Search Engines

Below is a comprehensive list with links to many of the search engines found on the web. Submitting your website(s) to as many search engines as possible is a good way to help increase your site’s web rankings (how high it ranks in search engine results). You can follow all these links and submit your page manually, or for a modest price I can do this for you, as part of my search engine optimization service. I have programs which can do this automatically, and I have a trusted relationship with affordable services who can manually submit your site to those search engines which require manual submission. Some search engines are more important than others, and there are ways you can easily submit all of your individual pages to many search engines. Feel free to ask for a free quote and analysis of your website [ if you would like me to help you with your web marketing goals.

Some good links organizing much of the search engines found on the internet:

Now that you have such a great list, if you are not interested in submitting your websites to them, perhaps you might be interested in how to use search engines!

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