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Images in the Mainstream Plant Death Weapons in People

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Documentary – Money is Debt

received an article of top ten “conspiracy” must-see documentaries and this one was pretty good. explained for babies, with little cartoons, but now it makes sense what money is. man, this system is going to pop and so many people are going to lose their entire life savings. but it definitely needs to be safe. not sure if it will fall back on gold again, so I could lose a chunk of that, but will keep it as a super backup anyway, but it cannot be based on debt anymore, as for that to work it depends on increased consumption (or waste), and governments can issue interest-free money without the need for banks. always wondered why in canada the biggest buildings in cities were banks, now I know. and I can see God’s wisdom in telling us not to apply usury (interest on debt). it is the rotten core of the entire system.

The Untold history of the United States

interesting documentary by Oliver Stone. Nice light stuff for evening viewing, but has opened up some interesting perspectives for me, and I now see the big Red/Communist scare in the US after WW2 was just a nice ploy to give more power to the corporations and stomp out any socialist notions, such as unions. the industrial military machine was born and its hunger insatiable. imperialism revealed its capitalist face.

Google plus to take over the world

Interesting, just noticed a facebook feature offering a translation of someone’s comment. When I put my mouse over it it said “translation by bing”. Does this mean that facebook is gonna team up with Microsoft against google?

you’ve been reading the news

don’t really do so much front page reading and more into behind the scenes plays and analyses. don’t have the luxury of having your job, but should have heard more from the seo bunch. interesting but I guess expected play against g+, teaming up and car…See More

Don’t play the game, but read that FB made a new deal with a different translator. I’ll leave the analysis up to you. Sounds like you’ve got them sussed though.

hmm, I can see how they can go a bit viral on this by allowing people to tweak translations as part of conversations, and use those tweaks to improve the translation. once a super computer gets intelligent enough it will have access to pretty well everything, and google is apparently well on its way with that and its voice recognition program

Ra Bob All part and parcel of the same beast, m8:

yah, and people will be planting chips in their brains for expanded memory, nanoworms will fall from chemtrails to rewire our synopses, robots here we come

and parents planting chips in their children for ‘security’ so they can GPS them in case they get lost, run away or get kidnapped.

they’re already doing it with pets

apparently the cia or whatever plants chips in mexican prisoners, releasing them back home so they can make a b-line to the den, fully equipped with gps and sound. may take a little while before they manage to hook it up to the eyeballs

Ra Bob why should the cia bother to spend money on planting chips on the broader population when the broader population is willing to be suckered into actually paying to have chips implanted in themselves.


Terror images inflaming the drumbeats of war


I’m thrilled that the U.S. is ready to fulfill a moral obligation to try to even the playing field between the freedom fighters and the unconscionable murderous dictator’s death squads. Great news.

just be certain that what the mainstream is feeding us is legit, like WMD to justify attacking Iraq, the Libya fiasco.. It is much cheaper for the US to stir commotion and supply rebels than to make the massive diplomatic statement of putting its own troops on the ground. They are playing a chess game in the middle east and encircling Iran. So far I have found all claims against Iran’s nuclear program just further lies.

I do take a no stand on what is happening in Syria as it is so complicated and yet to see when America gets involved that anything becomes better for the people of the land and know full well that on Bush’s watch…he really wanted Syria too…and that American political or religious agendas probably have not changed with the change in president.

the mainstream has lied or not reported important things too many times to be trusted at all. With these types of things they always work on your emotions, like showing blown up body parts of the boston bombing, where later it was proposed that they were actors with preripped clothes. I hope everyone seriously questions anything the mainstream has to say and seek independent media sources they trust. There are plenty out there. Don’t be spoonfed important info like this.

9/11? The Boston Bombings? Bengazi? I agree that the waters are murky and there’s more to all of these stories than the media is reporting but in the care of Syria’s Civil War? Too many reporters from different countries and news organizations have reported that Pro Assad militias have committed atrocities against civilians. There’s no logical reason to believe that all of these disparate sources and hundreds of journalists and reporters are in on some kind of hidden agenda. The regime wants to hang onto their power and will do anything to keep it. Agendas and ambiguities aside, if arming the rebels will result in the death of Assad and the end of his regime; I salute and support the decision whole heartedly.

well, I don’t have tv and I’m quite glad I’m not exposed to any of these horrific images. immediate news comes to me a day or two later, followed by analyses from sources I trust. and I constantly see one incident or another inflaming emotions in people who are exposed to these images, and always some great justification, which most often is later exposed as farce. I’ve been reading their inflamatory comments, russians sending fancy missiles down there, israel warning russia, china siding with russia… it’s all a big tinder box and these inflamatory images certainly do not help. and when it’s time to go to war and further drain humanity of its savings and make tons of profits, inflame the embers further, sneak in a few advisors and fancy weapons, stir up commotion on a local level. This has been going on and on and on and, from my perspective, it’s all part of the same chessgame. They’ve been eyeing syria for a long while and it’s all part of the same master chess plan for the middle east and world. if you want regime change then you drop flowers and food and pamphlets, or spread love. supporting rebels and stirring commotion only adds to their coffers, so please spare me your emotional justification for sending weapons into an already heated tinder box. there is no justification for all the bombs they dropped on weddings etc., because perhaps there was a t_rr * ist there. it is such bullshit. as weapons become more sophisticated the civilian death toll percentage increases. collateral damage my F’in ass. It gone from some 33% in WW2 to some 95% now. america, please pull all your we_pons out and onto your own soil. we do not need you as a police state. you are not getting safer because of all those civilian rights which have been trompled practically out of existence. no terrorists are flying planes into buildings, which do not collapse freefall into rubble because of a little office fire. the theatre of t+r* sm is outsourcing from there. please stop. I am so glad I don’t have to stare at those inflamatory images, because they really do pierce through the heart and you quickly lose proper perspective.

I have no illusions about the evils of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex and their thousands of hidden agendas and media manipulations but this particular case, the end justifies the means. Whatever will result in the death of Assad is a good and necessary thing.

glad to hear we’re on a lot of same pages mate. I’m just urging everyone to be weary whenever someone gets demonised by the mainstream. if he really was

doing such atrocities then I’m for a solution, and there are many, but not military intervention or arming insurgents. they’re playing the same game over and over again and it’s evidently all part of a master chess game. kidoffee was doing a lot of good for his people, as was kastroe, and I believe we should step back and away from these image bombardments, because they inflame emotion. sadam was buddies with the cia etc., but once he started whistling another tune they had to replace him. middle east too important for global control. I’m skeptical of any claims of atrocities and not for sending any weapons anywhere. how do you really know that the horific images plastered on the screen are not staged by actors wearing the prescribed costume, no matter what side it is? these games have been going on as long as mass media has surfaced, in whatever form. don’t claim to be a white knight in armour saving the oppressed of another nation or somewhere over there and justify yourself by throwing any fuel in the fire whatsoever. there are peaceful means (and I’m NOT talking about sanctions) to releave suffering everywhere and I believe that all of these images, which have proven false after the fact umpteen times but nothing is done about it, are targetted to inflame wars and keep the till ringing, x dollars for every bullet fired, bomb dropped etc.

No argument whatsoever with your comments mate! I just want to see Assad dead. Period.

More conspiracy rants.

I have a life question for everyone: in these lamestream times do people of the world question simple intelligence?


I assume you saw the opening ceremonies? I didn’t, as I don’t have and am happily done with the television and all the crap it spews out, but I’d be curious if any of this article “rings a bell” with you:

Rather long and I only read the first third but seems pretty interesting. I assume you will say that it is the most idiotic thing you’ve ever heard of in your life, but I’m coming to the conclusion that a lot more is at play than what seems to most people, and I am only glad that my travels have freed me from the lamestream presstitute and the brainwashing TV. Occasionally when I go to bars I always turn my back to the television and watch the faces of people stare up at it, zoned out as if their brains are being erased right before my eyes. Flashing images and brain programming.

you know if I wanted to, there was so much going on in the opening ceremony that I could write an essay about symbols pertaining to Islam,Judaism,satanism,atheism,scientology etc etc etc, there was nothing in it except a tribute to the history of britain ,inclusiveness and patriotism,things that are sadly lacking in most people.It was brilliant. I dont insult your intelligence,I just excersise the same right as you enjoy of having and sometimes voicing my opinion which just happens to be different to yours.

Hey, glad that your response was positive, as I feared you would be angry. To tell you the truth I felt rather humiliated when I was staying with you inLondonand there were a lot of problems I held inside, because of my financial situation and I didn’t want to make waves. I felt you perceived me as an idiot a lot of times. Then when you said “I know your more intelligent than that” regarding the vaccine hypothesis, that struck a sore not and I guess I responded in this way. I can disagree with many people as well but I would never question their intelligence out loud like this, even though I feel I have greater right than those who question my intelligence for believing this stuff. I’ve just read too many articles on various subjects and it’s blatantly obvious to me that humanity is being totally raped by the 1%. It  is not fantastical thinking to say that the 1% have been buying in to the lamestream over the ages, manipulating it either through their greatest source of revenue – advertising – or simply by buying them up. Where are these weapons of mass destruction that have warranted the invasion ofIraq? They were not found, yet they stay there and continue to bomb children and innocent people. Evidence has surfaced that the intel was grossly manipulated (supported by both theUSand theUK), and a war crimes tribunal inKuala Lumpurhas sentenced Bush and Cheney and all those assholes, such that if they ever step their foot intoMalaysiaor other country which respects their verdict they’ll throw them into jail. Of course its just a small country relative to theUSand other forces would probably take them out of jail, but just the fact that they came to this verdict provides further proof. The lamestream never reports stuff like this and I no longer trust it. I have found sources that I trust, ranging from investment related sites, one guy who digs deep into the military complex, and so forth. There are many sites and freelance journalists who make their money from advertising on their site and don’t have to answer to an editor, who has to answer to the executives, whose jobs are to satisfy the advertisers, owners or string pullers. There are documentaries and books and all sorts of info out there which shame the lamestream, and the only argument I get from people who blindly believe in that source of information is, “Oh, c’mon now.” That’s it. Perhaps question my intelligence. The 1% are manipulating with the stock markets, inflating these cyclical swings and pulling out or transferring their wealth at key times, pulling the carpet from beneath the rest of us while they get richer. It is simple manipulation. The type of people who scratch and claw their way to the 1% are not honest businessmen who are successful because they provide a good service, but because they are very intelligent, shrewd, and will do whatever it takes, because they are starving for power. Or families which are very rich hire the best people to make sure they keep it that way. It is simple logic and nothing fantastical about it. Or they will pump up nationalism and stimulate what people would consider their identity, because then the 99% tend to get more defensive when these belief structures are challenged. Sure, I can see it seems fantastical, but if those who argue against me actually turned over a few rocks and started to investigate, open the can of worms and stir them around a bit, they would see it for themselves. But all these people refuse to even begin to consider it and simply remain safe in their present beliefs. I’ve even dabbled into David Icke and a lot of what he says makes sense. If you think there are a million times a million stars in one galaxy, a million times a million galaxies in the universe, who knows how many universes, who knows how many dimensions, it is as absurd to think we are the only “intelligent” life out there as to think that the world is flat and the stars revolve around us (not to mention that our sun is only 4.6 billion years old, while the centre of the galaxy or universe is 9.6, so much more time to develop than us – we are just tadpoles who have only recently discovered basic technology. And most of humanity is not much more intelligent than orangutans). Yet almost everyone believed it and if anyone questioned it they would be in the same self-denial. A simple question: if the world is flat, why don’t the oceans deplete off the edge? An absolutely simple question which I’m sure I would have brought up myself. Most people just want to remain in their comfy cubby hole and keep the status quo, as long as they got food on their table and their life is okay. That is why the 1% can manipulate us over the millennia. Putting fluoride in our water and claiming it is good for our teeth, when scientific studies have serious questioned this, even to the contrary, and the Nazis used it on the Jews to pacify them and dumb them down. It is a byproduct of industry and perhaps difficult to get rid of, so what a great way to get rid of it. Tesla approached the UN with free energy, but they responded, “We can’t make money from that”. Nuclear energy doesn’t make sense, unless you want a means to create bombs. Pot is illegal because it is an amazing wonder plant from which you can make fuel, better paper, can cure cancer and all sorts of diseases – but you can’t patent it, hence cannot make money from it. Definitely less harmful than alcohol. There is so much shit going on and everyone just continues their life in a total daze, believing everything is hunky dorey. The entire financial system is on the verge of collapse yet the lamestream continues to paint a rosey picture. We are headed for serious trouble. Pension funds will be wiped off the map. I’ve already bought my little chunk of gold. I believe they will cause another false flag like 911 and time it with the next, super collapse, to mobilize the masses to a third world war. That is their plan, as laid out by Albert Pike sometime around 1880, the top freemason in the US in a letter to the top dude in Europe, where he said that a succession of three world wars are necessary to finally clamp down on the masses. The first one to stomp out the royalty and set up a nazi state, the second to crush the Nazis and set up communism inRussia, and the last sparked betweenIsraeland the muslims. Hair stands on my neck every time I read that and I can send it to you if you like. So not only am I angry when I see everyone is totally oblivious to what is really going on, while the 1% destroys nature everywhere, the IMF and other organizations a tool to force third world countries to servitude and indebtedness. To pay back these insurmountable debt they have to give up their natural resources. It’s all a very careful and intelligent plan. The people at the top are not simple honest business folks providing a good service. So it angers me more when someone who is asleep and believes the fantasy questions my intelligence. I’ve been trying to wake people up but it has been slow going, but more and more people are shifting to independent media, which is exploding, just as they are trying to pass laws to shut down the internet or websites on the premise of copyright. They are fighting back and they will pull the trigger. They already have an extensive network of underground bunkers they can hide in if they release some contagious bird flue or whatever else they have up their sleeves. Anyway, you can imagine how absurd things start to look when you turn over stones and start seeing things and everyone just goes on ladida like nothing. We are living in truly pivotal times at the moment and something really big is in the making. I’m also concerned for you three and if they will pull a false flag on the Olympics. k


People in the World Will Believe in the System of Humanity Anyway


Hey Liba, I’d say my response wouldn’t be much different than last time. There are a lot more powerful forces at work than Mexicans crossing the border or dole handed out to lazy people. Free trade has opened up things in a way that it is inevitable that labour intensive work is shipped overseas. Technology is automating so many things there will be simply less and less jobs as we move forward, and some sort of crazy revolution will happen. There was the industrial revolution, then information, and now maybe self sufficient. The “economy” which employs people will also crumble, because that economy is based on employing people by consumption, but if robots and computers become the employees, something will have to crack. Because if people don’t have jobs, they don’t have money to buy stuff to employ others. We therefore need to move towards self-sufficiency. The Zeitgeist movement explains it well (the reading is easier than the movie). Some French guy came up with the concept decades ago. Anyway, several scenarios can be played out and I hope for a calm transition, but things just can’t keep going like this. They are printing money like crazy and the system will burst. The next financial crisis could be totally devastating. Anyway, I understand what they guy is whining about, but it’s just more hate mail directed at people and the people are not the problem but the entire system. We are able to live together in harmony, grow our foods, be totally self-sustaining, support one another like Jesus preached. If I had any retirement savings I’d convert a lot of it to hard assets. George Soros and other major investors have half their wealth in gold at the moment, and there is a reason for that. Have a good one. :)

oh yah, and the guy mentioned he doesn’t mind a black president but suggested that Condolesa Rice is a better option. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he’s just the standard right wing mousepiece which depends on the mainstream media for news. I used to believe in that and religiously watch cnn, but after 911, like many other questions, something seemed odd. When I received an email explaining all sorts of bizarre events surrounding this, it made total sense, and from around that time I started taking greater interest in alternative and independent sources of news. Since then I have read so much it is astounding what is going on. The mainstream media is simply a mouthpiece for the captains of industry. It’s a big advertisement to convince you to go to work and consume your income. 96% of it is owned by 6 companies, and they are increasingly consolidating. The world corporations are slowly approaching a dot and the big whigs at the top design things to manage humanity like cattle. Okay, for example. This is important. You can look up “third tower” or “building 7″ and find all sorts of pictures, documentaries and websites on it. I saw one documentary and I said to myself, “Now THIS I want to verify.” For some things I purposefully make the effort to research and verify myself, and this one seemed warranted. Apparently the BBC filmed some reporter in New York who was reporting how building 7 also collapsed, just like the two towers. Meanwhile, IT WAS STILL STANDING IN THE BACKGROUND!!!! For about 20 minutes or something, simply because they got the time zone thing wrong and made a mistake. When someone at the studio clued in they cut her off and then it went back to the UK anchor man, who said, “Seems like we lost her…” blab blab. Okay, maybe what I saw was fabricated, so I dug further and it eventually lead me to BBC’s explanation. I read this on BBC’s website. They were asked for the footage and they explained that, not because of some crazy conspiracy theory, but only because they are a bit disorganized did they lose that tape. Please, I see BBC documentaries and they must have millions of bits of shots very carefully organized in their computer system. I mean, reading that from BBC’s own website is an official confession of guilt, as far as I’m concerned. And what is the third tower? Amazingly most people don’t even know about it. It also crumbled to the ground, freefall style, when only a corner of the building was on fire. All buildings surrounding the two towers were a bit crushed but remained standing. So if the great free press of the US, the supposed torchlight of freedom and democracy, don’t you find it rather odd that something as utterly BLATANT as this is not all over the news? That in itself is proof that they are puppets of profits, as are the presidents. One is red, one is blue, one stands more for tradition, shit, are we talking about the difference between a can of coca cola and pepsi? I think so.
These things can all be verified, but it seems to me that most people would rather just not concern themselves with these troublesome issues of truth and rather believe that the “economy will keep going” and so on. So I can only hope that more people will be brave enough to start opening up the can of worms, to see what is really happening around us. I truly believe we are in extraordinary times. I felt it my entire life, and one of the big reasons I never settled down. Since an early age I have always felt I should not get married because they may want to torture my family to make me comply. I have always been a shit disturber and it is the core of my being, and I feel it is conviction from God. I grew up believing in God, because it was natural for me, in spite of the fact I was surrounded by aethiests. It was nothing I really considered, cause it was like contemplating on the fact you are breathing. What’s the point? Anyway, I know I may sound like a raving conspiracy theorist, but I must say that whoever has disagreed with me would refuse to research it themselves. It is just more comfortable to believe in the big lie on TV, that the government cares for you and the very profitable wars that are being fought are for your own protection. It is very sad what is happening in the world today in the name of the 1% to maintain its grip over cattle humanity. Did you know that in WW2 the civilian casualty rate was something like 35%, but with advanced technology this has been increasing, such that now 90% of casualties in Afghanistan are civilians. Children, pregnant women, whatever. I mean, they’ll bomb an entire wedding just because they think some terrorists could be there. Who is the greatest terrorist in the world? The US of course, so the captains of industry can get fatter, keep their thumb on humanity, and parcel up the rest of the world in their agenda or one world government, new world order and so on. This “New World Order” is written in many official documents as an agenda, and spoken from the lips of presidents and high officials. Very interesting times we are living in, but if it cracks, like the bible says, “There will be nowhere to run.” My neighbour female friend was driving about 35km/hr on her bike and some thais stepped out and tried to grab her purse, causing her to have an accident and bruise her knee. I’m afraid people everywhere will go berserk if currencies or system crashes. Anyway, sorry for blabbing, but this subject is really close to me and interests me. There is just too much to write about, but the above point I think is blatant enough to hopefully get people to start asking questions and not just prefer to believe in the system, because it is easier. Anyway, that’s my take on it and that email is just more misinformation which does no other good than to foster hatred between people. Nothing good comes out of that than anger and resentment for other groups of people, blaming them. The real blame is somewhere else entirely, and the puppeteers manipulate humanity precisely because they generate hatred. Divide and conquer. I’ve read some articles. It is a specific science and makes sense. If someone is dressed like a local across a border and throws a grenade and is reported on tv, how do you really know it was a local. Humanity can be easily manipulated in this fashion. I see how they are doing it. They are very smart, and ruthless. I know it sounds like conspiracy lunacy, but I have the advantage of once religiously believing in CNN but then exposing myself to independent sources, for years. It’s like arguing against the bible without reading it or giving Jesus a try. In short, the people who do not want to believe any of this always start off with the same logic: “I refuse to believe any of this because then I would be forced to believe that everything I currently believe in is questionable, and that is an uncomfortable feeling.” So they do not even want to peak into the can of worms. They turn a blind eye and refuse to investigate anything, claiming they are busy and so on. But at least I convinced a few people to admit that. Like one guy said, “Yup, I saw a plane fly across the sky, and then it started spewing out a white chemtrail looking thing, for a while, then it stopped. The white chemtrail dispersed slowly, but I don’t believe it!” Holding and pointing up his finger, a proud grin on his face. So I asked him if he at least admitted that he chooses not to believe any of that, and he proudly held up his finger and grinned the same. He just didn’t want to bother himself with these details, like most people, and that is why humanity is managed like cattle.

People Think Money Powers the World


Conspiracy Rants and Discussions

>Bulgaria??? What are you doing there??

It all started innocently with

but then that somehow derailed so now I am in the village in a pension waiting for another friend to get back fromChinaJan 5 so that i can help him reconstruct HIS house. Got a year contract for internet mobile so plan to stay here for a while and cruise up theBlack Seaonce it gets cold.

Ya, we are in for a world of hurt here in the US…. You are completely correct that the US has pissed away our global advantage. China is the new global superpower, just most don’t see it yet. They will when the US is mired in inflation and stagnation…..

On the other hand its only inevitable. TheUSconsumer is rich, 5% of the world’s population consuming 25% of its resources, rich for various reasons, such as cheap gas and great agriculture they stole from the “Indians”, and not having to suffer in the middle of two world wars. By spending all its wealth it has essentially transferred it to the rest of the world and driven the world economy for a long time. Advanced credit markets have inflated wealth further, and nowAmericaowes the world while the rest of the world owns a lot ofAmerica. Like a rock that drops into a pond and the waves hit the shore and come back and everyone is the same again. Anyway, it’s better for the world for it to be a balance between three (Europe Asia andAmericas) rather than one or two. So no harm done really. But I guess the infrastructure problem in theUSis going to be a real thorn, with the increasing push towards green and all that.


Koh Phangan, Thailand

I expect that there will be civil unrest here soon… Unemployment is at 10.2 % (real unemployemt is proballly more like 14%)…..

Yah, could be unrest, but I think Americans will just realise the glory days are declining and that they can’t really do anything about it. They’re still gonna be wealthy, but the rest of the world will be catching up.

I like how the Bulgarians did it. When the financial boom was going all sorts of retarded hotels were popping out. Now they’re ghosts on the hillsides and all the skilled construction workers took the money they were carefully saving during the boom, and since they’re out of work now, they’re all reconstructing their own houses. So it actually looks like a construction boom here!


just read that Lloyds, the oldest insurance company in the world, has just pulled out all its assets in European banks. The French financial system is also about to collapse, and if all that happens it will be a big dominoe effect, ending with the collapse of the US dollar, tons of riots and hopefully a revolution there, and the demise of currencies which, for too long, have left the gold standard and have been based on nothing other than fluff. I have decided to spend some money and horde a pile of rice etc. here at the foundation I am staying at. A safe retreat if all goes to shit. I suggest you stock up on rice. Think we are getting close to the very end. :)

yeah right, by the time a stodgy, huge, traditional institution like Lloyds Bank figures it out the situation has already turned. We’re headed for a bounce. The unbelievable rate of growth in the developing world slowed slightly in 2Q and 3Q this year, but commodity buying is still going on at a breakneck pace, as is building. The double-digit GDP growth in China is about to be eclipsed by India, which has a much larger existing middle-class and is a recognized democracy. All you need is a few million extra people buying toilet paper and cell phones and you’d be amazed what that is going to do to the global economy. This is a sea change. Once people have access to toilet paper for the first time ever, they don’t go back. Look at Ireland, they were the worst-off a year ago and they’re already paying their huge debt. These large countries are just incredibly slow to move; no politician wants to be the one to say “We’re raising taxes” or “We’re cutting services”. Now they are all doing it. France is not in real danger of collapsing, Greece is. And Italy currently teeters on the brink. Its inevitable, and I’ve been saying it for a couple of years: the first world is going to see a reduction in the standard of living. What does that mean? One less big-screen TV, one more crappy job that usually they make the Mexican’s take. Meanwhile the incremental improvements to standard of living in the emerging markets is going to be a HUGE boom. Corporations around the world are cash-rich and have been for over a year. No one is spending money because they keep seeing all this Wah Wah Wah about Greece and Portugal. They’re not investing and not hiring right now which is exactly what they should be doing as costs are low and people are willing to take jobs at low pay. This spring I stocked up on coffee and tea, the only two things that I really want to have that don’t grow here. Other than that I can get everything I really need locally sourced, mostly from the Fraser Valley. Its amazing how much food value my one tiny plot in the front garden can grow in a year. More than a total economic meltdown, I worry about this extreme weather and what it will mean in terms of using rapidly diminishing emergency funds. The hurricanes and floods in the US this season cost several billion dollars. That doesn’t even mention Pakistan, Australia (they had the triple-whammy, oh boy. Luckily they’re pretty rich right now as a country and have guaranteed customers for most of their goods), and other regions of the southern hemisphere that are suffering increasingly more frequent and more severe weather patterns.

Actually read yesterday that some major Belgian/French bank needed to be bailed out, so it does seem to be spreading. Changed my mind about the rice hoard at the moment cause don’t wanna stay here. Saturday will head south, stop at one or two places I have lined up, then dive intoMalaysia, where it is easier to stay long term. Don’t like dealing with bureaucracy and almost feel like they don’t really want me here, but the people are great, as almost anywhere once you get past the border.

Speaking of weather patterns apparently there was a big flood in bangkok. I thought it was normal forAsiawhen I was looking below out of the skytrain. Supposed to be safer where I am, but it sure rained a shitload this morning. k


Strange fruit in Thailand, as noticed by the


heydo, just read a good article yesterday that I think give a good synopsis of the type of stuff that’s going on:
With lots of references and in proper journalistic style, instead of seeming like conspiracy ranting. This is simply the stuff which would never get reported in the mainstream media, because something like 95% of that is in very few hands (they say six) and the power elite are all in bed with each other screwing over the rest of humanity, so they feed us what they want to feed us. You can try tuning in sometime to alzazeera or however its spelt, or They both have video streams. The first one was bombed a few times by the Americans and they are trying to get into theUS market. Anyway, there are a lot of criminals at the top which need to be answered to and I really hope a major and tangible revolution will sweep the world, otherwise we are doomed, according to the agenda they have in mind for us. Most people simply do not want to believe any of this because they would have to believe that almost everything they have believed in for most of their lives is sort of a farce, or it’s so far fetched its like being poked in one’s matrix comfy bathtub and told to take the red pill. But it also makes sense that the power elite will always want to preserve their power, and consolidate it further, and use their wealth to secure that. Hence industry buys into media and wines and dines military generals and politicians, who get all their funding from the corporations. This is not democracy at all. Two choices and business as usual, no matter who is voted in. Anyway, hope these revolts lead to something, but I’m rather skeptical.


The house is sold. very poorly but sold. so this agony is over. another one will start soon but today I feel free. All of you have a good day and keep loving each other.

That’s fantastic, glad you got that off your shoulders and can relax more now. Try to move forward without piling up the obligations and pushing things to the hilt all the time. Over the last few years I found it much less stressful to cut down costs than try to increase income to cover my regular costs. Now I’m down to about 1.25 Euro a day (excluding any alcohol I may buy), which covers one coffee at this hotel I have to boat 7km to every day in order to get internet. Hopefully it wont take long to get internet to the island, as I’d like to stay there at least a couple of months.

Did some more reading last night and looks like the commercial real estate market is ready to pop at some point, if it has not already, and then the next and final bubble will be the bailout bubble, where governments around the world are printing money, which is no longer based on gold, and that will apparently the biggest bubble of them all, after which it will not be possible to spend our way out of a depression and we will enter the biggest depression of history. So make sure to squirrel some nuts under a blanket, cause I think it’s really gonna get bad soonish. Enjoy your peace now. :)


Eat it up, until it's too late after Fukushima!


I’m reading a book on gold/silver investing. I think both metals will still go up but the question is by how much. It’s true that the US has been printing way too much money for too long and soon we won’t be able to control inflation any longer. Right now i’m trying to figure out when inflation will really hit because that’s when the masses will panic and start buying gold and silver, driving prices further up. I’m also trying to figure out what impact inflation will have on my credit card and student loan debt. Probably not good… :P :( But still, doing what I can to prepare…becoming much more educated now on what’s really been going on for the past 50-100 years with world economies and just how much the sh**’s going to hit the fan…looking at all the debt the US has amassed, especially with the recent bailouts and stimulus packages, plus the unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare, it’s really scary!

yah, scary indeed. Really cool you are reading up on this cause I find the biggest problem is that most people don’t bother and are content with their 30 minutes of propaganda “news” every day. I myself bought into that for most of my life, but now that I’ve been reading so much from independent sources what I’m learning is nothing short of shocking. Here is a brief spill. I know it sounds crazy but it will hopefully plant a seed of curiosity and you will find out yourself. I’ve been reading/watching about this from many sources. Apparently theUSis not heven a country but a corporation created by the Rothchild’s ofEngland. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation which prints money and charges interest to theUStax payers. Kennedy tried to stop this and look what happened to him. The Rothchilds, which control roughly half the world’s wealth, own/run the central bank in every country except three:North Korea,IranandLibya(although the latter may have been recently taken care of). Apparently the IRS is also a private company. The mainstream media (about 96% of media) is run by about 6 people and they are certainly all in bed with the politicians and industrials/military to maintain power in the hands of the elite. Democracy is an utter joke. Communist Russia also had two parties to choose from every four years. Almost everyUSpresident was/is a member of Skull and Bones, which is a masonic lodge. This is absolutely no coincidence. I can go on and on, and it sounds absurdly unbelievable to anyone who has been buying into any of the sham that comes out of main media. I’ve attached a pretty interesting article I’ve read recently that explains a lot, and what we as humanity should move towards at this juncture in time. But I fear that the power elite will pull another false flag like 911, but even worse, to maintain its power. Send us all off to WW3. Google “The third tower” and you should read about building 7 and what a sham 911 is all about.

Concerning gold, don’t forget about the Chinese and the Indians. A growing middle class that will overtakeAmerica. The Chinese government is now actively getting its population to buy gold cause they want to pull the carpet from under the dollar as a reserve currency. I think your loans are safe cause they are going to go down the toilet together with the dollar and everyone’s retirement savings. The shit is really gonna hit hard in theUSI fear. Right now I’m up in the mountains inThailand, helping a village hook up to solar electricity. Pretty cool. Rice harvest recently so am well stocked up on food. Am pretty safe here unless they start dropping bombs, WW3 starts (the US/Pakistan thing is starting to get out of control andRussiajust armedSyriaagainst Nato bombing), or they drop a virus vile at a few of the major airports. I think this Mayan calendar thing has something to it, but it’s not the end of the world but the beginning of a new era for humanity. Unfortunately I think that Revelations may have to come true and it will not be pretty at all.

Anyway, the trick apparently is not to live in fear because of all this (although I find the reading fascinating) but to meditate and spread energy of love, to tip the scales. The power elite use fear to control us and it’s to their advantage if riots break out in the streets. Lots to talk about. Would be fun to smoke a doobie with ya and gab for a while!


Love is life, life is love.


Considering that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation successfully raping the American taxpayer by charging interest on money it does not even print (other companies are farmed out that work), where its owners and other 1% buddies control much of media and industry, it is no wonder they put “In God we trust” on the dollar, for how else could they pull this off without a blind population so easily willing to assume that their government, the media and companies are acting in their best interest?

Best perhaps is just escape the rat race and travel like a goof.

People Think Like Plastic, Time for More Facebook Friends


Conspiracy Rants and Discussions

I dunno how I missed this, it was new last year but anyways apparently there are giant blobs of plastic garbage floating in the ocean at various places, some the size of countries More plastic than plankton in Pacific Ocean Rubbish dump found floating in Pacific Ocean is twice the size of America -Pacific-Ocean-twice-size-America.html and a YouTube video I found Human Impact: Synthetic Sea “plastic in the open ocean” so of course some fellow has to sail a plastic boat to this plastic garbage Adventurer to sail plastic boat into ocean’s plastic dump boat-into-oceans-plastic-dump.html  oh me oh my

That’s pretty funny. Read somewhere that beaches are now about one third plastic, if you include the small, broken down particles mixed in the sand, and that some fish accidentally eat the plastic blobs in the ocean, so it can get back into our food chain (if bigger fish eat the smaller fish etc.), and that it takes about two generations for the plastic to break down. I was parked in Turkey and the fisherman near to me would just throw the plastic water bottle out of his boat when done. I gather ships just dump their shit overboard as they sail across oceans. There should be big fines for this. Lots of stuff for us to change in our behaviour!


just what we were talking about .. . . extreme weather Storm leaves 15 dead in S Europe Europe Recovers From Killer Storm,,3974113,00.html its just going to be happening more and more around the world. soon all of our resources are going to be tied up just in rescuing people.

read another example of the cumulative affects of nature over the weekend, this time concerning death of old growth forest. As the temperature rises, the summers are hotter and drier, more trees die, as each one dies it stops absorbing carbon and instead releases all that it stored into its wood over its lifetime (guess it’s time to make those special saw mills and harvest these cases). So that in itself escalates the warming. Then when the trees are taken to the edge like this, they become more vulnerable to beetle attack and other things, so such death will only increase, perpetuating things even more. Nature has been in a certain balance for millions of years, and works at certain temperatures etc. With human activity we are distorting things, so inevitably the fragile system will be thrown out of wack in ways we couldn’t even imagine, and we’ll see how everything is intricately interconnected…


had another idea recently, and just wondering if it was the type of project you were interested in. You still haven’t answered that question for me.

Anyway, I call it the “one laptop per village” project. There’s obviously this One Laptop Per Child project, but those laptops are not so useful if they can’t run WIndows etc.. Maybe they’re just a fancy calculator, although I haven’t seen one myself. Anyway, after living for two years in a caravan and surviving on solar power, I can see how it can be done. A single laptop could be shared by the village, with solar power, and I guess some wireless internet, and if the village has enough brains to make an income for themselves using this charity laptop solar panel package, they can save up money, buy themselves another laptop, put it to good use within their village, and expand from there if they wanted to. In any case it could be a good educational tool, as Africa will certain enter the digital age at some point. Otherwise they’ll be just destined to slaughter one another for who knows how many more decades.

Recently started learning php and putting up online databases, if you know anyone who might be interested in my services. With costs of 10 Euro a day (I don’t pay rent or electricity), I think I could even offer a better price than the Indians.


Why do people I have never met keep adding my as friends? I’m not to happy with facebook. I think I’m going to resort to email if people want to reach me.

no probs, I was suggesting to Eben he can network through my facebook friends. I guess that’s one drawback of the facebook thing is that once you allow someone aas your friend your immediately networked all over the place. My greatest fear of facebook is that, when the real shit starts coming down, the cia etc. can just confiscate the computers, or collaborate secretely with mr. Facebook, and get all these networks. Then, for example when I join the underground movement against them they might go after my friends. Perhaps like that time I wrote an email to Bush when after he vetoed a law in order to keep submachine guns or something on the streets. I was pissed off and told him perhaps some members of his family might find themselves a target. Perhaps you may consider it an unrelated event (although I’m assuming you wont), but that story apparently shed light to my dad, who has the exact same name, and he figures that was why his ass was royally, and I mean royally, searched on his next visit to the states, heh heh. He even turned back as he was leaving and asked the guy why they had done that, to which he threw a wry grin and said, “That’s for us to know and you to never find out”. (Now just to find out how quickly I lose a facebook friend!)

Thanks, yea, I remember Steve. I met him once or maybe twice. I’m sure his son is a nice guy but I hardly know Steve at all and what would I have to say to his son who I have never met? Maybe I’m just an anti social?

I get approached by people all the time trying to find new friends. Then I get some people networking, even people I know, who want to add me as their friend. They click add and they cant even be bothered to write a little note. I respond back, they don’t even bother to respond, so I remove them as “friends”. It’s like they feel comfortable about having so many “friends”. For me many people have found me through Facebook, certain people I like to see their pictures, so I’m pretty selective who I let into my account, and ignore the rest, like spam. Email is for me much faster, as I do it offline. But some chicks I like to look at etc. Ever met Crazy Steve? The older dude, who imports bikes from China and lives a great and crazy life? I know him forever. Fun guy. Anyway Eben is his son and now living in Prague. I suggested to him to contact certain people among my friends so that he could network in Prague and meet some people. He’s apparently DJing some place now, possibly where we used to play squash.


I like your burgers, but I’m also an environmentalist and have a social conscience. I think I would frequent your establishment more if I didn’t feel so guilty eating your burgers, and think it is time you could consider this in your corporate profits strategy, because many people might feel the same way. For example, I’m presently inCyprustheMediterraneanand I got to thinking about all the garbage you throw out. Sure, it’s nice to see “Recycled paper” on your packaging, but what about all the paper you throw out every day? I would dare you try to calculate it. It probably would not be a great effort on your part to create a second bin for paper waste, and throw that into the recycle bin. Try to only use recycled paper for all your packaging, and recycle it all. Really, what other garbage is there? This would set a good example to other fast food joints, and give yourself a good name. Why not take the initiative and start a new trend? I think this could turn into a profitable move. I think the occasional rejected burger ending up among the paper wouldn’t do great harm, or people could be given the option or encourage to separate their garbage into a second bin. Your cups could use paper instead of that waxy stuff, if it is damaging to the paper recycling. I see how your garbage bags fill up so quickly and it makes me shudder. With all the present talk of global warming (of which global deforestation contributes to 22% – equal to all the emissions produced by theUS, for example), it is high time you take the baton on this and become a great world leader in this new struggle. Make it trendy! As Schwarzenegger would say.


Just read an interesting article last night, recommended to me, and starting to get a slow grip of the crunch situation. Hope to read a lot more surrounding this because it is quite fascinating. Would suggest you read the articles from bottom up (oldest to newest) and at least the first few. Seems a viable argument and, if so, theUSis SCREEEEEWWWWWWEEEEEEDDDDDD! Decades of the oil lobby ripping up railway systems and nurturing a culture to create suburbs and malls and agriculture etc. which all rely on heavy oil consumption. Now I doubt theUSwill have enough cash or even the time to build all the necessary public transportation network and reorganise its population into smaller, efficient, Europe-like clusters where one can walk to the grocery store etc. It was a long ride but it seems the long forcasted decline of the American empire might be around the corner. Possibly consider switching your savings to Euro??


it’s funny how we were having all these discussions how the decadent and wasteful will suffer and have to change their ways to certain frugal practices, and now I’m helping this guy reconstruct his houses while he uses all these energy saving means like three solar water heaters hooked to a tri-tap system to mix in cold water or switch to the electrical water heater once the solar tanks run out. And the shit fills into a dual septic tank system which eventually pipes the usable shit throughout the garden, producing vegetables etc. Self sustained little units speckled on various mountains, and he is already gearing up for when the shit hits the fan so that he can survive (wants to start a solar panel etc. distribution company so that he will have something to trade for food once the stores run dry…). Think I may learn something here!


okay, so told the guy your ideas and probed his a bit and it turns out that page lists all or a lot of his ideas (the original Steps I guess), and he has vast calculations and designs etc. for each. He said that Richard Brandson is offering 10 million bucks for ideas and says that three of his would fit his category, but to get into his door he requires all sorts of presentation, jumping through loops, attending conferences and the sort and says he just couldn’t be bothered. He suggested I choose one of the ideas that my heart feels closest to and start with that. Maybe not link to his site from ebay but set up an independent page and they contact me or something.

I’m gonna write to my big investor dude now and ask him what he thinks, but would still be interested in your feedback, if you got any more ideas. k


in Greece now helping this guy with constructing one of his 50 houses around Europe, then off to Bulgaria for about a month (he’s got a bunch there), then I drive to Czech for a few months to attend my brother’s wedding, then hook up back with this dude. He used to be a big megaproject coordinator/adviser but sold that cause wanted to get away from the suit and tie. He’s got a bunch of projects listed here:

The individual Steps. Think any of those could be interesting? He’s got detailed plans for each and just wants to sell them, not really get involved.


hey bud, I’ve been on this for quite some time already. I think the guy’s name is Rubini or something, but he predicted the financial crisis and I’ve been reading a lot surrounding it for a while, cause I was curious why it happened in the first place. Very interesting reading overall. I’ve been comparing theUStoGermanyafter WWI, when it allowed for hyperinflation to reduce the value of its currency to nothing, so it would not have to pay back the burdensome war reparations. TheUSowes a shitload and seems like it is quite happy to take this route as well. In any case, the days of theUSas the world’s dominating power are over. It over extended itself (ie-Afghanistan and now the fantasy of taking onIran), its consumers want too much, the financial credit markets allow for and encourage these unsustainable bubbles, and its entire infrastructure is based around gas consumption. With the rising prices of gas, theUSis heading towards a serious problem. So say some dudes at least. I’m watching the situation with avid interest! Go buy some gold and bury it in a field? Well, obviously I’m not the greatest financial adviser, heh heh.

In Bulgaria at the moment. Take care.

Go to Travel Goof.

People are good I think, time is money.


From the Private Memoirs of Bimbus.

great to see how excited you are. hope all will be good. I have to think how to respond so I would not sound overworried which I am. Far too many drunks and shady characters around you, punching, fighting, drinking, so I have to let it sit in my mind for a day or so and then have my comments. Stay safe and healthy and stay in touch. xxxxxxxoooooooomamamama

don’t forget that potentially I’m the town’s third alcoholic!!! But I’ve managed to control myself. Although it is true that I did have an “adjustment period” with the local home brewed Rakia (will kill ya). Will put it up on the web later. Now I know just to sip, and generally stay away from the stuff. Workin hard. k


One morning one. :-) If U R so desperate visit … lots of pretty amateur Czech chicks … my favourite site. :-)))

yuck, just checked it out. Have a friend who’s been on there for a while, got his wife to join him in threesomes and everything, but that was not enough for him and she eventually caught him screwing some chick by himself, so the show was over. I’m not into porno but looking for a nice and wholesome relationship chick. So far only satisfied with lide, although the responses are pretty meagre. Figure i need to earn enough cash to hire a girl to move in with me. Otherwise can’t see how it would work.


I am more than happy in your reply for in my mail, how is your day today i hope all is well and fine with you including your health and job. My name is Miss Rosy Dorin kassala and i am 24 years, single and never been married, i am from PostSudan,Sudanin Africa and presently residing in the missionary here inSenegalwhere i ran for refuge due to the political civil war in my country. I am in sufferings and pains here in this missionary and i really need help from a man by encouraging me and good advice in life and to help me to come out from this situation, and again to help me get my money, because my late father deposited some amount of money for me in the Bank and he used my name as the next of kin. My late father Dr. David Ellison Kassala, who was CEO of (E T I C PLC), inPort SudaninSudan. During the war, the rebel loyal to one of the greedy business associate of my late father attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and father in a cold blood. It is only me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to this country Senegal by the help of UN army where i am living now in the missionary, headed by a Reverend Father, i used his office computer to send you this email and i only enter his office when he is less busy in his office I would like to know more about you, your likes dislikes and your hobbies and what you are doing presently, i like to meet understanding, loyal, sincere, truthfully, kindly and friendly and more to that, a man of vision and truth. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Attached here is my picture, i will be hoping to hear from you again. I remain yours Rosy

Hi Rosy,

I once bought a book for a hundred bucks for this organisation which is supporting the people of Darfur and Sudan, written by some guy who escaped from slavery by a family in the north. Was a horrible story and generally what is going on in Africa is sad. I am trying to help in my small way by starting a certain project which I thought could be useful:

From that page you can go to my travel pages and learn more about me if you like.

I’ve also written a lot on my pages.

Nice talking to you, but hope your motivation for writing to me is not associated with one of those Nigerian etc. scams which talks about 25 million dollars in some fund etc etc and need help getting that money. I get those emails all the time. Presently I’m in a financially poor situation, but when I have money I have a shelter for children in Nairobi where I like to send a little bit of money, when I have it. Take care, Karel


hey babyflower, so I’m proud to say I finally set up my google calendar and quite happy with it. Just part of my process of putting everything online, since I just don’t trust electronics anymore (used to save such data on my mobile phone). So if you would like to be my first personal entry, just tell me when is your exact birthday! Another fun project I’m working on is completing certain webpages such that I can approach and write an email to certain translators online only, in case for some reason a project comes in and I cannot gain access to my laptop etc. That will be a fun project and something I’ve been meditating on for almost a decade. latergateronie

Well, it is an honor to be the first one in you calendar! Ok, my birthday is on January 26th and if you must know I will be reaching the Christ age next year, as they say.

I like that year, cause I like to say that is when we all have our ressurection and start from zero. Hence you will be newly born and I am only 11 years old!

> How are you and where are you now?

Still in bg, near to where I was working with Roger. In a pension with warm wood fire stove paying 5 Euro a night until Archie gets back from China shortly after the new year. Then I guess I go there and hang out for a while, and cruise up the Black Sea coast once it’s warm enough. Today I just bought a year’s contract for internet through my mobile, so I plan to stay here I guess until fall next year. If going up the bg coast will be getting close to you, so maybe we could hookup! Roger taking me out to dinner tomorrow night. Hope we can resolve everything.

WE went for a short hike in Sinaia last weekend and it was just superb. Except that it got really cold and we were not very well equipped. Plus all these poor stray animals everywhere. And train was 2 hours delayed, yep. The hike was great thought and people are nice. Tomorrow i am going to a charity mixer so i hope i will find some contacts there… i’ d like to volunteer in animals welfare somehow here. You wouldnt believe this, i was trying to contact few of them via email and even calling them but no response…i am not sure what i do wrong.. well, i shall see tomorrow.

You might find better success at the charity mixer and let me. For years I practically killed myself trying to offer my charity volunteer services but there just isn’t a culture for that in eastern Europe, which is a shame. Must have wrote to a hundred people and perhaps only one responded, and then they made me jump through hoops and loops and go to interviews, get police records, and by the time that was all done it was almost time to move into my truck, so it was too late!

> Good luck with your project and keep me updated! have a great day.

> kisses,

> kveta

u2 flowerpower!


Too bad Marketa is so difficult. I guess it is just a woman’s thing. Don’t want to put you two in Ilona’s ballpark, but I came to the conclusion that women are often very envious creatures. Guys beat the shit out of each other, go for a beer and then are friends again, but girls hold venomous anger within them forever, and its rather silly. I told Keta several times that she will regret it one day when you are gone (heaven forbid), but she keeps going on and on about how you made her scrape the baseboards with a toothbrush and clean up the house like a slave. We’ve talked about it extensively and she said I must have lived out my childhood in a dream state. Sure, there were some negative things, but with the help of Jesus I’ve learned to overcome all that. Like the bible says: forgiveness heals. It is a simple concept, and wise, but many people do not see it. If you do not forgive you keep the chip on your shoulder and you walk around for the rest of your life with hangups. It holds you back. Anyway, it seems evident to me that Keta wants to hold onto these silly childhood hangups and simply not forgive you and make you suffer for all the “horrible” cleaning you made her do when a little baby. So, after years of talking with her about this, I suggest you simply fit into her schedule and be pleasant with her. I cannot think of anything else. Except perhaps try not to be “irritating”. She complains a lot about that. I personally have no problems with you but I think that, considering her sensitivity and not wanting to forgive you and want to punish you and make you suffer, she is more irritated by little things. I agree that it is rather childish, but I guess just a woman thing. So I guess the best you can do is just be nice and not try to irritate her. For example by telling her what to do and keep getting into her hair or something like that. I know you like to meddle, but I’ve learned to deal with it. You’ve also toned down substantially over the years. I was surprised that I was able to live with you and Vlad for an entire month inPrague. But I’ve also learned to exercise my tolerance, and you guys have toned down substantially from the past. But I guess Keta is just holding onto these hangups and remains sensitive. I think she is hurting herself and will feel great regret when you’re gone (heaven forbid – just sent a big round of postcards to Jana, by the way), but I guess that will just have to be her problem, unfortunately.

Well, it’s Saturday and I plan to stay in all day today. Kind of tired of the internet café scene. Every day going there and the village interbreeding morons looking at my shorts in this cold. I switched to pants for survival, because my local English speaking representative and fellow alcoholic kept badgering me about it. Village people can be real nice, but many of them are just conservative morons. Long discussion and requires many pages. So I retire to my room like a hermit and live in my internet world. I have a few friends here and get out once in a while. Lots of pretty girls here too causeBulgaria’s biggest music school is in this village. Have been trying to round up some musicians and organize a jam session in the local restaurant, so perhaps through those means I will meet a pretty girl. I think the best solution is to make enough money to be able to offer some bohemian chick a job, so I can sustain her. I will probably never be interested in supporting a girl who is happy to loaf around on her growing fat ass and do nothing, and whine that she is bored and wants to go for another long walk with me. That was the only candidate I could find before I leftPrague, and it would irritate me too much to support a lazy person like this. Once I am earning enough I can put out advertisements and “interview” candidates. Without that it’s practically impossible to hook up with someone. Obviously it will require a lot of interviewing to find a girl that I like, meets my standards, is bohemian and adventurous like me, doesn’t have great aspirations to settle down in some stupid house somewhere forever (which I’m sure I’ll never want to do, although I’ve already thought it could be interesting and possible to start a family in a truck – possibly a larger one), AND be good on the computer. A very tall order to fill. Until then though I don’t feel desperate without a female. I enjoy my work and my lifestyle, but I do realize that having a girl around will make things more interesting, and enable me to interact better with locals. My social scene has always improved substantially when I was with a girl, but my “social scene” is not my priority. My greater aspiration is to accomplish something good while on this planet, so having a girl around is just an added benefit, not a necessity.

Anyway, guess I’ve blabbed on enough. Will skim over your email again once downloaded if I’ve missed anything. Heard a big hurricane was headed your way! toodloo


> Great to talk to you again! I love it!o)

Heh heh, me too. Can I assume you are unemployed or something? So perhaps you are like me and end up sitting in front of the computer a lot, and writing letters and stuff. In any case, you are one of my top penpals! (next to my mom, sister, and occasionally Misha – otherwise most people just can be bothered it seems).

Hey, we are hearing more and more that Romanian coast is not worth it a least bit. On the contrary the Bulgarian is supposed to be much nicer and cheaper. I still would like to go to check it out anyway, probably not staying there at the sea side resort but i would like to visit Constansa which happens to be at the coast. Anyway, meeting at the Black sea inBulgariasounds very good. And I know it is a pain to travel here as the road infrastructure is pretty bad but there are trains here as well…i am basically trying to invite you to Bucharest:o) You will see, it would be fun!

Right now my plan is to survive the next week or something, after which money should start rolling in from work I’ve done at the end of last month. Losing Roger’s job because of that arsehole foreman was a shock for me because it was immediately after payday and when I paid a bunch of debts, so I didn’t have much cash in my pocket and had to scramble for new work etc. But within a week or two I should be getting about 700 Euro from various sources, and then I should be good to survive several months in this wonderfully cheap country.

Then around the beginning of the month go to Archie, then once it warms up start cruising up the Bulgarian coast. A visit to you will certainly be possible, otherwise if you guys visit me that would be cool. You can either “rough” it and crash in the truck, perhaps I could be a great gentleman and sleep in my tent and give you the palace to yourselve, or I could find some perfect little place and a cheap pension for ya. Pick you up from the train station or whatever and drive you to your perfect retreat. That might be the best option, as I assume Juan is making gzillions and you two would prefer the comfort. You could set a price range and comfort zone, I could send pics of the place, or you could just trust me. I’m really looking forward to the Black Sea (BS) in the summer and cruising freely around Bulgaria with my new internet contract. Heard there are a lot of nice places to see and looking forward to discovering bg.

The mixer! I have a very good feeling about it. I met a really nice Canadian lady who actually “export” stray pups toAustriaandGermanyfor adoption. The dogs travels straight to their new homes. Local people do not really give a damn about them. It is sad. and i cant fully process that such nice people here can be so careless. It is not that they would be careless but they have completely wrong approach/attitude to this issue, well from my point of view.

Well, in the west they have organisation which put them into kennles or put them to sleep (basically kill them). Basically just get them off the street. Castrate them etc and find homes for them. This costs money and these countries simply do not have it. In Turkish Cyprus there were dogs everywhere, but in Greek Cyprus it was cats. In Greece dogs were everywhere, here too, and I guess the people just consider them like wild animals, a part of nature, and who have to fend for themselves. In this village I hear a poor dog howling in pain. It must be hungry, and it howles as it gets cold. What can I do? I certainly do not want to invite it into my room. Anyway, when I was in Cyprus, even though I was dirt poor I would still scrape some cash and feed a couple of dogs. Actually turned out to be good security, although it was irritating when the little yapper would bark while I was working inside. Tried to train it, but it was cute how the two dogs would faithfully walk with me every day while I jogged along the beach to the grocery store for my daily food and two beers. But most of the locals find the dogs a nuicance. I think they set traps for them and maybe ate them. Not sure, but heard the dogs barking and howling a few times and saw some being dragged off in a cage. So I understand their mentality that the dogs or cats are just wild, eat out of the garbage bins, and they throw rocks and sticks at them. Other people are compassionate like us and give them some food, or shelter. I found an old rug on the beach and put it under my truck, so “my” dogs had a nice little shelter. I just had to be careful when driving away every day!!

There is another American and Dutch lady who are also in their free time helping so I think/hope I will get involved soon. … It is interesting how people criticize American or the Westeners a lot of times for what they do or not do but they barely realize how much in charity work they do in countries like this and they wouldnt have to care, yet they do… do i make sense to you?! I am having hard time to express myself sometimes.

That was an interesting stream of thought and funny English. I do the same often, but I understand you. I think people in America can be very charitable, with their Christian beliefs too, but the government and that arsehole Bush has done so much damage that I understand why many in the world can be hostile against Americans or people in the west. But it’s cool what you are doing and I have been trying to get involved myself for years. Did I tell you about my latest project?

Perhaps during your networking you could find some contacts or something. I think its a great idea and I’d love to develop it. I already have a contact in Nairobi Kenya where I try to send money once in a while – a shelter for children. Have a dream of ferrying my truck around Somalia etc. on day and the driving around Kenya setting up villages, eventually to spread out to other countries once things and sponsors etc. pick up. Dreams are what make life juicy, and I love watching them unravel, even though it may take time.

Anyway, it looks like a beautiful day today so I will go to check out some markets. I like these little bity shops with local production…i.e. fruits and vegetables. It is a pity that country with such a agricultural potential doesnt produce their own BIO stuff. So i buy cranberry juice fromSwitzerland(ok, cranberry is not a good example, they do not grow everywhere but come on I grow them in my garden!!!), milk from Germany(!), jam or cereal fromAustria… Really pity.

Yah, these things are generally expensive and the people are too poor to afford such a market. But as in Prague and Czech I think things will improve. Just look at all the health food shops which have practically exploded over time. It takes time for people to start making western money, then to be educated at the various possibilities. It will happen over time. Under communisim there certainly was no “market” for such things. By you being able to afford it and buy it, technically you could be proud that you are helping the situation, because the more you buy, the more the shops will replace the empty shelf, the more others will see it, and the more it will help to drive down the prices and increase supply. Good going you missionary!

Hey, I have now my own little herb garden on my kitchen window sill … so far only rosemary, thyme, parsley, sage and chives. I cant find mint nor basil or oregano here… maybe i’ll grow from seeds. I just am not patient enough for that;o/

Hmm, maybe I’ll try something at Arch’s, although I’ll probably split for the coast as soon as it gets warm enough. Maybe by then I’ll get some more flower pots and try my garden again, and could have something interesting by the time we hook up!

Last weekend Juan and I went for a short hike to Sinaia and it was wonderful, it was cold especially when we reached cote 2000m but it was worth it. Hey, enjoy your time inBulgariaand say hi to Roger from me when you talk to him. I need to send him an email as well, want to ask him something about Paxos.

Drank with him last night, said hi from you, and he was happy to hear it.

Oh, also Juan and I are thinking about promoting one of the local shelters here we got in touch with but there is a language barrier so Juan is

Think I already responded to this, right? Sure, love getting involved with various charities.

> Ok, have a good day and take care. hi to Roger.


> love,k