[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary Upload Proofreading Project

the good news first:

I spotted ‘s files, which were quite good. Will you need comments about chinese characters in the future, as below?

[01_part_032_]: 15 minutes: ok – 988, 1056, 1115, 1310 contain chinese that seems to name important items. [01_part_033_]: 10 minutes, looks good. 140, 248, 252, 293, 295, 346, 727 contain chinese.

After the problems with Isabella’s files, I was not so happy with Susanne’s, either. Too many errors, some of which are typos that she should have found while proofreading, others are deviations from the glossary for no reason (or did she send comments that I somehow missed?), some are misinterpretations. So I’d suggest to send back her files for proofreading, and attached some comments below. After we already sent back her first file (which was acceptable when fixed) in getting a bit sceptical about this translator, too.

I will upload the file in a minute, but remember that I only finished ‘s 032 and 033. The others contain the corrections I have made up to this point, but are not finished.


I will send Susanne’s files back to her.

And next files to check:
Dennis 01_part_054
Anette 01_part_055


Only spotcheck. This PFX contains your 052 file. If you are 100 % confident about it and don’t see the reason to check it- just upload it to FS then and let me know if you did.



Proofreader spends too much time to proofread your files. I attach list of comments from him, please, revise your 01_part_028, 01_part_029 files.

Then upload them to FS as translated with slightly changed name.



fixed the + and other issues, continuing with the new files now.

time for + and other issues: 25 minutes. Is it enough to report that here, or do I have to submit some kind of report?

I made not about the changes into the .docs from the vettors.


sorry about the problems. I will fix them as soon as I can. Meanwhile I learned how to provide better qualtiy, but I sent thiese files before I corrected the first one. From the next assignment on things will go much better.



it is enough to submit your hours here for now and for individual files. But as for such things like you have just done, when you have 1 task and several files, it would be useful if you collected all hours in one file. And we will ask you for it then.
As far as I understand you still have 20-23 fles to check. And here are next files:

Holger 01_part_061
Gerald 01_part_062
Isabell 01_part_063
Steffen 01_part_064

Please, pay a little more attention to ‘s files and tell us if you think we could use her as a proofreader.
By the way, there is another Isabell’s file. If it is as bad as previous, put it aside for a while.



translation is nearly finished and will be returned within an hour. Please assign new file.



There’s no way you overwrote your Video.German_MAIN with Add_New_German. To do so you will have to go through several steps intentionally and you would notice it.

Most likely reason why there’s no glossary? You forgot to switch the dictionary back to Video.German_MAIN. Go to Projects -> Settings -> TermStar Dictionaries and Add it back in.

Most likely reason why there’s no fuzzy matches is because you started a new project. It has NOTHING to do with the glossary. You can have no glossary and have hundreds of fuzzy matches and vice versa.

Transit remembers things automatically within a project. But 92 is 01_delta, while your other assignments aren’t. You’ll have to tell Transit to specifically include those assignments in its memory. To do so, Project -> Settings -> Reference Material.

There are Add Project, Add Folder, and Add File buttons there. All three will work. They just work differently. If you use Add Project, choose the previous projects. If you you Add Folder, pick the directories where the .ENU/.DEU files are stored. If you choose Add File, pick the individual files.

If you have any more question, just ask. Try to provide as much information as possible when you ask though. Since I am not in front of your computer, I have to rely on your descriptions to “see” what’s going on.


done with the batch 52-55 and uploading it in a minute. But it may need more work (see below).

[01_part_052_Sebastian]: 10 minutes. went through it quickly to make sure, and fixed my own +++ issues to my best ability.

[01_part_053 ]: 25 mins.
Some terms were inconsistent with glossary, fixed them with find & replace — easier and safer than sending back the file. General translation quality was acceptable, but not first rate.
About the glossary and other issues, please send her the attached comments. Also, I wonder if she is aware of the term-building rules, maybe you should check that she has ‘s instructions?
Also, one 99% pretranslated segment is wrong, also noted in the file, please review this, as it might have spread to other files, too.

01_part_054 Dennis: 20 minutes.
please send him my comments on his comments. Fixed his + issues, otherwise almost flawless. Seems to be another very good translator :-).

[01_part_055 Annette]: 30 mins.
I am getting quite sure that she is not a native. She mixes up gender and number markers a lot, which is a typical sign of a non-native speaker. I took a bit longer and fixed the biggest issues to get a better overall impression of the translator. What I have now still contains errors, but is at least comprehensible / the content is right. I would suggest another pass of proofreading and fixing for good German. Not sure if we should send this back or do it ourselves, and based on this, I don’t really think this is such a good translator any more (her first file I did was better).

please note that it is getting very hard to remain in the time limits you asked for with all these issues and comments. Another reason we should preferrably use only the real good translators, in my opinion – saves us all a lot of work and effort. I did not add friednly notes addressing the translators at the top of the feedback comments this time and they are a bit raw, sorry about that, but it would just take a lot more time.


it’s Thursday already and we haven’t received any word from you about the glossary. The googledocs spreadsheet went down for half a day yesterday, but I could have provided a copy of it had you asked, and presumably you have a copy or can download one (it’s available even though the linked page itself is down).

Do you need help with anything?


Oh .. so nothing to worry about?
because I had already switched to Video.main again…
but since I noticed the words I had put into the ADD TERM file in the video main glossary window… I thought I had overwritten the original glossary…

Well, so I wasted a lot of time…
Ok, I’ll go on translating then…

Till later


PS I forgot…
the growing number behind the Video.main file… the higher the number the newer the glossary? Do I remember correctly?
because now I have a 2 files… I chose the one with “1” at the end instead of the other with NO number at all.



The higher the number means the “newer Received” glossary. This isn’t necessarily newest. In your case, for example, since you downloaded the 29 June glossary twice, both glossaries are identical, even though they’re numbered different.

When in doubt, check the actual dates on the entries. Yours should say 30 June. While  submitted the glossary on the evening of 29 June, I processed it on the morning of 30 June.


I’m working on it right this moment. No Add_New was included in any of Geralds files on the upload directory, though. There must have been something wrong with the upload/sending feature or something. Also, I’m checking through the googlesheet. Holger is kind of rebelling against some of our terms, and I need to get him back in line, I think. Other than that, I hope to send you my newest Excel version tonight.


Hi everyone

I have uploaded file 88, containing some glossary suggestions.

Best Gerald


Gerald,  says that none of your files have the Add_New_German included.

Can you do the following steps?

Open Add_New_Terms_German. The project, not the dictionary.
Do a Send.
Upload the resulting TXF to our site. Make sure to name it appopriately.

I want to verify that you actually used added new terms to Add_New_German instead of Video.German_MAIN.

In the meanwhile, copy your suggestions to the Google Docs spreadsheet at:

That way  can see it right away, because he’s working on the glossary right now.


to the PMs? or those who take care about the ADD TERM files…

what about my little file… was it ok? 01_part 92 Glossary  or s.th. similar…

it was small.
Was it ok? I doubt it… but who knows… until someone tells me… 😉



That little file I can’t figure how to use.
It contains a single .uni file, which I can’t open nor incorporate. I couldn’t get it into a form that our lead translator can read, and I don’t know how to merge it with the .mdb (Access 97) files that Transit actually uses inside. After a while I gave up and deleted it.

Sorry that I can’t be more helpful there.



I have just uploaded the glossary: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/uploadedfiles_001/TR/002_BOI/Add_New_German_GERALD.TXF

and updated the spreadsheet as well.

What exactly do I have to do to make sure the glossary gets transmitted while sending the translations?




that’s all I wanted to know.

sorry I wasn’t able to make a proper file…
hope to be better next time…

horrbile Transit…

back to work…


I’d like to confirm that I’ve just completed and uploaded my recent translation (05_284DEU_German_
_Translation .TXF), so I’m about to continue with the new file now.

“The Add_New_German_GERALD is good.

Okay, there doesn’t seem to be any problem with the actual glossary. So I think that the reason it didn’t get sent is due to Settings.

Next time if you want to send Add_New_German with a different file, go to Projects -> Settings -> TermStar Dictionaries.

Deselect Video.German_MAIN. Add Add_New_German if you haven’t already. Enter the new entries if you haven’t already. Save.

Then do a Send just as usual. This will create a TXF that includes the new terms. Upload it as usual. We’ll get both the translated assignment and the suggested new terms that way.

When you’re done, you can switch the dictionaries again.


Kalle, we still haven’t received 01_part_56 yet.
It’s been 5 days since we assigned that to you, so we thought surely you’ve finished that. Did something happened that prevented you from finishing it? Do you need more time?


Please, complete 55 file and upload all section 52-55 to FS.


I haven’t finished part_056 yet. It’s quite tricky to find out what some segments mean, and I did not want to leave too much untranslated.

However I will be able to send you the finished file tonight. I hope that’s okay with you.


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