[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary List Terms Client

Again if implementing the client’s requests is causing problems and threatening late delivery, just forget about them. I already asked for an extension, but if they do not approve it then we will not implement their requests (unless it is possible). Simply because they submitted them too late. There was plenty of time in the beginning. They have to learn to get more involved. The slow speed of their responses is pretty pathetic.



I think we could fill some (the most important; hyphenation) of their requests in about 2 days + the time it needs for searching and replacing. Some of their requests are and remain unclear, because even looking at their glossary, I couldn’t find occurences of Item of Frost and Frost Item, let alone different meanings of that.

Overall, from what I read now after insertion and after Sebastian has proofed/checked it, quality is not superior and a bit inconsistent, but overall I’d say it’s pretty good given the method (search and replace), the time and the multitude of translators. I don’t know how much time a full proofread would require, because that would be the only method I can think of that would ensure very good quality. Since I don’t think that’s possible even with an extension, I’d say for some good translators to spotcheck and proofread the S&R-insertions shouldn’t take all too long.

I don’t know about that glossary which has compiled the translations for. If delivering that is part of the contract, this would take another two or three days to really integrate all of it (some terms are not even in our text, some terms that are in our glossary are not in theirs and, what’s worse, seems like not all of their glossary terms are in our glossary).

I already wrote to that I cannot do much before Monday evening. I know I should have communicated this earlier, but I was swamped with work and assuming it would go easier with the S&R and didn’t expect the client’s comments. Sorry about that. I told some things someone else could do, though.


here’s what I wrote to but this could also go to  (after some explanation) or Christina?

I heard you don’t have much time for this project anymore, but do you perhaps have time to read through the files you looked over previously (after S&R insertion) and look out for any terms that should be added to the list (not super-intensive). Another job would be to go through the latest glossary and remove any hyphens that are unnecessary or could be removed, this is just about language-feeling, nothing else. I’ve started on that and gave instructions to . A third job would be to check the client’s glossary for terms / changes that should be added to the S&R list or at least for changes that are valid (Christina made some suggestions). However, it seems you and Christina used the July 8 glossary. I have updated quite a lot for the latest glossary, which hasn’t reached you because I finishing the translations had priority. So the latest glossary would have to be the basis for any work you do. It’s also with and I uploaded it also to the proofreading folder (Files__SR.zip).

Thank you much

Here are also some of the clients comments:

What my team did with the JD glossary was to go through it and check one by one. It tedious but it’s the only way to get it consistent.

1. Comments on diverse strings

a) A amulet from hell > Ein Amulett aus der Hölle | Comment: such and similar ones are fine with me.

b) Line 43 – Wrong gender

c) Magus & Magus’ | Comment: I guess they both refer to the same. No differentiation necessary. @DERICK: Am I right? (Yes, no differentiation is necessary)

Achilles’ & Achilles’s

Adventurer & Adventurer’s

d) ActionDuel & Action Duel | Comment: I am not sure about the difference between these two. Just a typo? @DERICK: Can you tell me? (They are the same. They have been renamed to [Action Book] ___. They are emotes the user can perform.)

e) Aesir = Ase (sg.) / Asen (pl.) | For reference, please see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ase (or search for the English equivalent)

f) Agility: Beweglichkeit, Wendigkeit | Comment: either word is fine with me as long as it is used consistently and does not conflict with other words (in particular other set items)

g) ATT – ANG | Comment: For JD we are using “AGF” as the abbreviation for “Angriff”. I suggest to use this here, too. It’s more intuitive.

h) Attack (Angriffs-…) – NO set items | Comment: Since those are not set items, I suggest to link “Angriffs-“ directly to the word following it. See the table below.
We are at polishing process now. We need to do a spellcheck for files. Please, let me know if you have time to help with it these days.



We are already at polishing up the BOI. We need proofreaders to do a spellcheck of files. Please, let me know if you have a capacity to dedicate some time to the project these days.



I could help you out for the next days. I will not be available coming Tuesday to Thursday but before and after that no problem. Just send the files my way.


Please, do a spellcheck for attached files 1-30. They are merged in batches of 15 files.


files received. You will have them back by tomorrow night.



We are polishing up the project and need people to do a spellcheck of files – not proofreading or something like that – only spellcheck. Tell me please, if you are available to dedicate us a couple of days or at least part of your time during next days. We are really short of budget already, so if you have the capacity to help us, let me know your most competentive rate/hour for such task.



We are polishing up the project now and need people to do a spellcheck of files. Not proofreading – only spellcheck. Tell me please, if you have time to help us during next 2 days. And if yes, then let me know your most competentive hour rate for such task.



We are polishing up the project now. Please, let me know if you are available to help us.


Yes, I am available!

Best Gerald


I looked at the file you sent above and I’m confused. What does the columns mean? Why is Column B is Final and Column C is Pre-Final but it seems Column C is the modified one? What’s Column D and Column E exactly?

Also saw some entries in column D & E that doesn’t match the terms in the same row (row 966, 689 and 1452).

Gerald’s available and we can tell him to start on this, but again, it would help if we know what you were trying to do with the columns so he can do it the same way.

As for the Battle of Immortals thing, it’s because the list was not copied correctly. I think I’ve figured out the correct method now, but just to clarify, I’m to apply the revised list + $$$, right? And copy-paste it as text too.


I forgot to add the following:
1. Take some time ASAP to write a very specific instruction set on what you want Gerald to do. Keep in mind that he never worked with us before and will have no idea of what to do. I’ll attach SandR.zip and send a message to him, but my message will be pretty generic.
2. Pretend that the extension will not be granted and that we will not be incorporating the client’s comments. We’ll keep those in mind, but given the deadline we’ll worry about consistency, etc. first and only incorporate the client’s request if we have the time and money left afterward. This may end up not as efficient as incorporating them right away, but you have to keep in mind that there’s not enough time to do them all with the current deadline and while Karel’s asking for extension, until we get that extension from the client, we have to act as if we don’t have one.
3. Check the glossary worksheet on Google Docs. I’ve been adding quite a bit of stuff of inconsistent terms as I find them.


I have time. 15 USD/hour I think was the rate I got also last time!


We’ll approach you once  prepares instructions for you.


Okay, Column A (English) and B (German) are the glossary in their latest stage (Without client wishes/changes). Column C is the same as B, but I applied my changes in that column. That means that is the column to work with (remove hyphens that may be unnecessary). So after going through the glossary and removing those hyphens, the S&R list (left German wrong, right German right) can be built by:
Filtering the document by those terms that are NOT the same in B and C (C containing terms that were changed) will result in a short list of terms that need to be added to S&R. So basically, we need to filter out all those B/C pairs that were left unchanged.
Column D and E are additional words/plural forms and declinations that can be added to the list as well (D being what is in the text now, E being with what it should be replaced).

I was afterwards going to combine this new list with the previous S&R list by adding/replacing only those that were changed (filter) and excluding possible duplicates.

And yes, the correct list is the revised list + $$$. I would think that Gerald should also anticipate if there will be any problems if such hyphens are removed and the terms replaced, which really shouldn’t occur.

Please tell Gerald also to send me any questions he may have and I’ll try to get back to him as soon as possible.

If I ignore the client’s comments, my current S&R list should be near-final (you said that minor changes shouldnt be a big problems if I give them to you in the next couple of days).

I also added my comments to the googledocs sheet. You’re correct in most cases and that could just be added to S&R.

I hope this is enough instructions?


I have to ask you for a favour. We are really short of budget at the moment and would be greatful if you could accept 10 USD/hour this time.



Thank you for the proofreading offer. I would like to take part in the quality check of the BOI files, unfortunaltely I have not been paid yet for the work I did on the JD project in May and I decided not to do any more work for Kenax until payment was received in full. After that I will be happily available to help you with profreading and translating. I hope you understand my point of view, I still believe that I will get paid as Karel has explained thew delay but I am unable to invest more time as long as I can’t be 100% sure.

Sorry I can’t help you at the moment.

Best Kristof



sorry for the late answer.

1.  sent me a mail asking for help with three jobs. I will look at the files I checked previously and make S&R list suggestions tomorrow (sunday). In another mail he just wrote he asked me to check with you about the other 2 glossary jobs (removing hyphens, checking for changes) so I may be able to squeeze in some hours tomorrow if you need my help with one of those.

In any case, can you send / direct me to the latest glossary?

2. Could you be a bit more specific about “fail to deliver”, when that would be, and how much work there would still be? As I wrote, in principle I’m very busy for the next weeks, so I hope this will not be necessary. If the project would absolutely depend on it, I could try to shift things around, but honestly I’d prefer not to have to do that. So I hope this will work out with …


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