A Simple Explanation How We Are All Getting Screwed by the 1%


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  1. kenax says:

    To a question of whether I planned to create a separate domain for this type of content, I responded:

    Not enough content to create a separate domain, but for this subject I did once consider creating a domain for it. Something that can be easily remembered and passed on by word of mouth, and which very concisely explains what is happening, starting carefully and simple, leading them by the hand, initially trying hard to stay away from anything which remotely whiffs of conspiracy. The people who wholeheartedly believe the mainstream media are quick to shun away from anything that smells of conspiracy, because the mainstream has purposefully ridiculed such people. I’ve read several articles on how to manipulate the masses by identity. You bombard them with pictures during their upbringing, and they identify themselves with their surroundings. Proud to be an American and all that. They beef it up so much you can get your arse seriously kicked in some parts of America if you say anything against the system. People feel provoked when something close to their identity is challenged, and I believe this indoctrination is by design. Always pointing to “those people over there who look and act differently” with distrust and as potential enemies. Simple part of divide and conquer. Anyway, came to the conclusion that probably not worthwhile to make such a site. Asked a bunch of people and received very little resonance. I think that most of humanity simply does not want to deal with these matters, much of it is probably intellectually lacking to even understand the web that they weave and how they work, and would rather just settle to some feeling of safety and spend time with their families in the evening. The people who ask questions and have a sort of starvation for the truth are most often already looking into it.

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