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    Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our growing team of translators and remote workers. To the left you will find useful links to help you, such as the translator application link where you can register or login to your account with us, general translator information such as different ways how to get paid, and a useful translating resources page with lots of useful links and material. You will find other opportunities on our internal jobs page.

    Click following for more translation resources.
    You might also be interested in our Translation Agency Payment Practices Reputation page, where you will find a database of comments posted by translators concerning the reliable payment practices of various translation companies.

    KENAX has grown into a global concern, employing project managers and remote workers located on different time zones so that it could keep running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It operates on a central server, and because it employs remote employees from lower cost countries and because it is able to operate efficiently through its virtual office running on the server, it charges a low markup rate on top of whatever the translators charge, enabling us to win most of the tenders we apply for.

    It is also our aspiration to donate as much of our translation profits to charity as possible, preferably to those operating in the poorest countries, to help reduce the gap against the more developed countries. We will eventually post details of the various charities we contribute to, and hope that customers and translators alike will enjoy being part of our team and to know that their good work is contributing to these causes.

    Sitemap for our translators.
    A compiled entry page with a short and easy to remember web address with all the relevant links for our translators.