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Slovak to English Translation Project

November 25, 2009


This Job is Completed and No Longer Active




please find attached the job confirmation. And I decided to pay you per word for the proofreading. I think that's fair especcially as you said there are a lot of mistakes in it.


I talked with the customer and he said, it would be great if the translation is ready until tomorrow. But I reckon if you can't handle it only until Saturday it will be ok too.


Thank you very much for your effort.


just take a look at it and you will see it is full of Slovakian words. Okay, I will do it for 0.02 and try to polish up the English as well, but for that price I won't be able to invest too much time into it. But I will at least make sure the meaning is good. How about the deadline? Polishing up the other half will take additional time I did not count on. I will work all tonight and tomorrow on this and will try to get it done well and on time.


Hallo Karel, now I'm really shocked about your statment of the quality of the translation. So please proof the part already done. Can we agree a price of 0,02 per word for the proofreading? I will take care of this additional job in the job confirmation.


what price can we agree on? He left a bunch of words in Slovakian, and I may have to double check against the original occasionally, because it seems parts are not translated entirely correctly. This means that the other translator did not do a full job and should be subject to a deduction. Do you want me to polish up the English (it is not very good flowing, native sounding English) as well? Perhaps I could do a basic polish job so that it sounds closer to mine. I will have a better idea how long it will take me once I finish my half and build up a good understanding and terminology etc. Looking at the first half I do not think your customer would want to pay for it, in which case it could jeopardise payment for my half. It is going rather slow for me so I am approaching some of my Slovakian translators to commission their help. Furthermore, I'm not an electrician and not sure if I will have the best technical choices for terminology. Although it is basic enough and I understand it. Overall I am good at technical things, but I am simply not a professional electrician etc. How firm is the deadline? With fixing up his portion the deadline will be pressing and it could compromise the final quality a little. To go through his I think it could suffice to charge 0.02 to 0.03 Euro/word, depending on how much you want to polish up the English. I'll have a better idea once I finish my half.


Good morning Karel, yes please, review the first half and proof it. The translator who made this translation is not very good in understanding Slovak. The translator told me this and so we stopped the translation. Many thanks and regards


checking out the translation of the first half and stumbled on: Upchavky rotors are labyrinths and are joined to automatic regulated upchavkovej steam. So it looks like it wasn't completely translated, and it is obviously not a native English speaker. If you like I can proofread the first half as well to bring it up to par and unify the entire document.


sorry that was my mistake. Of course the translation has to be into English. Please find also attached the file for the translation. The first 9 pages are already translated, so you would have to start from page 10. And the price of 0,06 per word is also ok. Please let me know asap if you can do the translation.


Your ad stated into English and not German. Is that what > you meant? I only translate into English. Your price is low and 0.06 Euro/w would be better. I would also need to look at the text to see if I could handle it.


Translation of a technical Documentation from Slovak to English (slk eng) Dear Karel, the conditions would be as follow: Describition: translation of a technical document from Slovak to German Amount: 2.246 words Price: EUR 115,- Delivery date: 16-10-2009, appr. 3:00 pm If this is ok for you please let me know. Then I will send you all documents


sorry, just got your email now, but I'll be online for several hours now. What were the terms and conditions? I am working on a translation for the EU due tomorrow, so I could start then


thank you very much for your application and the shown interest working with us. Are you still interested to do the translation for us? Do the stated terms and conditions suit you? If yes I will prepare a job confirmation and send you the file for translating.


 attached you will find my CV. Czech and Slovak are quite similar and I have been translating from Slovak for some time. If you require, to this I have also recently added French to English, since I studied French for 12 years in Canada, one year of which was at the university level by a native French teacher


Slovak to English Title: Translation of a technical Documentation from Slovak to English Delivery deadline: 2009-10-16 12:00:00 Quoting deadline: 2009-10-14 10:00:00 Subject field: Engineering (general) Specific field: Engineering (general) Native language: English




I've just taken on a Slovak to English translation that may be a bit more than I can chew and I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me with it. Please tell me your hourly rate if so. It concerns some horrible electro motor turbine subject (see attached file for preview). Also, do you know of any good online dictionaries that could be useful for this subject? My offline one seems lacking in a lot of the words.




Thank you for your message. I am not taking on any more job this week; however, please keep me on your list for the future. My CV is attached for your information.




There is not such an online dictionary on the web. All Slovak online dictionaries are of a general type. I would recommend you to download Millennium 7, which is the biggest dictionary ever made in the region of Czechoslovakia: 




Thank you. Don't worry. The problem is that you need to find the Slovak verb in its infinitive form - stacok is a plural word derived from stacka; it is the word that refers to rotating. So one 'stacka' is one rotation of a device. You also need find the first case of Slovak nouns. As I said, the online dictionary you sent me a link to is of a general purpose and the word 'stacka' is not in it. If you want me to cooperate, give me the job by sending me words that confuse you. I think I will not have time to translate a couple of pages unless the term is free (some days for it, not immediately). I recently finished a translation for one company and, as you know, meeting the terms is always like going to gallows. This particular point in translation business is what I hate. I can work on the file you sent me (consultation), but you must ask me to do it.




my name is Vladimir and I am a teacher of English at secondary school. Professionally I am mechanical engineer, but as a teacher have been working for 4 years. Maybe I can look at it. Could you send me attached file for translation? there are plenty of both online and offline dictionaries for any topic and any browser can help you find them. For technical translations, I charge a rate based on the word count, so if you are interested in co-operation, please let me know how big the project is and the deadline.




thank you for your email. Unfortunately, I am quite busy now and I will not be available until next Wednesday. But you can find more information about me and my rates at my website. Please let me also know if you use a CAT software for your translations, such as SDLX or others.




I've given up my search. If you can find something for me I can pay you for your time. I already have an offline Slovak to English dictionary, but it lacks the more technical words. For Czech I use, but there doesn't seem to be anything equivalent for Slovakian. I need a good online dictionary which will give me the English equivalent when I type in the Slovakian technical word. An explanation of the word in the same language does not help me. Concerning the consultation, charging by the word does not make sense. If I sent you a list of technical words to translate into English I think it would not be financially interesting for you if you charged by the word. Other times I might not understand the formulation of a sentence and need help explaining it. It seems to me that charging by the hour would be better. I anticipate that you would not need to spend more than an hour on it and I would need the help tonight, or tomorrow, possibly Saturday.




Probably I could do it. I found no untranslatable words in your sample. My price is 0,04 EUR per word of source text, paid within 14 days via bank transfer or cash, on the basis of my invoice. In any case, I should see the whole text before I undertake to do it. Delivery term should be negotiated, too. I am not aware of any special online dictionaries in this context.




Thank you for contacting me. I would love to help you out. My rates are 15 cents per word. Let me know if you're OK with that. You can also call me at 848




technical documentation is not exactly my specialization and I am busy at the time, but if you will need help, I think it's possible. The hourly rate (or the rate per page is 200 CZK. How many pages are we talking about? For translations try the online - works only from Czech, but the words will be similar, and the translations are good ones, usually the correct translation is amongst the suggested words. And works much better for scientific and technical terms compared to Linguea. Thanks, have a nice day, Jan.




I do not have much time available today, so I just skimmed the two documents. The existing translation will need some adjustment, but it is relativelly sound. I have no idea how long it would take to do, perhaps two to three hours, and I would probably charge by the hour, in half hour increments - 45 dollars would be about 35 euros? For the rest, I would probably charge a little over 16 cents per word because of the formatting and the need to check terminology, say 13 euro cents? I could deliver by Wednesday morning European time - I would send it by Tuesday evening my time. What guarantee do I have that you would pay me, since I do not have any experience with you, knowing you only barely? If my terms would be acceptable to you, how soon would you pay, in what currency, and by what method? (Could you pay by electronic bank transfer to an account in the Czech Republic?)




Ok, I'll be looking forward to that. And may I turn to you in case I need a native English proofreader in the future?




sorry for the late reply -i only got back to town (and my computer) late last night... if still relevant: i need to know how many pages it is you need to have translated (?a manual of some sort?)and what is the deadline due to my being away i'll be quite busy in the next few weeks but if it's just something short i'd consider it my general fees are $0.15CAD/ word, in case of technical or legal text the charge is $0.18/word as to the online dictionary - i don't use these very often as i find them rather confusing so especially technical stuff (mechanical, electrical engineering) i stick with the regular dictionary as the terms don't really change that much




Seems like a normal Technical text. Seems alright. How many pages is it? When it comes to technical phrases, I have actually used mainly my brother's books as he was studying engineering (Dictionaries directly from the university). Ill try and ask him if there is anything commercially sold. How much is your regular rate per hour offered in such cases? I am flexible. One silly question though. I see your mail in Czech so I presume there could be so many available translators out there J You ended up In Thailand here J Let me know and thanks for contacting me.. glad to help




I was just approaching everyone in my database and not studying where people are located. So you are in Thailand? Time to go to sleep soon? Maybe I could send you my questions my time tonight so that you could get them answered during your day and I'll have them ready by the time I start tomorrow. What time do you get up in the morning? I need to deliver this 3pm GMT time on Friday, but I can get an extension if need be.

Would 10 Euro an hour be okay?




Okay.. sounds good... the time difference gives me a chance to work on it easy... Please feel free to send me the document and even if this is a bit fast, 10EUR per hour will be fine... Send me the info you need... no worries


I truly apologise as it seems that I got the reply very late as I fell sick and was away from www for a while. In case its still on please let me know... anytime.



I would be able to take up this translation or terminology research, as necessary. I use this online dictionary but it is not perfect at all, sometimes it is worth to translate Slovak into Czech and use Czech technical dictionaries to get an English term. Also, one of the reasons why you encountered problems with this translation is that some words used in the text (at least in the bit I had a chance to look at) are not codified Slovak words, so they cannot be looked up in a dictionary (for example, „cidlo“ should be senzor or snimac in proper Slovak).




it was going too slow for me so I assigned it to another translator, but she is not responding. Would you like to translate it yourself? What would be your charge per word in Euro? It's 2,244 words to be translated, I translated about two pages, which needs to be checked but you can keep your full rate for that, then about the same amount of words translated by a previous translator which needs to be checked. Doesn't need to be perfect English but rather good terminology, and proper meaning. Maybe just skim through if it looks reliable. But some Slovakian words were not translated. What would you charge for that proofread? You can download all the documents from


If you can take it, when do you think you could deliver it by?

Please do not start until you receive confirmation from me.


Thank you,




because he could not OCR it the customer labouriously counted all the source words at 2,240, and would like it by tomorrow Friday 3pm, although he could extend it until Saturday - possibly later. I did about two pages but am not very confident, so I can give those pages for you to check and give you your full price. Then there is the first half of the document that another translator abandoned and needs to be checked.

You can check out the original at

and I am attaching what I've translated so far. I've done the end part past the <<< character string, and the other translator did before that. What would you charge to double check the first part?




please find attached the first page of my translation (highlighted in yellow). I am sorry for the delay, but I spent a long time trying to OCR and align the text.


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