[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Glossary Good German Translation Translator

Would you like to see the original Excel file?


It’s in Excel 2007 format. Open Office can easily handle it though.


here is the July 8 glossary.


Thanks for the new file! Received it. I had another annoying internet problem today, I would have asked for a new file otherwise. I’m almost done with delta 94, so I will post that later tonight & then work on the new reps file. Two days should be possible.

I hope I’ll cope with CS because some remarks for  (?) (the lead translator) have accumulated now. Maybe nothing really essential, but for the sake of completeness I want to post them. Maybe some questions as well, must have a look…

About Transit, I’m indeed not 100% sure if it’s because of Transit or my (indeed genuine) Windows, because the Media Player is also bugging me lately.


about file 53, just fix the error. It’s ‘s fault. Dunno how that happened. My guess is that she edited a pre-translated segment for some reason.

I checked the source text and the same term occurs in 01_part_17, 28, 29, and 53. Looking at the Transit files for those files, only 53 has the error. The rest are correct (you can verify this because you should have the other 3 files).

So other than 53, don’t worry about it.


The Google Docs spreadsheet is back up.

You may want to delay translating for a little bit because  just uploaded a new glossary (8 July). I’ll convert it into Transit right away, but it’ll still take 30 mins or so.

Check http://translationstop.com/files/Glossary/
in about 30-45 mins and look for the 8July file.


alright, here is the update with Jan’s suggestions.


I already downloaded it.


Too fast, my friend. 🙂

You downloaded the Excel file, not the Transit file. Conversion is at 64% and counting. Almost done. Please try again in about 5 mins.

” Alright, Transit version of the glossary uploaded.

” Dennis.

01_part_113 (4,099)


Herewith I attach your notes to 54 file with proofreader’s answers.


Alright. No damage done 😉
Downloaded the real thing now.


By “do a Send as usual”, do you mean “Sending the translation as usual”? Because that is what I have always done (after selecting “Add_New” and entering the suggestions).

Best Gerald



Before you start translating, please, download and add the newest glossary, it’s already up:



I am not sure why  says he can’t find any Add_New_German in your previous uploads. The one you sent is fine and that’s sent the same way you sent everything else, right?

” Yes, it is, but the problem seemed to be that the actual translations didn’t have the Add_New glossary included. “The file has been uploaded. I don’t have any specfic points to add as a note, I just marked the corresponding segments with a +.




The latest glossary is up, so make sure to add it to the project before you start translating your next file.
Download link:

Please, let me know when you suppose you can deliver your 070 file.


have already begun working on 070. will have it finished by sunday.

thanks for the glossary



Jan, first, there’s a new glossary.

Please start using that one instead of the older one.

Second, I’m overriding epsilon_107 assignment with the following file.


This is a repetitions file for subsection eta. I don’t know if you have done a repetitions file for us before. I’m assuming you have, but even if not, it’s not that different from any other file. Guessing the context might be a bit more difficult, but do your best.

We are not canceling epsilon_107. You still have it. But please prioritize the eta_reps first since it will take several days. If you can get it done over the weekend, great. If you’re busy with some other stuff and can’t do it, please let us know right away so I can reassign eta_reps to someone else.

The reason we want this done first is because finishing this file with allow us to continue with 21 other files.



One technical question:

Usually, when I open the language pair after having received a project, I see 2 options:
One carries the name of the file, the other one is called “Translation Extract” (I always choose the file name).

In the case of this file, however, I only have the option “Translation Extract” – there is no option with the file name.
I just want to make sure that this is alright.
I will translate this “Translation extract”, unless you tell me otherwise.

Jan” You are correct. A repetitions file is the Translation Extract that gets included in every other kind assignment. So proceed and translate the Translation Extract.

finished full proofread of 055, uploading new version:


in a minute. It was good to get a better impression of the translator by proofreading, so let’s see how the other files are and maybe send them back to her next time. Please also review the comments for her I’m attaching below and forward them.

Please update total time for 055 to 1.75 hours (it is not fully polished now, but acceptable German).

Now, I still have

01_alpha_020-23 — sorry, I completely missed that you assigned it, thanks for the reminder!

01_part_061-068 — which I already started to work on, I guess I’ll try to finish it first

01_delta_081_DEU.PXF — for translating.


Please, let me know if you have already started translating 081 file. If not-I would like to reassign it to another translator and assign you a set of files with ones, which consist less than 500 words and won’t be proofread.



have not started 081 yet, somehow I had missed that assignment, too.



Proofreader has checked your 55 file and he is not satisfired with your work this time. I attach his comments for you. At this point we can not affort proper proofreading, so average time for spotcheck of 1 file does not exceed 15 min. To your information your file took proofreader almost 2 hours to make quality acceptable. Please, before you upload new files, make sure to proofread them in an extremely careful way.



then forget about it. I reassign it to another translator. Files for you to translate:
01_part_101 (69)
01_part_102 (423)
01_part_103 (1,576)
01_part_104 (1,143).

Total words: 3211

Download link:



The file’s ready and uploaded.




Next file for you:
01_part_081 (2,053)

Download link:

Please, confirm


I have a tag problem with this file, sitting here now for an hour trying to fix it but no chance.

The source and the target file are having a problem on:

Tag 322

File attached. Please help or advise ASAP.



Hi there

I fixed the tag problem.




New glossary is up.
Please, receive it and add to the project before you start translation.



Finished spotting 61-68. This time, Isabell’s file was good (but also very easy). Have you decided about her 030-031 files yet? Maybe it’s worth a try to send her back those files, after all.

About as a proofreader: These files were pretty good, but I remember I was not completely happy with the last one. So I’m a bit cautious, but its not out of the question. Are there more files of her that I haven’t spot-checked yet?

In my opinion, other translators are better, though. Gerald, one of the new ones, is very excellent; he could be considered, in my opinion. A few others were very good, too, but I’d have to review my notes, it’s hard to keep track of so many different people — so let me know if you want my opinion on anyone else!

Report on the files:

[Holger 01_part_061] 25 mins, quite good. I still have to assess this translator (earlier assignment which I missed and will do now), so I collected some comments and will send you my comments on translator with the next file (020-023).

one issue you might want to double-check:
Source: “Increases Divine damage by 100Increases Divine damage by”
(multiple occurrences with different numbers) – repetition an error in the original? or does it make sense in context? Maybe you want to check. Translator used:
“Erhöht Göttlicher°°°Schaden um 100. Erhöht Göttlicher°°°Schaden um”
accordingly, maybe it makes sense to delete everything behind the number. I left it so.

[Gerald 01_part_062] 10 mins – seems to be flawless. – untranslated are chinese
[Isabell 01_part_063] 10 mins – this time, quite good! But also a very easy file. untranslated are chinese.
[Steffen 01_part_064] 10 mins – a few minor issues, but overall good
[ 01_part_065] 10 mins – good – untranslated are chinese.
[ 01_part_066] 10 mins, good.
[ 01_part_067] 10 mins – good
[ 01_part_068] 10 mins – good


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