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What to Eat to Have a Healthy Heart


if I may make a suggestion, since you seem to love worrying about everything (which is a form of stress and which stresses your heart), even when things might be going well, I’d like to suggest you take a daily dose of dextrose, ginger and vitamins for your heart, which I believe are B6, 12 and C or something like that (I can look it up on the net if you like). I could also dig up the number to the Chinese doctor I went to a couple of times in Prague. For 50Kc she takes your pulse for a few minutes and gives you a diagnostics. When Lucka was in Prague for about 5 months we drank and smoked together practically every single day and I felt the strain by the time she left. After that I went to this doctor and her eyes popped out. She said I had severe blood problems and gave me a certain prescription, which included no alcohol for 10 days. By the tenth day I felt much stronger and my friend George even remarked that colour and life had returned to my face. I also drank the dextrose with some tea, but I cant remember what that was at the moment. But it was delicious too. I think you can get it in almost any lekarna and its relatively cheap I’d say in cz. Want you to stay healthy!


hey dude, think I may have already written about this subject before, but I was thinking about what you said about your left arm feeling numb sometimes. I am not sure what is causing this but it COULD have something to do with blood clotting. In any case it could be serious and I suggest you ask your doctor about it.

In the meantime I’ll give you my opinion what COULD be causing it.

You said your heart fibrilates sometimes? It feels like it is beating irregularly? This can be dangerous, because if it is beating strangely or very quickly, it is not pumping blood properly through. If the blood stagnates for too long within the heart it can lead to the formation of clots. These clots then float around the body and can get stuck in thin blood veins, like those in your extremeties, or in your brain. If it gets stuck in your brain in can block blood from getting to a large part of your brain, it is deprived of oxygen, and you get a stroke. So serious stuff. If it gets blocked in other parts of your body you can get that numb feeling you mentioned.

For a healthy heart you should:
– drink less alcohol if you think it is a problem
– cook with lots of ginger (available at Billa)
– eat lots of mutlivitamins, especially B6/12, C and magnesium
– exercise
– reduce stress
– dextrose powder in tea (although I could not find any here)
– lots of olive oil, preferably extra virgin

I know olive oil is more expensive than regular oil, but if you add up all the money you saved buying regular oil but one day get a stroke etc., which is more expensive?

Especially stay away from eating or cooking with animal fat. This will clog your arteries and increase the chance of heart failure. Try to shift your diet more toward veggies, and if you eat meat make sure its lean (low fat) and not some crap sausage stuffed with who knows what. Fish is great, chicken is okay, try to have pork/beef only rarely. You can look up “healthy heart” on google and find tons of info. Traditional Bulgarian cooking is not healthy. People think that you will be stronger if you eat a lot of meat but that is absolute nonsense. Orangutans don’t eat any meat and they could crush our skulls with their hands they are so strong. Humans did not eat that much meat during our evolution and it is only a recent phenomenon. It tends to clog our intestines, which were not designed for such consumption, not to mention the hormones that are pumped into it to make the cows bigger. Horrible industry.

That’s enough from Dr. Karel for today!


oh yah, at least some news that might assure you, this morning I realised that my heart was not fibrilating since my fast. I was kind of thinking the fast could help, after cleaning out the liver and kidney. Actually, one guy in the village of Vazovo said that, according to Chinese medicine, the heart and kidney are connected. Anyway, after the amount of cholesteral balls I crapped out of my liver after my last fast I decided I was going to do that four times a year, as the website suggested. That is due up now and starting tomorrow I will start my quarterly mini-fast, which entails three days of no alcohol/cigarettes/meat and then three days of water only, to end with the liver/kidney cleanse. Wanna keep my body’s filter clean and efficient.


oh yah, and I was thinking about your compulsions this morning, and it reminded me of that book I recently translated. About positive thinking. He said that roughly 25,000 thoughts run through our head each day and that the mind can be programmed. If you flood your mind all day with thoughts of calamities and things that can go wrong, you will fill yourself with stress, not be able to sleep and make your life more miserable than it has to. His mother kept worrying about getting cancer and eventually got it. The mind is a powerful thing and can affect your body. Instead he wrote on a wall the thoughts she should have, and she would recite them in her head, like a mantra, every time she got a negative thought. I am doing the same now, experimenting and it seems to work. When I am alone without a girl, or the German girl is not writing to me, I have a tendency to say “I’m such a dumb shmuck, I will never get a girl.” My mind is programmed because of what I am telling myself, I subsequently lose confidence, and next time I am with a nice girl I believe I do not stand a chance, so I don’t really try, and of course make no progress. But now every time I catch myself getting down on myself like that, I stop and recite my new mantra: “I SHALL overcome my fears, I WILL learn how to approach girls with confidence and charm, and I will find success among them. I will increase my income so that I can add to my reserves and give to charity. Praise God Allah.” And I’ll repeat it a few times until the depressed feeling is gone. Now I find that my confidence has been increasing and I’m actually flirting more with girls and getting positive feedback. I believe this can be applied to anything. If you wallow in negative thoughts, it will have negative consequences on you, and you certainly will not change anything by worrying yourself to death. But I for one really do not feel like having to explain every little detail of my preparations, just so that you can feel more rest assured. You could offer one suggestion or another, and we can talk about things casually, but I really do not like it when someone is peering over my shoulder and nit picking about everything I do, and demanding a detailed report. That is why I left the rat race so that I can lie on my bed, look out over the sea and work what I want, when I want. I think you should be able to understand this. k


After reading this article following many similar mentions I have read before, I became convinced I have given myself some evil virus when I took my last vacinnation in Bulgaria before coming to Asia. It seems now that every time I puncture my skin it puffs up into a sweltering puss that takes many days to go away. I soak them in the ocean every day to heal them faster. I now have very little faith in the medical community, driven by profits or soiled by the evil intentions of the power elite. Call me a conspiracy lunatic but I now vow to focus only on healthy, natural foods, meditation, peace and love. If you know anyone with cancer or many other horrible diseases, apparently hemp oil is a cure-all and should be considered, as explained in this article: I believe the power elite have an agenda to get rid of most of us, as they prepare for a New World Order. Do not let yourself be pushed into a Third World War, as part of the industrialists/banksters’ profit cycle: wars and rebuilding. Share love. If we focus together we can free ourselves of these tyrannical shackles.

Aids was spread to b vaccines in africa. new york esquimos,not a monkey bite. Sorry to hear your skin problem. best remedies for skin may also b Aloe vera (aloes) cut leaf,save it i in fridge or aluminium paper. slice like 2-3 cm .cut tiny sides 1 mm . remove skin on convex side .now press and rub or leave agins skin until reach concave skin used all and its the best for sunburn and skin treatement ,face,and your big dick and huge asshole man.plants are everywere in mexico,i imagine same in asia.luv,your friend Benito ,wo remember garlic soup is good for cold ha ah.

yo man, good to hear from you. Did some research on the net and perhaps my immunity is low. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that I drink so much beer and barely eat? (he says with sarcasm) Then I’m on this party island inThailandwhere they have live jam music in some venue almost every night of the week. But to get up on the stage and play my violin, which I’m sorta a beginner at, I have to drink enough beer to overcome my timidness. Then I ride my rented motorbike back to my bungalow, wavering all over the road. And because I like to always walk around barefoot, sometimes I have to slam my bare feet into the gravel to avoid flying into the ditch. Ripped up my feet good and got gashes all over my legs I don’t even know how got there, but the wounds are healing real slow and gonna change my diet, take vitamins and shit and build back my immunity. Perhaps the vaccine also had something in there to weaken it, in hopes that I would fund the hungry pharmaceutical monster, bastards. Will also meditate on it, as I recently read about the power of the mind. Will definitely try some aloe vera as well. Nice chattin bud!