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We are a globally based translation agency operating for more than 20 years.
Not only are we constantly seeking new translators for our database, we are also seeking external help for our growing needs, such as typists, project managers and programmers (essentially, almost any remote work which can be transferred over the internet), and for the needs of our growing number of customers.
Below is an explanation of the various jobs available. If you can think of another job which could be transferred over the internet, a field in the application form will be provided for this purpose.
The explanations are as follows:
» software development, HTML, .exe and any other programming language out there.
» mostly for web pages, but may apply to other purposes (your suggestions are welcome). You need to have extensive experience in such publishing tools as Corel or Photoshop etc. Some room here for artists with access to a scanner.
Surfing the internet:
» can be in the form of research, collecting information, or posting ads on various websites. Please include the speed of your internet connection.
» desktop publishing, hence the ability to work with text formatting tools (for magazines, newspapers) such as Adobe Illustrator or PageMaker.
» please provide information of languages offered and your typing speed per minute. The transcribing would always be into the computer, usually in Word, and would require that you have the necessary languages installed and operational on your computer (we can help you with this).
» vetting is the translation process of comparing translated files against their originals to make sure nothing has been missed and that the formatting of the translation is in accordance with the original. You will need to have a good command of the computer in general and own a fairly strong one. You should have the latest version of Word, or close to the latest, various graphics programs, and the latest or near latest version of Office Suite (Power Point, Excel etc.).
Project managers:
» responsible for communicating with translators, helping them with technical issues (therefore, good technical skills and understanding are generally required - although we may also have experts available for this purpose to help you), and making sure they deliver their work on time. A project manager should also have the necessary skills and computer hardware to perform vetting work (refer to point above).
» responsible for helping us find new customers (be it for our translating services, or any of the services offered on this page). Our suggested remuneration is a flat fee of 0.0025 USD for every word translated for your found customer, for all work performed for it in the future. There is also room for branch franchising here, where you could set up your own office and we would give you our standard rates (you would be able to add any surcharge/markup you saw fit). You could even call your translating office any name you liked, but use our database/translator engine to perform the work for you. We would offer you a free training package to help you set up. Although this generally increases the final price to the customer and makes you less competitive, it is suitable for those customers who simply need to come into an office and get a more personal experience. In any case, our rates should be competitive enough to give you room for a suitable markup.
» Another possibility is website designers who are proficient in search engine keyword optimisation techniques. You could develop your own website representing us (we can provide you with several examples or information of our services to incorporate into your website), in any language or aimed at any market, where customers wanting to contact us would use a particular email address displayed on your website. All customers writing to this assigned email address would be logged under your file, and the same above remuneration would apply.
If you would like to help us with this or to find new customers for us, please send us your proposal(s) at [email protected].
any other work which you can do from the comfort of your home and transfer via the internet. We would be interested to hear your suggestions.

Work at Home Translation Jobs

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Under General Availability, please write the average number of hours a week and which days you would be available, and which time zone period(s) in GMT time you feel most comfortable working on (ie- 8:00 - 17:00 GMT).
For Qualifications, write all qualifications pertinent to the job(s) you are applying for, together with any other qualifications you deem as pertinent.
To apply just fill in our translator application form.