Follow this link to view or add to the database of records posted by translators concerning the payment reputation and practices of various translation agencies.
It is unfortunate when you work hard on a translation and your customer does not pay for what your work deserves. In this developing world of globalisation, an increasing number of professions are performed on a freelance basis. But this means that your customer can be located in another country, or on the other side of the globe, making it difficult to extract your wages by legal means. We also have found ourselves in this unfortunate predicament, for which reason we have teamed up with our good friend Joe Bloe, himself a freelancer and who has agreed to moderate the forum, where translators and freelancers from other professions can post their comments concerning the payment reputation of their remote clients. In this way we hope to promote justice in this growing means of livelihood.

Our good friend Joe Bloe

We also plan to create a similar forum concerning general products and services, where consumers can post their comments and knowledge of the general practices of global companies, be it their respect or lack of towards the environment in other countries where they set up the factories to manufacture these goods, their attitude towards their own employees, or their ill treatment towards the labour they hire in third world countries.
In this new global environment, we cannot wait idly for governments, who are often heavily influenced by the large corporations, to act responsibly and on our behalf, but we must take the bull by the horns, and by such means as these forums, police the behaviour of globally operating companies.

Concerning the payment reputation and practices of translation agencies, following is a list of other services available on the internet. If you are aware of any others, please feel free to inform us so that we can add them to this list.

  • ProZ - their "BlueBoard", but you must pay to view it (you can check out our outstanding reputation with our translators through translators reference, as copied from ProZ).
  • Payment Practices - The oldest and most extensive dataset related to the payment practices of translation agencies and other consumers of translation services.
  • Translator's Cafe - Check out their Hall of Fame and Shame.
  • PP Dist - a Yahoo Groups site. Their database is a bit cumbersome to search through, but they are in the process of setting up a better one.
  • World Payment Practices Free - Free service with about 1000 records, started in 2002.
  • Blacklisted Translation Agencies - Free Service by
  • Translation Payment Reputation - our own site, free to join and add the muscle against the bad apples!
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For search purposes, other ways such companies can be referred to is nonpayment, non-payment, nonpayer or nonpayers.
Our database shows comments made by translators regarding the payment practices and reputation of both ethical and non-ethical translation companies.

We have also formed the Brotherhood of Translators, where translators can band together and act to form a powerful alliance against the non-payers.

Below you will find a list of the agencies assessed in our database forum.

Work from home for translation companies with a good payment reputation.

Work from Home for Translation Companies with a Good Payment Reputation


Agencies and Companies Commented On

(Just) Words Apart, Cardiff, UK
1st Circuit Group, REDDITCH, UK
1st Transnational, London, UK
24translate, Hamburg, Germany
3i Interpreting Inc, Vista, CA, USA
3wCommunication SARL, Marseille, France
4T, levallois Perret, France
A Plus Translation Company, Vancouver, Canada
A&G translations, Edinburgh, UK
A.R.T. International, Paris, France
AA Global Language Services Ltd., Worcester, UK
A-A Language Services, Norcross, Georgia, USA
Aabam traducciones, Madrid, Spain
Aabam, Madrid, Spain
aatranslations, Madrid, Spain
Abalis Traduction, Orleans, France
Abalis, Orleans, France
Abbaye Tradweb, Paris, France
ABC Interpreting, Livingston, New Jersey, USA
ABC Language Schools, West Palm Beach, FL, USA
ABC Translations, Portslade, E Sussex, UK, Dublin, Ireland
Able Translations Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada
Able Translations Ltd., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Absolute Translations, London, UK
abz online, Granada, Spain
Academy Translations, Kyneton, VIC, Australia
Acasa Translation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
ACB Medical Translations, Unknown, Netherlands
Accents Ireland Ltd, Dublin, Ireland
Accents Language Services Inc, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Access Ride Transportation & Translation Services, Anaheim, CA, USA
Access Traductions, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
Acclaro Inc., Irvington, New York, USA
ACC-Song International, Portland, OR, US
Accurapid, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
ACERI Assistance, Nanterre, France
ACT&T Eurobrevet, Paris, France
Action Translation Bureau, East Hanover, NJ, USA
Action Translation Services, Coral Gables, FL, USA
ActivAction, Marne la Vallee, France
Active Languages Ltd, Clitheroe, UK
Ad Litteram, Brussels, Belgium
Adams Globalization, Austin, Texas, USA
Adapt Global Inc., Clinton, MA, USA
ADAPT Localization, Bonn, Germany
Added Cash Flow, Los Gatos, CA, USA
Adelink, Le Bourget du Lac, France
Admark Translations, Randers, Denmark
ADT, Paris, France
Advance Language Studios (ALS), Chicago, IL, US
Advance Translations, Madrid, Spain
Advanced Language Solutions & Associates, Rockford, IL, USA
Advanced Language Translations, Rochester, NY, USA
Advanced Translation & Communication, Bethesda, MD, USA
Adverbage Ltd. New Ross, Ireland
Aeros AS, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
Affordable Translations, New York, New York, USA
Agency Walker Service (AWS), Paris, France
Agentur HR, Saarbrucken, Germany
Aget Limited, London, UK
Agius Language Services, Manchester, UK
AGLAIA s.n.c., Sondrio, Italy
Agnew Tech-II, Westlake Village, California, USA
Ahora Translations LLP, Houston, TX, USA
AIM Translations Inc., Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA
Airport Process, Inc., d/b/a 1-800-SERVE-EM, Palm Beach, FL, USA
Akura, Milan, Italy
ALanguagebank Inc, New York, NY, USA
Alaya Translations, Tokyo, Japan
Albisa S.L., Madrid, Spain
ALC Inc., Rockville, Md., USA
Alcatrad Global Services (AGS), Neuilly, France
Aldus Communications, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Alexey Belyaev, Volgogda, Russia
Alis Technologies Inc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
All Language Alliance Inc., Highlands Ranch CO, USA
All Languages by Mentani Inc., Tampa, FL, USA
All Languages Ltd, London, UK
All Languages Specialists, Tampa, FL, USA
All Linguex Translatons, Toronto, Canada
All Slavic Translations, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
All Tasks, Sao Paulo, Brazil
All Translations Company, Haren, The Netherlands
All World Translations, Torrance, CA, USA, Powell River, B.C., Canada
Allround Service, Munchen, Deutschland
AllText, Paris/Grigny, France
Almi International, San Isidro, Lima, Peru
Alpha CRC Ltd., Cambridge, UK
Alpha Traductions, Besancon, France
Alpha Translation Services Inc., Melbourne, FL, USA
Alpha Translations, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
Alphabet Street Translation and Typesetting Ltd, London, UK
Alphabet Translations, Muenster, Germany
AlphaPlus Translations, Taunton, Somerset, England
ALS International, New York, NY, USA
Alsatelex, Mulhouse, France
Alta Lingua S.R.L., Bucharest, Romania
Alter Translation Services, Miami, Florida, USA
AM Translation Services, Innsbruck, Austria
Amadeus Translations, unknown, UK
Amaia Traduction, Annecy, France
Amanara Certified Translation, Milton Keynes, UK
Amanda Conrad Translations, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK
America Translation Services, Encinitas, CA, USA
American Evaluation and Translation Services, Inc. (AETS), Miami Beach, FL, USA
American Language Technologies,
American Translation Partners, Boston, MA, USA
Americas Linguistic Services, Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada
AmeriClic LLC, Wayne, PA, US
Ampersand, Madrid, Spain
Anaxagore, Paris, France
Andiamo! Language Services Ltd, Cirencester, UK
Ando Translations, Brno, Czech Republic
Anglia Translations, Huntingdon, UK
ANTHEA Languages, Sophia Antipolis, France
Antiope Traductions, Paris, France
Antiquariat Literary Services, Marshall, VA, USA
Antler Translation Services Inc., Sparta, NJ, USA
Anyword, Paris, France
Aobersetzungs-Service USG, Ittigen, Switzerland
Apex translations, Plymouth, NC, USA
APlus Translations Co., Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Apogee Communications, Foothill Ranch, CA, USA
Apogee Communications, Los Angeles, California, US
Apogee Communications, Temecula, California, USA
Applied Language Solutions, Huddersfield, UK
Applied Language Solutions, Sofia, Bulgaria
Appointments Bilanguage, London, UK
APT Transtelex, London, UK
Aptech Learning Services, Mumbai, India
Aquent Multilingual Communications, London, UK
Aquent Multilingual Communications, Prague, Czech Republic
Aquent, London, UK
AQUENT, Prague, Czech Republic
Aquitaine Traduction, Bordeaux, France
Arabic Graphics, Newport, Essex, UK
Aradco VSI Ltd, London, UK
Ardeche Traductions, Antraigues, France
Argos Company Ltd., Krakow, Poland
Architekst, Dentergem, Belgium
Architext S.A., Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Art International (LTA Tradweb), Paris, France
Arts and Letter Language Services, Missouri City (Houston), TX, USA
ASAP Qa localisation, unknown, France
Ascicc International Limited, London, UK
ASET International Services Corporation, Arlington, VA, USA
Ashley Barrington Associates Ltd, Essex, UK
Ashley Barrington Associates Ltd, Harold Wood, UK, Marseille, France
Asist Translations Inc., Columbus, Ohio, USA
ASK Group, Bury St Edmunds, UK
ASSERTIO Information Technology, Barcelona, Spain
Asset Language Management, Solihull, UK
AST Language Services, Nottingham, UK
ASTA-USA, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, USA
ATI Roubaix, unknown, France
Atkins International Associates Inc., Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA
Atkins International Associates Inc., Clinton, NJ, USA
Atlantic Translations Ltd, Plymouth Devon, UK
Atlantique Traduction, Nantes, France
Atlas Interpreters, San Francisco, CA, USA
Atlas Translations Limited, Cambridge, UK
Atlas Translations Ltd, London, UK
Atom e-City Ltd., PORT-DE-BOUC, France
a-translator Service Centre, Hong Kong
ATTIC Traduction & Interpretariat, Nice, France
ATTIC, Nice, France
ATTICA-ATTIMEDIA, Brussels, Belgium
ATW Fachubersetzungen, Essen, Germany
Aurolith Language Services, Woodmere, New York, USA
Avalon Language Services Inc., Richardson, TX, USA
Avanti Language Services BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
AVB Amstelveens Vertaalburo, Amstelveen, Netherlands
Avec des Mots, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
AWS, Paris, France
AZ Traductions, Paris, France
B. I. Europa Documentacion y Traduccion S.L., Valencia, Spain
Babel Media, Brighton, UK
Babel Ophoff Vertalingen bvba, Hoboken, Belgium
Bartsch Consult GbR, Koenigswinter, Germany
Bay Translation LLC, San Francisco, CA, USA
BBC Languages Ltd, Weybridge, UK
BBi (Scotland) Ltd, Glasgow, UK
BBi Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Beaver, Galmaarden, Belgium
Bedford Translations, Bedford, UK
Bender & Partner Service de Langues, Paris, France
Bendetto (aka) tRRanslations Ralph Raschen, Bremen, Germany
Bergamo Consul, Bergamo, Italy
Best Translation Services, San Francisco, CA, USA
Betranslated, Santiago, Dominican Republic
BeTranslated, Washington, DC, USA
Better Languages, Nottingham, UK
BetterComm Inc., Los Angeles, CA, USA, Bingham, UK
BG Communications International Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Bilinguagroup, London, UK
Bilingual People Ltd, London, UK
Binari Sonori S.r.l, Milan, Italy
BioMedical Translations, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Biotext, San Francisco, CA, USA
Birotech bvba, Bruges, Belgium
BLI Translations, Boston, MA, USA
Blue Danube Enterprise, Pflugerville, Texas, USA
Blue South, Wanaka, New Zealand
Bluechip, Barcelona, Spain
Bon'heure, Castricum, The Netherlands
Bowne Global Solutions, Luton, UK
Bowne Global Solutions, Madrid, Spain
Bowne Global Solutions, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Bowne Translation Services, New York, NY, USA
Brack and Associates Ltd, Derby, UK
Bridge Translations, Cheshire, UK
Bridge-Linguatec Inc., Denver, CO, USA
Brightlines Translation Ltd., Corsham, Wiltshire, UK
Browns Language Services, Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear, UK
Bull Translation, Neukeferloh/ Munich, Germany
Burg Translations, Chicago, IL, USA
Burravoe Translation Services, Ashford Kent, UK
Cabinet CABESSA, Paris, France
Cabinet Champollion, Paris, France
Cabinet Chapman, St-Michel de Fronsac, France
Cabinet Langues Vivantes, Buhl, France
Cabinet MARTINEZ, Carquefou cedex, France
cactus consulting Ltd, Elstree. U.K.
capella-mcgrath, Munich, Germany
Caractere etcaetera, Rennes, France
CBG-konsult AB, Sundbyberg, Sweden
CD Language Solutions, Houston, TX, USA
CEM Translations Ltd. Auckland, New Zealand
Center on Outcomes, Research and Education (CORE), Evanston, IL, USA
Central Translations (NI) Ltd, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Certified Languages International, Portland, Oregon, USA, Miami, FL, USA
CET Central European Translations srl, Cologne, Germany
CETRA Inc., Elkins Park, PA, USA
CG Traduction & Interpretation, Versailles, France
CILLERO & DE MOTTA, Zaragoza, Spain
Cincilingua, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Clarity Translations Ltd., Folkestone, UK
Clemente Translations, Paris, France
Clemente Translations, Paris, France
Clementis AG, Munich, Germany
Click-Translation, Rishon Lezion, Israel
CLS Communication, Basel, Switzerland
Cogen S.A., Nivelles, Belgium
Commercial Translation Centre, North Sydney, Australia
Commerciale - DAT, Paris, France
Commit International Inc., Houston, Texas, USA
Comms Multilingual LTD, Epsom Surrey, UK
Communicaid Inc., San Jose, California, USA
CommuniCare UK, London, UK
Compagnie Europeenne des Traducteurs et Interpretes, Paris, France
CompanynewsGroup, Paris, France
Compass Languages, Crompton, MD, USA
Comprehense Inc., Elmhurst, IL, USA
Comprehensive Language Center Inc., Arlington, VA, USA
Comtec Translations, Leamington Spa, England
ComtechDDS, Culemborg, Netherlands
Comunicacion Multilingue, Madrid, Spain
Concorde Group BV, Amstelveen, Netherlands
Concorde ubersetzungen GmbH, Dreieich, Germany
Consell Pannonia Ltd., Budapest, Hungary
Consultass, Milan, Italy
Consultra AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Context Fachubersetzungen, Hagen, Germany
Convera, Vienna, VA, USA
Conversa Language Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Convey Translations AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Copper Translation Services, Gansevoort, NY, USA
Corporate Translations, Mansfield Center, CT, USA
Correcta Language Services, Breestraat, Belgium
Cosmic Global Limited, Chennai, India
Cosmopolitan Translation Bureau, Chicago, IL, USA
CP Language Institute Inc., New York, NY, USA
Crimson Life Sciences, San Francisco, CA, USA
Crimson Medical Translation, San Francisco, CA, USA
Cross Cultural Communication Systems Inc., Woburn, MA, USA
CrossGap, Bologna, Italy
Crystal Hues Ltd., New Delhi, India
CSoft Ltd, Beijing, China
D&D International, Berlin, Germany
D.O.G. Dokumentation ohne Grenzen, Leonberg, Germany
DAT, Palaiseau, France
DAT, Paris, France
DataSource International, Hong Kong
Datawords, Saint-Ouen, France
DC Translations, Mimon, Czech Republic
DCU.LS, Dublin, Ireland
De Facto Translation, Copenahgen, Denmark
De Pinna Notaries, London, UK
Debat Traductors, Barcelona, Spain
Decryptos, Bruxelles, Belgium
DeJump Inc., Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
Delta International CITS, Bonn, Germany
Deltatext, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Detroit Translation Bureau, Bingham Farms, MI, USA
DGtech, Tel Aviv, Israel
Diakom, Sevres, France
Dialogue - Trad'Union, Lille, France
Dialogue SARL, Marseille, France
DigiTitles srl - Subtitling and Localization Services, ITALY
DigiTitles srl, Firenze, Italy
Dixon Associates, Gornal, Dudley, UK
DLuV GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
DokuZentrum Fritsch & Partner, Gaunting, Germany
Dora Wirth (Languages) Limited, Kensington, London, UK
Dr. Kogler ubersetzungen, Vienna, Austria
E.T. Team, Woringen, Germany
Eagle Language Service S.L., Madrid, Spain
East-West Concepts Inc., Kalaheo, Hawaii, US
East-West Interchange, McLean, VA, USA
EDGE Translation Ltd., Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, UK
EDIT WEB SERVICE, Villa Guardia, CO, Italy
EG Localisation, Morlaix, France
Echo Translation, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Echoes Translations, Barcelona, Spain
Elanex, Alameda, CA, USA
Elanex, San Francisco, CA, USA
Eldon Bureau Ltd., Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Elita Traduction, Paris, France
Elite translation agency, Shanghai, China
Eloquia Fachuebersetzungen + Marketing GmbH, Munsingen, Germany
English Services (Communications) BV, Waalwijk, Netherlands
English Translation Services GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Enigma Translation Ltd., Northhampton, UK
ENLASO Corporation, San Francisco, CA, USA
EQHO Communications Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
Equivalangue, Bourges, France
Eriksen Translations, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Escalante International Group Inc., Las Vegas, NV, USA
Esprit International Communications, Toronto, Canada
Etrans, Czech Republik
Etrans, Czech Republik
eTranslate, Melbourne, Australia
Eureco France, Versailles, France
Euredit, Paris, France
Eureko UK Limited, London, UK
EUROLOGOS, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Europa Traductions, Lyon, France
Europa Translations, Ipswich, UK
European Consultant, Barcelona, Spain
European Language Services, Pretoria, South Africa
European Translation Centre Ltd, Plouneour Menez, France
European Translation Services, Klagenfurt, Austria
Europrofs, Oostende, Belgium
Eurordis, Paris, France
euroscript Deutschland GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Euroscript Luxembourg sarl, Betrange, Luxembourg
Eurotext Translations, Dublin, Ireland
Eurotexte, Paris, France
Eurotransnet, Glasgow, UK Private Limited, Gurgaon, India
Ever-Est services s.n.c., Lanciano, Italy
EVS UK, Nottingham, UK
E-Word, Budapest, Hungary
Excel Translations, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Executive Linguist Agency Inc., Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
Executive Multinlingual Services, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Explicon Svenska AB, Stockholm, Sweden
EzGlobe, Valbonne Sophia Antipolis, France
Fachuebersetzungen Arapovic, Balingen, Germany
Fachuebersetzungen CP MacKusick, Niederweiler, Germany GmbH, Recht, Belgium
Fe-Q Languages Ltd, Crook, Durham, UK
Fe-Q Languages Ltd, Durham, England, UK
Fe-Q Languages Ltd., Reading, UK
Ferdosi Services Linguistiques et Informatiques, Nanterre, France
FG USA, Santa Clara, CA, USA
finetext GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
First Edition Translations, Cambridge, UK
Flag Agency, Pavia, Italy
FLE S.P.R.L. Liege, Belgium
FLE Shanghai Co Ltd, Shenzhen, China
FLEX Language Services, Newtownabbey, UK
Flextra Vertaalservice, Wijnandsrade, Netherlands
Fluent Language Solutions, Charlotte, NC, USA
Foreign Exchange Translations Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Foreign Exchange, Boston, MA, USA
Foreign Language Services, London, UK
ForeignExchange Translations Inc., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
ForeignExchange Translations Inc., Watertown, MA, USA
ForeignExchange, Louisville, CO, USA
Fraikin Communications, Brussels, Belgium
Frank C. Farnham Company Inc., Media, PA, USA
Frankly Speaking Inc., Brooklyn, NY, USA
Frederic Wieder, Lausanne, Switzerland
Freedman International Ltd., London, UK
FTS (French Translation Services), Hinsdale, IL USA
Fudev International Communications, Rockford, IL, USA
FundAssist AME Program Management Ltd, Dublin, Ireland
Future Group, Giza, Egypt
FXM Traduction, Cormondreche, Switzerland
Gabriel Tsaligopoulos, Thessaloniki, Greece
Gaia Text , Munich, Germany
Galaxie Traductions, Vasselay, France
Gazelle Globalization Group (g3), New York, NY, USA
GEHL Ubersetzungen, Lochgau, Germany
Gem Translations, Edinburgh, UK
GENUINE s.r.o., Kotesova, Slovakia
Geotext Translations Inc, New York, USA
German Language Services, Seattle, WA, USA
GFT GmbH, Schenkenzell, Germany
Giuseppina Gatta, Bari, Italy
Gledhill & Associates GmbH, Samstagern, Switzerland
Global Arena, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Global Connections (Scotland) Ltd, Glasgow, UK
Global Language Communications, Atlanta, GA, USA
Global Language Services Ltd., Glasgow, UK
Global Language Solutions, Newport Beach, CA, USA
Global Language Translation and Consulting Inc., Midland (MI), USA
Global Languages and Cultures Inc, Chicago, IL, USA
Global Listings, London, UK
Global LT, Troy, MI, USA
Global Translation Services, Tel Aviv, Israel
Global Translations Ltd, London, UK
Globalization Partners International (GPI), Novelty, Ohio, USA
GlobalReady inc. Studio City, California USA
GlobalReady, Woodland Hills, CA, USA
GlobalVision International Inc., Westborough, MA, USA
GlobalVoice, Lancaster PA, USA
Globalwise Conversion Technologies Ltd., Cambridge, UK
Glocal Media Limited, London, UK
Glossa-Fachubersetzungen, Kiel, Germany
Glotas, Badajoz, Spain
GLTaC, Inc., Midland, MI, USA
Glyph Language Services, Seattle, WA, USA
Go Word Works, Madrid, Spain
Gogolin & Co., Buxtehude, Germany
GoiHata SL, Mondragon, SPAIN
Grammarians Inc., Alexandra, VA, USA
Grande-Allee Translation, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Green Crescent Translations, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Groupe A.R.T. International, Groslay, France
Grove House Language Centre, Greenhithe, UK
Grupo Domus, Cascais, Portugal
GS Translation Incorporated, Decatur, GA, USA
Guenther Danzer, Limburg, Germany
G-Xplain, Freiburg, Germany,
Hamilton, Fontainebleau (?), France
Harcz & Partner Ltd., Budapest, Hungary
Hasting Traducciones S.L., Madrid, Spain
Herold Fachubersetzungen, Bad Vilbel, Germany
Herrera Consulting Group, Orangevale, CA USA
Herrera Consulting Group, Orangevale, CA USA
Hever Translors' Pool Ltd, Tel Aviv, Israel
HighTech Passport Ltd., San Jose, CA, USA
Hitext S.A., Brussels, Belgium
HK-Ubersetzungen, Kiel, Germany
HL TRAD, Paris, France
HLL Ltd., Hove, UK
Home Office, Antwerp, Belgium
Horizon Translating & Interpreting LLC, Kanab, UT, USA
Human Science Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Hunnect Ltd., Szeged, Hungary
Hurst & Freelancers, Zollikon, Switzerland
Chadeayne Associates, Acton, MA, USA
Chantal Pule Traductions, Paris, France
Cheshire Translations Limited, Cheadle, Cheshire, UK
Choice Language Services, Hertfordshire, England
Choice Language Services, Hertfordshire, England
Choice Language Services, Stevenage, England
Choice Translations Ltd, Macclesfield, UK
Christoph Kurz - Eva Pruneda, Berlin, Germany
I.D.O. Conception & Realisation, Paris, France
I.D.O. London21 Ltd, London, United Kingdom
I.F Communication Inc., Oita City, Japan
I.G.T.V. SPRL, Grimbergen, Belgium
I.S.S.A., Dilbeek, Belgium
IBCC, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
ICD Translations, Milwaukee, USA
Idea Factory Languages, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Idioma Co. Ltd, Prague, Czech Republic
idiomas, Leibnitz, Austria
Idiomatic Language Services SL, Girona, Spain
Idix Traducciones, Barcelona, Spain
Ichiban International, Derby, UK
iLanguage, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Imprimatur Ltd, Guildford, Surrey, UK
IMTEC Traducciones, Madrid, Spain
In Other Words, Akko, Israel
Indianapolis Interpreters Inc., Indianapolis, IN, USA
indubo translation solutions, Goppingen, Germany
Inlingua Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Inlingua, Princeton, NJ, USA
Inlingua, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Intellect Propels, Munich, Germany
InterAmerican Translating Services, Coral Gables, FL, USA
INTERAXES, Saint-Denis, France
Interlingo, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
INTERMUNDOS, Bochum, Germany
InterNation Inc., New York, NY, USA
International Communication by Design, Milwaukee, WI, USA
International Language Center, St. Louis, MO, USA
International Language Services, Minnetonka, MN
International Lexikon, Kingsport, TN, USA
International Planning Inc., Orlando, FL, USA
International Sales Service Agency, Dilbee, Belgium
International Technical Translations Ltd (ITT), Birmingham, UK
International Tolk Agentschap b.v., Baarn, The Netherlands
International Translation Solutions, Minneapolis , MN, USA
International Translation, San Diego, CA, USA
Interntion Inc., New York, U.S.A.
Interntion Inc., New York, U.S.A.
Intertext, Barcelona, Spain
InterTranslations Ltd, Athens, Greece
Interword, Paris, France
Interworld Translations, San Diego, CA, USA
Intransol, Minneapolis, MN, USA
ION Translations, Berkeley, CA, USA
iProbe Multilingual Solutions, New York, NY, USA
IRU Language and Translation Services, Houston, TX, USA
Isabelle Defevere, l'Aigle, France
Isitrans, North Hollywood, California, USA
iSP, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, NL
itl Institut fur technische Literatur AG, Munich, Germany
ITP europe, Brussels, Belgium
ITP Europe, Zaventem, Belgium
ITR International Translation Resources Ltd, London, UK
ITS Europe, Brussels, Belgium
Iverson Language Associates, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Jabro GMBH & CO.KG, Gutersloh, Germany
James Toner Translations, Paris, France
Japan-America Management Ltd., Ann Arbor, MI USA
Jason Translation Services, Maasbree, The Netherlands
JBI Localization, Canoga Park, CA, USA
JM Communication GmbH, Vienna, Austria
JMZ International, Lyon, France
Josef Stupp, Frechen , Germany
Josef Stupp, Frechen , Germany
JTG Inc., Alexandria, Virginia, USA
JTI Inc., Norfolk, VA, USA
Juriscribe, New York City, NY, USA
K International plc, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
KACENKA.CZ, Pardubice, Czech Republic
Kalimeh Ltd., Edinburgh, UK
Karen Riggio, Mandray, France
Kashat-Translation and Technical Writing Ltd., Habonim, Israel
Kaspersky Lab, Moscow, Russian Federation
Kenax Translating, Prague, Czech Republic
Kern AG, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
KERN Corporation, New York, New York, USA
KERN, Paris, France
Kerry Services Ltd, Huntingdon, UK
Kien Italia, Trezzano, Italy
K-International plc, Milton Keynes, UK
KJ International Resources (KJIR), Minneapolis, MN, USA
Kocarek Uebersetzungen, Essen, Germany
KOMALINGUA S.L., Vitoria, Spain
Kosmos s.r.l., Reggio Emilia, Italy
Kuester Ubersetzungen, Berlin, Germany
Kuester Ubersetzungen, Berlin, Germany
Kvaloy Nettverk, Baku, Azerbaijan
L&L Languages and Localization, Bunnik, The Netherlands
LangStar Inc., Seoul, Korea
Language and Culture Worldwide, Chicago, IL, USA
Language Box, Dublin, Ireland
Language Connect, London, UK
Language Connections, Brookline, MA, USA
Language Exchange International, Boca Raton, FL, USA
Language House Nottingham, UK
Language Innovations LLC, Washington, DC, USA
Language Intelligence Ltd., Rochester, New York, USA
Language Line Ltd., London, UK
Language Line Services, Monterey, CA, USA
Language Link (UK) Ltd, London, UK
Language Link Corporation, Kansas City, MO, USA
Language Masters Inc., Mount Airy, Maryland
Language Network, Irvine, CA, USA
Language Networks BV, Amsterdam, NL
Language Promotion, Zurich, Switzerland
Language Recruitment Services Limited, London, UK
Language Services Associates, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Language Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON, Canada
Language Services Unlimited, Atlanta, GA, USA
Language Services, New York, NY, USA
language studio, Treviso, Italia
LanguageLeader, London, UK
Languages for Business Centre Ltd, Manchester, Lancashire, UK
Languages International, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Languages Unlimited, Orlando, FL, USA
Languages4you, Cheltenham, UK
LanguageSpeak, Miami, FL, USA
LanguageUSA, Austin, TX, USA
Languagewire, Copenhagen, Denmark
LanguageWorks Inc., New York, NY, USA
Languatek, East Aurora, NY, USA
Lantos Consulting Inc., Tulsa, OK, USA
Lanzillotta Translations, Dusseldorf, Germany
Legal-World Interpreting Ltd., New York, New York, USA
L'Equipe, Brescia, Italy
Les traducteurs conseils, Paris, France
let us translate, Pedrengo, Italy
Lex Lingua Translations, London, UK
LexiconUSA, San Diego, CA, USA
Lexpress International Inc., Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
Liberty Consulting, St. Brieuc, France
Lido-Lang Technical Translations, Krakow, Poland
Lifeline Language Services Ltd, Preston, UK
Line One Translations, Bromsgrove, UK
Lingo24, Aberdeen, UK
Lingo24, Christchurch, New Zealand
Lingotek, Centerville, UT, USA
Lingua Pro Inc., Hyogo, Japan
Lingua World GmbH, Cologne, Germany
Linguae Mundi, Pordenone, Italy
LinguaForce, Cergy, France
LinguaLinx Language Solutions Inc, Schenectady, NY, USA
Linguanet France, Montpellier, France
LinguaNet Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
LINGUAPOOL GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland
Linguaserve, Madrid, Spain
LinguaTech International, Englewood, Ohio, USA
Linguatech, Merzig, Germany
Linguatext, Edinburgh, UK
Lingua-World, Aachen, Germany
Lingua-World, Cologne, Germany
Linguissimo Translation Solutions, Strasbourg, France
Linguistic Systems, Cambridge, MA, USA
Linguistix, Konstanz, Germany
Link Translation Bureau LTD, Liverpool, UK
Link Translation, Liverpool, England
Lionbridge Ireland Ltd, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland
Lionbridge Technologies, Valbonne, France
Lionbridge, Dublin, Ireland
Lionbridge, Rome, Italy
Lipsie Languages, Avallon, France
Little Shop of Translations, Mortsel, Belgium
LNE International, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium
LNE Syacom, Angers, France
Local Concept Inc., San Diego, CA, USA
LocalEyes, Sceaux, France
Localize Technologies Inc, San Mateo, California, USA
Localize Technologies, Redwood City, CA, USA
Localize-IT Communication Services GmbH, Graefelfing/Munich, Germany
Locatech GmbH/LCJ, Dortmund, Germany
LocTeam SL, Barcelona, Spain
Locution25, Northampton, MA, USA
Logos Group, Modena, Italy
Logoscript, Barcelona, Spain
Logotec Language Services, uberlingen, Germany
LOIS traducciones sl, Madrid, Spain
Lomer Translations and Interpreting Ltd., London, UK
London Translations, London, UK
LSI Berlin, Berlin, Germany
LTES Ltd, Athens, GREECE
LUZ Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA
M&D Translation Services, Inverurie, UK
M.M. Horsay Sdn Bhd, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
M/C International, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA
M2 Enterprises, Montgomery Village, MD, USA
Macfarlane International business services, Tuebingen, Germany
Macroconsulting, Roxboro, Quebec, Canada
Magnum Group Inc. Philadelphia, PA, USA
Magpie Sprakproduktion AB, Stockholm, Sweeden
Malla Translations Ltd, Kent, UK
Malla Translations Ltd., Bromley, UK
Manneimer-Sprachendienst, Mannheim, Germany
Mapi Research Institute, Lyon, France
Margit Hengsberger & Co KEG translation network, Vienna, Austria
Markey & Associates, Maidstone, UK
Mastervoice nv, Temse, Belgium
MasterWord Services Inc., Houston, TX, USA
MB Translations, Mondsee, Austria
MB Ubersetzungs- und Sprachenburo, Mondsee, Austria
Mc LEHM International, Madrid, Spain
McNeil Multilingual Inc., Springfield, Virginia, USA
Media Consulta, Valletta, Malta
Media Langues, Marseille, France
Media Movers, Bombay,India
Media Movers, Bombay,India
Media Voice Corporation, Los Angeles, California, USA
Medical Translators Inc., NY, NY, USA, Wolfsberg, Austria
MEJ Personal Business Services Inc., New York, NY, USA
Mercury Solution, Maidstone, UK
Meridian Translation Technologies, Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Meridian Translation Technologies, Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Merle & Sheppard Language Consulting GbR, Wuppertal, Germany
Merrill Brink International, Galway, Ireland
Merrill Translations, London, UK
Metaphraseis, Niagara Falls Canada
MGE Lingual Services Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
MGS Brazil, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Midland Technical Translations Limited, Worcestershire (UK)
MIGAL translations, Szeged, Hungary
Michigan Tech Translations, Plymouth, MI, USA
Miles Translations Nv, Vilvoorde, Belgium
MiroraR Translation & Consultancy Co., Istanbul, Turkey
MMW Traduzioni SrL, Rome, Italy
Mondial Translations & Interpreting, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Mondolingua, Salzburg, Austria
Morningside Translations, New York, NY, USA
Morote Traducciones, Seville, Spain
Mot pour Mot, Nice, France
mpu medizinisch-pharmazeutische ubersetzungen, Ulm, Germany
MT - Mangisch Translations, Bettmeralp, Switzerland
mt-g medical translation GmbH & Co. KG, Ulm, Germany
MTM LinguaSoft, Philadelphia, PA, USA
MTT (UK) Ltd, Kidderminster, England
Mukade Technical Documentation Ltd, Beijing, China
Multi Lingua, Guildford, Surrey, UK
MultiLing Corporation, Provo, UT, USA
MultiLingual Solutions Inc., Rockville, MD, USA
Multilingual Translation & Interpreting Ltd, Oxford, UK
Multilingual Translations Inc., San Diego, CA, USA
Multilingue srl, Brescia, Italy
Napos Oldal Translations, Tata, Hungary
Navix Europe, Cardiff, UK
NCI Translation Center, Brussels, Belgium
Nettprofile Ltd., London, UK
Network Languages Ltd, Ascot, UK
NetworkOmni Multilingual Communications, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
New Com Institut, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France
New England Interpreters, Mansfield Center, CT, USA
New Global LLC, New York, NY, USA
New Zealand Translation Centre, Wellington, New Zealand
New-Global Translations, New York, New York, USA
Newtype Inc, Parsippany, New Jersey, USA
Nikko Communications Europe S.A., Overijse, Belgium
No Problem!, Deinze, Belgium
Noraktrad SL, Madrid, Spain
Nord Expansion Entreprise, Lesquin, France
Nordica Translations BVBA, Zelzate, Belgium
Noricom, Oslo, Norway
Northwest Translations, Chester Springs, PA, USA
Nouveau Koulutus Oy, Turku, Finland
Nova Traductors i interprets s.l, Barcelona, Spain
Novatrad, Paris, France
Novaword, Granada, Spain
NSA Translations SA, Athens, Greece
Oangea Lingua, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Oangea Lingua, Indianapolis, IN, USA
OEC Translations, LYON, FRANCE
OEC Translations, LYON, FRANCE
Oettli Language Management Solutions, Thessalonika, Greece
Omegatranslations, Madrid, Spain
Omegatranslator, Madrid, Spain
Omnilingua Limited, Dorking, UK
OmniLingua, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
Onadel Creative Communications, Huntington Beach, CA, USA
ONADEL Marketing Communications Inc., Los Angeles, California, USA
One Planet Corporation,unk, unk, USA
One Planet, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
One World Language Solutions Inc., Dallas, Texas, USA
onestopagency, London, UK
oneword, Boblingen, Germany
Orrock Documentation Services, Apolda, Germany
Oxford Conversis Limited, Bicester, Chesterton, Oxfordshire, UK
Oxford Translations, Oxford, UK
Oy Interword Ltd, Tuusula, Finland
P.T.S.GmbH, Troisvierges, Luxemburg
Pacolet International, Rockton, Illinois, USA
Paen Communications Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand
PAEN Communications Ltd, Aukland, New Zealand
Pagra GmbH, Illertissen, Germany
PALEX Languages & Software, Tomsk, Russia
Panda AG Translations, Greppen, Switzerland
Pangea Lingua, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Par l'Eclair, Puteaux, France
Paragon Consulting Services, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Paragon Language Services, Los Angeles, California, USA
Para-Plus Translations Inc., Barrington, NJ, US
PARENTY-REITMEIER. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Parity Solutions Ltd, London, UK
Park Translations, New York, NY, USA
PARNASSIA Media, Cullompton, UK
Partnertrans GmbH, Mettmann, Germany
Password ltd, London, UK
PassworD translations bv, Heino, The Netherlands
Patrick Pfeiffer, Eddelak, Germany
Patrick Zagler Translating, Nalles, Italy
Paul Janssens SA, Brussels, Belgium
PBSS, Turnbridge Wells North, UK
Peak Translations, Kettleshulme, UK
Pearl Linguistics Ltd, London, UK
Perfect-Translations, Plymouth, UK
Peritus Precision Translations Inc., San Carlos, CA, USA
Philos, Porto, Portugal
Philotrans, , Canada
Planet language services, Carnate, Italy
Planet Lingua SL, Barcelona, Spain
Pluridioma, Lisbon, Portugal
Polylingua Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic
PP - A-plus-traductions, Berkley, CA, USA
Precision Language Services, Lakeville, Minnesota, USA
Precision Languages International, Sydney, Australia
Precision Translations GmbH, Munich, Germany
Prem Dan SL, Madrid, Spain
Premium Management, Tallinn, Estonia
Premium Translation Agency, Tallinn Estonia
Presto Translations, Prague, Czech Republic
Prime Ad! Translations AG, Buch, Germany
Prime Translation LLC., Tenafly, New Jersey, USA
Primoscrib, Bures sur Yvette, France
Prisma International Inc., Minneapolis, MN, USA
Pristine Communications, Taipei, Taiwan
Pro Translations, Brownsburg, IN, USA
Pro-Active Translations, Bay Shore, NY, USA
Production S.A., La Hulpe, Belgium
Professional Translating Services Inc, Miami, FL, USA
Profi Schnelldienst, Dusseldorf, Germany
Profischnelldienst Fachuebersetzungen, Hamburg, Germany
Pro-Lingua Specialist Translation Services, Port Moody, Canada
Promo-Est, Milan, Italy
PRONUV Translations, Bangalore, India
Protocol Translation and International Services, Orlando, FL, USA
Provence Traduction, Marseille, France
proverb oHG, Stuttgart, Germany
PTIGlobal, Portland, OR, USA
PTSGI, Taipei, Taiwan
Publicis Blueprint, London, UK
Push International Limited, Berkshire, UK
Quality Translation Services, Long Island City, NY, USA
Quality Translations, Petach Tikva, Israel
Quantum Inc, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Quicksilvertranslate, Barcelona, Spain
Rapport International, Sudbury, MA, USA
re:word limited, London, UK
Real Kontrol, Prag, Czech Republic
Remedica Communications, London, UK
Riaza Language Services Ltd., Norwich, UK
RIC International Inc., Cambridge, MA, USA
Ricardo Nick, Teresopolis, Brazil
Richard Schneider Enterprises, Carmel, California, USA
RJG Translations, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Robert Osborne, Tempe, Arizona, USA
Robertson Languages International, Twyford, Berkshire, UK
Robintech sarl, Talence, France
Roevin Management Services Limited, Cheshire, UK
Romo Translations, London, UK
Rosetta Stone Translations, Tucson, AZ, USA
Rosetta Translation Ltd. UK
RP Translate Limited, Astwood, UK
RP Translate Limited, Luton, UK
RP Translate, Luton, UK
Rubric Europe Limited, London, UK
Rush Translation Limited, Kent, UK
Ruth Sixt - Agentur fur Sprachenservice, Munich, Germany
RWS Group PLC, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, UK
safe communication, Naples, Italy
Sajan Inc., River Falls, WI, USA
Sally Walker Language Services, Bristol, UK
Saltkux, Daechi-dong Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
San Martin Localization, Providencia, Santiago, Chile
SATIS, London, UK
Savannah Digital Communications Inc., Savannah, GA, USA
Say it in English, Clarens s/Montreux, Switzerland
SB Traduction, Lepardieu, France
SB Traduction, Montlucon, France
SBC, West Byfleet, UK
SciTech Translations, Fair Lawn, NJ, USA
Scribe Consulting, San Diego, CA, USA
Scripta Manent, Paris, France
Scripto Sensu sprl-bvba, Tournai, Belgium
SDI Media, Los Angeles, CA, USA
SDL International - Boathouse Division, Maidenhead, UK
SEL, Manchester, UK
Selig sas, Milan, Italy
Semantis, Paris, France
Seprotec Translations, Madrid, Spain
Seprotec, Barcelona, Spain
Seprotec, Madrid, Spain
SERVE-EM now Airport Services, Palm Beach, FL, USA
Set-Systems, Istambul, Turkey
Seven Languages Translating Services Inc., Miami, Fl, USA
Sgryska & Schmidt GbR, Westerronfeld, Germany
SGS Documentation Services, Gent, Belgium
SH3 Inc., Kansas City, MO, USA
Schmellenkamp Communications GmbH, Koblenz, Germany
Scholl Translations International, Remseck, Germany
Schreiber Translations Inc., Rockville, MD, USA
Schweitzer Sprachendienst, Radebeul, Germany
Siliamid (LNE Syacom), Perols, France
Siliamid Europa SL, Girona, Spain
SinoMetrics International, Lynnwood, WA, USA
SKH SprachKontor Hamburg GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Skrivanek Translation Services Ltd, Prague, Czech Republic
Sky Translations Ltd., London, UK
SL International, Houston, TX, USA
SLS International, Mataro, Barcelona, Spain
SM Consulting Federal Division, Reston, VA, USA
Smart Planning UK, London, UK
Soares Franco, Lisbon, Portugal
Softitler (Digititles s.r.l.), Florence, Italy
Spanish Publishing Group, Boston, USA
sparkmedia, Hong Kong
SPaT, Prague, Czech Republic
Spectrum Multilanguage Communications, New York, NY, USA
Sprachendienst Bangard, Marburg, Germany
Sprachendienst Hagemeister, Berlin, Germany, Cologne, Germany
Sprog og reklame, Jerslev Sj., Denmark
SR Translations, Kingsley, Hampshire, UK
Sri Saai Publishing Services, Pondicherry, India
STAR Servicios Linguisticos, Barcelona, Spain
Stonebridge Chinese Services Ltd, Farnley - Leeds, UK
STOPS, Florida, Titusville, USA
stratcore ab, akersberga, Sweden
Strategic Agenda, London, UK
STT, Thierville sur Meuse, France
Studio Babele, Scio, Vicenza, Italy
Studio Documenta, Modena, Italy
Studio Melchior Srl, Torino, Italy
Suncoast Translation Services, Sarasota, FL, USA
Surrey Translation Bureau, Farnham, UK
SWS Sprachendienst, Weilheim, Germany
Syacom Angers, Angers, France
Sylvie Day, Paris, France, Madrid, Spain
Syntacta Translation & Interpreting, Swindon, UK
Syntes Language Group, Centennial, CO, USA
T&I Services, Milton Keynes, UK
T4R3G3T, Barcelona, Spain
Taalcompany, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Taina Saarinen Ltd., Espoo, Finland
Talking Heads, Sheffield, UK
Tanja Hill, unknown, Australia
TCI translation center israel ltd., Jerusalem, Israel
T-Company, Stockholm, Sweden
TEAM International GmbH, Reutlingen, Germany
Team ubersetzer, Oberwangen, Switzerland
Tectrad, Paris, France
Tectranslate OHG, Pliezhausen, Germany
Technicis Traduction, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Technicolor Interactive Services, Burbank, CA, USA
Technikkom, Hamburg, Germany
Techtrans GmbH, Boppard/Buchholz, Germany
Techworld Language Solutions, Clawson, Michigan, USA
Tek Translation International S.A., Madrid, Spain
TeleLanguage, Portland, OR, USA
Telelingua France, Montreuil Cedex, France
Telelingua International, Brussels, Belgium
Teletota, Suresnes, France
TeleTranslations Inc., Niagara Falls, Canada
Temple Translations Ltd , London, UK
TermSeek Inc. Centerville, Utah, USA
Tesi & Testi S.a.s., Turin, Italy
TETRAS s.r.o., Zilina, Slovakia
Tetras Translations, Zilina, Slovakia
Text Appeal, Paris, France
Text Terminology Transfer Sgryska & Schmidt GbR
Textkompaniet, Goteborg, Sweden
Textpark, Hennef, Germany
TEXTRA Traductions, Paris, France
Textronics Communications Inc., Toronto, Canada
Thames Translations International Ltd, Harpenden, UK
The Aktuel Translation Group, Henley-On-Thames, UK
The ASK Group Ltd, Bury St Edmunds, UK
The Blah Blah Marketing Group, Upper Basildon, UK
The Cakov Group, Miami, FL, USA
The Geo Group, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
The Global Word, Inc., River Edge, New Jersey, USA
The Language Service, Division of Eclipse Translations Ltd., Alnwick, UK
The LanguageWorks Inc., New York, NY, USA
The Living Word Language Services Limited, Northampton, UK
The Living Word Ltd, Cambridge, UK
The Multilingual Group, New York, NY, USA
The Prestige Network, Thatcham, UK
The Total Translation Company, Hertford, UK
thebigword, Leeds, UK
Think'Z International Europe Ltd., Binissalem, Spain
Thomson-Prometric, Baltimore, MD, USA
Tissa S.A., Madrid, Spain
TIW Inc., Omaha, NE, USA
To Localise aka DDMA Media Limited, London, UK
Todaytranslations Ltd, Stratford, UK
Todaytranslations Ltd., London, UK
Tongue Tied Ltd, Hoew, UK
Top Translators, Bangalore, India
TopTrans Translation Services, Modiin Illit, Israel
TORINDO CO LTD., Tokyo, Japan
Total Language Solutions, Exeter, Devon, UK
Touareg France, Paris, France
Tra Express Inc., Montreal, Canada
Tradem Traductores Tecnicos, Alicante, Spain
Tradeo Translations, Malleray, Switzerland
TradExpert-Traducoes Lda., Porto, Portugal
Tradoc, Cascais, Portugal
Trad'Smith, Sarcelles, France
Traducciones Vox Populi S.L., Madrid, Spain
TRADUCTA Inc., St-Basile-le-Grand, Quebec, Canada
Traducteo, Paris, France, Marseille, France
Traduset ubersetzungen, Hamburg, Germany
Traduttori Associati, Treviso, Italy
traduzioni - online, Pisa, Italy
Tranflex, Skelleftea, Sweden
TransAction Translators, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
Transaction vof, Harderwijk, Netherlands
Transatlantic Communications, Paris, France
TransCom, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Transconsult Ltd., Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
transcript GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne, Germany
TranScript Ubersetzergruppe GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland
TransCultura, Nuremberg, Germany
Trans-Edit Group S.r.l., Milan, Italy
TransItalia Technical Translations, Modena, Italy
Translantic Communications, Paris, France
translate4meLtd, Harrogate, UK
translate4u, Norwich, UK, Rome, Italy
TranslateMedia, London, UK
TransLatio netWork, Bonn, Germany
Translation Bureau Infotech vof, Kwadendamme, The Netherlands
Translation Dr. Kogler Ltd. & Co. Vienna, Austria
Translation From To Inc, Sofia, Bulgaria
Translation Management Ltd, Salisbury, UK
Translation Plus (TranPlus), Hackensack, New Jersey, USA
Translation Services Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Translation Solutions, Portland, Oregon, USA
Translation World Ltd, Sussex, UK, New York City, NY, USA
translationsxxx, Norcross, GA, USA
Translator Associates Inc. (Canadian Translator & Associates), Toronto, ON, Canada
Translator Studio, North Ayrshire, Scotland
translators-fusion, Bad Reichenhall, Germany
TransLatus Professional Services, Chavannes de Bogis, Switzerland
Translatus Service Center, Prague, Czech Republic
Translavic BV, Markelo, Netherlands
Translink BVBA, Leuven, Belgium
TransLocal, New York, NY, USA
Translution, Cologne, Germany
Transmanual, Sakyla, Finland
TransNation Translations Inc., Dallas, TX, USA
TransPerfect Translation Services, Clovis, CA, USA
TransPerfect Translations Inc., Hong Kong
TransPerfect Translations, Frankfurt, Germany
Transperfect Translations, London, UK
TransPerfect Translations, New York, NY, USA
TransTalk One LLC, Clinton Township, MI, USA
Transteck International, Col. Juarez, Mexico
Transtek Associates Inc, Wakefield, MA, USA
Transware, Dublin, Ireland
TransXpert Inc. Rolling Meadows, IL, USA
TranSyntax Inc., Monterey Park, CA, USA
Treeloc, Barcelona, Spain
Trends Limited Company Ltd, Giza, Egypt
Triview, Soest, Netherlands
Trusted Translations, Falls Church, VA, USA
Trustforte Language, New York, NY, USA
tsd Technik-Sprachendienst GmbH, Cologne, Germany
TSG - Servicios de Traduccion Glotas S.L., Badajoz, Spain
TSM - Traductions Scientifiques & Medicales, Paris, France
TTC Creative, London, UK
TTC Language Services Ltd, Chelmsford, UK
TTI NETWORK, Le Chesnay, France
Tulsyan Technologies Ltd., Tamil Nadu, India
Twobe, Valladolid, Spain
typo:world GmbH, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
U.S. Translation Company, South Ogden, Utah, USA
ubersetzer-Connection, Friedberg, Germany
ubersetzungsburo Kilinc, Bremen, Germany
ubersetzungsburo Peschel, Freiburg, Germany
ubersetzungsburo Translatorius, Klotze, Germany
Ubiqus, London, UK
Ubiqus, Waterford, Ireland
UCSF Prenatal Diagnosis Center, San Francisco, CA, USA
Uebersetzungsbuero Kilinc, Bremen, Germany
Uebersetzungsdienst Macklin GmbH, Munich, Germany
UK TechTrans Ltd, Hove, UK
Universal Translations, London, UK
Universe Technical Translation Inc., Houston, TX, USA
UPS Translations, London, UK
Ursula Bull, Munich, Germany
Ursula Bull, Munich, Germany
UTS - United Translation Services, Strasbourg, France
UTTA, Coral Gables, FL, US
Van de Loo & Associates France, Paris, France
Verbatim Solutions, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Veritas Traduccion y Comunicacion SL, Guadalajara, Spain
Version internationale, Lyon, France
Vertaalbureau Boot, Waalwijk, Netherlands, EA OEGSTGEEST, Netherlands
viaLanguage, Portland, Oregon
Vice Versa, Nadrin, Belgium
Vice-Versa Translation Services Inc., Hollywood, FL, USA
Virtual Words, Brussels, Belgium
Vision Translations, Kuesnacht, Switzerland
Visual Data Media Services, Burbank, CA, USA
Vitac, North Hollywood, CA, USA
Vitex Translation Services, Houston, TX, USA
VMA Consulting, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
VocaLink Language Services, Dayton, OH, USA
Voice & Script International, London, England
Volker Marek, Paris, France
Vox Populi, Madrid, Spain
VSI Ltd., London, UK
Warpwise Service Ltd, Hong Kong
Web TransConsult, Vilvoorde, Belgium
WebLearn, Milan, Italy
webtransconsult, Erps-Kwerps, Belgium
Web-Translations Limited, Wakefield, UK
Welocalize, Saarbrucken, Germany
WH&P, Sophia Antipolis, France
White Drift Translations Ltd, Llanelli, UK
WhP, Sophia Antipolis, France
Win Translation, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Wionet Korea Co., Inc., Seoul, Korea
Word Express Corporation, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Word Gym, Oxford, UK
Word Link, London, UK
Wordbank Limited, London, UK
WordEXpress Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, USA
wordfactory, Osterhofen, Germany
Wordlab Translation & Localisation Services, Madrid, Spain
Words Language Services, Dublin, Ireland
Wordshop Fachubersetzungen, Munich, Germany
Wordshop Translations, Sebastopol, CA, USA
Wordshop, Paris, France
Wordshop, Paris, France
WordTrans LLC (aka East-West Interchange) McLean, VA, USA
Wordtrans, McLean, VA, USA
WordWebWorld, Haskova, Bulgaria
World Language Services (WLS), Dublin, Ireland
World Net Services, Hamburg, Germany
World Translations Ltd, London, UK
WorldAccent, London, UK
WorldLingo, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Worldwide Language Services, Summit, NJ, USA
Worldwide Translation Center, San Diego, Ca, USA
Worldwide Translation Technologies, Oakland Park, IL, USA
Worldwide Translations, Chicago, IL, USA
Xerox Global Services, Slough, UK
Xchange Services Ltd, Nurnberg, Germany
Xplanation Denmark, Viby J, Denmark
Xplanation Language Services, Leuven, Belgium
Yamagata Europe NV, Gent, Belgium
Z Studio, Zlin, Czech Republic
Z. T. AWANGARDA, Cracow, Poland
Zappmedia GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Zebra Translations Limited, Hetfordshire, UK
Zeitgeist communications and language services, Harrow-on-the-Hill, UK
Zeitgeist, Harrow-on-the-Hill, UK
Zenner lingua, Karsruhe, Germany

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