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    The main purpose of this page is to score high in the keyword search "translations for charity" to help us hook up to charity organisations in need of translation services, so the text may run on a bit. But while creating such a webpage we could also explain some of our charity plans and what charitable deeds we have accomplished so far.

    Why translations for charity? Well, why preoccupy yourself with charity at all? That is a core question and only which an individual themselves can answer. For me I'd say it's because I want to please God, because of the compassion I believe he has blessed me with, and because it gives me joy and a sense of purpose. If you are a charity organization and require help with translations, you can contact us and we'll see what we can work out. I would need to research what you do to see if it warrants as a charity cause. If so then I could approach my translators to see who would like to offer a charity discount for your cause, and if so, either I would hook you up directly with the translator or manage your projects free of charge or at a significantly reduced markup.
    This is one easy way how we could provide translations for charity, but a more interesting way would be to set aside a certain percentage of profits and dedicate them to charity. Of course, reading about the world and all that is going on, I realise that the number of cases requiring charity can be endless. I suppose I could dedicate the entire profits to one particular cause, but I prefer to spread it around - a hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there… Eventually I'd like to post all the organisations we have contributed to-'we' as in the translators, project managers and all others who have participated in this company and towards the generation of its profits. Eventually, once profits get high enough, I'd like to create my own charity project. I find that a lot of charity organizations can have a lot of fat, be bureaucratic, its employees sometimes rather well paid, with the final funds and resources trickling down to the end recipient a rather small share of a large pie. I enjoy making my company efficient and productive (which is why my translation rates are very competitive), and if I'm going to dedicate a large portion of my profits to charity, I want the biggest bang for my buck in that department as well.
    So far the only projects I've started are my free counseling pages, which do not require an investment of profits but an investment of time (although time can often be equated with cash anyway). You might find more information on my Christ for charity pages. I would like to become active in many other areas, but translations for charity can also serve a useful purpose.
    Another useful venue to offer my skills could be search engine optimization for charity. So far I've spent more than a year learning about this interesting field and you can find my latest accomplishments through this link to the left. With a little work I can help charity organizations make their services more visible on the internet and thus help them find more donors.
    Not only does providing such help interest me, but it can bring financial rewards as well: by leading to potential translation business clients through word of mouth of those I am helping; and by linking back to my pages from the webpages of the charity organizations we help.

    Well, 595 words so far. I suppose to help this page climb up further in the keyword search translations for charity I should ramble a bit further on the subject. And what better way to ramble on about it than to philosophise on the concept on why provide translations for charity in the first place, or why charity at all.
    This is a heavy question which one needs to explore themselves, and which would vary depending on each person. For myself, I feel that my convictions (which I believe God planted in me) have always been so strong in me, as has his acts in my life, that I've basically been railroaded into this frame of mind. I have drifted from him in the past and know how empty and meaningless my life can be if I feel separated from him and am not 'basking in his Spirit', so to speak. Not to mention that he outright disciplines me, so if I stray too far off course, not only will I lack his Spirit and feel empty, but I might be subjected to some calamity and feel additional negative effects I simply cannot ignore. To many this may make God appear as cruel and vindictive, but not from any believing person's perspective, who rather understands or learns that God is like a loving father who needs to discipline us once in a while to keep is in line—for our own good. For this you would have to read some of my sermons and articles on my Christ pages. For we cannot let ourselves stray too far from the important subject of translations for charity, lest we dilute the keywords of this page away from such important words as translation, translating, and of course charity. Or might we mention charitable translations?
    From a translator's perspective, why might they provide translations at a charity rate? Well, I've translated for almost a decade before I started receiving enough large translation projects to force me to manage only, but while translating, many times I would have plenty of time to focus on charity. Translators are mostly freelancers who survive from project to translation project, so charity translations, even though they might pay less than their usual rate, could certainly prove welcome and as supplementary income between translations for their regular clients. In this way the translator can feel good about themselves because they are translating for a worthwhile cause, and supplement their income during those times when they are not working anyway.

    Well, I suppose I've rambled enough about translations for charity. More than 1000 words was enough of a stretch of my imagination on the subject. Hopefully you enjoyed my blabbing and below I've provided some translations for charity links which will hopefully prove useful for charity organisations, or at least in helping lift this page higher on the search engines.

    This is the children's home shelter in Kenya charity we like to focus on at the moment. A registered Canadian charity which gives 100% of contributions to the children, and who we know through a personal friend of ours.

    [ translations for charity links - include "free translations", link to Resources and online dictionaries etc.

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