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Well, our relationship seems to be glad for, but you wont believe how badly they all insulted me when I simply asked for a little help. Hopefully one day they will realise how wrong they are/were. Guess some things may get sorted out when I see them in Prague. My take on it is that Jens was subjected to my dad's crushing pride about work work work and nothing else. They probably think they're serving Christ in the process and I'd like to debate with them on this issue, since they took the liberty of insulting me so much with their naive and self-righteous judgements. So now Jens got a fancy job, I'm told people bow down to him at work, and it seems it's gotten to his head. He found a nice girl who got him into God, he's donating 10% to charity, and must truly feel self-righteous and on top of the world. Anyway, egos happen and I certainly had my share in the past, so it's forgiveable and hopefully in time he'll come to his senses and go back to talking about boogers with us, heh heh.


HA! There will be no drooling over that man...maybe years ago, sure, I'll admit that. BUT, the last couple times I've seen him (the last couple of years) he's invited me out for a bite and I swear, it feels like a business lunch. He always seems happy and excited I called him, happy to see me, and then he stares at me funny, asks me if I still go "EEEeeeeeeeeeeee" (which makes him light up for all of two seconds) and then shakes my hand, buys the meal, and leaves. Ugh. I'll always adore him, we had a great friendship, but I just don't run that way. I choose LIFE, damnit, and in my head, life requires living, and playing, and laughing...and life does not include work except as a means to an end. I wont die rich as far as the bank is concerned, but by God, I'll be rich with happiness and experience!!!!




answering one issue from memory. Think you responded to my gmail account so it didn't eventually get to my laptop. Need to set up a forwarding system to deal with that (rather important).


Concerning the spices, had a big plan that I really didn't want to forget about - to buy a bunch of spices before leaving Cyprus. It was all right there under my nose, but either I was getting stressed out with the ferry arrangements (a hilarious nightmare, the story of which I'll certainly put on the web) or I was running out of cash, cause I was already to go but then they started pulling out all sorts of other charges, like the port tax and others (altogether almost 400 Euro extra). In any case I didn't manage, which is too bad, cause for example half a kilo of yellow safron was selling for 4 Euro in the market (I'm still crying). So boohoo, no spices, and don't particular see anything interest where I am now (island of Greece or mountains of Bulgaria). Would have made a great wedding present and too bad you didn't ask earlier. But I'll keep my eye out for something exotic! Maybe I'll stumble on some villagers working on some exotic and traditional local product while driving through Romania. Have seen such things during my travels.





right on, have fun in Czech! I know you were sick of a lot of the stuff there, social and otherwise, but I bet after all this time gone those irritations will fade. I guess at least part of your time will be occupied with Jens' wedding; bachelor party (that's your job, by the way, as best man, to organize. you probably know that), rehearsal dinner, taking care of the ring, blah blah blah. Still feel kinda poopy that I can't go, look forward to hearing all about it from all you guys! I'm off tomorrow morning for a few days at my friend's house at Crescent Beach (White Rock). Just a chance to get out of town, a change of scene, you know. We'll be biking, beaching, hiking and eating & drinking. She has to bring her 14 year old daughter so it will be kind of fun to have a teenager around, haha. I've finished researching the new info for the database (mill status updates), so next weekend have a proper amount of time to tackle the online updating. Will muddle through on my own, and shoot you specific questions if I have some. Expect to be able to detective-ise myself through it pretty good though! It's just a matter of dedicating enough time to it, walking away from the computer if I get frustrated . . . go tear weeds out of the garden or whatever, then come back with a fresh mind. Should be OK. Excited about getting that done, it will be a very valuable addition to the database, not to mention the new product of just the mill status for the analyst people. I'm almost at the point where Madison's is a half-time job. Getting really efficient with my time. Once this database if totally up to snuff, probably autumn (I'm still not finished emailing all the mills their listings to get an update, its kind of a never-ending job). I'm moving forward with my own biofuel project I told you about last time, I have a partner who specializes in waste-fuels (sewage in particular). Hope all these foundations that I'm building turn into real business prospects in my future. The ultimate plan is to not be tied to my desk Thursdays and Fridays with Madison's. We'll see . . . if it happens I will be able to pick up and join you wherever you are for little bits of time once in a while!


> > not yet. not because I am slow or whatever, I got launched into

> > another project a couple weeks ago; its all about biofuels!!


Coolness. I'm enjoying it up here and toning up my muscles again, at a sustainable pace, unlike tree planting where my old body was not able to recover overnight. Check out some pics here: construction chicks


> > this week I should be able to, tomorrow is Canada Day and Friday is US

> > holiday. wrote my extra thing for this week yesterday, so expect to

> > have time over the next few days.

> >

> > hope I can figure it out, seems straightforward enough but I bet

> > when

> > I get started I get confused! haha, *ow*.


Well, it's to be expected. The longest part of the job could be trying to figure out why something is not working. The offline webserver I gave you can be good because it gives good error messages, but I think my server where your dbase is hosted offers the same. You just have to use simple logic and detective work. Kinda fun sometimes, but other times frustrating because it can end up consuming a lot of time. But you'll learn a lot! If you get super stuck feel free to ask me specific questions.


> > How's it with you? I saw an update on your Facebook that you were

> > driving through mountains in Bulgaria. Sounds awesome. any photos?

> > blog stories?


          No big stories but the link above should give a good indication.


> > I had a great day filming eagles on Friday, check it out when you get

> > a good connection:

> >

> > haha, this juvenile eagle found so many smelts on the sand it was

> > running back and forth gobbling them down! an eagle running. crazy.


Checked this one. Funny that you walk in front of the camera and speak like a journalist or something. Looking forward to Czech and already lining up a party. lateroo


> > an adult eagle takes a long flight above the beach, then a juvenile

> > does too. single unedited shot.




hey bro, was fun at the wedding and to see you. Now I'm outa town for about a week and trying to organise things before I depart. Was begged to stay until the evening of the fourteenth, so I figure I'll leave on the 15th. Actually cool cause a friend said he'd pitch in a hundred Euro for me to take him to Bulgaria with me, then he continues on to Thailand, but before all that he said he'd pay for gas and my food to drive him to Amsterdam, so he can pick up his stuff. So it was a nice surprise to add that leg to my trip.

I figure I'll be back in Prague by next Monday, so not much time left. If possible I'd like to have a dinner thing with ya early part of the week. Or later, but by early week I'd like to pick up the desktop computer so that I can bring it to my friend George. Get the movies off that computer yet? There is also a couple of files I was wondering if you could upload for me. They are copies/backups of that computer/server. Maybe one day I'd like to get it going again. It took me about a year and hiring different people to get it set up, so it would be cool to have some backups. But it's about 50 gigs and not sure how much transfer you are allowed per month. I have a Rapidshare account now with 500 gigs of space. If you need you can store stuff there yourself.

Well, I guess that's it. Just trying to organise things before I split and work out a tentative date so we could have another dinner/movie evening together. On the weekend there is supposed to be some cool beer festival in Cesky Raj, if you'd like to sleep in the truck. Although I have to warn you that during my Greek cruise I threw the mattress into the ocean to wash it but it seemed to make it stinky a bit.

Lookin forward to seein you again!




hey dude,


I think in the program there is an Upload tab on the left or something, and when that is showing, there should be an Add button near the top left. Then you just gotta go to the folder where the files are, which should be c:\Akrolis Backup or something like that (directly on the C drive). If you want to get really fancy, you can press the Log button or something like that and you can see what files were successfully or failed. Then you just simply resubmit it using the Add button and it should end up at the bottom of the list which is in the process of being uploaded (unless you sort it alphabetically or something).

Well, hope that wasn't too utterly confusing. First night in Amst and already set up with wifi and big fat bong in front of me. I think you said you wanted to get 2g of h, but you can order more if you want. Steve offered me 500 Euro to deliver some shit for him. Could I turn him down?

Seeyasoon bud!


The computer is great but one file aborted. I tried to get it going again but somehow just wasnt able. Could you give me instructions as to how to get started again? Thanks, hope youre having a good time. You can score me a couple of whatever if you want, sorry I didnt talk about it before. I forgot. If not no biggie. So how do you get the RapidShare Uploader going?




> Your enthusiasm is amazing.. or do I mean appalling?


Heydodi, think that appaulling is my middle name isn't it?


> 1. Search Engine Optimization

> When do you plan to launch the amended site?


I already made a lot of changes and should have sent you some emails about that. Just check it out online.


> 2. Ebay

> Where are you with this one? When do we both expect to become

> millionaires?


Set up account and tried one 7 day session (maximum free) with minimum starting bid at a million but no response. Have to research it further concerning strategy etc. Will also try some submit ideas websites. Playin around with it.


3. Vrbovo Interhash Presume we’re gonna have to set two runs: Saturday Main Run, Sunday Hangover Run Or you plannin a Friday Red Dress Pub Crawl also? if so, this would probably have to be in Smoljan: Shiroka Laka too small! Accommodation in Royal Hotel? Alternative bus to SLaka 4 accomm there. Saturday run around Vrbovo, ending up in SLaka for meal/ piss & accomm Sunday Hangover Run around SLaka. Bus back to Smoljan or wherever.


Not much turn out yet but even a few is fun. Can post local ads as well.

Maybe between 5 to 10 should be coming, so accommodation shouldn't be a problem. But one guy already booked a plane to Thessanol, so will have to figure out how to transport him. Bus I guess? I think Vrbovo would be a blast and can talk about it when I get back.


You getting any response yet? Want me to contact Athens Hash, Thessoloniki, Sofia or you done it? Still got the Hash Horn?


Yup yup yup.


When you planning to leave Prague? You may need to lend Larry papers to Tomas for “Change of Ownership”


No probs, think I'll be back about 3rd or 4th or something. Bringin one dude with me and could be interesting, otherwise he plans to continue on to Turkey and then Egypt. Think you could do some interesting discussion or business with him.


Cool ok, read through everything and see ya soon. Got a decent pile of Czech beers! p



> =================


like I once suggested, you want me to go ahead and make a website for some of your property around Europe? I'm about 8th on google out of some 24 million for "cheap travel Europe" and similar stuff and think I should be able to get your pages near the top for "cheap pensions in Europe" or similar. Can write a page how they are quaint and all that and they could write your managers directly, or I can put my email there cause I check my mail every hour and a half or something. I would just need some pics hopefully, the addresses and some info about each.






Just a thought. Gather you got my email about the Vrbovo Interhash during the weekend of 12/13th September? P




> =======================


> Hey dude, thought this might interest u. Should I pursue any of it?


Ahoj Karle, 1) For some reason, I cannot find your e-mail concerning your construction of solar systems for warming up water as to heat buildings. Frankly, I know just a bit about these systems, I know they exist, they seem to be quite common. My only impression is the energy transmission efficiency is low compared to the transmissions of solar to electrical energy. This is not important though. In general, your idea sounds interesting to me especially for less developed countries as Bulgaria and Romania etc. where such systems may not be so spread and accessible. As for joining the coop, I am at the moment afraid I have no capacity but I'd at least wanted to send you some tips. If I were you, I would research a funding to SME (small and middle enterprise) of industrial innovation research, e.g.: industrial innovation research, e.g.: < <  or there is a concrete project of a Spanish company that is looking for partners with your profile. If I were you, I'd definitely contact them: 7%203DYE< 0ES%2029G7%203DYE&EnquiryType=BBS &EnquiryType=BBS I believe if you start searching via the  or  etc. you'd bear fruits. Another thing, Mirek was in the past interested in solar systems, and I believe his certain interest still lasts - am putting him in copy 2) As for the meeting, how about playing a squash again together with Mirek? Perhaps we could clarify my ideas. I prefer Arbesovonamesti with a very nice lady behind the bar.


hey dude, working on your stuff again and one thought occurred to me. For 50 bucks I use this service where some Indians submit my designed webpages to 500 directories. Should I do that for your global warming site? I think it is a good, cheap and effective way to get more traffic to your site and get to the top of google. I can pay it myself and add it to debt repayment? P OK.. GO FOR IT, THANKS


hope I'm not bothering you with all these emails, but one thing I like to do with SEO is to write a bunch of text with important keywords and put it at the bottom of a webpage after a lot of space. If someone scrolls down your page and it looks like it's the end of it, they usually click elsewhere. If they happen to scroll down past the long blank space and see other text, the first sentence always explains that the following text is not really meant to be read and why, and then I just blabber a lot of nonsense relating to the pages content and stuff it with the proper amount of keywords. Would you object if I used this strategy on some of the pages? P






hey dudes and dudesses, Weekend 12/13th September, 2009 hope ya remember me from when I organised the Certoryje Interhash in Cesky Raj, Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic ( ech-Republic/bohemian-paradise.html). Right now I'm helping Roger / Bird's Eye / reconstruct some of his houses, and it's really beautiful in the southern mountains in Bulgaria: construction chicks Would like to organise an interhash for about three days weekend the middle of September /12/13th September/ and can't seem to post anything on cause getting google warnings that it's a Trojan infected site and the dude is not responding to my emails. I was thinking of charging 70 Euro for everything, and give 10 Euro back at the end if there is something leftover, otherwise the rest to charity. Would include bus trips, accomodation and lots of beer and food. Lovely prices in Bulgaria. We can even organise a private bus from Thessolonika Greece if that helps anyone. Hope you can make it, or at least help us promote this event. No need to send money in advance but just need some rough confirmations to help me plan. If there is interest I'll make a website with directions how to get there etc. Frequent and cheap buses from Sophia Bulgaria, and flights to and from there are apparently cheap.


Ok, will take care of papers. Didn't realise you wanted me to pay for that myself. If so then the cost of driving to and from Czech would approach the same as if I were to drive my own, which I would have preferred.





If you want me to pay for the alignment I could do that when I get back but I certainly didn't crash into anything. I just noticed a slight tug to the right. Looking forward to working on your projects again.




No suitable chicks responding to the construction ad yet. Perhaps put ad in Ukraine??





okay, made some progress to your site and ready to do the ebay thing. I made an executive decision and organised it as I did. For the ebay please suggest some text for the ad, such as "Willing to sell global climate change solution ideas, each valued between 1 and 10 million Euro. For a brief overview check out: capture/index.html concerning GEO engineering and ocean cooling CO2 capture." If you don't suggest something else I'll just use the above text and see what comes out of it. Found your skull again - the kids just put it on some electrical box about three blocks down the street. Makin some progress with the Bulgarian interhash as well, so mark in your calendar the weekend of September 12/13. Cya ina bit!


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