof


you told you have completed 166-180 file. I don’t see it in uploads yet. Please, upload it to http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/cgi-bin/up_1001_PR.cgi to Spellchecked_BOI subfolder.


just uploaded the two files.

If Fabian deducts some of his hours, would you still give him something?

I’m also up for more.



still at 76-90, but should be done within 1 to 2 hours. I can take on another file after that.

Can you tell me how much work is still to do for BOI in total, i.e. how much you need me over the weekend? I’m trying to make plans for tonight and tomorrow, but I don’t want to let you down if you absolutely need my help to finish the project in time.


Could you please specifyin Excel file what hours you’ve spent for what files. Like
File X- Y hours
Creating S&R list- Z hours, etc.

I am not sure why you haven’t received JD accounting yet. I attach it. Please,check it and forward it to Sophie and Doris to check. Please, ask them to submit a new ticket in this category to confirm if everything is right or submit corrections.
Also let me know where we should pay for Fabian’s translation of 2 files for JD – to you or to him?
Also I need your extra hours report for JD. These hours were not counted in the file I attach.


I have corrected words counting for the files you told. Please, confirm that the ttals below are right:
Translation: 33323 words
Proofreading: 241,875 hours
Extra hours: 29,5 hours

eh, will attach the file with corrections concerned your work. SO if any totals are wrong you can point where the mistake is.


I have a list for the second pass. It’s quite short and I can separately list terms that wouln’t require proofing and those that do. When would be the best time to submit that list to you?


Re: Fabian. No idea. We’re down to three when I checked this morning and likely Valeria has assigned at least one to someone else or even all three. I’ll check with her later.

As for the list, right now would be good.


I will ask you one more time for your full report later. Just had to do some accounting for polishing


We’re almost done with the first pass, with only 3 files left. Or less if Valeria has assigned one while I was away earlier.

says that he has a very short additional list. Which he expects to not take much time to check too.

Hmmm, maybe set aside 3 hours for us in the morning?


Actually, if you have time tonight after you’re done with your file there’s one file with 238 flagged cells that you might be able to finish in 2 hours or so.

PS: Let me know how long it takes to do your current file. Valeria’s starting the accounting already. She’ll assign you the file once you confirm availability.


Hi, Sebastian!

Please, take this file next:

We have 2 files left to check. They are still not delivered by spellcheckers. Then we’ll run one more S&R list  has prepared and will have to check all files again. But it won’t take long as we believe there will be only a few changes.
If you are busy we’ll try to assign that to someone else, but would be nice to know that we can rely on you.
By the way, what’s concerned the file I’ve just assigned you, I can assign it to someone else if you have another stuff to do.



finished and uploaded:


One issue you might want to pass on to :

“Dunkelster Alptraum-Ebene” changed to “Dunkelster Alptraum Level”, it was a spell/skill with different strength levels. I don’t know whether it also exists as a place (in that case, Ebene would make sense).

I will do 91-105 next, expecting I can finish it until tonight. If I understand you correctly, I will then take off the night and reserve 3 hours for you tomorrow morning.



I’m uploading the first file right now – or I’m trying. I got an error message for the second time now, stating that the website couldn’t be displayed (after I clicked on upload).

No, I didn’t spellcheck it in Word as Word does not underline all the wrong words in German but on the other hand underlines Words which are correct as wrong. Thus, I spellchecked in in Excel.

I am sorry if my procedure takes too long for you but I don’t rely on my Word programme when spellchecking German texts.

Please tell me how else I can upload the first file as it does not work through your upload link.


Please, make a rar file and send it as attachment here.


Below is an excerpt from Sebastian’s message. Maybe you would like to apply this somehow to your last S&R list or will give instructions if you want to change that in any way.
“Dunkelster Alptraum-Ebene” changed to “Dunkelster Alptraum Level”, it was a spell/skill with different strength levels. I don’t know whether it also exists as a place (in that case, Ebene would make sense).


please find attached the first file.


Here is what I had sent Karel and at the end of the spellchecking process for JD:

I have calculated an overall of 37 hours and 55 mins, dealing with 145 files.

In addition to that I spent 6 hours writing a quality report for .

Please let me know if you need more details (like the exact files.)


excel sheet 151-165 has been uploaded.

Changes implemented as discussed. There were very few true spelling mistakes in this file, I think the translators did a very good and careful job!

By the way, it did not mean to be reproachful to anyone from the team mentioning the bad quality of the English source textin yesterday’s message. It is by no means your fault, just meant to stress the fact that the client is lucky to get a translation in a quality as good as it was achieved after handing in rubbish source files…

Any questions, please let me know. Unfortunately, I will not be here on Sunday and later today but if you need me for any more work I will be available from Monday onwards.

Best Kristof


the latest zip file I uploaded (121-150_spotted_.zip) still contains the §§§. I uploaded it again with §§§ removed (121-150_spotted_2.zip).
Attached, you find the last S&R list with 2 tabs, one with proofing required, one with no proofing required.

I’ve put flagging characters into both lists, you never know. If we don’t have time, the second sheet should be very safe to run without proofing, though.


Okay, I got the file. Will check in a minute to make sure the data isn’t corrupt (re: bug), but it’s probably okay.

In meantime, can you tell us more about those bad translation you mentioned earlier? My quick scan and Christina’s didn’t find anything, but in a big file we may have missed the offending line.

If you can give us the English, the current German translation, and your suggested translation, that will allow us to look at the problem and search for similarly bad translation.

We don’t want you to spellcheck the file 301-314 at the moment though. If we have you fix that, we’re in effect rewarding the bad translators and the proofreaders. They’ll be able to just turn in sub-standard work and expect someone else to fix it for them. Instead, once we know what to look for, we’ll be able to tell them to fix it at no additional cost, or, if we have to hire someone else to fix it, have enough documentation to justify deducting the cost from their pay.


I have attached the Excel file with my calculations. There seems to be a mismatch in the total translation wordcount for JD with my files.

Doris HAS already been paid for JD (through me) so no owing her for JD.

Sophie has been paid for almost her total amount for JD. I’ll ask her to quickly submit what’s missing.

Do you need hours of those two for BOI too?


Did the spellchecking go faster this time? What’s the time needed?

Anyway, too bad you are not available later today and tomorrow, as we could use a back-up person in case shit happens. Given the deadline is August 2nd, today and tomorrow are the last day to fix any errors we find.

On the other hand, we may be able to get away with not needed a back-up last minute translator. No major problem so far.

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