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    Usefull program tips and downloads to help translators with their work.  Here is a link for Macintosh users.

     Irfanview A great and free image viewing program with which to view all sorts image and graphics files. Opens fast and can view multiple paged graphics files. You can find basic instructions how to use this program through our How to resize digital camera pictures section.
     Adobe Acrobat Reader Used to view .PDF type files. This is another file format we often send original text images in. Downloadable from their website for free.
     Pegasus Mail A powerful and free email program which is fast, light, and does not use much system resources and which is essentially foolproof against viruses. Here you will Pegasus Mail help instructions how to set up and use the program.
     WinZip Since translation files sent by email or downloadable from the internet can often be quite large, this free program can compress them to a much smaller size. As we often send such compressed files, you will need this program to uncompress them.
     Open Office If you don't like using or don't have Microsoft Office on your computer, you can try downloading these free programs which can open these files. Most files need to be translated into Word, or we often send Word files as originals.
     Google docs and
    Alternatively, everything seems to be moving online now. Microsoft is also planning to move its software (Word and Excel etc.) online. You can check their website if they have something like that already. We haven't tested Google docs yet, but they are apparently able to open Word and other documents online.
     Character Map Shows a list of all characters available on your computer and which you may not know how to access with the keyboard. A shortcut key is provided with each character. A more simple program here.
     Keyboard View A simple utility which doesn't seem available in new versions of Windows and is useful to see the letters on your keyboard when changing languages or fonts. You may have to copy the program into your System32 or System subfolder of your C:/Windows folder for it to work properly. Unfortunately, the program is in Czech, but easy enough to use. You can use your usual CTRL SHIFT or whatever shortcut keys to change your keyboard to another language, or use the appropriate icon in your system tray (bottom right of monitor). "Volitelne" and "Pismo" is "Options" and "Font", to help you with choosing languages. You may need to select this again to reset the image, after changing languages.

    You will also find some more suggested programs to download on our translation tips pages.

    Translating can be a rewarding career, and like any career, or like running any business, it is advisable to make investments from time to time to stay ahead of or keep up to the competition. Many programs can be found on the internet for free, and freely downloaded, while others must be purchased. For those which must be purchased it is advisable to research the market well and make the right choice, like any important investment you make.
    We hope you have found some useful programs to download from our pages, or some useful tips for your translation career.

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