[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

German Proofreading Words Uploaded Glossary

I uploaded 01_epsilon_114.

I am free to do more if you have.

” The two non-glossary terms I noticed are Nile River West and unidentified Horus’ Short Flute.

We are waiting for new files at the moment, so you’ll get your assignment once we have files



the glossary terms are fine in my opinion as  used and I uploaded them: “to Nile River West” and “Nile River West” are translated as “zum West-Nil” and “Westlicher Nil” in the glossary, but that conflict isn’t critical, as they really mean the same and won’t confuse anybody. “Horus’ kurze Flöte” doesn’t work grammatically with another adjective before it, so  was right to deviate from the glossary.

Nevertheless, thanks for the input and also for the comments on the other files!

Report as I just meant to post it:

[01_part_057_]: 50 minutes for tags fixing, marked + issues and untranslated. Otherwise good work by translator, but remind him to view full tags and be careful with them!

Concerning Marcus:

His choice of words in 073 was awkward a couple of times, and sentence structure was often very literal / close to English. 073 was still acceptable except for some issues that I fixed by find&replace (another repetitious file, so that worked). So I am not sure about non-native, but he doesn’t belong to the very good translators, and the file was quite easy.

I did notice a few more issues though, when looking at it again to answer your question, and fixed them. Should I upload the whole batch again, or just send you the .DEU file for that?


Upload the whole batch again,please.


uploaded as:


can you add another 15 mins to Marcus 073 for a total of 0.5 hours for the additional fixes?

” Done 😉

thanks for the files, I’ll send the translated files back tomorrow evening.


there are more files to spotcheck:

Anette 01_part_022
Anette 01_part_023
Isabell 01_part_030
Isabell 01_part_031

22-23 and 30-31 are revised.

Download links:


Found those segments you’re talking about.

weapon/Armor/…./ and so on.

They aren’t meant to be tags. What happens is that the combination of words are such that between weapon/Armor we end up with n/A, which is a tag.

Pure coincidence and shouldn’t be treated as an actual tag.


I will have finished the current file soon (zeta 138), so it would be great if I can get a new one to start with until tomorrow morning!



Sorry, but we have new files delayed. Once we get them – you’ll get the assignment.


We’re still waiting for 01_eta_reps to finish proofreading.

Christian commented on his ticket, “By the way, several words in the dictionary and some phrases in the pre-translated segments use the old spelling. I just stumbled across one of those, for example: “Gold Vessels – Goldene Gefäße” (cf. dictionary), whereas, according to the new spelling rules, it should be “Gefässe”.”

I guess that’s stuff for the last glossary update.



More comments for you. Now related to your translation of 74 file.


Ok. I get the impression that for the remaining days, I can do 4000 words each day.


Sorry for overtasking you, but there are more files I want you to check:

Annika 01_part_109

Download link:

109 consists 12 untranslated words, othervise it must be Ok. As far as I remember you haven’t been assigned to check
‘s files before. I don’t remember Sophie or Doris to complaint about her. So I don’t ask you to make any comments for translator if everything is about Ok. Just tell us what you think about her.

Thank you for your great work 🙂



We rely on you…and sorry for inconvenience. We ourselves keep fingers crossed to get those files faster.


I’ve uploaded 01_part_131 on the FS. No notes this time, but I included some terms for the glossary.

Kalle” Kalle

The file’s translated and will be proofread and uploaded tomorrow.




Thank you for informing.
We have a deadline for the project on Thursday, July,15. So thelast translated file of the project must be uploaded on Thursday morning GMT. Will you have time to translate another file during Tuesday-Wednesday?


I’m afraid I won’t have time for that as it looks like a very busy week over here.

Therefore I won’t be able to do much before the weekend.


I just uploaded file “01_part_139″.
I am ready for a new file assignment.

” Got it. Well…then have a good week)

” .

We are waiting for new files at the moment. Once I get them I’ll assign you a file. I suppose we’ll have them tomorrow by midday GMT (the latest…I hope).


one more 15-min task. We are going to involve Gerald in proofreading process. Please, make another list of advices for him. Actually, this guy has got 15 years experience in the field, nevertheless please, share with him your experience. Maybe you’ve got some startegy how to make our proofreading-spotcheck fast and efficient, or the list of frequent mistakes in the framework of our project – well, anything you would assume as helpful.


I just uploaded the files: 01_081-088.

082,084,087,088 included a few irritations of “du” and “Ihr” and some segments were untranslated.
Work time:
01_081: 15 min
01_082: 30 min
01_083: 15 min
01_084: 15 min
01_085: 30 min
01_086: 17 min
01_087: 26 min
01_088: 38 min

Thank you and sleep well




So that you could start work once you have time, I assign you new files right away:

Download link:

Good night


Forgot to mention that there are 6 untranslated words in 116 file. Make sure to translate them, please.


I just sent the zipped file. Here is an actual photo.

I’ll go on with the 126-127 file. There is little time left.

Hope you can help and at least use the .DEU file.


Well, last batch of BOI translation. Total words: 3052.


01_part_149 2658 2 0 0 0 0 2297 4957 2,298
01_part_150 4576 0 0 0 0 0 383 4959 383
01_part_151 4640 0 0 0 0 0 371 5011 371


Short files.

Each files have several hundred untranslated words. We probably will be skip proofreading this due to length, so if you have doubts regarding the translation in a file, please let us know so we do not skip that particular file.

If you want to know the exact word count for the files, they’re below:

The 0 is for file 158, which has no untranslated words and thus is being skipped.


, another batch of files for you to do after you finish 133-136.


Word count:

Of particular note is the word BBS in file 146. I kinda doubt it’s a BBS. Who uses BBS these days? They probably meant a forum of some sort.  thinks it’s a mailbox of some sort though. Oh well, you’re the translator, you figure out what’s a good and accurate term.


It’s Tuesday morning! Rather than wait for a message from you, I’ll be proactive and possibly save us time by assigning you some work right away!

Last batch. Good thing too, because our deadline for translation is Thursday.

If you can’t, just tell us. We’ll reassign it to someone else.

The files in question are parts 152-154.

Total untranslated words is 2650 words. Breakdown follows:

If you haven’t gotten the 08 July glossary, please download and use it.



I still cannot open the files, the only thing I can do is to upload the orginal file again and to translate it anew. Hopefully this works. The funny thing is that I have no problems to open the previous translated file.


In that case, please translate the following file for us.


Untranslated words: 1586 words.

This is probably the last file, we’re almost done.


If you want to redo them from scratch, that’s up to you.
I’m just saying that if you can send those two files to me, I can recover the data, therefore saving you a lot of work.
(Upload those two files to the TR server. Don’t attach them here.)


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