[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

German Proofreading Correct Translated

I looked through the files you are working at now. They seem to be conversational, so I agree that what you are doing now is rather important. Thank you for responsible approach. You can take some extra time to 225 min for this file.



Here is one more file for you in advance:


Sorry, Christina

the previous file 256-270 is cancelled. The one you need to take next is:
Please, update us when you upload the current file 271-285



Not to keep you waiting when you are done, assign you the next file in advance:


Okay, thanks for the file.

Best Gerald


We’ll take the $15/hour, On the other hand we’ll try to make it as easy as we can.

The file in question is

When you are done with this file, please upload it to the 002_BOI folder using the CGI script over here:

Then contact us via OT (Open Ticket, the forum-like thing) and tell us how long it takes you to finish the file.

The glossary can be found here:

In the glossary refer to the right most column (July 28th). The middle columns are obsolete for one reason or another.

If you have any questions regarding the translation, usually you can ask . You can also write on the following Google worksheet and see if someone will answer it after a bit. I try to hang around there as much as I can.


What we want you to do:
Go check all terms flagged with §§§ and make sure they use the right tense, gender, etc. and also that they’re correct for the context. Now, we have a glossary that we use as a reference, but we use a search-and-replace script to replace known mistakes and changes with the standard term. A script is dumb though, and needs to be checked by a person. That’s where you come in.

Other stuff you should know:
Level, as in Character Level or Monster Level, stays as Level. Previously we used Stufe for that. Those needs to be reverted back to Level. Level as in ground level or underground level is translated as Ebene.

EXP was previously translated as ERP and XP as ER. Client tells us they have to be EXP and XP, and no, the two aren’t interchangable.

Okay. Let me know if you have any questions. Well, not about the German stuff, because neither I nor Valeria speak it. But anything else, just ask. Heck, even the German stuff too. We’ll try to get someone else to answer them.


will finish 1-15 soon. I can take more, but will probably not start before tomorrow.
Also, I’m creating a short S&R list while I’m going through the files for a possible second pass.


Looking forward to 1-15. How much time did that one take?

For the next file, try this:

Only 954 flagged cells out of uh, tens of thousands. But anyway, hopefully much easier than 1-15.

For the second pass S&R list, let’s compare notes. I believe the following should be added to the S&R list. No spotting necessary.

Wassermannn -> Wassermann
Atlantis Teleporterinin -> Atlantis Teleporterin
Fähigkeitstufe -> Fähigkeit-Level
Forschungsstufe -> Forschungs-Level
Insignienn -> Insignien
insignienn -> insignien
brunnenn -> brunnen (this one I’m not sure sure. Is there any circumstance where brunnenn may have been correct?)
Tobsuchden -> Tobenden

The following must be done manually, probably by me.
Look for XP -> ER and revert them manually. Since both XP and ER can be found as part of other words, this can’t be handled by a script.

Well, I got to go. See you in the morning.


Hi everybody

I have just uploaded 286-300_sr1.xls (1,5 hours).

Best Gerald



Next file in advance:


Okay, thanks.

Best Gerald


Thank you for the file and comments. I suppose will comment them in the morning. Meanwhile I assign you the next file:

By the way, could you please upload the file youhave checked to the FS to Upload PR


Hi one more time

I added your extra hours to JD.., Just to make sure confirm that 14,7 hours is the right total amount of hours for the comments you posted above.

And yes, I will ask your extra hours for BOI a little later.
You can still upload your your reports to the reports folder, just to have a backup copy of it. But to be honest it’s much more convenient for me to get them via OT.



14.7 is correct — if the 500 words were not added to my wordcount. If they were already added, it’s only 13.5 hours.

Thanks — ok, so I’ll just give you an updated report for BOI when you ask for it.


personally I didn’t add a word to your wordcount. I believe Karel didn’t do anything like that as well. Nevertheless, check it when Karel sends you the accounting file for confirmation.

” uploaded to PR as well. ”

I just wanted to tell you that I received the file.




I am finalising accounting for JD and need some information from you. Below, is your responce to Karel concerned his reduction request for 18a file. Please, clarify to me what your agreement is concerned. The original word count for this file is 3924. If you agreed for some reduction for your rate/word-I need to know what exactly. Also confirm or correct that your usual rate is 5cents/word.

Thanks for your email. I am wondering about file 18a ….With that file I
had many problems and it was returned to me because of tag issues by .
She explained very well the measures I had to take to repair it and
finally I managed to repair the file. But it took me many hours so I know
what you mean…I had some email conversations with regarding this
file because the first part was easy to repair and the second part of the
file still had some issues. I therefore translated it again to iron out
all the problems I caused. On April 21st I returned the repaired file and
received confirmation by … But I did cause many problems in the
beginning with Transit and I appreciate your support so I am fine with
your proposal.



I uploaded the first file. I also took your term pairs into my second pass s&r.

About XP ER
I have found that the only fully capitalized term is ENDGEGNER which becomes ENDGEGNX§§§P.
Since the script is case sensitive, there shouldn’t be problems with regular terms. Possibly with ERP, which could become X§§§PP, instead of EXP if ER->XP is in the list before ERP->EXP. Have you found other occurences?

With a little S&R list work included (let’s say 20-40 minutes) it took me 5 hrs 15 min to do this file batch.


I could be available from 11:00 GMT on at the earliest for about seven to eight hours.

How exactly will this work? If possible, I would like to work for some hours, make some hours break to get other things done and continue working in the evening until late at night (that way, it could even be more than eight hours). However, if you need the files by tomorrow evening, I will try to work through the day with only a short break in between.

How will the time be measured?


It’s probably easiest to just give you a couple files and let you decide how to best use your time. The average time seems to be 2-4 hours, but some of these files are huge. The largest has over 40000 cells in Excel.

When you finish one, you can send that file in, take a break, and then later start on the second file.

As to which file, I’ll worry about that later once it’s closer to 11 GMT.


I haven’t found any other occurences, although I’ve only looked at 2 batches out of 22. I do notice that Expedition became EXPedition due to the S&R list.

And here’s what Sebastian has so far:
I reviewed all the งงง marked terms for declination/conjugation and whether they are correct. I also fixed some other errors that I noticed on the way, but I didn’t look for them. There are a few critical issues remaining that we shoud be aware of and check for again by all means (already fixed in the 16-30 files):

1. The class “Champion” was first translated as “Meister”, then changed to “Streiter”. There are still “Meister” in the files, and they are not flagged งงง. They can’t be S&Red, because master is also Meister, and Champion should be Meister when the class is not meant. In 16-30 I just did a search for Meister when I was done and replaced it with Streiter where neccessary, this should be done with all the other files as well (or they should be flagged for future proofreading). This is very critical as classes are one of the most fundamental game mechanics…

2. Pet Property was sometimes translated as Tier-Besitz, where “Tier-Eigenschaft” (singular) or “Tier-Eigenschaften” (plural) is correct. I don’t know whether “Tier-Besitz” is ever correct (do the pets own any items of their own? probaly not), so maybe this can be another automatic S&R.

3. “Tills” (a NPC name) was sometimes translated as “Geldkassette” (singular) and “Geldkassetten” (plural) (as if it was a literal term). It should stay “Tills” when the NPC is meant (a quest-giver or similar, in the Guild Manor). Maybe also S&R, I don’t remember Tills as a literal term in any context.



Well, the comments are forwarded to  already. I’ll check on Tills and Champions later. We know about Champions from a long time and have been trying to manually change them to Streiter, but obviously some terms got past us.

106-120 has only 423 flagged cells, so hopefully it’ll be much faster than the other. When you are done with that and have uploaded it, the next one is 76-90.


This one has 1153 flagged cells, so probably will be as long as 16-30 to do.

Files with _sc_ in their name has been spellchecked, by the way.


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