If You Care Enough People Can Have a Good Time


From the Private Memoirs of Bimbus.


 Hey, if you’re looking for Bimbus Programmer, just email me at [email protected].

Great, gald you are happy. Is that program NEVER be compatible???? Is that you hoped for 1,500?? anyway, good progress, .

If I can make it compatible then I could probably charge between 1500 and 2500 for the software and would probably get a lot of people interested. Perhaps my programmer will still succeed, but losing faith. In any case I’m glad that I will get at least 300 and that the 150 came now when I’m practically out of cash.

You said you will have lost of work. Did you mean lots of work.?

I guess lots.

Will Roger not take you back? What did he say anyway? just curious. If you go chasing girls with that brute it make not much sense to me.

As I expected Roger does not want to jeopardise his operations and that brute is a whining baby and just does not want me there. I don’t really want to be there no either. Roger invited me out for dinner and he was there. Didn’t really want to talk to him but boys are boys and its better to just be civil and ignore the unpleasantness.

Are you alone in that pension?

The woman who owns the house lives downstairs and I basically have the upstairs to myself.

is that the people who had to go toEnglandand you housesit?

The woman is still working on going to England but I think she found someone else to housesit for you. In any case I should be able to afford this pension for a couple of months, and then I’ll be at my friend’s in the east part of Bulgaria.

Oh, by the way, I’m excited to have arranged a contract for internet on my mobile, so it’s cheap and I can be online all the time. 18 Euro a month for 5 gigs of transfer. Should be enough. Now I can look forward to driving up the Black Sea coast in the summer and checking out Bulgaria, which is supposed to have many beautiful parts. And it is very cheap here, so I think it will be a fun year.

Keep having good time, good luck and lots of work. It started to rain here, Vlad is working on the yard like crazy, now pressurewashing the rocks, could use you here. I am not at all interested in this future garden since it is not going to be mine and I worked so hard on so many already, even projects I used to like,. But I left my heart at West Point Place garden and can not get enthusiastic about any now. But as far as the house is concerned it is really beautiful, I do not have enough furniture and decorarions, Vlad will not allow anything remotly “peasant” or “cute”. It is all packed in so many boxes downstairs. I need a country house. Well, keep on dreaming Vlasta. But with Christmas approaching I am ready to mess up Vlads design here and pull out all my junk, as K called it once “your insane amount of Christmas decoration” ha ha ha. As far as K is concerned she has a selected memory and twists it the way that she always come out as the injured one. She does not care about anybody else anyway. Last week when Vlad had brithday she did not even call him. And she said “he does not care anyway” Well I know that he is the one who care more than anybody else I know. It is fine for him to give here presents. Anyway I do not know what is she talking about that I made here scrub my floors and baseboards. The ONLY time she ever helped me was when I was moving from West Point Place (and that was a huge move) and she came and help to prepare it for new owner,. She did excellent job but she charged me for it hugely. I wanted to give her something anyway but this was a typed invoice for hundreds of dollars. But when she runned out of money and called, in tears, that Hydro is going to switch off the power that evening and her computer will not work …… and the bill for unpaid service was 800, I paid that within half an hour, got thank you telephone call and never even mention “hey mom you paid that stuff, there is something back. or can I help you with something………. ?Vlad does not know about this. Nobody does except Ciki when I was once very upset. Ciki could not believe what I was telling her. I normally am quiet about that because I do not want people to know and hold it against her. Enough what people see. Ach jo. And this is for your eyes only!.

Yah, I guess she can be selfish and self concerned. Its one thing that rather massively annoyed me while she was staying with me in Cyprus. She would chew me out that I was supposed to come back to the island earlier so I could make things more comfortable for her, etc. etc. etc. It just seems fairly obvious that she’s self concerned, and I can see how she would twist things in her head. We’d have discussions about things and her perspective seemed quite perverted and twisted often. In any case I’m glad I have a good relationship with her now.

What is the weather? Can not believe you wanted to escape Praha’s winter and now you are in the mountains. Do you have enough warm stuff?

Didn’t plan it myself, but simply didn’t have enough gas money to make it to Sicily or somewhere warm. Where it would probably be more expensive to live, even though I wouldn’t be paying for this pension. And my battery seems to be dying. So, now that I’m here, I think it will be cool to spend a winter in fluffy snow, as long as I’m toasty warm. Better than staying in stinky Prague. I was really growing sick of that place, although its nice to be there once in a while and party with my friends. But after a while I start to get tired of that. Happier to be more productive and kinder on my body (I simply drink too much in Prague).

and I want your telephone so I can call. I have now about 6 numbers and do not know what to use. And do you have postal address? Good luck with your machines, with your work and with your life.,

Yes, now that I got a new sim card for internet data, I cannot receive or make phone calls anymore – only text message and internet. Which rather defeats the purpose of buying a fancy phone.

In any case, if you really want to call me, I can put my older sim card in my other phone and keep that on me. Will have to dig it out of the truck and charge it up.

Nice to be able to respond right away! Toodloo


look at the stuff I’m starting to download. Too bad we couldn’t pretend practice on the Turkish beach eh? Wondering if I can learn such stuff from a video. Generally interested in it. http://avaxhome.ws/video/systema_hand_to_hand.html

karel – got an additional email sense.  will respond on that one later.  very interesting.  i hope you never challenge someone who has these skills!!  generally people that can do this are quite passive and only if your being a total ass do you get it.  obviously the brit did not have these skills.  i believe your getting older and there is a time to get aggressive and there is a time to be a diplomat.  i learned my lesson to drunk in mala strana, first time i didn’t come out on the right side of the stick.  playing around on the beach in cyprus is different from being in a situation where its time to fuck somebody up.  take care and go easy.  cau jim

cau dude, yah, I realise a lot of that. Think I’ve been quite diplomatic most of my life, but lately I’ve grown tired of idiots. My primary reason for wanting to learn martial arts is because I enjoy it. Reminds me of gymnastics and I like the sense of body and balance. But it can also come in handy. Not that I am looking for trouble, but sometimes trouble comes, and sometimes people need a hard lesson, so I’d rather have the skills. Or I might need to help a girl from being raped by a gang or something. Otherwise I can usually size up a situation well and know if I should step back, or sometimes I need to step forward and defend someone. Anyway, I enjoy the martial arts thing.

For you, I noticed in Cyprus that whenever you had your fourth beer of the evening you started to get very cynical and negative, and the more you drank the more aggressive you got. I don’t find I have that problem and you might consider reflecting on it as a potential problem. Alcohol is a poison and I find it increases aggression. The next day after drinking a lot I often find I am full of anger. Maybe one of the reasons I like to smoke dope, which tends to pacify instead. Dope smokers in general are much more passive, and I believe tend to think more against the establishment and for themselves, where active drinkers just want to forget about whatever problems they have.

But the beach invitation was a follow up on your initial one, and primarily that I cant imagine learning from a video alone.

Anyway, have a good one.


Bulgaria sounds like a good haven for you. Slowly, you are establishing a lifestyle that fits your wandering ways. Never boring, always something…keep the faith

I studied Jung extensively in grad school. He reaffirmed the power of dreams, symbols and altered states to explore the wilderness within. That is why I use the exploration of personal symbols in the therapy I do. Besides it feels good to do this creatively, often way more powerful than words. My clients say they get a lot out of this method.

Lily and lex gone now to Cali. She has a short term job until dec in a brewery, bought a truck and she and jeff are renting a house in sonoma that needs a lot of landscaping. He will be in peru and Costa Rica until mid january. She joins him in Costa Rica for a month (her 30th birthday) and Brigid and I will go down there Jan 9-24th. Plenty new horizons for all of us in 2010 I think.

Prague is cold, grey and my time here will only last another year I think. Glad you wrote and I will pass on the news to miss lily. She is happy, creating a new life, but still is not and may never be a communicator…..Oh well

hey Belle,

it was interesting reading Jung and about what fine nuances he must have been arguing about with Freud. Must admit that its a new area for me but recently I’ve been getting more into psychology, I guess primarily because I was annoyed how some people seemed to perceive me as a dumdum or something like that. But your healing thing sounds cool, although I can’t really imagine it so well. Psychology and mind stuff is an entire area I never took seriously and it certainly makes for interesting reading.

I hear you on getting a bit old with Prague weather. And I guess with  Lili gone there’s that much less holding you there. I like the place during the summer and for about two months at a time, otherwise I definitely appreciate changes in my life now and looks like we’re all livin the interesting, which is cool.

Take care, say hi to the folks and pocket some ball for me! C

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