[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Uploaded German Assign Glossary Translation

Yes, that’s the problem… SEND is NOT active…

in 2-3 hours time I won’t be here. Not before tomorrow morning.

Ok, I can try and start the 126-127 File… hoping there won’t be problems.

till later.


Epsilon 118 is uploaded now.


I just uploaded file 01_part_121. It will be great if you can send me a new file.
I will be available for this and next weak.



did the first batch:

[01_part_056] 25 mins, some +/untranslated, rest ok
[01_part_057_] 10 mins so far — tags messed up. Send back? or I will need more time to fix…

Example Segment 51:
Source: Legend has it that the book records the method of how to kill {#ffff002a=Vanished Soldiers#}
Target: Der Legende nach erfahrt Ihr in dem Buch, wie Ihr den Verschwundenen Soldaten auf ewig den Garaus macht{#ffff002a=#}.

-> please make sure to view full tags under “view”, “display/hide attributes”. In the example, “Verschwundenen Soldaten” needs to go inside brackets, the following after them…

also sent comments, but I think it’s best to fix the tags first…

[01_part_058_Christian]: 20 mins: Did he get my comments on 05_part_307? Remind him to review and use new German spelling rules, esp. “ss” vs. “ß”. Rest seems ok.

[01_part_060_Ulrich]: 15 mins, fine.

uploading the files in a minute.



Since the only other way I see is to paste it into the message window, please forward the attached file to .

It’s the remarks & glossary suggestions regarding the last few files I translated. I hope they still come in time. I wanted to send them earlier & little by little, but I think I was too puzzled by all the different communication systems, working or not working.


Next file:
01_part_139 (3,247)

Download link:

we are having a deadline for translation approaching, on July,15. So keep in mind, that the last file you will translate for this project must be uploaded by Thursday morning GMT.
Let me know your availability for next 4 days so that I could do some planning.


Hi !

Just uploaded the translation. I could take another 2-3000 words until Friday.

Have a nice week!



We are out of files at the moment, I will assign you a new one once we get the next section of files available.
To your information, we have a deadline approaching. The last file you will translate for this project must be uploaded by Thursday (July,15) morning GMT. So once we have new files I’ll contact you and we will decide, what you can handle, deal?


That’s right, , I’ve still a file and I’m going to finish translation for it lastest by Thursday morning July,15.



Take this section next:
01_part_133 (923)
01_part_134 (280)
01_part_135 (118)
01_part_136 (557)

Total words count: 1878

Download link:

Please, note, that 134-135 files are small and we will not proofread them, so they must be excellent. If you have any doubts about them, let us know.


” Yes, sounds good. 🙂 ” .

Herewith I attach glossary suggestions from Ulrich.

” Forwarded

If you can squeeze in let’s say 30 min with ‘s file – do it yourself, if not – tell me, I’ll send it back.
Of course, Christian received your comments, will remind him to review them.


I will be done with my file at around 16:30. Could you assign me a new one.




The proofreader has checked your 58 file. He wonders if you use his comments for 307 file: “Remind him to review and use new German spelling rules, esp. “ss” vs. “ß”. Rest seems ok.”



We are out of new files at the moment. Expect to get them by evening GMT. Will assign you file once files are available.


Thank you for the new file. I’ll be available throughout the next 4 days.



Yes, I’ve been paying attention to this and I’m using new spelling now. However, I received the 307 comments only after I submitted the translated 58 version (and, I think, a third file as well).

By the way, several words in the dictionary and some phrases in the pre-translated segments use the old spelling. I just stumbled across one of those, for example: “Gold Vessels – Goldene Gefäße” (cf. dictionary), whereas, according to the new spelling rules, it should be “Gefässe”.




I’ll forward this note to the lead translator.


I’ve started the 126-file…

still the old problem with 01 part 92…

I won’t be online in one hours time, till tomorrow.

Greetings, hope can help somehow.



Once is online – I will ask him to help you about Transit.


Thanks a lot!


, send me a screenshot of what’s on your screen when you try to Send.

In the meanwhile, find the file 01_part_092.DEU in your HD. Upload it to the server and I’ll take a look at it.


I just uploaded the two files with the addition “revised” that you can find them better. I hope I understoon all your kind suggestions and I revised and worked on both files again.
If they are ok and the other ones I turned in last week are fine too, you could assign new files to me any time you want.
Thanks for your support.


and done with the next file. Will upload in a minute.

[01_part_069 ]: 15 mins, acceptable

[01_part_070_Kalle]: 40 mins (many untranslated), rest good. Remaining untranslated should be chinese.

[01_part_071_Gerald]: 15 mins, looks nearly flawless (as always, but I found one typo this time, hah!). Untranslated are chinese (just one huuuge segment, btw).

[01_part_072_Ulrich]: 15 mins, good

[01_part_073_Marcus]: 15 mins, good, but contains hyphens!

probably you should check if they are still there after exporting, e.g. in the Term Mond-Schlitzer. If they are lost, I can still see them in transit and could replace them with something else. Remind translator to use replacer for hyphens and newest glossary (because if he used it, they should all be °°° anyway?).

[01_part_074_Annette]: 40 mins. Overall better than Annette’s last files, but still too many issues. The file was very repetitious, so I thought it best to fix the repeated issues via find & replace. Sorry I took longer without asking (and please tell me if you don’t want me to use my own judgement like that!). I suggest you forward Annette my list of issues. I can also only repeat my opinion that it would be easier not to have her and one or two others on the team who often produce more issues…



Thank you for files. If you see that it is obvious that the file must be proofread in a careful way- take more time if you have problems about files of problematic translators and you don’t see the reason to train them. We already try to avoid using them. Hopefully we have got enough high- or average-quality translators.

By the way, tell us if you agree with the position of Doris concerned Marcus:
, I think, this translator ist not a German Native Speaker and thereforce it makes no sense for him, to proofread his own text. That is, what I think. I think, he uses a program for translation. He tried hard to make sure, that everything is right, but I want you to deliever good work, so I made a complete proofreading.

In detail:
1. Numbers are often letters
2. difficulties with singular-plural
3. orthography
4. incorrect names in German
5. translated literally



We are waiting for new files now, will assign you something once we get them.
BTW, let me know your availability for the next four days. We are havinga deadline on Thursday and need to do planning.


Apart from Friday I’ll be available. Current maximum amount of words I could translate per day is 2000.

Hope that information helps.



Since the three current files should be done by tomorrow morning, you can assign me a new one.

Best Gerald


I fixed ‘s 01_part_057 myself rather than sending it back. I personally think  ought to fix it himself, but he seems to have disappeared.


Also noticed a few times where he does not use the glossary terms. Fixed the ones I noticed. Given these, take the extra time needed when you go over his file.

I will recommend to Karel a pay-deduction for this file to cover my time and yours.


Hi Susanne, we’ll worry about what exactly went wrong later.
For now, go look for the files 01_part_28.DEU and 01_part_29.DEU. It’s in your HD somewhere, probably in the Transit folder or subfolders somewhere.

Zip them, and upload them. Make sure to put your name and the file numbers as the filename so I know which file is yours.



We are waiting for new files now. I will assign you next file once we get them.



oh, I should have let you known I’m working at it myself, sorry! I just uploaded the whole batch with ‘s updated file. Give me a few minutes to have a look at your file about the glossary terms, though…


Re: hyphens. Hyphens can be exported just fine. They disappear when you use fuzzy match though. I also suspect that they disappear for pretranslation/partial translation, but have not done any extensive research on that.

You can ignore it in Marcus’ file.


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