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A Little Text Design Turns the Screen Colour to Yellow in Safari


you know what, div tags are actually not that complicated! I also had to learn it (one of the style sheets I boosted was using it), at first you’re all like, “what?” but when you see it in action it totally makes sense. the cool thing is you can run one div off another, except maybe change the colours or whatever, so once you have the design set the way you want adding stuff and making wholesale cosmetic changes are actually quite easier.

One edit to the style sheet and all your pages magically switch to new style! no tinkering per page involved. Lovely.

i bet you will learn it much faster that I did even, I also strongly suggest switching.

yah, I kinda thought it would be easy enough and glad once I learn it. It’s just that initial psychological and lazy barrier I gotta get over, but it will eventually happen. Already seen plenty of css comments concerning it, and read a bit of the Help in my webpage designer, about hovering it and making layers and so on. So will look forward to the day when I overcome this barrier, heh heh


okay, would appreciate if you could give me your opinion:

My standard super soft login is

Couldn’t stare at the horrible design any more so I spent some time beautifying it and now I’m back to workin on bugs etc.

Do you see the Company Name dropdown menu properly? I designed it in frames so it wouldn’t have to download the long list every time and so it would work faster.

I still have to write the script to calculate the Fairness and Pleasantness etc. column, but those will be incorporated out of a text box like I was talking about and like the comments section at the bottom.

Lookin forward to your keen design eye feedback!


first thing I am going to say right now is I don’t like the font of the words that are sideways “Payment Duration” “Fairness” blah blah. Just make it Arial Narrow or something. It looks cartoony.

Thanks for the tips. Yah, played around with that for a while and wasn’t entirely satisfied, but just gave up. Will try to get back to that later. Pretty sure I used Arial but Narrow might be the solution.

the drop down menu works good for me, super huge long list of names.

the little windows that pop up with I hold the cursor over Fairness, Pleasantness, etc (with the green background) are screaming yellow (why screaming yellow, WHY!!) if you must have that OK, I’d suggest not screaming yellow, but the text is a bit outside the box, especially for Pleasantness “How pleasant they are to deal with in general”

general falls on the next line and is not inside the yellow box. This is both for Safari and Firefox. Small thing but could be confusing for people, this word just hanging out against the green background. Same for “best” when I hold the cursor over AVG rating.

same for me and one of the bugs on my list to fix. Plan to incorporate what I accomplished at

when you hold your mouse above the little yellow balls. Smoother yellow. Bit of work with the rounded corners.

Oh, boxes come up for the other headings (which are showing as a different colour of blue, not sure if you meant to do that) “Category” “Website” “Email”, these boxes are much better sized for the explanation words.

Otherwise its OK, the content in the window moves when I make the window bigger or smaller, doesn’t cut off like some websites do and drive me crazy, this is both in Safari and Firefox (Mac) so that’s good.

what is the big white box to the left of the list of categories “Fairness” “Pleasantness” “AVG rating” etc. for? It has no heading.

Oh, you mean to the right? That is moderator comments. Hope to give it a heading at some point. Was focusing on making it look acceptable and functional. Still got a bit of work with that, then a lot of fine tuning, and promotion. Will try to get other industries to use it other than just translating. The more traffic the better! k


heydo, can ya do me a favour and tell me how

looks in your safari browser? Is it at least functional? Think I’m gonna use this as my new pretty standard.

in Safari it looks like the little folder/flap thingy, at the top behind the words “Contact Form” is not attached. There is a white block between the folder/tab thing and the rest of the grey rectangle. In Firefox (Mac) it looks like all one graphic.

In Safari the white block behind is making the white words “Contact Form” partly invisible, so I would either looks the tabby thing at the top and just make it all one rectangle or change the colour of “Contact Form” to black.

same for me and I would have removed the flap if eventually using. What I liked the most was the rounded corners, but I guess since it is using images there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work in any browsers. Will be neat to implement one day.


I dunno dude, think I might like the old site better. I can help you with redesigning if you like, but personally the new site seems like a skeleton. And not really fancy for any work you may have put into it. With easy colouring I don’t understand why webpages have to look like a piece of paper. I understand paper: you bleach pulp with poison to make it clean, then you take ink and smear it on. Obviously much less expensive than dying paper black and using white ink. But on a computer screen, with glare and radiation burning your retina, there is no need to mimick paper, except of course because people let themselves get brainwashed all the time. Anyway, I like the older page because it feels warmer. More of that warm burgundy colour filling the screen, with rich fat letters to read. I already have my Chrome set at font 20 as default. Don’t understand why a majority of websites think its cool to have teeny weeny text. Maybe I should strap my binoculars to my forehead. Totally uncomfortable reading and unnecessary. Anyway, I really do not see any improvement. It looks a LITTLE bit more professional, but you could have kept your old page and just tweaked it a bit to accomplish the same professional notch up. Not a total revamp. How much time did you spend on this? It looks like simple wire-framed tables with text thrown in. And by the way, concerning your old site, why is the google ad strip practically in the middle of the screen? I consider my screen the smallest, and I always design for that. Either you can use a fixed width, or some percent. But with percent there may be a lot of testing on bigger screens, which I don’t have. I personally like big fat text and small margins on the side. If its a bigger screen the margins will be the same but the middle reading part will look the same. I then fill up the margins with some nice pictures or something. So I would vote to bring back some of that old warmth. Go ahead and ask your clientelle for a vote. There the ones who should be deciding. I can help you with CSS if you like. That can do some real fancy stuff. What you did looks like a revamp but remaining in old style table format. Hope I helped ya!

Now, . . . this is not what I wanted you to say!! haha. if its colour yer wantin’, I can sure add that. I think I am more about the neater design, the menu along the top and bottom. No? the block in the centre with the content, I can fancy that all up in a myriad of ways, just wondering about the layout before I go making the rest of the site pages! Once they are done, the format, I will worry about prettying them up. I don’t like the menu running down the left side anymore, and I sure don’t like the green. So, keep menus along top and bottom and I will dig out a nicer shade of complimentary colour to the red, rather than the white, will that be better? I spent, I guess a day and a half, but in between that I was doing other stuff so I guess it was most of one day. Yeah, several hours. hmmm. re: the width, I am using percent now, which apparently you are supposed to do. I didn’t know much about style sheets, and tables actually, when I did the old site almost two years ago. I messed up something which is entrenched in each page and would be a real mess to unwind. This new site is properly done, plus there is a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff I’m not using that I can pull out later to make it extra fancy.

and speakin of the links at the top and bottom… boooorrrriiinnnng. You can look up CSS navigation or menues, or learn how to create drop downs, or picture backgrounds or something. Something animated and exciting. How about a slow moving flash somewhere? Bring the page to life and coloured it up a bit, that’s what I would suggest. k

aw man you’re making me wooooooooork!

I’m not going to work on it today, you’ve given me a lot to think about. I will let my little brain consider it all then look at both sites tomorrow to see what I am going to do.

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