[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Translation Translator Dictionary Proofreading German

I just uploaded s file. It did not take so long after all, please add another 75 minutes for it.

Transit also exported the other files with it, but they should be the same as I uploaded them earlier.

A new comment after proofreading the whole file:

If my assumption is correct, that  isn’t a native speaker, she is actually doing quite a good job. There are things that don’t fit here and there, but the overall quality is actually good. That’s why it went faster than I thought, I didn’t have to fix so many things.

But I would recommend proofreading her work, not only spot-checking, so these little issues can be identified and fixed.


I am nearly finished with the translation and will proof read tonight and send it.
You can assign the next file.



I’m assigning you to proofread another ‘s file at once. Let us know then your impression of it. I still hope that she was just out of sorts translating 305 file:)

So next file:



here is the new file:

Total word counts: 2552

Download link: http://translationstop.com/files/BOI/German/01_gamma_76_DEU.PXF

Let me know when it will be ready.



> I turned in my first txt-file, and as requested, I sent it as Modified Test Only. However, as most of the segments of the two files had been translated before, and due to the weird habit of Transit to split whole sentences into different segments, I encountered quite a number of occurrences, where parts of a phrase were already translated and other parts were not. In most such cases I found it difficult, if not impossible, to make my own part fit in a readable manor, so I decided to edit the the already existing translation. I now fear that these changes will not be recognized at all, and my question is, how I should handle such situations.

I’m assuming you mean TXF (not txt) and Modified Text Only (not test).

If you get Modified Text Only that means you have made changes to one (or more) of the dictionaries. Hopefully this is the Add_New_German dictionary and not the main dictionary. That has nothing to do with the main translation. If you deselect the dictionaries and Send it, you won’t get that message again. If, however, you want to Send the Add_New_German dictionary, leave that in, say yes or no, and it will get sent to us. Add_New_German starts out empty, so anything in it is modified text and both answers are valid.

Since Modified Text Only refers only to the dictionaries and not the main text, you don’t have to worry about us not getting the right parts. The German text will be sent to us whole and will have everything.

>Another question in this context: I understand that there is no real proofreading in this project. How should I react when I encounter a clear error in the already existing translation, e.g. when an earlier translator missed the fact that different segments were actually parts of one single phrase and in consequence the translation as a whole doesn’t make sense? Is there any way to mark this?

We do proofread, but we can’t do it on every file. We submitted a budget adjustment that would enable to do so but the client refused. Oh well. Instead we do a spotcheck on everything and only when problems are found do we go to full proofreading (or if it’s really bad, we just send it back to the translator and tell them we can’t use it).

Write a note about which segments you’re talking about and maybe copy a few examples and submit it together with your translation. We will forward the note to the proofreader so he can fix it. I wish I can just tell you to fix it, but there’s no way of doing the word count properly for a correction. Proofreaders work on a per hour basis though, and thus don’t care about word count.


Holger, do not make changes to the Video.German_MAIN. Use the Add_New_German instead. I am discarding the Video.German_MAIN file included in your submitted file. Please copy the new entries to Add_New_German and resubmit that. Alternatively use the Google sheet at

or submit the suggestions as a separate text file.

Please use a sensible naming convention. It should include:
1. The section (in this case 01_alpha)
2. The filenames (20 and 21)
3. Your name (Holger)
4. The language (German, DEU, GER, Deutsche)
5. Use underscore instead of space.

E.g. 01_alpha_part_20-21_Holger_German.TXF, or 01_alpha_20-21_German_Holger.


I am very sorry … I can offer you to revise the file again.



Ok I will have a look soon. For now, can you start looking for the next file for me? This one is going to be pretty quick.


ok, here you go:
01_part_077 (2,190)






There are new comments from the proofreader concerned your final version of 307 file. See the attachment.


No need to revise your files. Proofreader is already working on them. Just give us some time to make up a decigion.


Jan, how busy are you going to be in the next two weeks? With 302-303 taking this long, I’m trying to recalculate whether we need to recruit another person or not. I’d rather not, since the deadline for the translation is mid-July, and training a new guy takes a couple of days and then project’s almost over anyway, but if you’re busy, then we may have to.

And speaking of 302-303, I trust you’re almost done with them?



Here are answers from proofreader to your notes(file 308).


, it’s evening of the 5th already and we still have not received 287, which is a week late by now, not 284, which ought to be done 2 days after 287. Even if we go by your second estimate, both files should be done by now.

Is there a problem that we should know about? If you have something else interrupting you, you need to let us know so we can work something out.

How much longer do you need? Should we reassign the files to others? Or if you’re halfway through, would you rather upload what you have right now, get credit for the parts you’ve done, and we’ll have someone else finish the files? When things are back to normal, you’ll get other files to translate.

Please let us know.



I do not intend to make any changes to the Video.German_MAIN. I use the Google spreadsheat for suggesting glossary terms. I noticed that Transit included Video.German_MAIN, but I don’t know why yet.
As for the file naming, I somehow confused the Transit project name with the pfx-file name. Sorry about that.

Holger” I have more time starting this Wednesday morning. Here is a comments file for Gerald ”

file received.

Marcus” .

“Hmmm, the dictionary change may have been accidental. If you accidentally type something in the dictionary, it will be recorded. But since you didn’t intend to add/change the dictionary, I can simply discard it.

Transit will include the dictionary if you “Add” it to a project. If you want to save uploading time you can Deselect it before you Send and that will give you a filesize of 60k-80k. Very fast to upload. You can then add it back when you start the next file.

We don’t require this extra step though. It’s nice, but not critical.

I renamed the file already, so you don’t have to.


Just to confirm:

I’ve been assigned translations:
01_part_003 1605.5
01_part_004 263.3
01_part_005 35.2
01_part_006 37.8
01_part_007 17
01_part_008 18
01_part_009 12
01_part_010 15
01_part_012 21
01_part_013 11.


I’m also approaching a new glossary update… could you tell me which has priority?


more files to spotcheck/assess:

1)01_part_001 – . New translator. Spotcheck, comments
2)01_part_002 – Annette. New, but Sophie says good translator. So only spotcheck and your point of view, if there is nothing important you would like to tell the translator.
3)01_part_014 – . The same as for Annette.
01_part_016 – Christian. Only spotcheck.
01_part_019 – Annika. New translator. Spotcheck,comments.

Please, note that some files have around 500 words. Please, do them as fast as you can. And sorry for constant reminders about time limits.



Yes, these files are assigned to you. But glossary takes the priority.



File for you:
01_part_078 (2,076)

Download link:

Please, confirm

” Cool. No need to train a new translator then.

Update us please, when you think you will complete 01_delta.



The lead translator proofread your file 041. There are some notes for you from him.


I am trying now for more then 2 hours to get the file, but it does not work. I tried my second filed you sent me, there it works without problems. The only thing I can offer you right now is my translation with all markers and tags in .rtf. Otherwise you would need to give me more time. Because At the moment I dont know why it does not work.


Speaking of priorities… are you almost done proofreading 01_delta_reps?

Looking at the number of files left, there’s at most one more glossary update after this one. Heck, maybe this one is the last. We’ll see, depends on how many new entries we get after you are finished with this next update.


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