[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Attached Glossary Confirm Uploaded

As I recall, that change is because the client thinks Stufe is a more appropriate translation for Level due to the medieval feel. Ah, here’s the email that Karel forwarded to us.

7) Avoiding anglicisms
> 1) “Gut” instead of “OK” or “Okay”
> Exceptions: Level, LV (common expression in computer games); but even here have seen good solutions though: in the German version of “Baldur’s Gate” they use “Stufe” instead of “Level” for character levels, and sounds pretty good.

We’ll be waiting for the upload. Thanks.


Ok! I am ready and just uploaded the next file.


Hi , uploading the reviewed files below.

Stufe has been changed to L$$evel throughout, after  has confirmed.

In the attached list, you find some additional changes I made and suggestions for ‘s lists (including some phrases including Stufe/Level).

also explained the next task to me he asked earlier:

“The task I was talking about should be in this stage to look for things that should be included in the S&R list. So that would consist of looking at Christina\’s corrections (and if you see anything else but without intensive checking, as there are 13000 terms). The file in question should be available from (its a list of terms from the client that has been translated by ).”

Can you confirm what file it is if you sent it above, or send it to me? I’m a bit confused about what’s what with all the files.

I will look at that tomorrow, as I’m off for the night now.



Yes I can take more files to do tomorrow.
I have spent 2h25mins on the first batch.



Please, keep record of hours you’ve spent for spellchecking at yours meanwhile. The next batch of files for you:

Please, confirm


Next files for you to spellcheck:


” Sorry,I cannot do this before tomorrow afternoon my time.Think it is too Late isn’t it? “Hi, !

Not sure, what is “your” tomorrow afternoon, but it’s not late 🙂


Hi, !

We are actually having a hope to get everything spellchecked by the time you are supposed to become available for our project, but for any case…if we need you help… can I ask you to make a discount for us this time? The budget left at the moment makes me to ask you for a favour.We would be extremely greatful if you could accept 10 USD/Hour this time…again, IF we need help since Friday. If you can’t do it -it’s Okay,no worries, I understand, everyone has to provide own living.

Best regards.

PS: Sorry, I didn’t say “Thank you for your work” after you had uploaded the last file you translated. And I can assure you that once we have a new German project, we’ll approach you, whatever you answer on my question above.

” I can begin in 17 hours! “Okay!



Can confirm receipt of the files. You will have them back by tomorrow afternoon.



Please, inform me about your availability, once you upload the batch.


Hi, Gerald!

Don’t perceive as hurrying you up, but could you update us on how you proceed with the assignment and maybe estimate the time till its accomplishment? Also tell us if there are any complications or issues you want to clear out.


No problems so far – it should be done by Monday morning.

Best Gerald



Very good.


Christina’s file was created without the benefit of the S&R list nor the recent corrections. I’m running the S&R script on it and then manually went through it. Got about 3000 more terms to look at, but I’m running out of time. I got a meeting with my insurance agent and my sister in about… oh, 45 minutes.

I’ll send you what I have so far.

Many terms are not actually in the source text. Those have been left untranslated and Christina has been marking them with ‘u’ in the Comments area.

Column C is what the current translated files say (before S&R). Column D is after the S&R. Column E is Christina’s version, and in a few cases, mine. Column F is comments.

Keep in mind that Christina wasn’t involved in BOI and doesn’t know the conventions. E.g., she seems to prefer the X des Y format instead of Ys X.

I will also need a definitive glossary to hand to the client. Generally, I will trust the script over Christina’s. In cases where the script is wrong or misses something, could you please give me the definitive term? You’ll have to do it anyway as you add terms to the S&R list. Maybe you can add it in Column G or something.


Attached you will find the revised file, which took me 5 hours (since there were quite a few things to change).

Best Gerald



Are you sure you have attached the right file? The zip consists only one file with 17 terms added.

” Oops, sorry! This is the right one! “Gerald

Give it another try,please 🙂

” Okay, good things come in threes … Here we go 😉

Herewith I attach a list of Sebastian’s suggestions for the S&R list.
Update us please about what you are working at now and your progress.
Also let us know if there is anything you want Gerald or Sebastian to do.



I just uploaded the files. I have limited available over the next days. You can send me some files, but I won’t be able to get them back to you before Friday. If that is still early enough you can send me some more files.



The above is Christina’s file after S&R. All sheets instead of partial like the previous file.

One more thing, when adding new terms for the S&R list, client has said that he prefers less hyphens. E.g.
Grabrauber instead of Grab-Rauber.

Gerald’s working on removing the hyphens from the S&R list already, so you don’t have to worry about the current S&R list. But when you add new terms, keep it in mind.


Sorry, I couldn’t manage earlier. Shall I begin with the file now you assigned me yesterday?

” It’s official. No extension. August 2nd is final. And honestly, given that most of us (including you) takes the weekend off, the 30th-31st should be our target.

Valeria’s offline. But yes, please do.

Sorry, but we can’t commit to a 4 days turn-around. Instead, we’ll have someone else do the spellchecking for the next three days and if there are files left on Thursday, we’ll assign it to you then.

Sebastian’s suggestions are helpful. Did you receive back Gerald’s work yet? That would help me.

To : You said you filled the translation for the glossary the client supplied by using the files, right? I assume you also used our glossary? If so, you probably used the July 8 version and my question is: should I try to update this with our latest glossary terms and check for additions to the S&R afterwards?


i just finished and uploaded the last file you assigned me!



Yes, Gerald is done with removing hyphens already. His file is attached.



Next batch:

Please, confirm


I hope to be able to come up with a S&R list by tomorrow night that includes Sebastian’s, Gerald’s, Christina’s and other works and some of the client’s comments. I’m afraid this is something I have to do by myself.


Fine, .

Just keep in mind that Gerald is available, so if you contrive anything what could be performed by him instead of you and could speed the things up,just let us know.


Hi .

I was able to spend 4.75 hours on the file today and worked it until the end of items (I did not convert to the new file yet, but items shouldn’t have changed?).

The list of S&R terms is attached. In the glossary file (also attached), in table G, I wrote the new term or a comment (e.g. to ignore Christina’s suggestion), in H additional comments.

Since there was a section with many X des Y terms I went through that, too, to make sure to make everything Xs Y.

I hope this is what you had in mind & helpful.

I should be able to continue with the rest of the file tomorrow for a few hours at least (I’ll use your new one).


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