[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Translation Time Proofreading Project

Yes, sure.
We have a deadline for the translation of the whole project on Thursday, so of course we need both files ASAP.


Done with the assignments, as follows:

[Proofreading Notes For Gerald] 45 mins. I know, this seems a lot/you asked for 15 mins, but I seem to be unable to write something like this very hastily/without putting some thought into it. I hope you can appreciate that. Find the notes attached.


01_part_003: 15 mins, fine

Anette 01_part_022: (re-checking): total 60 mins (previous checking included);
-> was better, still contained issues so I gave it a more careful proofread to make sure the bigger issues are resolved.

Anette 01_part_023: total 30 mins;
-> not bad. I can see improvement after my last comments, but I would still check this translator a bit more carefully to be sure, some issues remain.

Isabell 01_part_030: total 75 mins (including earlier time for spotting and feedback);
-> a bit of improvement, but still too many issues (even some of the same ones I sent her comments about). Did full proofread. Untranslated = chinese.

Isabell 01_part_031: 30 mins; also checked more carefully and fixed remaining errors. untranslated = chinese

01_part_108: 25 mins;
-> Opinion on translator: quality ok, but a considerable number of little errors towards the end — seems an able translator overall, but should be more careful with proofreading/think twice about some sentences. Went ahead and fixed these errors because it seemed feasible and didn’t take too much extra time.

Annika 01_part_109: 15 mins; good!


I just uploaded 01_eta_141-142_DEU.
If there’s any file left just send it.



I have just uploaded parts 128 to 130.

Best Gerald



you’re fast!

Unfortunately all files of the project are already assigned so you have completed the last translation work we could offer you for now.
We will definetely invite you to join other German projects when we get them.
Thank you for your work.


Thank you , Gerald.
When do you think you’ll be done with the last batch of files?


All files of the project have been assigned already and we’re almost done with translation part, so we don’t have anything else to offer you at the moment.



I’m looking forward to work with you on future projects!




I’ll assign you next files to check a little later, meanwhile, I wanted to ask you to resolve a couple of issues in files attached, and as far as I remember you still have files to translate.
Add your time on notes for Gerald to extra hours. I believe you keep a track of hours for individual files as well. I try to update your hours in Accounting GS regularly, but maybe it could be useful if you check it yourself.



Just to make sure that everything is fine and so that I could plan the proofreading of your file, let me know when you are going to upload 59 file.


please, let me know when we can accept the delivery of 106 file.



I know it is only Tuesday, but I would be grateful if you told me when we can expect for your 107 & 132 files



We have a deadline for the translation of the whole project on Thursday. That’s why I’d like to know when we can expect your translation of 110 file. It would be great if you manage to deliver it tomorrow.

” 107 sometime tonight; 132 before Thursday. ”

I finished translating yesterday evening and only have to proofread it now so I will upload it today.



Current assignment is almost done. Feel free to send me the next file.
Christian” Fine, great. Take your time.


The deadline for the translation of the project in on July,15. We are almost done with translation and unfortunately all files are already assigned. So the file you are completing is the last for you on this project. But we will definetely contact you when we get another German project.
So now you can take your time to complete and proofread your current file and thank you for your work 🙂


Sorry for the delay I am having some trouble with my computer. I will try to deliver tomorrow by the end of the day.



yes, I keep a record of all my spot-checking and extra hours. Thank you for updating the accounting web so reliably.

After Karel’s mail about payment yesterday I compared the spreadsheet to my records and found a few little discrepancies… I wrote to Karel but he didn’t answer yet, so can I ask you to update this in the accounting_web file? I guess then it will automatically be included when totals are calculated the next time.

With the extra hours, I will just wait until you ask for a report on that…

pasted from the mail:

1. One amount of 1.75 hours is not in the total hours count because it is formatted as text (file 01_part_040, probably due to the comma instead of dot?)
2. For file 05_part_306, the hours should be 1.5 — it was resent once and re-checked, I guess one time the PMs (or I) forgot to update accounting_web so it only shows 0.75 hours.
3. The same is true for 05_part_257 and 05_part_258: each should be 0.5 hours (due to sending back and re-spotting).

About the issues from vetting:

Fixed them, but I’m not sure if I understood what the vettor meant in relation to the 002 file — see comments for what I did fix.

And yes, I also still have files to translate. Barely got to do that over the last days, but now I’m actually at it :-).


I’ve just uploaded 1 part 126…

Check for “+” and look at my remarks in the GS Glossary, please.

I’m going to start 1 part 127, should be ok for tomorrow evening if no problems arise. (deadline thursday morning)

a sunny ciao
from Sicily


Yes, there was a comma for 40 file – corrected.
What is concerned everything else – look for a column Proofreading 2 on the very far right. I put there hours in such cases when proofreading process takes 2 stages, not to confuse or forget hours if for example you proofread the file for the first time, and then Sophie reproofreads it, or vice versa.


Just to let you know that I just uploaded the following two files:

01_eta_148_German_Dennis_Translation.pfx (on 002_BOI)
Notes_01_eta_148_Dennis (on Notes_BOI)

Dennis” Thank you for your work, Dennis.

Sorry you’ve got problems, but if you don’t resolve them by morning, let me know and I will assign your file to another translator. This file must be translated and “I will try” sounds unconfident a little to me.


The last batch should be done tomorrow evening at the latest.

Best Gerald” Fine, thanks

“I’m already working on it.


All right guys. No worries. Just let me know when there’s more or new stuff to do.


already reminded.

Take your time for translation meanwhile…Don’t assume as intimidation, but you won’t have it soon 😉


files are ready. If you want to send me new ones, you can do that.
Thanks and


I’ve uploaed 01_part_140 to the FS.




Do you feel to have enough time to complete your files by the deadline?


I will send you 01_part_144 tomorrow (wednesday) afternoon.

Kalle” Great,

File checked and uploaded. Glossary suggestions added. Martin

“… and eta 149 now.


Great, Uli.

Your last 2files consist less than500 words. We are eager to skip the proofreading for such files, so keep in mind that they should be perfect. If there is something you are not sure about and you think that proofreader should take a look at these files, tell us please.


Oh there actually were some weird passages within the last files (149), but luckily that one still has enough words. Especially one passage that dealt with a “hose”. I just couldn’t figure out what they meant…

I will try my best with the last ones. Just finished 150, but I will revise it now.


Ok, the final files are up (eta 150 and 151)!


I just uploaded my last file. Thank you for having me on this project and I hope I will be part of the next one as well.



I’m not comfortable with the number of errors I discovered on these files. I’ve corrected them when I can, but if I can find them, then they need to be looked over carefully. Can you proofread them?



The only translator who sent notes is Steffen.

PS: Go ahead and finish your translation first.


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