[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Good German Translator Proofreader

I just uploaded gamma 77, but I forgot that I still needed to do something about those passages that I mentioned in the question above (the ones where it all becomes too long if I don’t change some of the already translated stuff). What am I supposed to do with these?

Please ignore / delete my gamma 77, I’m going to prepare & upload a redone version as soon as I know how to proceed.


I forgot to send you thank you from Ulrich for your remarks to reps file.


Just make corrections and upload it with a different name.

” And forgot to attach zip. Sorry!

I am currently proof reading file 084. You can assign the next file.



Ok, 01_gamma_77_GERMAN-ULRICHRedone.TXF is up.

But how do I finally send my remarks for the leas translator using this Googlesheet?


Just add your remarks under the last comment in GS. If you are experiencing any problems, you can write your suggestions on CS directly to  or attach the file on OT and I will pass it to him.

” Ok, thanks. “Hi

done with and uploading 05_271_304_306_DEU_spotted_Seb.TXF

will continue spotting the rest of the batch, then move on to the + issues.


05_part_306 Susanne: file was sent back, now resubmitted. spot-checking and comments for the new translator: + 45 mins for a total of 90 mins.

Comments: Quality was good now, but not first rate. A few passages still had a few errors in them; but most of the file was pretty good. I attach feedback for the new translator below. Only very few {h issues, seems to pay good attention to tags after my first comments.

[05_part_271] Günther: 30 mins:
good, answer to translator’s comments attached below, (was a bit more careful because it’s a new translator, right? but a good one).

[05_part_304] Steffen (new translator): 40 mins:
good, the few untranslated segments were very incomprehensible in English, I could only guess and reconstruct a possible meaning from context, which took a bit of time. Otherwise, good work, few issues/errors.


I uploaded delta_086. If and when you have new files I’d be happy to take some off your hands.


thanks for the file.

Here is your new file:

Total word count: 4181.

Download link: http://translationstop.com/files/BOI/German/01_delta_097_DEU.PXF

Please let me know when it will be ready.




Take this file next:

01_part_098 (3,656)

Download link:

Please, confirm



I received the file
I will have it ready for you Friday evening (BST).



I have got a feedback from proofreader concerned your 304 file. You can find it attached.



I have a feedback concerned your resubmitted file. Thank you for improving the quality, but take the comments attached into account for future.



Proofreader has checked your file 271. I attach your list of notes with proofreader’s answers.

Good luck!



We are out of new files to proofread at the moment.
Once I have files for you – you’ll get an assignment.



not sure how to deal with Isabell’s files (01_part_030, 031). In my opinion, there are too many issues, and it isn’t acceptable. Many grammatical errors in her German, and some things are totally misinterpreted. I am attaching a short list of examples below, after looking at it for 30 minutes.

I know that is already more than spot-checking time, but I must admit that I was a bit helpless about what to do and wanted to get a better impression. What makes it so difficult is:

1. I already fixed one file of hers in JD, in which the tags were completely mixed up, the language was bad, too, and recommended to Karel that this isn’t a good translator. Now, I have a similar impression (although not as bad as then). A more careful proofreading is definitely necessary, in my opinion. I’m not sure if sending the file back will help much, there are many issues and it may take a lot of time to explain them all to the translator.

2. It seems nobody else was worried about her work, as she has already submitted other files that were proofread or spotted and accepted? I can’t understand how this quality can be acceptable, but also I can’t imagine that all her other files were much better after I have the same impression for the second time.

Maybe you want to get a quick second opinion from  or another good proofreader… in my opinion, this kind of quality is a big problem for the spot-checking strategy…

I will continue with files from other translators until I hear back from you.


I have some serious probs entering the online sheets (google docs) … any problems with the page?
I’d like to use it again…

or do I need a new link?



Okay, I got finished much earlier than expected, so the translation is already uploaded. Feel free to send me a new assignment!




Your next file:
01_part_089 (4,685)

Download link:

Note, there are many non-words inthis file. Just skip them.


Are you going to send me any feedback on my translation?

Also, I am on holidays from July 12 to 26, so please don’t assign me any files during that time.




still no solution to the google docs prob?




Sure we will send you proofreader’s comments once your file is checked.


Thanks! Should be done by Tuesday.



What Google sheet can’t you enter? Accounting works correctly. If Glossary GS- you are not the first to experience problems with it. Hope it is temporary issue. If you have something to suggest about the glossaty, you can write  on CS or send your suggestions in the attached file via OT. I’ll pass it to .



yes it’s the glossary google docs…


Keep on working on other files, we’ll tell you what to do about Isabell’s work a bit later. Put aside it meanwhile.

” , the problem with the Google spreadsheet is on Google. Not on your computer nor on ours. We’ll just have to find a work-around until they get around fixing it.

“, I’m not the proofreader, but I’m sorta like the Transit guy here, so I get to look at pretty much all the files.

I’ll be overstepping into the proofreader’s territory here, but he/she will tell you the same thing anyway.

You’ll want to turn Full Tags Display on. Probably Segment Markers too. Otherwise you risk messing up the game code. To do so, go to View menu. Select Display/Hide Attributes, and then check the boxes as appropriate.

Let’s take a look at file 80 segment 65.
\n<#FF25FF2A= to attack for 7.5 seconds.

German (yours):
\n in den nächsten 7.5 Sekunden anzugreifen#FF25FF2A=.

See how a < went missing and the #FF25FF2A= went off to right?

It should be:
\n<#FF25FF2A= in den nächsten 7.5 Sekunden anzugreifen.

And then there’s segment 124:
\n<#FF25FF2A=increased by 3%.

\n<#FF25FF2A=um 3 % erhöht.#FF25FF2A=

Somehow you copied part of the game code (probably because you couldn’t see it). To delete it, go to the View -> Display/Hide Attribute and deactivate tag protection temporarily. This will allow you to edit the code out. Remember to reactivate tag protection when you’re done.

I’ve taken the time to fix those. There weren’t many. Three total that I can find.

To answer your previous question about Add New, there’s supposed to be a spreadsheet on Google Docs, but that’s down and until Google sees fit to do so, we’ll have to find a different way.

If you want to use the Add_New_Terms_German.PXF as described in the procedure, just download and Receive it like the glossary. Then switch dictionaries. Deselect Video.German_MAIN and Add Add_New_German

If you look at the icons on the top edge of Transit, you’ll see icons that looks like books. Hover your mouse cursor over it and you’ll see what they do. You want either Commit Marked Terms to Dictionary (which will add the previously highlighted term) or Rapid Entry (manual entry).

Alternatively you can do the same via Edit menu.

Once you’re done, save and do a Send. You may be asked if you want to include only modified text. Since you start with an empty Add_New_German, either one works. Give the file a desriptive name and upload it just like a regular translation. In fact, you can send both your regular translation and Add_New_German as a single file.

When you’re done with the upload, just switch the dictionary back to Video.German_MAIN.


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