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Upload Text and Links to Pages for Google Content


so your PIN is 26926 (yiepeeeee) what exactly is this for? I might need your help or an advice in marketing strategies… talking about getting higher and higher on search engine ranking. I think this is what you like to do, right? So when someone is looking for a chiropractor and types into eg. google search engine “chiropractor West LA” or “West Los Angeles” (area where my boyfriend’s chiro practice is located)what do we need to do for him to be the first option or choice for the patient? Do you know of yelp? I need to look into this. I mean how to be the first one when someone searches something particular such as chiropractor and West LA since there are tons of chiropractors (almost one on each corner!!! just like hospody v Praze, hahahaha). Any suggestions?

heydydo, thanks a bunch for the pin and I’ll activate it within a couple of days.

A few years ago you asked me about getting up in google and I wrote you a long explanation. Do you not have that letter anymore? Otherwise I can dig up some letters I wrote to others, or maybe even find the one I wrote to you before. Or I can nurse someone through the occasional step. Does your husband have a website and who is in charge of making changes to it?

For the google postcard thing you need to set yourself up an account with google (such as gmail), and then go to google places. Generally hooking up google places to your website helps with the rankings, and then you show on google’s local results. So, if someone close to where your husband’s office is does a search for “LA chiropracter”, his place will show up in the search results. It’s those little balloons with letters in them, hovering over a google map of the area. Try doing a search yourself to see the competition. His balloon would be one of those with the postcard thing. I believe each address can hook up to as many as 10 websites. k


was trying to figure out how to be notified when someone submits an article to my wordpress free article submission pages and stumbled on the following:

Thought it might interest you, as you once stated you wanted others to be notified whenever you update your site with new content. not sure how you could apply this to static html pages, but perhaps its possible. I’ve started setting up WP to replace some of my html pages, to speed up the process. For example, I save a lot of my email correspondence with my translators and then upload that to webpages, as google likes new content to be regularly added. Since we often mention the word “translation” etc., and overall the text is organic, it can only be good. But I have SO much text to add I have simply been lacking the time to craft together the html webpages. But with wp I can now just quickly copy/paste the text, like I’m adding a blog entry, and everything else is automatic. It’s like a template. Check out what I’ve accomplished so far at:

Been adding various plugins, such as one which will link from certain keywords to the webpages of my choice. Now the process is really quick and you might consider the same for your site if you need to add a lot of text on a regular basis and lack the time to fiddle with your dreamweaver.

After the last big project, when several project managers were communicating with all the translators through my online systems, I simply downloaded all the correspondence and now have more than 200 pages I could add in this way. So I upload about five every couple of days and will slowly catch up to the backlog of text I’ve been accumulating over the years and hadn’t had time to convert to html.

Anyway, just thought I’d mention.


> what you think about this email?

This is all about seo dude, and I can ramble on this forever, but I’ll try to cut it short to the absolute basics.

Hi – I`m Claire Scott from We`re one of the largest car hire comparators covering 15,000 depots worldwide. Our management team have asked me to contact partners that may complement our site and seems ideal. We can either:- 1) Exchange links with you (we don`t have a links page – we link from relevant content pages on which we will explain when you reply).

Link exchange is good because the more links to your site, the higher the traffic, and the higher you will be on google. Since you are already number one for “Extreme Sports Bulgaria”, then you can start linking to you from different text, such as “Paragliding inBulgaria” etc. You can create a partner page to link out to others. For this I created an entirely different domain Best is if the links to you are from pages or domains which have the same theme (sports, paragliding etc.).

 – OR – 2) Our team have been working hard creating content on our own site and we wondered if you would be interested in some unique, free of charge content written for you to publish on Our editors cover a huge range of subjects and can quickly agree a subject with you and write specifically for you – you will have full editorial control and it will definitely NOT be a sales pitch for us! All we would ask is that you allow us to include one simple text link back to towards the end of the content which will hopefully be found by the search engines in the longer term – which is how we would benefit.

This can be good too, since google likes “fresh and sexy” sites which are constantly updated with new content and pages. But again, best is if the content is the same as your theme.

For this purpose I created the site:

so that people could upload the articles themselves without bothering me. Each page they upload will always have important links back to my important pages as well.

Recently I also created

where I upload email correspondence with my translators. I must have about 500 pages like that now and will slowly be uploading them. Google cannot tell that it is not interesting material to read, but all our correspondence concerns translations, so I am only helping my overall site and important pages by always linking back to my important pages. It is like a blog, so all I have to do is copy/paste the text, and everything, with links, is created automatically.

So, should I bring some garlic or something tonight for superpopcorn, or will you dudes still be fasting?


have to send from my computer email because Hotmail is being an asshole. Apart from that, this is so exciting!! the password to extract data from the .pdfs is mad7SONS if you can’t get into the really old ones then I don’t know the password because that would have been someone who worked there that I never met. No matter, you have oodles of files from let’s say 2002 to 2007! the market comment should flow as one long text block taking all of Page 8. if you think you will need 2008 to 2010 then that might be more complicated because the market comments are scattered all over six pages, in individual text blocks. lalalal, excited.

okay, just converted the first file and attached. There are two formats and I would suggest Text Flow Without Pictures (not the file name ending with 1), after which I manually erased the table figures and saved it as the _cleaned file. That works out to about 2,300 words, which is a nice size for SEO purposes. But it was a bit much and slow for my little laptop and I’d like to suggest instead to set everything up for you. I assume it will go much faster for you on your powerful computer. You could have it working on your PC while you continue to work on your Mac. Did I already send you the PDF Transformer software? Of what you sent me that should add up to 350,000 words total, which should be a sufficiently juicy number to grab all the keywords and be at the top of google in everything. Then you could consider expanding your site to include an input form so that US and other country mills etc. could add their own information. If you do start doing that, the search forms should probably be changed to operate on a country basis, otherwise the dropdown list would be excessively long.

Then we’d need to strategise a bit:

1) as I have mine set up, on the left hand side would be the important links (can be the left or right side). They would appear like that on each of the individual pages and would link to the most important pages you want to promote.

2) from within the text, you would choose keywords to link out from, like you see on my pages, and they should link to important articles. Perhaps you have a juicy article about shingles, so you would link to it from the word shingles. There is a WP plugin for this so this process is automated.

Once we set up this structure I would only have to copy/paste from the Word files into WP and everything else would be automatic. Since there would be about 150 pages I could upload maybe 3 every time the site gets indexed, which is about once every two or three days, so it would take roughly half a year to upload it all. Or I could upload more pages each time and speed up the process. I’m not certain which is better, but my guess is that its more organic to spread it out, as google will see it as a site which continually gets updated with new articles. Just a guess.

Okay, I’ll start setting it up on my end. If I eventually change the form page to get rid of the ugly text boxes and change the formatting, you can take that and apply it to yours. Need to make it look prettier if I want to win myself some new customers. k

Page Style Text in Pictures and Pages


I’m not sure what to do with the styles… Let’s leave it like that for now.

What is going on with the homepage? I guess you changed the website to and forgot to tell me? 🙂

I was looking at /test/ and didn’t have any en/cz… It seems to work well under /W?/

A couple of things though:

– Can you make the cz / en bigger?

– There are only 4 pages in the Cz version. Why?

We will send you the new header today.

Yes, I moved it to W because we were having that discussion about test and you did not respond, so I went ahead and made an executive decision. As per the weblinks I sent you moving WP can be problematic and I did not want to deal with glitches later. I chose only one letter (symbolising WordPress) to limit any SEO effect.

Yah, forgot to mention it, sorry.

I don’t know why there are only four pages in Czech but noticed it this morning. Perhaps it happened when I pressed Reset on the xlanguages last night, when the server was going berzerk and I didn’t know what was happening. I’m hoping that once we add content they will return, otherwise I will have to resolve it somehow. I’m blaming this one on the server.

Okay, will make a bit bigger. k



just got an idea for your doggie site. I’m putting together a site for a friend of mine and think it could become regular work for me. At first I thought it was sorta a dorky idea but now I see the sound logic behind it, and that it can actually be pretty useful. I gather you’ve heard of WordPress? Well its free blog software and many people develop Themes for it for free. So essentially different looks and feel. The difficult thing is to set it up (that’s me), but once done then its really easy for the owner to add pages and upload pictures etc. It’s not done yet but you’ll see the idea:

Check out the Product Description page. The customer sent me a Word file with text, I simply copy/pasted it into the page (while in Administration mode), and it popped out nicely formatted automatically. I just need to make a few more tweaks to change the headings etc., and all other pages will look the same. It’s even got a multiple language plugin. So, yes, a bit more work for me to set up, but once done then you guys can add your own pages and pictures etc., and zero maintenance for me. The only thing is that your server needs to be able to support php, but pretty well every server should allow that nowadays. If not you guys can transfer your site to mine for free, but you’d have to pay for your own domain (about 10 bucks a year).

That’s it!


okey doke Sasa. Right now I’m working on another project and tomorrow I drive to another town, so I can start on this tomorrow eveningish. Just lettinyakno. k

 heh heh, just saw a preview of the pics. Like I told Fernando, funny that Czechs can spend money on billboards and fancy websites, but the English text is shite and the girls didn’t even seem to bother to wash their hair! Will get to this asap.

This pix r nightmare… I feel sick when I have to retouch this ugly blond teethed mum.. BUT, my predisposed friend, you shouldn´t forget this client is Dominican

In the page Product Description there is a section Wearing Instructions with four steps – here you will put 4 photos named instruction1 – 4. There are four numbered instructions pictures plus one unnumbered one. – this unnumbered is folding instructions There is also a Folding Instructions title beneath that section but which does not have any text at the moment. – just put the picture. For the remaining pics do I just throw them into the Pick Your Style page? – yes The text is also strangely spaced a bit. Want me to make the spacing a bit smaller? – make it look nice 🙂 I gather I should resize the pics and make them smaller byte size for the web? – I did make all the pix 800 x 600, u can make them even smaller. zdarec, saša

maybe the sizes were 800×600 or whatever, but many of them were more than 300kb, which is really big and slow for many people. I can reduce it to about 50kb while keeping the picture quality pretty well the same. That way the page with pictures loads much faster. People are too impatient these days and simply may not want to wait if it takes too long.

Another question: your customer wanted the Product Descriptions page broken up into different sub-pages, but F said that it did not pay enough for this extra work. Perhaps I could at least offer to put links at the top of the page, like a table of contents, where each link zips to that part of the page? k


okay, I chmoded the folder to 777 and it worked, but when I finished bumbling around with their slow Flash uploader I noticed that it added something to the html view, which I altered and ended up with

<img style=”padding-top:15px; padding-bottom:10px;” src=”” alt=”instruction4″ title=”instruction4″ /

In that case, rather than bumble around with the Flash uploader, I would suggest you simply just upload your pics by ftp into the relevant folder (or name your own) and then just copy paste the above script where you want, changing the file names too. Much much faster, plus you can gain better control through the style thing I added. Just a suggestion!


okay, think I’m done with the latest chores:

– lowered the spacing between characters and bullets to make it look nicer

– defined the h3 heading I used in the Products Description page.

– in the future they just need to surround titles with the standard <h3 </h3 while in the html window and the same style should apply.

– in the css file I marked all my changes with << and put comments so you or your customer can easily refer to them in the future (for example if they want to change the h3 style, or add another heading style)

One potential point: for the Pick Your Style page I used the alt/title tags as Fabric 1 etc. I presume useful if a customer wants to order some fabric. No problem to place some text above it and which defines it, perhaps using h4 and styling it correctly.

If they want different Alt tags for the Czech version just tell me what to use (Textil 1?). I found that when I switched to Czech the pictures didn’t reload but just stayed (quick change). Changing the Alt tags might force it to reload, but I guess it doesn’t matter cause the surfer will probably get to that page from within some other Czech text page, in which case the pics would have to completely load anyway.

Awaiting the next task! p