[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Project Glossary Changes Sent

Hi, Gerald. So client doesn’t like hyphens and wants them removed when possible. To do so we’re going to do a search & replace. This will be done by a script and a terms file. We have the script, now we need a terms file.

The attached file will be the base of the terms file. It’s actually the glossary with some modifications. Despite the name, Column B is not final (we thought it was, but client wants some changes and we also discovered some errors). Start with column C instead.

already started on removing the hyphens, and if you look at how he uses column D & E you can see how the process work. He takes the term that needs to be changed and copied it to column D, and then in column E he removed the hyphens. Column F is not used.

‘s already did the work up to the yellow line (row 3732), so start from there onward. If you have any question, ask me. ‘s away for Sunday, so he isn’t available then.


and that’s fine.

File and instruction sent to Gerald. Considering that you’re unavailable Sunday though, I told Gerald to ask me if he has any questions.

” Yes I accept! “Great, thank you very much.
Please, do a spellcheck for file http://translationstop.com/files/FTP/Spellchecking_BOI/31-45.xls It consists 15 files merged together.
, I underline, that you should do only spellcheck, not proofreading. Each file should take you not more than 10-15 min, so 15 files= 225 min max.

When you complete the section, upload it to FS http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/cgi-bin/up_1001_PR.cgi to the subfolder “Boi_Spellchecked”

When do you think you could deliver this file?


Please, upload them to http://001yourtranslationservice.com/newsystem/cgi-bin/up_1001_PR.cgi to the subfolder “BOI_Spellchecked”.


Ok, I think I can deliver tomorrow afternoon my time. So this are 18 hours from now on. Would this be ok?

There is still a 31 charater limitation isn’t it? (I didn’t do anything for this project)


There is no 31-character limitation for BOI. But actually you don’t need that. You don’t have to proofread the file and change anything there. Your only one task – to do a spellcheck – resolve typos, grammar mistakes – nothing about the consistance itself.
Tomorrow afternoon is Ok, but actually the sooner the better. I have a plenty of files to assign you then.

” Ok I will give my best. Can I do this with the Excel Beta Version 2010? I ask before, because I know about problems, when you open a file with another version. ”

Of course you can do it in Office 2010. The file you’re assigned is already in xls format. And when you save the changes it will still stay xls. Anyway there is an option to choose the type “Excel 97-2003 Workbook” when you save files in Excel 2010, what adoptes files to all existing Offices.


1.  never sent me a glossary file. However, he did send the attached file. If you open the big file, column A and B was supposedly the glossary. Despite “Final” in the name, Column B is no longer final. Column C, despite the “Pre” in the title, is actually later than Column B and should be considered the current version of the glossary. Btw, Gerald’s removing the hyphens.

Rather than checking the files you did previously, I’m sending you 121-150 again, this time using a more up-to-date S&R list. Yes, this means some duplication of effort. The first one was a test run, and your input was very useful. The current version should now change things and flag it with $$ too instead of merely flagging them as before. E.g., Gorgonen -> Gorgo -> G$$orgo


You can let it overwrite the old files.

Anyway, same deal as before. Look for $$. Let me know how much time was spent. Do this one first, upload it. And then do the “checking for changes” that  asked you too.

2. As you know,  is involved in some other project. This seem to take more and more of his time. You may have noticed that I’ve tried to shift work away from him. I was hoping that this will give him time to finish things up before this phase, thus allowing him to concentrate on this. Didn’t happen, he’s still busy with his other project. Right now if he has something that should take a day to finish, it will take 3 days to get done. Given our fixed deadline, I need a back-up plan in case it becomes clear that  will not be able to keep up with the deadline. I hope it doesn’t get to that stage, but I have to consider the possibility and be ready for it.



Okay, I will have a look at it.

Best Gerald



could you please provide me a list of items you haven’t been paid for?
I am doing the accounting now and you can expect for the payment the next week.



I’m currently at 121-135. Is the document you attached really the S&R list that was used to edit the files? I can’t find single terms like


in this list. It would be good to have a list of all replacements to be able to reconstruct the earlier version, because some of the changes seem odd, so it would be good to know what exactly was changed and revert changes that do not make sense because of the specific context; and it would allow me to send comments on how to improve the list when some terms cause problems frequently.

Also, it would be good to have the English source in the file to compare to that, too. But I can look at the earlier files for the source, so that’s just a remark for the next files.


I’m attaching the S_R_Newform_revised which is actually the one used for it. According to and as far as a quick check can see, they are the same, or at least very similar.

The list used is the second sheet. The revised + $$ one.

There’s very few single terms. Vollkommen, I think, is actually part of V$$ollkommen Diamante Statue or something similar. But go ahead and look.

You’re right about the English. I forgot to copy-paste the English source. You can just copy-paste it either to the right or to the left. You don’t even need to cut it out when you send the files back.



I uploaded the file as zip folder.


Are you available to take more files?


I just uploaded the file. I couldn’t manage in 225 Minutes. I needed 240 minutes. Sorry!



Was there much to correct fromyour point of view?
Could you take more files?


not very much, but there were some mistakes which came again and again. But all in all it was ok. But I had to look exactly, that was because it took a bit longer.

I can do more. But is it another file which is so big?Or do you have smaller ones?


, how much time did you actually spend on 46-60?

Please tell us the actual time every time you finish spellchecking a file. Otherwise we won’t be able to keep track of the time you spent working.



Karel sent the payment a couple of hours ago (in fact, he sent it twice, that is double the amount invoiced, so we should deduct the additional funds from my next invoice – he is aware of this and he said he would like to iron out the discrepancies with the next payment).

In any case, I am now more than happy do what I can to help you wrapping up the BOI project.

To that end, the most important question at the moment is: Are we still using the Transit XV software? If not, I will have to adjust to be able to receive files.

I received all of Karel’s emails referring to the BOI project and the way it should be translated, but I will now have to familiarise with the special requirements for that project, to the extend this is necessary for checking the files for spelling and grammar mistakes.

No worries for the delay of payment, for me it was just necessary to be sure that I will get paid at all as I will of course turn down other translation offers to be free for your project. No I am sure, so everything is fine on my end 🙂

Best Kristof


the S&R-script is case sensitive, right? It better be!


Again big merged file. But some files inthis batch are almost pretranslated, what means that they won’t consist much to correct.
Upload them to the same directory as the previous file when you complete spellchecking please.


Yes ok but when do you need this to be ready?

I believe this but I have to look over it and read carefully though they are pretranslated.So it takes some time!


Do you mean that you reread every single word to resolve typos? If yes, then you shouldn’t do it. There is an option in Excel, which allows to do spellchecking. I believe you told that you use Office 2010. If I am right, then you may choose the German column and apply Spelling function to it(It is on Review tab, in the Proofing group).


unfortunately, I’m short of time until Thursday. If you still need help on Friday, however, I would be fully available again.

My most competitive rate per hour is 15.00 dollars.




thanks. I am through the files once, but I’d like to check back with  to be sure about one glossary change (Stufe seems to be Level now) before I finish them. I wrote to  about that already.

Hours so far:

batch 121-135: 105 mins
batch 136-150: 75 mins

A bit more complicated this time. I will upload some suggestions for S&R and some comments about problematic rules later.


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