[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Download German Translate Glossary Dictionary

To answer your previous question about Add New, there’s supposed to be a spreadsheet on Google Docs, but that’s down and until Google sees fit to fix it, we’ll have to find a different way.

If you want to use the Add_New_Terms_German.PXF as described in the procedure, just download and Receive it like the glossary. Then switch dictionaries. Deselect Video.German_MAIN and Add Add_New_German

If you look at the icons on the top edge of Transit, you’ll see icons that looks like books. Hover your mouse cursor over it and you’ll see what they do. You want either Commit Marked Terms to Dictionary (which will add the previously highlighted term) or Rapid Entry (manual entry).

Alternatively you can do the same via Edit menu.

Once you’re done, save and do a Send. You may be asked if you want to include only modified text. Since you start with an empty Add_New_German, either one works. Give the file a desriptive name and upload it just like a regular translation. In fact, you can send both your regular translation and Add_New_German as a single file.

When you’re done with the upload, just switch the dictionary back to Video.German_MAIN and continue translating.



Thank you . Your new file:
01_part_105 (2,593)

Download link:


Thanks very much for the ADD TERM instructions…
I just tried it out.

Don’t know if worked.
Let’s see if I can send it.

Till tomorrow.


I’m sending the file via FS…
I think it’s wrong… I saved somthing but maybe I should try again tomorrow.

It seems as though I’ve saved the terms to Add TERM but afterwards something went wrong…

Till tomorrow.


Send it like you’re sending a translation. Just make sure that the dictionary is Add_New_German instead of Video.German_MAIN.

You’ll get a .TXF. Upload that.


1. Transit crashing. Can’t help you there. I experience the same thing, although in my case it’s after I process some 20-30 file. I don’t have to do anything, just opening/closing them that many times. And then it will crash with some sort of Exception error and ask if I want to go to debugger, etc. I suspect Transit has memory leak, but no way of confirming it nor any way of fixing it. Bummer.
2. The old 77 is deleted, and the new one (Redone) received.
3. The Google spreadsheet link is down and has been down for some hours. Google is tinkering with something, I believe. We’ll revert back to CS and passing around text files until Google fixes whatever it is.
4. New assignment.


Another reps file. 3010 words. Skip the Chinese. That’s not counted anyway. Just under the Chinese section you’ll see a long segment that’s clearly missing a few words and half a dozen periods. Make your best guess.

Try to get it done within 2 days, please. Thanks. And yes, if you can’t finish both files within 2 days, do the reps file first. The other one can wait.


My actual file will be ready tomorrow. Please assign a new one.



unfortunately, I have been assigned some smaller projects with very close deadlines.

Until when do I have time to finish my current file? I will definitely finish it in time but for better planning I’d like to know my deadline. It is possible that I won’t be able to translate another file for this project after that in time, though.

I thought I would let you know in advance so that you can assign the other files to translators who have more time.




New file:
01_part_106 (2,604)

Download link:


I would say that your last file on the project should be translated by next Thursday evening. So you depart from this point. You can complete only your current assignment by that time, if you want to translate more – it’s up to you.



Files to spotchek:

There are 11 untranslated words in 43 file. Please, make sure to translate them.

Download link:

Please, confirm


thank you for this information. That would be the 15th July, then?

I will try and see how fast I can translate my current file and if there will be time for another, maybe smaller file until the deadline. But I cannot tell yet and can fully understand if there is no file left if I inform you too late.

However, I would really much like to be on board the next project of this kind as well.


The moment we are almost out of files, I’ll let you know and you’ll make up a decigion whether you are able to translate more or not.


thank you very much 😀

Cooperation with you is really great, thanks for that.



Hi !

I’m ready for a new file now, 2000-3000 words until Monday, like I mentioned before.




Please, translate this file:
01_part_109 (3,086)

Download link:


I will need new files assigend this afternoon.




I have uploaded a TXF file and a DOC file with notes.

So I am ready for the next one.



Thank you for your feedback for my recent translation (05_287)and of course, I will consider it all.
Now I’m happy to tell you that relating to the translation of the last overdue file (05_284) I’m about to close it in a few hours. You will get it later on today. Therefore, I may ask you for new assignment

Have a nice day



Take this file next:
01_part_107 (4,070)

Download link:

Please, confirm and let me know whenyou can turn the file back.


Your next file:
01_part_108 (2,161)

Download link:

Please, confirm



You’ll have it by tomorrow.



Your next file:
01_part_110 (2,611 words)

Download link:

Please, confirm


Thank you for your assignment, I estimate time of return for translation on Monday, 12 July.


confirmed and downloaded…


For  or other PM…

my Excel glossary sheets …

GS glossary is working again… 🙂

for those who know about it:
WAs the ADD TERM file ok yesterday??

ciao from



I’m sorry but I messed up something with the glossary yesterday… I don’t get any matches anymore 🙁

maybe I overwrote the VIDEO.MAIN glossary with the ADD NEW TERM one?

Can anyone help?



I don’t see online now and he is the one who deals with Transit and who can give you 100% right advice. However…I tried do mess dictionaries like you did and actually it worked)) To resolve the situation I received the glossary again, then received and opened a project to translate and added Video.German_Main dictionary. Now the option to insert terms from the dictionary is open again.

ohhh, I hope it is right.


well, thanks for trying to help me …

but the problem is that I can see the terms I inserted into the dictionary yesterday… but I don’t get any fuzzy matches anymore! Not one!

so I somehow tried to download the Video.main again… in an attempt to replace the wrong dictionary…

Well, I absolutely don’t like Transit…

Now I’m stuck here…
I can translate… but that’s not recommended without the glossary working, right?

ciao let’s see who can help… hope will soon be around.

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